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8603 No. 8603 [Edit]
I know we've had threads that are more or less like this, but I really want to pin this issue down, because I think it's important, especially after reading reactions to the low relationship and birth rates in Japan.

How do you deal with a world that denigrates you all the time? People like us are considered freaks by the great majority of humanity. It might be easier to handle if you shut yourself in completely, but many of us don't have that option - we have to support ourselves and live in the world, and interact, at least on a basic level, simply to survive.

Personally, I find it pretty easy to put up a front for other people, essentially to pretend to be normal, even though I'm not. I've found that if you keep things impersonal and professional, it's very easy to do this, even though I know some of us have problems even with that kind of interaction. The most vital thing I've found is to always keep discussion away from your personal life, or to just brush off such questions with a single sentence.

Still, it can be hard to deal with even then, because of what normal types think and say about "losers", about "those people" - in which category 2D lovers are included, even if they don't realize it. And as one of "those people", it hurts. I'd like to say I'm totally detached from the world and from other people's opinions, but the truth is I'm human, and that's impossible to achieve.

I find reading and writing really takes my mind off of my place in the world in a way that nothing else can. I've also been thinking about trying out that tulpa thing - it sounds difficult if it's even possible, but the mind is a strange thing, and I can't deny the possibility that it might work. How about you? How do you get by from day to day? Do you shut yourself in, or do you just slog through the shit that is the outside world?
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>> No. 8607 [Edit]
By my heel: I care not...

They're just cattle, themselves; they live under idiotic labels, themselves; I couldn't care less of what they think -if such a thing- about me.

Also: enough already with the tulpa crap, it's pathetic.
>> No. 8608 [Edit]
My mind went a little funny.

I got an humiliation fetish so I don't have many problems dealing with the 3d world.
>> No. 8609 [Edit]
>Personally, I find it pretty easy to put up a front for other people, essentially to pretend to be normal, even though I'm not. I've found that if you keep things impersonal and professional, it's very easy to do this,

Basically, this.

Then again; I have a history of health & mental problems. I've been a freak all my life really, and things like putting on a façade and keeping other people out of my world were everyday survival tricks long before I first fell in love with a 2D girl.
>> No. 8611 [Edit]
To a certain extend i am glad to be forced to go out there, even if it serves often only as proof, that allows me to say "Yes, i really don´t belong in this part of the world."
Fitting in is, mostly not that much of a deal, but it can be hard sometimes, i am very easy to startle and sometimes its just too much out there.
But afterall there is always a save haven in this insane world, this soothing place here.
>> No. 8612 [Edit]
I'd like to be able to prove that someone like me can still live an "okay" life, and not be totally socially inept. Something like "That guy likes 2D girls, but he's still cool." Of course, something like that is just dreams, but I like to think of it that way.
>> No. 8614 [Edit]
I share similar dream. I want to clear stereotypes of people like us. I want to prove that person can live 'normal' life while still loving 2D. I want people to understand that there are 'losers' who love 2D but they aren't losers because they love 2D. My dream is to accomplish something in life what most people will never be able, to prove I am better. To prove that person is not inferior human being just because he loves 2D. Of course that is just a dream but nothing wrong to have dreams.

Golden rule for me is "Don't tell unless someone asks". I don't try to talk about myself, but if someone is really interested, I will tell. I hate small talk but I don't have problems to talk people. But if possible, I rather be silent.
>> No. 8615 [Edit]
File 133020552713.jpg - (179.40KB , 850x1188 , sample-62e076e000f96720832802ef3c5f5993.jpg )

>To prove that person is not inferior human being just because he loves 2D. Of course that is just a dream but nothing wrong to have dreams.

Seriously, I don't want to whine, but replace the word "2D" here with "another man". In other words, I hate to say this, but eh, I thought this was what homosexuals felt back in the days before the sexual revolution or the Stonewall Riots.

However, as most of us here are socially inept and society looks down on anything that doesn't want to "fuck something real", I don't think there will be a time that the likes of us will get acceptance.

