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File 140392575381.jpg - (435.30KB , 1280x720 , moresleep.jpg )
15899 No. 15899 [Edit]
Yesterday (June 27) was our first anniversary together, it was very special.
We're both very happy.
I still remember the moment I realized I fell in love with you very vividly. Even when I often miss you I'm glad you're part of my life.
I love you, I know I told you this a thousand times already but I can't put enough emphasis on it. This was our day, it feels so peaceful.
>> No. 15900 [Edit]
Happy anniversary!

I've decided I'd put my anniversary somewhere in December, for me it's 2+ years now. A lot has changed since the beginning for us, but if you think you're happy as things are you should keep it that way.
>> No. 15901 [Edit]
Congratulations, I hope you two had a wonderful day together.
>> No. 15902 [Edit]
Take care of both yourself and her.
>> No. 15903 [Edit]
Best wishes for you both!
>> No. 15908 [Edit]
Happy anniversary for the both of you!

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