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File 137315852228.png - (532.50KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-07-06-17h42m20s83.png )
16435 No. 16435 [Edit]
Who's watching this fabulous show?
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>> No. 16436 [Edit]
File 137315860283.png - (717.09KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-07-06-17h43m47s190.png )
<--- best character in the series
>> No. 16440 [Edit]
I'd like to know what this is about before I watch it. Does it have any romance?
>> No. 16441 [Edit]

>> No. 16452 [Edit]
That fucking (mono) bear.
>> No. 16477 [Edit]

I don't care enough to find out, so fuck this show.

And fuck romance!
>> No. 16479 [Edit]
I think it's too early to say if this is going to be good or bad yet. 13 episodes kind of worries me. I'll probably watch the whole thing anyway.

No explicit romance if it goes the same way as the VN.
>> No. 16527 [Edit]
There's not really any romance.

It's a show where 16 kids get locked together in a school. You can leave the school if you kill another kid and you get away with it. After a murder, a trial is held. If the kids name the wrong culprit / don't vote, they get executed. All of them. While the culprit gets away. If the culprit is found guilty, he is executed instead.

It's a lot of fun, and the art style is magnificent!
>> No. 16584 [Edit]
File 137365185887.jpg - (538.93KB , 1200x1406 , yande_re%20258755%20sample.jpg )

That's not Celes ~desu wa.
>> No. 16598 [Edit]
File 137369344192.png - (307.76KB , 700x870 , 36019492.png )
それは違うよ, best character is freckles. Sad to see her get killed off again in this latest episode, even though it can't really be helped. I will admit a certain fondness for Celes, though.

Pacing in the second episode seems better than the first, but it kind of worries me that we aren't at the first trial yet after two episodes. Clearly the trial is next episode but I'm wondering how it's going to play out in comparison, as in how many episodes per chapter. Chapter one felt really short to me while playing so it's a bit worrying that they're spending so long on it in comparison. Then again, I can understand them wanting to make the show digestible to newcomers. Eh, we'll see I guess.

I will say that Monokuma is awesome animated, Nobuyo Ooyama is doing a great job with him.

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