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File 136129428460.png - (400.39KB , 800x600 , download.png )
13152 No. 13152 [Edit]
Hey /so/ I thought maybe you could emphasize with me.
My parents made me go back to college. I used to get social anxiety attacks in my first year of high school. I did terrible in english because I was so self conscious it made me terrified to write. I'm taking english composition where we have to discuss our papers and have an open critique sort of thing. "I think I can handle this" I fucking broke down today. I wasn't happy with my paper. Professor asks me to read out loud the first paragraph. I begrudgingly do so. Asks me to read the closing paragraph. It doesn't really have one. I got stuck trying to wrap it up and didnt have time to fix it. Try to pussy out. "Would you like me to read it?" Minds starting to go blank. I get so scared I start crying. keep trying to stop and calm the fuck down. I sit in the middle of the room. There's literally only 7 other students. after everyone leaves the proffesor tries asking what that was about. I try explaining why that was so so scary but he's really confused. He's trying to ask me about my home life and other classes. "I cant believe that's the only thing that was bothering you"
I have to go back next week. don't know what I'm going to do...
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>> No. 13157 [Edit]
I'd recommend getting anti-anxiety medication since they helped me when I couldn't go to class because of panic attacks, but I'm not sure if you can get those within a week. Maybe you can. Ask a psychiatrist/doctor.

Post edited on 19th Feb 2013, 4:18pm
>> No. 13159 [Edit]
That teacher was just a dick. Any sensible adult should be able to understand that some people have higher anxiety than others, and most people should not be so insensitive when facing something they don't understand.

See a psychiatrist and ask for some medication to take the edge off. I'd recommend benzodiazepines to combat the anxiety, but they're very addictive, so be careful if you start taking such things. You might be able to get some other stuff to level you out over time, but nothing will provide any relief within one week except benzos, from what I know. The most popular anti-anxiety benznos will take effect within about 30 minutes after taking them and provide strong anxiolytic effects. Seeing a psychiatrist can also be anxiety-provoking, but if you've been able to go to school for this long, you should be able to make it to the doctor to talk about what's been going on in your head and stuff.

Try not to let this event break you, anon. I feel for you ;~;
>> No. 13161 [Edit]
By the sounds of it, the teacher was probably just following standard procedure for questioning suspicious students rather than making a personal call about OP's breakdown.
>> No. 13162 [Edit]
File 136135277183.png - (814.90KB , 900x1145 , 2676.png )
I'm very sorry to hear that anon,you should seek professional help in my opinion,there is nothing wrong with it if you really need it and like >>13159 said,you should be able to go and see a therapist without major problems.

After going through all of that it'll be an easy task in comparition.

And did you try to talk with your parents about this? they know how hard it is for you? because I don't think so if they forced you to go back to college.

Keep us tuned, I hope everything goes well for you.
>> No. 13169 [Edit]
I feel for you man.
I've heard of this happening before. Actually, I knew a person who had an anxiety breakdown in class. Hell, almost happened to me when I was younger. You are not alone.
At least it sounds like it was a small class. If it was anything like my packed sardine community college I'd suggest withdrawing.
>> No. 13170 [Edit]
File 136140859172.png - (113.60KB , 600x600 , 21636268.png )
Not OP, but will they readily provide such medication? Will they think I'm some kind of desperate addict if I ask for that specifically? Is there a certain line of conversation I should follow? This anxiety I've been having is pushing me to a state of not being able to do anything at all. I just stop being able to do anything but stop there and think about how anxious I am, how I feel like I'm going to vomit and pass out.

