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File 13224479057.gif - (7.64KB , 615x295 , 4248.gif )
8121 No. 8121 [Edit]
Do you have something that fills the horrible void that you get when in the worse moments of depression? A game, an object, a type of food, something that can get you to go through the worst. I have chocolate, even though I haven't gained the weight most depressives have when consuming this with such a point.
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>> No. 8123 [Edit]
Eggnog smothers by anxiety with its thick sweetness.
>> No. 8124 [Edit]
No, when I get depressed really bad it sticks until it slips my mind.
>> No. 8125 [Edit]
This is pretty much the same for me.

I can, however, try to use another emotion to overpower my depression, but the only emotion that can over power my depression is anger.
>> No. 8133 [Edit]
No (>>8097).
>> No. 8134 [Edit]
This unfortunately. Maybe if I'm having fun playing a game or if I have fun some other way.
>> No. 8136 [Edit]
Yotsubato/Love so Life/Natsume Yuujinhou
>> No. 8137 [Edit]
You are all me, I am all you.

I don't really have much for emotion anymore. Just depression, anger, dread, and creativity. I'm only near happiness when I am thinking up something. Depression is the sinking feeling, anger is the only way I feel any drive, and I dread the future and what I have to do to get there. Creativity is difficult so I actually persue being angry at times. It's not healthy.
>> No. 8152 [Edit]
When I am truly sad, which I usually am not (because of the "no emotions" thing), I cry for a bit, then go eat some cereal or something...

O'yes, happiness from thinking something up, then complete frustration when you realize there is no way to accomplish it.
>> No. 8158 [Edit]
The only thing that consistently helps me during depressive episodes is anime and manga, as nothing else is able to take my mind off the depression. I have a few other interests and hobbies that prevent episodes of depression, but they don't help while in the midst of it.
>> No. 8183 [Edit]
Touhou, tea and cake.
>> No. 8186 [Edit]
Remilia, is that you?
>> No. 8187 [Edit]
I really don't feel angry anymore. More like... vexed? Like I've been kicked really hard and I can't do anything about it and want to cry.

And then I get this really anxious feeling when I go to class and I ramble very loudly and just don't make any sense and laugh it off.

I miss feeling dead.....oh, and I browse TC to feel better. I used to eat a few years ago but now I just pick food up and never eat it.
>> No. 8484 [Edit]
I keep reading adorable yuri stories until the diabetes counteracts my depression.
>> No. 8485 [Edit]
I'll retreat to a game that I'll play the shit out of every waking moment for a few weeks. Eventually those get boring, and I start thinking how I am wasting my time with these games as petty escapism and how I would not need to retreat to a fantasy if I would just get my shit together. I still have not given up on the thought of trying to improve my situation, so I often end up regretting my procrastination and my mood ends up worse off than before.
>> No. 8493 [Edit]
>> No. 8510 [Edit]

Hell yeah.
>> No. 8514 [Edit]
Gonna have to third this.
DXM is lovely stuff.
>> No. 8515 [Edit]
Post above this one here.
I also enjoy pot, particularly with the two together. My sober life involves video games, instruments (guitar, bass), and posting on imageboards. Sometimes I go for walks.
>> No. 8584 [Edit]
I've never really done DXM, myself. I think I should, whenever I read the experiences that the brohno over on /mai/ had on it. But I always go for Benadryl/DPH. Nothing beats depression like realizing you've found your mind once again after losing it among the piles of spiders/fingernails that littered your room 6 hours ago. It's a novel entertainment every once in a while. Something about the insanity attracts me. It reminds me of how the world changes into the dark, rusted, disgusting version in Silent Hill. The horrid experiences are very cathartic, in my opinion. You feel clean and very satisfied with a bleak, boring reality for a while (after the hangover goes away). I guess I'm just a masochist, though. Outside of the hallucinatory aspects, I like taking a lowish dose because it makes music sound like the most beautiful thing in the world. You hear it on a completely different level on DPH. Definitely not for everyone, though.

But outside of drugs, the one thing that can snap me out of a funk is the Kyosogiga OVA. No, it doesn't get much gayer than this. If I'm sad or downtrodden, I just have to pop on the OVA, and by the end, I'm giddy and hopeful for the future. It's no exaggeration for me to say that the last 5 minutes (including the credits), are the most beautiful 5 minutes of animation I've seen in my life. It just generally cheers me up the instant I watch it.
>> No. 8606 [Edit]
I've never tripped on DPH by itself, only with DXM, but I must say that the "dark, rusted, disgusting version in Silent Hill" is a perfect descriptor of what I remember about it. A dark, rusted, disgusting version of the world covered in spiders.
I like taking lower doses of it too, 150-200mg, it gives a nice subtle body buzz. Fapping feels awesome on those lower dosages, too.
>> No. 8637 [Edit]
T&T Guide to utterly destroying short-term depression: Refrain from sleeping for one night during which you consume diabetical amounts of sugar and play a preferably mundane 1st or 3rd person game where you do preferably mundane things whilst a looped playlist of only sentimental powerballads and extra nostalgic new wave plays in the background. Go to sleep when you can barely keep your eyes open anymore or you feel sick. Get up whenever, don't rinse but repeat. Go to bed at a healthy time once you feel exhausted and satisfied. Once you wake up you should be feeling [relatively] very energetic. To wrap things up you should consume some heartwarming cultural mumbo-jumbo of your choice.

