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File 134675370869.jpg - (110.68KB , 720x537 , fuck yeah burgers.jpg )
16724 No. 16724 [Edit]
So, how long do you think it will be until japan switches to English completely?
You know it's coming! English classes are common place and tons of English words are already mixed into the language. and younger people seem to love using English, it's hip and cool!
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>> No. 16725 [Edit]
I'm not sure what I'm reading exactly. I can tell it's a joke of sorts at very least but...

Are you trying to make fun of people who think there are people in Japan who can actually speak English or are you making fun of how much Japan sucks at English? I'm confused.
>> No. 16727 [Edit]
>> No. 16750 [Edit]

Okay. English is a basic course in Japan, but almost none of it is retained. Similar to high school Spanish classes. I'm pretty sure 5 years out of high school nobody remembers any Spanish.

Basically what younger Japanese kids do today is the same thing weeaboos do; they sprinkle the words in their speech, nothing more. And know how many weeaboos can adequately speak Japanese? pffffffff. Just because they say サンキュー doesn't mean they will be speaking English anytime soon. In fact, they're afraid to.
>> No. 16777 [Edit]
File 134688441455.jpg - (4.61MB , 4320x3240 , P1010511.jpg )
a japanese restaurant near my house just closed and a hamburger place opened up in it's place.
yuki is gone forever
>> No. 16793 [Edit]
( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
>> No. 16795 [Edit]
I hope someday they will switch to rômaji. They've been toying with the idea since the 19th century or so.
>> No. 16805 [Edit]
That is a horrible idea. Kanji allow you to easily differentiate between words.
>> No. 16806 [Edit]
File 134696815251.jpg - (33.35KB , 500x388 , 61551_157964497563831_100000508460927_449578_80787.jpg )
I happen to agree with >>16805 just because the language needs kanji and kana. There is no way to really have a readable and understandable langauge without the kanji and kana. It wouldn't be Japanese and it would be gaijin pandering filth.
>> No. 16807 [Edit]
Wait how do Japanese understand one another when speaking if kanji is the only thing that makes writing comprehensible?

Mind I'm pro-kanji.
>> No. 16809 [Edit]
Verbal and non-verbal context, set phrases, grammatical coherence and usage frequency of some words?
It's not like japanese is completely incomprehensible when written in kana/roumaji only(unless you don't introduce spacing between words).
>> No. 16810 [Edit]
That was a rhetorical question, but thanks for explicating the point.
>> No. 16815 [Edit]
I think Japanese would sound much nicer if they only used kunyomi readings.
>> No. 16843 [Edit]

Would probably sound more "earthy", like using Germanic words instead of Latin ones in English.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2012, 8:58pm
>> No. 16891 [Edit]
The external aspects of Japan have some peripheral English influence in word terms but the general 'core' is still Japanese. It's not like arguably some Scandinavian and Dutch European countries where English has infected a lot more thoroughly.
>> No. 17045 [Edit]
Nope, ain't gonna happen.

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