So far it's seemed like they'd rather just throw light shit at me on the very rare chance that it might work for me. Or I'm just super resistant to medication. I don't know. It takes forever to get an appointment with these assholes, too.
>> No. 13171 [Edit]
If you ask for a specific drug they might be hesitant to give you that specific drug.
>> No. 13173 [Edit]
Figured. I'll find a way.
>> No. 13174 [Edit]
It all depends on the person you see. Some psychiatrists are hesitant to give you something so addictive, while some others don't mind you being addicted to something if it means you being more productive or comfortable in life. Of course, you don't have to become addicted to benzodiazepines to have them be able to help you, but that's just a way to illustrate some of the differences in thinking on the professionals' end. If you tell them exactly what's been going on and that you've already tried some other medications that didn't work well for you, I think it's very safe to bring up options like benzodiazepines with him/her. I'd recommend just being honest about everything. Say you've read a lot of stuff about how it's helped a lot of people, but also express concern for its addictive potential and talk about your hesitation to bring up the topic for fear of being thought of as someone who might be just trying to get some for recreational purposes. The doctor should be able to start you on the lowest possible dosage without too much concern, so long as you are honest.

Some popular benzos that are helpful in this field are Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, and Valium. I don't know much about Xanax or Valium, but Klonopin and Ativan can be dissolved under the tongue for really quick relief if you're having a panic attack.

I don't know anything about your insurance coverage or which country you might live in, so I don't think I can help you much with getting appointments; I always had weekly appointments with my psychiatrist and if I ever want to go now, I can just call in and schedule an appointment a day or two in advance.
>> No. 13175 [Edit]
Thanks for the information, that's what I had in mind.

It is covered, but grossly understaffed and the few medical staff we do have in this country are (mostly) grossly incompetent, especially when it comes to arranging appointments.
>> No. 13176 [Edit]
For the longest time, I had the worst anxiety around other people. I would sweat and shake, and worry that I was going to say the wrong thing, that I didn't match up to these people, that I didn't have a right to be in the same room as them -- it was terrible. I couldn't even look people in the eye, let alone speak to them.

So I holed myself up in my room. I wasn't scared; I was terrified. Going out there was like being in a horror film. Panic attack status.

One evening I was watching those early episodes of yugioh -- the low budget ones before card games are even introduced, and Kaiba has green hair. And so I was watching that, and the way Yugi carries himself differently when his other form takes over, and I became ... not inspired, but I was willing to give it another chance. When I went out the next time, I can't explain this very well, but -- simply put -- I donned a different face. My heart actually felt like it needed medical attention, and I could feel my pulse beating away in my hands, but I forced a smile and said "good morning" to someone at the bus stop. Then I ran into apartment and vomited.

The next day I went a little further. Said good morning and asked for directions. I didn't actually need directions, but I asked anyway. I wanted to cry. I actually felt my eyes watering. I was so scared, man. Forming this new persona -- and I know how stupid that sounds, but that's what this WAS -- was like creating a new human being. A clean slate. I had to teach it everything I should have learned about socialization. Build it from the ground up.

I won't say everything's sunshine and rainbows now, but I'm able to go out and interact without wanting to vomit. That's an improvement. I can actually feel a switch being flipped, and then the sociable side turns on. It's really quite comforting.

Anyway, I hope things go well for you.
>> No. 13177 [Edit]
File 13614358694.jpg - (98.58KB , 750x900 , 11136239.jpg )
Funny, I was having an almost identical thought process while reading this thread earlier. Because I've been playing a ton of Killer 7.
Me, it's not people I'm anxious about. Or if I am, it's barely. I'm anxious about deadlines, dates, times, locations, authority figures. There are so many things that always seem to go wrong for me with these kinds of "official" things. I usually just end up switching off and being awkward, quiet and robotic in these kinds of situations.
It's an interesting idea to consider.
>> No. 13208 [Edit]
I used to have crippling anxiety and panic attacks. They were so bad that I wanted to die. Then I saw a doctor and started taking benzos. They helped, but really, they were just a crutch. They only help your anxiety in the short-term. As soon as you stop taking benzos, the anxiety relief goes away. That's part of what makes them so addictive. So I figured that I needed to find another way to deal with it and overcome it.

I decided on exercise... specifically, cardio. I started by just taking casual walks at night (I live in a small enough town that no one would be out really late walking where I was walking), and eventually joined a small 24 hour gym and went there during the wee hours of the morning, when most people weren't there. I would listen to music and stick to myself and ignore the other people there. I'd do anywhere from 1-3 hours of cardio per day, depending on my schedule and how I felt.

Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to go to the gym during normal hours (even when more people were there) and it was good for overcoming anxiety for multiple reasons -- for starters, it was a way to experience being around people without talking with them. Everyone's concentrating on their workout, not each other. No one's looking at you, no one's judging you. Secondly, the rush I get from working out makes me feel so good (overall, not just with regard to anxiety). Lastly, getting in better shape made me less self-conscious about being around people, which significantly reduced my anxiety. It didn't completely rid me of it, but it made it less intense.

A couple other things (which might sound odd) which helped me overcome anxiety were public transportation and public libraries. Sitting on the bus or train or reading in a library are all situations where you're surrounded by people, but not expected to interact with them at all. It's a much different experience and atmosphere than college/high school/a bar/etc.

I'm still an extremely shy loner, but I can at least tolerate being in college now. It's not everything, but it's still a big step forward.

Benzos are excellent for the short term, but by no means are they a long-term solution. Start taking medication if you want, but be aware that you'll need to find other things to help you as well. Everyone's different, so maybe my suggestions of exercise and whatnot aren't the best thing for you personally. But you'll need to do something more than just take medication... whatever it may be.
>> No. 13231 [Edit]
OP here. Sorry for the late reply but I've been very busy. Thank you for all the support.
Medication huh? I actually thought about this the morning it happened but if I have to see a doctor and get a prescription... My mom takes something for going on airplanes. I would have asked her if she wasn't asleep. This is the first time I've had a break down in years and when it happened in high school I had other shit going on too. Like at the end of middle school I had this realization of how awkward I was and all of my friends only pretended to like me out of pity. This made me get uncomfortable when people tried to make friends with me because I was quiet or alone... Anyways!
He seems like a nice enough guy. He was just confused. Tried to give me some pep talk afterwards. Something about him almost failing a math class, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, believe in yourself. I really just wanted to be left alone so I could cry and calm down. The only thing that bothered me was that he didn't back off when it was getting obvious I didn't want my paper being read.
Well they said I' m going to college and I didn't argue with it. I don't want to live here forever.. My major is graphic design and I actually do enjoy the art classes. Even if I get a job where I have to deal with people being able to work at home would be enough.
The small class makes it harder. There's six other students besides me ( I miscounted earlier) If I don't read it stands out. There was one guy who asked if he didn't have to. The teacher made it a big deal and said it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. After my break down he said I didn't have to read anymore but it would feel awkward now...
>> No. 13256 [Edit]
heh. you built a persona, just like wrestlers & whatnot. that seems fun, but my personas are too based in my 'real habits' to be completely different.
>> No. 13288 [Edit]
File 13621460691.jpg - (19.25KB , 315x315 , 011.jpg )
That sounds awful, OP. I can definitely empathize.

I had to take a required speech class for college.
I would write my speech up week in advance, in addition to practicing in front of the mirror every day. It was a horrifying experience when I finally got up to present and I could barely even speak without my hands and knees shaking. It was made worse by the fact that there wasn't a podium to stand behind. I started off by murmuring the first two lines of my introduction, and then pretended as if I forgot the rest of my speech. I couldn't think at all. More than anything, I just wanted to get out of there.
It felt awful when I met the audience's gazes. They glared at me as if asking, "why are you even here?"

When I went to my psychiatrist, I told her I was getting severe panic attacks. She prescribed me Atenolol, which helped mask the physical symptoms. I would take it about 20 minutes before I had to do a speech. I still felt very nervous mentally, but I could at least breathe and not have my knees shake.

I barely passed that class because of that medication. I think if I had to retake it, I would've just dropped out.
Fuck public speaking, seriously.
>> No. 13299 [Edit]
For some reason I find public speaking ridiculously easy when it is on a subject that I actually care about. Speaking to a crowd is no big deal for me, but talking to one or two people fuckin' kills me.