Batteries charged and mindset positive; You are now ready to proclaim total victory!
>> No. 8641 [Edit]
Go for a jog or a run. It works, it really does. Its not like you're going to suddenly start loving the world. After the jog, nothing is solved, but nothing no longer matters.
>> No. 8657 [Edit]
I think what your feeling is a small endorphin high. If you want to actually get extremely high on your own endorphin your gonna need a bottle of extremely powerful hot sauce and a extreme pain tolerance. I have a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Edition just for the purpose of getting high. As much as you can take it in very small drops at a time on a cracker or something. If you feel very floaty at first your almost there, if you then feel disoriented upon getting up and all of a sudden whatever music you are listening to sounds slightly better then you made it, if you get to the final stage where your body feels like it is softly vibrating in your face and finger tips and you're a little numb in your face then you can't get much higher than that. It feels so good if you just accept the pain as part of the experience. Best music: anything bassy and heavy or light and upbeat but anything on either end of musical extremes. Can be as dark as brutal death metal or dark psytrance. Or as light as atmospheric drum and bass/dubstep or psychill.
>> No. 8658 [Edit]
Yep. Doing this for lethargy is great. You don't even need to jog necessarily, just go on a short walk.
>> No. 8683 [Edit]
I'll also vouch for this. Also lifting weights does the trick for some people but gym memberships can be expensive and the atmosphere can be intimidating.
>> No. 8721 [Edit]
I lift weights and it does help sometimes
I usually go to the gym at 3 am when there aren't many people around.
>> No. 8777 [Edit]
I keep a bottle of wine in my closet. when my parents go to bed I drink as much as I can. getting drunk is fun, it makes browsing the internet more enjoyable. then I go to bed at 5 am before they wake up. I don't like liquor, it's too strong, I think red wine is tastier, sometimes I mix it in water so I can get drunk faster. When I run out I wait for my parents to leave then run to the local grocery store and buy more. I'm trying a new brand today, it's generic cardboard box wine, it's tasty but too weak, I'm still fully conscious. not recommended. the ones in the 7-10 USD price range seem to have the best taste:effectiveness ratio.
>> No. 8778 [Edit]
File 132816772290.jpg - (17.43KB , 214x227 , 1320564799532.jpg )
When I'm at my lowest point

I go on my roof

lay down

and smoke a cigar or cigarette while I look at the sky
>> No. 8780 [Edit]
Kratom and/or alcohol
>> No. 8782 [Edit]
Audio ARM/ƒCƒIƒVƒX - Wonder Waffle Wonderful - (6.35MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Wonder Waffle Wonderful.mp3 ) Length: 4:37
Hearing this never fails to lift my mood.

Post edited on 2nd Feb 2012, 2:29am
>> No. 8783 [Edit]
Masturbation and sleep.

In that order it's great. While the feeling in my head is still going I hug my pillow and pretend its mai waifu. Afterwards the tear soaked pillow deal starts out, but the window of after masturbation and before tears feels great.
>> No. 8787 [Edit]
Actually I though not on the roof, I enjoy smoking outside under a clear night sky. It's a really nice feeling.
>> No. 8812 [Edit]
File 132841191039.jpg - (334.23KB , 1024x576 , 1577758987_aa8783f570_b.jpg )
"One Final Effort" song from Halo 3.

If you have ever played Halo 3 or Halo CE, this music is played right when Master Chief has completed his mission and succeeds in destroying the Halo. But he is still stuck on this exploding space station and must find a way to escape the explosion and save himself, which is near impossible.

As the space station is literally falling to pieces around him, he defies all odds and saves his life by just a hair by making One Final Effort where others would simply give up.

This music to me means that no matter how horrible and desperate things are, with one good and strong final effort, things can be turned around.
>> No. 8813 [Edit]
I love that song. It's a brilliant piece and contrasts so well with the level.
>> No. 8824 [Edit]
Lol, here again after a while.
Still being (kept) alive, whatever, i don't care much more and don't think/reflect anything anymore.

>Do you have something that fills the horrible void

I do have timekillers.



Sports which i love to watch and get emotionally involved.

Skijumping and Tennis

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