Unless we work on it, but that's not too viable for the likes of us people.
>> No. 8617 [Edit]
You're doing it wrong.

Society does not look down on me: their cheap roles and schemes can kiss my ass any day. It is them who are not worth it: it is they who live the shittiest of lives and still pretend it to be enough...

You're longing for the approval of the scum. You're longing to be part of the ubiquitous/normal scum.
>> No. 8619 [Edit]
Hey, I'm already kind of pathetic, so why not? Even if it's a load of crap, the meditation alone might give me some inner peace, and that would be nice.

I wish I could have your attitude. Sometimes I do feel this way, but my mood swings pretty violently over the course of a few days and I'll go straight from that devil-may-care fuck everyone mindset to feeling like a piece of shit. I wouldn't want to be normal, though, even if I could. The biggest problem I have is dealing with the family pressure; they don't really know what I'm like and it's getting harder to cover for myself. Again, you might say "fuck what they think", and that might work for you, but it's not that simple for me.

Anyway, I didn't make this thread to bitch so much, more to share ideas.
>> No. 8621 [Edit]
I think cases of 2D lovers and homosexuals are bit different. Homosexuals were (or still are) considered as freaks while 2D lovers are considered as "pathetic losers who don't have guts to build up real human relationships and that's why they escape to cartoon worlds". That's the stereotype I want to clear, because atleast in my case it isn't true.
>> No. 8622 [Edit]
Everyone has to hide something from society, or be deemed a loser.

I find it easy to deal with normals, just because I like my life how it is (for the most part). Regardless of why I was lead to be how I am now, I will always view my life as better than normals', as I live the life I want to, and view their lives as wasted effort - in my opinion, their lives are bland and uninteresting.

But will it ever be acceptable by society to love your waifu? Will I ever be able to let one of my "normal" friends or family members know that I take my 2D love-interest seriously? Probably not.

I'll always have to maintain a veil of semi-normality to Ford drivers to get by, but I know that I prefer my life to theirs, and that's more than enough for me to disregard what they do or otherwise might think of me.
>> No. 8623 [Edit]
I don't consider myself as a loser, in fact I consider myself a winner.
Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself a winner because I have a waifu. I'm a winner and I have a waifu, those two things are unrelated to each other.
So after this introduction I want to ask: What makes someone a winner?
Some normals may answer "To get laid as much as possible", and this can be true, if your goal is to get laid.
Other normals may say "To progress in work and be able to live a estable life.", and this can be true as well, if your goal is that stable life.
In both cases you need "to win" at something to be a winner.
And now I want to ask: What is "to win"?
For me "to win" is "to overcome the hardships in front of you" be it the hardship of getting laid, getting a stable life or any of the hardships that life presents us.
Now I (and I think that most brohnos can say the same thing about themselves) didn't have the nicest of lives, I had to deal with some crap that most of people didn't. But guess what? I'm still standing here facing foward even when all of that happened. If anyone is able to do that tell me: Why that person shouldn't be considered a winner, despite whichever its preferences are?
>> No. 8624 [Edit]
I have to deal with normals every day, and I feel like it's slowly driving me crazy. I haven't lost my motivation though

>I will always view my life as better than normals', as I live the life I want to, and view their lives as wasted effort - in my opinion, their lives are bland and uninteresting

I agree with this. I feel like I'm living the life I want to, instead of the life everybody else wants me to. It gives me a good feeling when I think about it.

Studying and thinking about my waifu takes my mind off the troubles of life and keeps me sane. I feel most content when I'm making (or at least trying to make) progress with my life.
>> No. 8631 [Edit]

This got me thinking, what is a winner and what is a looser anyway? Now that i really think about it, it doesn´t really make any sense. Even though i kept telling myself that i was a looser, but why? Its easy for me to admit that i am not a good person or a valuable person, but does that make me a looser?
It still have a purpose and a place in life, and as long as it stays like that i may can call myself a winner aswell.
This thought makes me want to go outside and yell "See that? I am still here. I am still alive, and as long as i endure this world i am a winner!"
Maybe it really comes back to belonging and purpose afterall.

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