If you can handle it, I think it would be beneficial to talk more to this professor on a personable level; maybe don't get buddy-buddy with this dude, but try to keep a friendly relationship with him because it may come in handy and help him to understand better.
>> No. 13367 [Edit]
File 136279680187.jpg - (90.03KB , 694x679 , 1358128201722.jpg )
Hi. >>13176 here. It's all starting to unravel lately. All the persona did was cover stuff up -- namely my undesirable traits. The equivalent of sweeping dirt under a rug every day for two years.

I can't keep this up anymore. Lately I've been feeling that same dread once again, where the mere sight of another human being evokes anxiety and fear. I can't conjure up the cool, confident persona -- and when I do, he is there but a moment, then gone. Others have noticed. People who never knew me when I was awkward. They're asking questions.

Everything is falling apart. I take back every bit of my first post. Don't do it, OP. Find another way, but don't bother remaking yourself -- not in a way that merely covers up the old, anyway. Take what you have and do something with that, invest in that, but don't try to recreate yourself from nothing.
>> No. 13515 [Edit]
Hehe. This is exactly what happened to me. Except I kept my public persona on for about 6-7 years before I broke down and shut myself in my room. I never want to come out again.
>> No. 13518 [Edit]
I live outside of the house with mask on, can't be myself around most people because I can't trust them enough. Trying to be myself around others is like trying to speak without a tongue so I also mastered the art of creating a different person on the outside when I need to interact with people but the thing is it's easy because it's actually not a total lie but a combination of parts of myself no one would mind and I can easily work with. Sometimes I drop it and panic a bit in my head but no one notices and it's draining to keep it up all the time. Especially if I'm in a place where I'm going to be interacting with other people I can't trust for a very long time.
>> No. 13519 [Edit]
Everyone wears a mask or a hat or what have you in a social context. To be 100% yourself in company of others practically means to be unconscious of your peers. Some of you guys' main problem may be that you're overly conscious about this gesture of wearing a mask in a social context, which drains the energy needed to maintain said mask ever so more rapidly. Tougher company also means wearing a stiffer mask, which will naturally be more uncomfortable to wear. Everyone feels some part of this exhaustion and discomfort, it's just that some feel less of it that others. The other differentiating factor is of course how appealing you can make your mask look, and how well you can adapt it to different situations.

The main point I'm trying to drive home is that it's only natural to wear a mask in a social context. We who can interact and communicate will do this to protect ourselves from others, as well as help our peers bear with us. The only thing you can do to make things better is to practice wearing it, and of course come to terms with using it. You'll be massively handicapped if you can't cope with it, as you're surely aware of. If you're selfdestructing and feel like giving up, you absolutely must start over again and keep practicing. Here's 5 tips that can hopefully be of help:

1) Don't fall victim to overdoing it - it's a bad investment to use a mask you can't keep up with.

2) Try not to be overly conscious about wearing your maks.

3) Try to strategize your journey out in the public. Make a chart (physically or in your head) over all the events where you may or will be forced into social interaction, and try to put resting stops as you see fit inbetween all these points. Making certain rituals help calm yourself can also be of aid when you're out there.

4) Whenever you're about to face a situation you think you won't be able to handle, create strategies for that single event and make it your battle. Death isn't an option in your battles, so make plans for retreat should worst come to worst. If you have allies, help them help you.

5) Give yourself a pat on the back every time you succesfully handle a social context. Like this you can more naturally focus on the positives in your accomplishments rather than the negatives in your hurdles.

It's not easy, but have faith in yourself. You can make it work.
>> No. 13520 [Edit]
Good tips I actually do know a lot of that already, it just has to look natural and like you said don't be too self conscious. I also plan ahead how I'll act in front of certain people or in certain situations and how to avoid situations altogether. It's like a game to me.
>> No. 13522 [Edit]
>It's like a game to me.
A lot of socialogical theories on social behavior center around this notion.

