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File 137169896412.png - (120.58KB , 452x905 , 1371269664203.png )
15264 No. 15264 [Edit]
Reading through posts in this board I can't help but think that many of you feel you should be punished for doing something that you now regret (I could be projecting)
So please answer honestly: When was the last time you intentionally fucked over someone?

It doesn't count if you didn't do it maliciously.
"I've hurt my family by becoming a shut in" is not a valid response.

You get bonus points if the person trusted you.
As for me, I said some ugly stuff to someone in my class when I was 11 or 12, and he started crying. I think I haven't really hurt anyone these past 10 years.
>> No. 15265 [Edit]
I was part of the "popular" crowd and a bully in the first half of high-school. I think that's the last thing that was intentional.
>> No. 15273 [Edit]
I do drugs.
>> No. 15275 [Edit]
which ones?
do you have any experience with refining the poppy plant into something more useful?
>> No. 15276 [Edit]
That's not wrong. The law just decrees it so. Dangerous, maybe, but worthy of punishment, no.
>> No. 15291 [Edit]
It begins.
>> No. 15292 [Edit]
dextromethorphan, methoxyetamine, ketamine, 3-meo-pcp... speed... ativan, valium, xanax, klonopin
>> No. 15298 [Edit]
>It doesn't count if you didn't do it maliciously.

No, it's the other way around OP: my guilt is built over the times that I inadvertedly/stupidly/irresponsibly hurt people; namely: my mother, who I brought to attempt suicide a few years ago (there was also this bitch over my teens that I made miserable out of alleged weakness, but that one was eventually debunked by my new ways of thinking when I turned into a shut-in).

The times that I've intentionally hurt people have always been some form of revenge, so I regret nothing about them.
>> No. 15304 [Edit]
I agree with you, and I'm only playing Devil's Advocate here. But to an extent the laws exist to prevent harm to others in the following ways:
-car accidents, machinery/worksite mishaps, etc. as a result of operating machinery while under the influence of drugs
-increased taxes due to increased strain on the healthcare and welfare systems from drug users
-poorer services and/or increased taxes due to decreased tax revenue if a large segment of the population becomes drug dependent
>> No. 15308 [Edit]
-Alcohol also causes accidents and its not illegal
-what about the money wasted keeping millions of people in prison for minor drug offenses.
>> No. 15309 [Edit]
Well, to be consistent they should either legalise other recreational drugs or make alcohol illegal. I support the former.
I was only sharing my thoughts on why the laws exist, not supporting the reasons I gave.
>> No. 15310 [Edit]
Hahah some idiots defending drugs. /so/ is truly the ford driver board.

>-Alcohol also causes accidents and its not illegal
What alcohol has anything to do with drugs? Why are people pulling shit that has nothing to do with anything?

Let me use your logic:

>-what about the money wasted keeping millions of people in prison for minor drug offenses.
What about the money wasted keeping millions of people in prison because they murdered or raped someone? We should legalize murdering and raping!

Stop comparing things which have nothing to each others.
>> No. 15311 [Edit]
You're really in no position to call anyone a idiot if you think alcohol isn't a drug.
>> No. 15315 [Edit]
I never ever intentionally screw someone up, or at least I've never been pushed to that extreme.

I think the main reason my moms are so strict with me (especially my computer usage) is because I looked at porn sites when I was 11. I haven't gotten pre-porn computer privilege since then...
>> No. 15326 [Edit]
Seems you aren't the sharpest pencil in the box. Of course in this context we are talking about illicit drugs (= specified group of substances). By definition coffee, meds, alcohol etc. are drugs too, but we aren't talking about them.

Conclusion: There is no logic behind 'X is legal so Y should be legal too'.
>> No. 15353 [Edit]
We all get it, some of you like drugs and others don't. Can you please stop arguing about it?
>> No. 15354 [Edit]
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