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File 141407070814.jpg - (193.83KB , 928x497 , 1343113621801.jpg )
25255 No. 25255 [Edit]
Would you join the Tohno-chan army? We can go on a jihad against the normies and crush the infidels.
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>> No. 25256 [Edit]
I'm not army material.
>> No. 25257 [Edit]
I'll join the national guard since it only bothers me when they come here
>> No. 25258 [Edit]
Yes, if it involves becoming a mahou shoujo.
>> No. 25260 [Edit]
Why in the fuck would I want to participate in stupid shit like "jihads". I don't follow stupid people who believe in shitty sky faeries that somehow enable them to believe that killing anybody of a differing belief is for some retarded reason correct.

If I were a god, I'd destroy the believers first, then destroy everything else and force the survivors to behave or I'd destroy EVERYTHING so that the scum no longer exist. I don't care if this is too extreme, it's be just or be dead with me. I'll be the evil that ends up slain by the shounen protagonist, but I'll still fix the world, even if only for a while.
>> No. 25263 [Edit]
I'm not big on conflict. Maybe I'd volunteer as a nurse in the military hospital.
>> No. 25268 [Edit]
No, that would put me on the same level as Ford Drivers.
>> No. 25272 [Edit]
I'll join the Tohno-chan reservists who lounge around, ever paranoid, waiting for the Ford driver offensive that never comes.

You'll all see one day. Just you wait. You'll be sorry you didn't prepare.
>> No. 25275 [Edit]
I want to storm the Ford driver territories with Tohno-chan!
>> No. 25276 [Edit]
File 141432327639.jpg - (181.14KB , 600x469 , 1343114101268.jpg )
We're being attacked by CP spammers!
>> No. 25277 [Edit]
File 141432384086.jpg - (134.42KB , 850x680 , sample-67f31aff24e1bb58909e7deb74d6fb7d.jpg )
We deleted the CP!
>> No. 25317 [Edit]
This might seriously be the edgiest thing I read on tohno.

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