If there's any other tips anyone has found helpful - please share.
>> No. 13567 [Edit]
Your faces live and die by the law of the jungle - spreading yourself across a dozen faces is going to hurt your performance and require much more effort and be generally inefficient. It's better to focus on 2-3 faces and adapt them to new situations as necessary whenever possible; having a pocket retard face you only use twice a year for autismbux appointments or something of the sort is fine, but your main faces should cover most situations.
>> No. 13583 [Edit]
Seriously, that won't work. If you set up a show, you are bound to have a breakdown at some point. People notice shit like this. You can't base your life around a fake social persona. You'll be living a lie.

What if you can't keep up all the lies anymore? Will you skip town and start over again?

This sounds like shit advice coming from a normal, but relax and be yourself. That is all you can do. Get a therapist, get medication. The ultimate problem is that you want to be somebody that you are not and that's why you are not satisfied with who you are. You won't solve that problem by pretending to be somebody else. You will still be disappointed by your real self.
>> No. 13585 [Edit]
Its not really a face, but just acting appropriately depending on the situation, which is something which all socially competent people do. It feels so uncomfortable because you feel it is a lie. And it sort of is. You lie and pretend to be socially competent, and eventually you grow into it and it becomes a real part of yourself. Its more common than you might realise.

But you shouldn't pretend to be someone you hate. This is the meaning of 'be yourself'. But perhaps thats crappy advice if you hate yourself. maybe a better piece of advice would be to 'try to be who you want to be, and don't betray your true feelings just cause of social obligation'.

Criticisms welcome
>> No. 13596 [Edit]
> People notice shit like this. You can't base your life around a fake social persona. You'll be living a lie.

It is more like a roleplay as opposed to a 'lie'. And besides, people incorporate parts of their personality into the characters they make in novels and other forms of media, so it would be a good comparison to that too
>> No. 13598 [Edit]
There's definitely kind of a grey area between having basic social tact and being a lying asshole, but both sides here seem halfway valid, half full of shit.

The side claiming people should "just be themselves" holds some truth, but it oversimplifies the point to hell and doesn't account for situations where holding nothing back at all would be a terrible idea (Dealing with your boss, cops, obnoxious people or people you don't like in general).

The other part, claiming that people who do this are just a bunch liars have a point too. A lot of people seem one way in one scenario and literally like an entirely different person in another, as if they were just an actor playing their role until they're done their facade for the day. But honestly, the way some of you guys rant about it just comes off as extremely arrogant and annoying sometimes.

It reminds me a lot of Catcher in the Rye for some reason. Like you could probably just take some of Holden Caulfield's rants from that book, replace "phony" with "Ford Driver" and they'd probably sound like /tc/ posts. Not entirely sure about that, since I'm just talking out my ass from hazy memory and I read the book around middle school, and damned if I'd possibly go verify that, but that's besides the point.

Point is, I forget what the point is, or where I was going with it, or if I had anything interesting to say or not, but I lost my train of thought, so might as well hit reply so I didn't type all that out for no reason.
>> No. 13606 [Edit]
Last time my mother gave me another one of those "talks" I mentioned masks and how I don't like people and how I could be on the internet where there were no masks (or rather, you can find either, but it's easier for anyone not to wear one).
She looked at me all confused and said things like it was far more easy to use masks on the internet than on real life. Then she kinda understood the masks concept as "socially acceptable behaviour" but still didn't get how I refered as the masks the people use as something I don't wanna use nor be around.

Or something.
>> No. 13608 [Edit]
Huh. I kinda frequently wonder which is more of a so-called "mask": The way we act in real life or the way we talk on the internet?

The internet may allow you to talk more freely with little to no direct consequence, but it also lets you lie through your teeth or conveniently omit certain truths pretty effortlessly since it's a lot harder to see through that kind of thing with text alone.

For instance, I wouldn't be surprised if half this site was not nearly as angsty/antisocial/borderline sociopathic as the majority(?) acts, and half of you just play along with said majority's shit for the sake of not getting banned half the time. I wouldn't doubt half this board would be branded by the other half as Ford Drivers if they talked about whatever they felt like. To be honest, I probably would.

