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File 13292384914.jpg - (47.09KB , 647x462 , salty spitoon.jpg )
8433 No. 8433 [Edit]
Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How much do you love your waifu?
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>> No. 8438 [Edit]
How much do I love mai waifu? How much do I love mai waifu!?
I gave my waifu a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning - without any milk!
>> No. 8455 [Edit]
File 132927528924.jpg - (297.20KB , 864x768 , 132918599266.jpg )
I'm not sure whether I can really call her my waifu.
I'm not sure whether I really love her.
I feel bad about thinking that way.
I think I love her, but maybe that is because I wanted to love her.
I don't know.
I own plenty of merchandise related to her, figures, posters, dakimakura...
But that doesn't mean much, they are mere objects.
I think about this question every day.
Maybe I don't really love her, I only think I would.
I often feel the urge to hug the dakimakura depicting her.
During the night I hug her, during the day I miss her.
But not always.
It might just be habituation, it made me think I love her.
I don't know.
The girl in the picture is not my waifu.
But things like that make me waver.
I took a look at it 1 hour ago.
And I got the feeling
"Shit, I feel like I need to hug her."
I don't even know her.
Might it not be the same feeling I have for whom I call mai waifu?
I feel bad about writing that and about thinking about other girls that way.
I'm an asshole.
Maybe everyone would have been ok for me and I just wanted a waifu?
I don't remember under what conditions I met her.
Was it by chance or was I searching for one?
I might have been searching.
Yes, I think I have been searching.
Maybe I wasn't.
I have no right to call her my waifu.
I'm a creepy rapist taking whomever I meet.
I'm buying merchandise of her.
But why do I do that?
Not because I love her, but to make me feel at ease, to make myself think I would love her.
I don't think I love her.
And I'm not worth it.
Maybe I really love her.
But I don't know.
I'm writing this because I want you to say "don't worry, you love her".
But that just proves I don't love her.
Otherwise I wouldn't need someone else to affirm it for me.
Maybe I simply wanted to feel like I would belong to tohno-chan. And that was the reason I started thinking of her that way.
I think I would have started liking anyone.
But I would feel bad about stopping thinking about her that way.
I can't do it.
I can't say "I'll stop with this forced concept of waifu".
I would feel bad about her.
No, would I feel bad about losing the only place I feel I belong to?
I guess it is egoism.
But maybe I really do love her...
But I don't think so...
I always tell myself "I love you".
But I guess I don't...
>> No. 8457 [Edit]
File 132927570952.jpg - (332.99KB , 600x769 , ef43905739669fdda2070490fc1a690889ec179d.jpg )
I love her a bunch! She's a real toughie, too.
Can we come in?
>> No. 8459 [Edit]
I think you could turn this into a song.

On topic, seems unlikely this girl can affect you so much and you not love her. Who knows. Perhops you can try "dating" her to see what it's like on the other side with her. Hope you find what you are searching for, amigo.
>> No. 8460 [Edit]
I'm not sure whether you understood it correctly, the girl in the picture is not her, it's just someone I think I could have "fallen in love with" the same way.
She just stands for the random person I could have fallen in love with.
I've been thinking about "my waifu" for about a year now. I'm not thinking about "choosing a different waifu" or something like that.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2012, 7:47pm
>> No. 8467 [Edit]
File 132928603991.png - (126.50KB , 359x239 , weeniehut.png )
I don't really think you can compare traits of waifu-love to traditional 3DPD-love. They both generate the "love" feeling in different ways, and from different things, and because of that, they'll be experienced differently. Also, as far as I am aware, most people feel similar things as you do with your waifu - seems to be really common amongst those with a waifu.

But, if you care about the person (or, character) and want to spend time with her, then it sounds good enough to me!

Can you make her dance? If not, I think you'd be more comfortable over at this place.
>> No. 8468 [Edit]
Dance? Yeah, my girl can dance. She's got moves that'll make you spin!
>> No. 8507 [Edit]
There's one way to be sure.
throw a coin, heads you love her, tails you don't.
When the coin reaches a surface cover it with your hand without looking the result. Now in this situation tell me:
Which way do you want the coin to be?
Don't reveal the result untill you've made your decision.
If your decision is "I want heads to show up when I remove my hand": Congratulations, You do love your waifu, you're just worrying too much.
If your decision is "I want tails to show up when I remove my hand": Well, you don't love her, sad but true.
If you can a firm decision it would be impossible to choose the wrong path.
>> No. 8508 [Edit]
That's actually pretty good. I'll have to remember that for future reference.
>> No. 8512 [Edit]

I love that method of decision making.

I do it for everything that I'm torn on. If I can't decide while the coin's in Schrodinger mode I use the result, since it obviously doesn't matter that much.
>> No. 8647 [Edit]
Himechen, I lost contact with you. What happened? You didn't block me, did you?
>> No. 8648 [Edit]
Hey, Scallywag! I'm still around. I just sent you a message.
>> No. 8980 [Edit]
I have a series of nuclear-missile silos, all being armed for firing at the Canadian government.

Once I claim my rightful throne as emperor of Canada, I'll erect a cloud-piercingly-tall monument of my waifu, and declare the capital of Canada as my waifu's name.
>> No. 8984 [Edit]
How much do I love my waifu? How Much?!

I love my waifu so much I'll go as far as to get her to fight you to let us in.

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