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File 136350481317.jpg - (180.64KB , 1280x720 , who the fuck is this girl.jpg )
14499 No. 14499 [Edit]
i've been watching Working! for the last week or so and every once in a while this waitress shows up in the background of some scene.
Who the fuck is she? Its not Yamada in glasses.
Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the mystery girl or to her?

No spoilers plz
>> No. 14500 [Edit]
Maya Matsumoto

Taken from mal:
Maya is an 18-year-old glasses-wearing girl who works at Wagnaria. She professes that she is a "normal person" striving to be completely ordinary in work and life in general. She has a hard time understanding the other employees seeing how awkward all of them are and tries not to be too familiar with them. The irony is that because she tries too hard to be "normal", she ends up being pretty weird herself.

out of nowhere for one whole ep of the second season they treat her like a regular character for no reason, pretty sure it was meant to be a joke to poke fun at fans who wondered who she is and stuff
>> No. 14501 [Edit]
She's a normie who gets rightfully ostracized by the rest of the employees.
>> No. 14505 [Edit]
She's Maya, the best girl.

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