I may be a NEET by legal definition and have my share of mental disorders and fuckups, but I'd probably be banned in a second if I told you certain little details about myself and my life. Hence, I often go out of my way to neglect mentioning them. In a situation like this, tohno-chan and the internet would probably be considered the mask more than real life.

For that matter, it seems like the internet can inherently make you more of an arrogant asshole. When you can say whatever you want and nobody's there to tell you you're wrong out loud, it's a lot easier to just block them, ban them, ignore them, delete their comment or post, or just tell them to fuck off and keep assuming you're right and anyone who doesn't agree with you about whatever is full of shit.

Also I can't find it, but I recall a certain image I saved a while ago of a panel from a Spider-Man comic that was basically this whole concept summed up in a couple wisecracks. Went something like this:

>Are you sure that's you in there, Peter? You don't even talk like yourself...

>(Spidey): I know, right? I put on the costume, and BOOM! I'm this snarky wiseguy. Anonymity's liberating. There should be rooms where people go to chat using fake identities. They'd spend hours just being jerks to each other.

probably necessary tl;dr, The internet is just as much of a mask as you make basic irl social grace out to be (if not moreso).
>> No. 13609 [Edit]
The thing about masks on the traditional internet is that they are very different from the masks we use on an anonymous imageboard. On here, every post is different and could be another person. On a traditional forum, people do keep masks for a long time and there is a post history so people can see the mask.

On image boards, they are used freely and it's not hard to spot trolls, because they can be so open about trolling. On a traditional forum, people keep their masks and you never know if somebody is doing it to troll or not.

I'd say that most people on imageboards don't use masks at all. You need continuity and you can't be anonymous to keep a mask. They may keep a mask in a particular thread, but not for long. That's why tripfags have to die.
>> No. 13616 [Edit]
File 136378794766.gif - (472.15KB , 508x270 , Angry Mask Salesman.gif )
I still think that there's more to it than that, but I'll just say this: Not all lying on the internet is basic trolling, nor is it always easy to spot. Again, let's say someone's life related to most of what tohno-chan claims to represenit, but even mentioning it on here would get them banned or their post about whatever deleted. i.e. Someone might like 3DPD porn, not be a virgin, etc. It doesn't necessarily make their reasons for being here less valid.

Your taste in fap material means nothing. I knew a guy in highschool who's a NEET now and has as a lot of the same problems going on in his life as the usual case here, except he likes shitty porn and anime dubs. A lot of people forget that "NEET" or "hikki" is not synonymous with "otaku" and "otaku" just means you have an obsessive interest. Doesn't have to be Touhou, animu, VNs, all-around 2D complex, or Japanese at all. In the case of the guy I'm talking about, it'd be retro gaming and Magic the Gathering. Sticking your dick in a person doesn't really make you a Ford Driver either. Sex does not trigger some magical girl henshin sequence into full Ford Driver mode. Still, you'd go out of your way to not mention it here for obvious reasons, like the inherent flamewar and/or bitching that comes with it.

This is kind of a side tangent, and it's gonna sound really weird and off topic for a moment, but for some reason I'm reminded of a certain part of Code Geass by the moderation here. Say Tohno and the mods are like Suzaku as a child. The Japanese/poster-who-mentions-whatever-taboo have done nothing particularly wrong, but the Britannian Army/shitstorm of angry brohnos feel the need to take over their country/hate them for not sharing their exact views and ways of life. I don't know why, but the mods' methods here frequently remind me of Suzaku's method of ending that war. Kill the wrong side. Why? Probably becuase it's less hassle to ban one person the majority/vocal minority(?) disagrees with (regardless of whether the so-called majority is being completely stupid or irrational), and they'd often have to ban half the site to do it the other way around. In a sense, they'd sacrifice freedom of speech for a false peace. It's like when you get into a fight at school and the disciplinary action extends to both participants, because all they give a shit about is that there is fighting going on disturbing the so-called peace. None of their concern why, all they know is it's their job to put a stop to it as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if they have no understanding of what's going on. Or maybe I'm reading way too much into this. Fuck knows.

