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File 137859746945.png - (64.01KB , 266x398 , mari9.png )
15920 No. 15920 [Edit]
Does anybody else feel like they're experiencing depersonalization?

Nothing seems real anymore. It feels like I'm watching someone else go through the motions. Most of the time I don't even have thoughts/images in my mind, it's like I'm on fucking autopilot the majority of the time. The only time I feel different is when I'm anxious about something, but that just tends to make me even more detached. It's a very strange feeling.
I've been trying to get into new things lately to combat this, but I can't even muster up the concentration to do anything consistently without screwing up.
The worst part is when I'm driving. I have panic attacks every time, but even then it doesn't feel like I'm actually there. It's a very real situation where I could easily injure myself or others at any time, but my mind doesn't seem to realize that.
Whoever wrote this autopilot function sucks ass.
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>> No. 15921 [Edit]
Nothing seems real because you have been succesfully programmed by contemporary culture to think reality is something different.
Real reality is unforgiving, cruel, dull, BUT with the occasional outburst of "something superior" that trumps everything and make you think "hey I actually like this". To me it happens when I see families, or women lighting up when they think about their children. HTH, over.
>> No. 15925 [Edit]
I'm not sure if this is related to your question.

Whenever I think of anything that's happened to me, be it in the past years or days, I feel like I'm actually thinking of a movie I watched or a story I read and it's not really something that involved me.
>> No. 15928 [Edit]
I'm on autopilot most of the day. I don't even notice it much anymore.
>> No. 15932 [Edit]
>Whenever I think of anything that's happened to me, be it in the past years or days, I feel like I'm actually thinking of a movie I watched or a story I read and it's not really something that involved me.

Rather than some form of mental disorder, I'd call that enlightenment: to realize that remembering is fictionalizing; that our memory, evocative rather than eidetic, is but a storyteller: a dog whom you throw a stick and gives you back anything; that your autobiography is nothing but a bedtime story that you repeat yourself again and again, each time with more amendments...

"Reality" is but a social construct bounded to positivist reason (and its failure). Every single experience, insofar as such, is fictional; therefore, the only honest way to live is limiting and leading your experiences towards pure fictions, towards frontal lies, within an irreparably liar existence.
>> No. 15938 [Edit]
I felt like I was out of my body for an instant multiple times, like something watching my life going on, prescriptions are fucking with my head I think, I have some kind of flashback of nothing, like less than a secon black out and stuff, I don't even know anymore, I just keep going for no reason, my dreams and expectations were crushed a long time ago
>> No. 15945 [Edit]
Every single day is exactly the same. I have a terrific memory, but now it's starting to fail for the last 3 or so years because I do nothing but go to work then sit at my computer afterward when I get home. My life is over. I really wish I just wouldn't wake up. I'm just another useless statistic, but I'm too afraid to kill myself. I don't know what the fuck to do, I feel as though I'm disassociated from my actions and it's warping my sense of reality because nothing I do seems real anymore. At this point in time I'm too afraid to try anything new or make friends or even try new games. My life's over in every fundamental sense and I'm just a ghost commanding a useless husk.

Post edited on 12th Sep 2013, 8:57am
>> No. 15949 [Edit]
>> No. 15968 [Edit]
If you're experiencing depersonalization, you have the opportunity to realize 99% of what you live isn't even you living it. That autopilot has always been in control save for brief moments, whether you realized it or not.
All you can do is do your best to take control back.
>> No. 15978 [Edit]
File 13800142577.jpg - (93.58KB , 600x800 , matrixa.jpg )
what is "real"? "reality" is only electrical signals interpreted by your brain. "you" are only a collection of cells and micro-organisms, programmed by your genes and controlled by external stimuli. you were a fool if you thought you had any control to begin with.
>> No. 16042 [Edit]
I recognise this tram.

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