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File 140134712652.jpg - (549.98KB , 1280x720 , 12345678654.jpg )
17533 No. 17533 [Edit]
I've heard people refer to this website as the most pathetic place on the internet. Would you agree with the sentiment or have you seen places/communities that are worse off than us?
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>> No. 17535 [Edit]
No, not even close. I think you'd have to be fairly new to the internet to think this is the most pathetic place.
Uh, a recent encounter I had... Well, I found something on a furry art gallery that the uploader had dubbed "the diaper meme". The premise of it was basically encouraging other "fellow diaper furs/baby furs" as they call each other to design their own diapers and pose their characters in them.
I proceeded to comment "what the fuck". I figured the uploader would simply delete my comment or outright ignore it but surprisingly, an hour later after I had completely forgotten about it, he replied with a comment that was about seven paragraphs long of all sorts of autism I can't even begin to describe. I don't know what he hoped to achieve; maybe he thought he'd impress his fellow autistic friends that were sure to see his psuedo-intellectual comment?
And I assume he spent that entire hour writing that response. Seven whole paragraphs as a retort to just three words.
This is of course nothing at all compared to some shit you can find here (and by here I mean the internet in general, not tohno-chan specifically), just felt like sharing that.

Post edited on 29th May 2014, 12:56am
>> No. 17536 [Edit]
We're not even close as long as places like reddit, 4chan and tumblr exist.
>> No. 17538 [Edit]
>reddit, 4chan
Not that kind of Ford Driver hipster pathetic. more like the sad and kind of pathetic.
>> No. 17543 [Edit]
You both misunderstood what he means by pathetic. He means sad lonely dorks hugging bodypillows and hating themselves because they're so useless.

/so/ isn't the worst place, but it's up there. Suicide forums are much worse.
>> No. 17546 [Edit]
Reddit has entire sections devoted to laughing at, mocking, and insulting people. Bullies are about as pathetic as you can get.
And 4chan has people clinging to odd philosophies to try and fit in, like neo-nazism, viral paranoia, and free software. Groupthink is another kind of pathetic altogether, especially when an entire culture is based around it.
Tumblr is, well, tumblr. It's populated with feminists who hate anyone more well-off than them who destroy anything they don't like under the guise of political correctness. Basically human trash.
That's not most of tohno-chan, at least not anymore. See the survey from a while back. This is just a niche anime discussion site with a focus on waifus, which isn't unique to this website. We take it more seriously than other sites, but I think most of us don't actively hate our lives.
>> No. 17547 [Edit]
There are way more "pathetic" sites on the Internet. Wizardchan, for example. And don't forget what kind of obscure sites Russians, Japanese and Chinese create.

And that's not it. Ford Drivers are the minority on the deepweb -- a lot of weird stuff down there.
>> No. 17549 [Edit]
>That's not most of tohno-chan, at least not anymore
True enough. If /so/ was a site on it's own it would be up there, but even /so/ has calmed down over time. As a whole you're right, tohno-chan isn't that pathetic.
>> No. 17550 [Edit]
When was the last time you visited wizardchan?
It's now a Ford Driver site.
>> No. 17554 [Edit]
You still get banned for even trying to mimic a normy.
>> No. 17555 [Edit]
Far as I'm concerned they are all normys. normy who can't get laid and get pissed off at anyone who can.
>> No. 17556 [Edit]
Has been years since I last went there, but /jp/ is on the top of my list. As pathetic as this place is, people here still have some restraint, /jp/ doesn't

Excluding that, the various furry-fetishistic sites out there put tc to shame.
>> No. 17560 [Edit]
I might be oblivious or simply used to it, but I do not find /jp/ to be any worse than any other relatively speedy board. My only great complaints are that every third thread is an excuse to post fanservice, and that the regulars tend to post the same things day after day without variation as some sort of tradition. I think it comes with the territory of having a board dedicated to a bunch of outcasts with an eternal "grass-is-greener" perspective on life; why live your life when its easier to emulate the life of those who you idolize?

