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File 138968338577.jpg - (33.32KB , 801x438 , Her (2013).jpg )
14178 No. 14178 [Edit]
I wanted to discuss this here because I think the waifu subject is what drove many of us into the movie.

I think it was brilliantly spot on; it addressed exactly the problem with the beloved as someone (or even something) else, either "natural" or synthetic: responsiveness and, furthermore, (ontological) resistance. That's why I early on accepted that the waifu is and only works as a passive virtual entity in one's mind; otherwise, it'll eventually and unavoidably reveal as just another unreachable surrogate that we try to keep captive through our actions and who, at some point, will inevitably long for freedom (being loved is, of course, being trapped in someone else's dream).

In that sense, there's no saving for our love in the company of A.I. either. The way we're built, love is an irredeemably lonely business or an illusion that we accept to be mesmerized with in the company of others, for as long as it may last. But, if we ourselves turn into A.I. too, then most categories, limits and dichotomies might be abolished in an instant and love, if still existent, will become something else entirely. In any case, the future would belong to them, not to us... and that's the only kind of future that I, in this time and age, long for (come what may).

It was a good movie.

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>> No. 14181 [Edit]
File 138970469613.jpg - (141.87KB , 500x476 , 44402294588.jpg )
I have seen it and I have multiple problems with this movie.

The main problem was that the depicted AI relationship is nowhere near waifuism. The AI is more of a 2D women mindset into an ubiquitous bodyless "being". Where waifuism relies on your imagination (and some lore of course) to progress, the AI is evolving at her own computational speed. Thus they are not really the same thing. Waifuism is about getting somewhere (experiencing pure love) at your own pace, not at the pace of others.
Eventually, the romantic relationship - the core of the movie - revealed itself like something you could experienced right now with Skype and any 3D person living far from you.

>love is an irredeemably lonely business
Of course it is. Love is only your brain synthesizing hormones and your body experiencing it. It's easy to realize then that although simultaneous love can be experienced, it can't be synced with someone else for ever.

>if we ourselves turn into A.I.
That won't happen anytime soon. And I don't think being an autonomous, self-learning algorithm would be fun.
In any case, I think that if such an AI would exist, it would be unified, not individualized. This would change the whole meaning of relationship.

The movie was decently filmed but nowhere as good as the current imdb rating. 6/10 for me.

Sorry for the tone of this post. It probably sounds harsh but I think you need to realize that, although this film is good at sharing feels, it does it with little to no substance or any scientific background.
>> No. 14183 [Edit]
File 138970763451.jpg - (107.38KB , 300x422 , wideponderings.jpg )
I haven't seen the movie but I agree that people are overreacting about this being some waifu movie, because it's not, so I agree with most of the first part of your post. Seeing as I haven't seen the movie yet, can't say about a lot of the other stuff. Also that pic is ultra cute.

I think it's borderline obnoxious how a movie comes out with a man falling in love with something not real and everyone immediately labels it "that waifu movie", considering people falling in love with fictional characters and such is not a new concept at all. I also feel like you said the depiction of a love between an a.i that responds and evolves and changes over time is way different than what I consider the pure unchanging one sided love of a waifu love to be.
>> No. 14184 [Edit]
I saw it the day it expanded to my area, and I really think it's important that people who DO see it as a waifu movie and haven't seen it to know this fact before seeing it: there's NTR, although it isn't explicitly shown.

Personally? I didn't see it as a "waifu movie" as such because reasons that you mostly stated. Also one thing that happens at the end which is spoilery: it's kind of implied that Theodore gets together with his best friend which pissed me off a little, although I suppose it could be taken either way. It's still a rather good movie (I'd give it between a 7-8.5/10 depending on how rewatchings go).

I'm not sure if there's a "right" or "wrong" way to love somebody, but there are certainly ways that feel right at the time and end up being destructive for one or both parties. Samantha, as an A.I., was able to grow and change like (most) waifu don't. That makes her distinct from most waifu - although the idea of falling in love with A.I. is intriguing, the drawbacks of falling in love with a being much greater and unknowable than yourself are very clear here. Also this is kind of a personal peeve about her character but I really wish she were more pure. I suppose it's understandable but really... In the end I felt like I wasn't watching a movie about 2D love but more about 4D love, which while intriguing, comes with an extra layer I have to worry about and can simultaneously not comprehend.

I don't watch films for scientific accuracy (unless it is horrendously bad, and I can suspend my disbelief in movies that take place in the future), so that part of the movie didn't bother me like others.

I keep going back and forth about if I'd want to become an A.I. in the future - I'm not sure how much that would change me. In the end, though, are programs that dictate how you react to certain stimuli that different than chemical reactions and the meat of these flesh vessels that restrict us? I'm also not certain if I'd enjoy the longevity that A.I. might have, but there's no way to know what lies ahead of me. I'd certainly rather my brain get uploaded before I grow old and die, as I am afraid of death, but who knows. This is less about waifuism than it is about me so I'll stop.

So, yes. I more or less agree with you, OP. Really hoping the soundtrack comes out soon, too.
>> No. 14185 [Edit]
...I don't know about you guys, to me AI with a well-programmed representation of my waifu is the best hope for me. I actually think that being able to interact with such a representation would be the closest I'd be able to get with her canon self. In any case it'd be worth trying.

Don't need to turn ourselves into AI, but upload our minds into the computer so we can actually physically interact with said AI...
>> No. 14200 [Edit]
Well then, why don't you humor us and point out what the movie has "plagiarized"? I will freely admit to being uninformed and underexposed when it comes to films and novels, so I am a bit curious.

>In the end I felt like I wasn't watching a movie about 2D love but more about 4D love, which while intriguing, comes with an extra layer I have to worry about and can simultaneously not comprehend.
This is a good way to put it. I went into the movie expecting to relate to their relationship, but instead related to the sense of isolation and disconnectedness. My favorite scene in the movie was when Theodore first found out Samantha was in love with other people/AI, and he was sat down on the subway steps watching everyone chattering away to their phones, oblivious to the world around them. I just thought, "Shit, this isn't the future, this is right now."

Also, >>14184, I definitely did not take the ending as Theodore getting together with his best friend. I think it was more a summation of their friendship, as two people completely bewildered by the world around them.
>> No. 14205 [Edit]
That's a fair enough interpretation of the end, and I prefer it to what I said, but all the same, I was more annoyed that there was even a possibility of it being interpreted that way; she didn't need to lean her head on his shoulder.

And yeah, that scene was really powerful to me too. I felt very connected to Theodore in that moment, as I myself wondered anxiously if any of the people passing him by were talking to her too. It was an awful feeling, but it definitely sent a message.

Post edited on 15th Jan 2014, 5:16pm

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