Anyway, I think I got derailed a bit somewhere along the line. Oh right. Masks on imageboards. People still use them all the time. Not that they have to, just that the underlying threat of ban will always force it, at least a little anyway. If there's even a slight set of rules, people aren't going to post "exactly" what they're thinking 100% of the time.

You do have some point though. After all's said and done, assuming I don't get banned for the little side-rant no one here (save for maybe the mods themselves, probably, matching IPs I guess) is going to remember who I am outside this thread.

But when you think of it like that, anonymity itself is a mask. In a much more literal sense, actually.

Sweet fucking dicks. I hope I never type another post that tl;dr again. Second thought, fuck this whole mask metaphor thing. Too deep for me, man. TOO DEEP. DEEPER THAN THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF THE DEEP END OF THE SEA OF LCL AT THE END OF THE END OF EVANGELIONFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
>> No. 13622 [Edit]
It's useful to think about personae as masks (that's where the word "persona" comes from after all), but it's not an accurate representation of psychology. We always act according to the situation, whether that situation is on the computer by ourselves or in front of people we don't know making a speech. We almost always have certain things covered up about ourselves depending on the context (some people here, for example, might cover up the fact they have a relatively "normal" life, while, in real life, they may cover up their interest in Japanese culture).

My point is that saying one representation of yourself to be a mask and the other a reflection of the "true self" is merely a value judgment: that is, an expression of what you value in the world rather than an expression of the world as it is (in total). It's sometimes useful to think of this contextual process as the self vs. personae, but I wouldn't recommend using it as a way of understanding mental functioning objectively.
>> No. 13624 [Edit]
>For instance, I wouldn't be surprised if half this site was not nearly as angsty/antisocial/borderline sociopathic as the majority(?) acts, and half of you just play along with said majority's shit for the sake of not getting banned half the time

correct. especially the people who get banned/got banned in the past and returned as new anons. I remember then tohno-chan was in the Stalinist purge stage. The virgin imageboard also seems to be in the purge stage as well. When enough people are purged and the mod/admins and userbase feels secure enough I guess they will stop the purge. Or more accurately when the mode and admins are shown to be hypocrites (for example there were claims when tohno-chan was purging people that the mods and admins discussed on irc about getting drunk with friends in bars) there would probably be a change lest the leadership eat itself to paraphrase Robespierre/.

>For that matter, it seems like the internet can inherently make you more of an arrogant asshole. When you can say whatever you want and nobody's there to tell you you're wrong out loud, it's a lot easier to just block them, ban them, ignore them, delete their comment or post, or just tell them to fuck off and keep assuming you're right and anyone who doesn't agree with you about whatever is full of shit.

That is learned from other peopl. When I was younger I was very polite on forums. Hell, I -still- am pretty polite on forums and shit.

>(Spidey): I know, right? I put on the costume, and BOOM! I'm this snarky wiseguy. Anonymity's liberating. There should be rooms where people go to chat using fake identities. They'd spend hours just being jerks to each other.

Wait. This is from a 90s spiderman comic and not a photoshop? Sometimes being anon makes you more...dickish, sometimes not.

I mean, I know if I got an invisible cloak I'd start robbing a lot of people/jacking/shoplifting a shitload of things. Ok, not robbing people - but basically stealing a shitload from stores and whatnot. Walk into a bank and take stacks of money. haha.

Maybe some other things you can do while invisible and get away with it.
>> No. 13628 [Edit]
-When you put it like that, I'm pretty sure I fall under the purged/returned category you mentioned (though I think I only got one 24-hour ban one time).

-Didn't read it on paper, but I'm pretty sure it was a legit Spider-Man line. It did flow pretty well into dialogue concerning the actual plot, and it seemed to fit his usual style of witty banter too well to be shooped. Not actually sure of the year though.

-I dunno, I guess anonymity's a double-edged sword. Makes being open and honest a lot easier and coincidentally makes lying through your teeth just as easy.

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