At least in my view, what makes a community pathetic is if it serves as a hugbox and a feedback-loop for the members of a community. Someone criticizing you IRL? Complain about it to your comrades and discover how you were in the right all along. Does another group doubt your legitimacy? Turns out they were all Nazis in the making. Much like the anecdote of >>17535 , the farther away a group is from the Overton Window, the more reactionary and defensive they get towards anyone displaying anything resembling a contrary opinion, which also makes them easy to bait if you're into that. Mind you, this has been a thing since the dawn of civilization, but with the transience and equalization that the Internet provides, those with a certain hivemind have to try even harder to preserve their ideology from attacks both outside and inside. It happens with /jp/, subReddits, fetish communities, you name it.
>> No. 17561 [Edit]
Aren't you guys basically a thin-skinned and anime-obssessed version of wizardchan?
>> No. 17562 [Edit]
Well, after perusing the front page of one of wizardchan's boards, one of the most prevalent differences to me is that the people there openly and frequently discuss 3DPD, their careers, and other various normalfag elements of life. It seems 4chan culture is also deeply rooted into the users of wizardchan, leading me to believe that perhaps it's commonly marketed on /r9k/ or some place even worse. Irrelevant reaction images are spammed to high hell. There are many other subtle differences, too many and too vague to list.
And I wouldn't say that the people here are obsessed with anime to the point where it leaks into non-anime boards. It just comes as part of the territory and is mentioned offhand once in a while. All anime discussion stays on the anime board almost all of the time.

I will agree with the thin-skinned comment.
>> No. 17563 [Edit]
Not sure in what context, but if it's on insults then I'd say it's a product of having a generally friendly community. Friendly as in not calling eachother faggots in every second post. But I won't deny being an internet wimp myself.
>> No. 17564 [Edit]
File 140143393556.jpg - (33.99KB , 225x350 , Tsukasa-Hiiragi-tsukasa-hiiragi-16005998-225-350.jpg )
i come here for the banners.
>> No. 17566 [Edit]
Maybe think skinned in being emotionally distance and never letting anyone in?
>> No. 17567 [Edit]
I sort of like to think that we're the 'old guard', evolved out of the ronery threads of /a/ from 06-08, and wizardchan being essentially the more hardcore elements of r9k 2.0. Big difference that wizardchan people hate anime and want 3DPD.
>> No. 17568 [Edit]
I'd have argue that tumblr is the most pathetic place on the internet. I've never seen a more bigoted group of people than what I've seen on tumblr. At least the insanity here is contained and fairly docile to the human race. tumblr on the other hand is slowly slipping its insanity into every corner of the internet and with it into real life.

It won't be long before the left has gone so far to the tumblr idea of being "progressive" that they become the party full of crazy bigots.


I feel like a lot of users here used to watch anime but rarely do anymore. Not sure how true that is anymore though since we had a thread discussing it what feels like a few years ago now. /an/ is certainly more active than I remember it being in the past so it might be a lot different now.
>> No. 17572 [Edit]
There's a college out there right now that is implementing trigger warnings into their lectures. It is only a matter of time before they start making brain scanners that seek out racist thoughts that when found get you thrown into a re-education center.
>> No. 17578 [Edit]
>I feel like a lot of users here used to watch anime but rarely do anymore.
That could easily still be the case.
>> No. 17583 [Edit]
Pretty sure I remember guys with supposedly well paying jobs complaining they can't get laid no matter what. They also boasted/speculated how they could easily afford paying double or triple to lose their v-card or act as a sugar daddy. The hypocrisy and screwed up terminology is hilarious.
>> No. 17584 [Edit]
If that was the case then why's it so active lately?
>> No. 17585 [Edit]
If you knew where all the recent activity has been coming from you'd understand.
>> No. 17592 [Edit]
Where's it coming from then?
>> No. 17594 [Edit]
>> No. 17597 [Edit]
Smells like tumblr to me. Based on all the white-knighting egalitarian 3D women-praising messages littered around the site and the sharp decline in posting quality.
Their M.O. is infecting any site that disagrees with their ideals, so here we go.
>> No. 17598 [Edit]
>all the white-knighting egalitarian 3D women-praising messages
I honestly can't say I've seen any of that. Maybe a few posts in /an/ dealing with objectification, but that still didn't come off as white-knighting or the like.
>> No. 17600 [Edit]
Most of the posts have been deleted (and rightfully so). They were on /mai/ mostly if I recall.
>> No. 17614 [Edit]
I don't understand how a few deleted posts from blatant troublemakers make the site more active.

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