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File 132658668845.jpg - (267.14KB , 1572x1077 , ryew75487.jpg )
8146 No. 8146 [Edit]
There is alot more service this season than last one.
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>> No. 8147 [Edit]
File 132658815230.jpg - (262.37KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 02 [1080p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Kanbaru seems a lot more cuter this season.
>> No. 8148 [Edit]
do we really need to use the buzzwords here?
>> No. 8149 [Edit]
It's overused everywhere, and people say it's what makes animes be good, but I can't understand what it actually is.
best explanation I got, is when girls cut their hair, but how do guys get the character development?
Do guys get character development if they shave their heads?
is character development another word for dandruff?
I've head some cray people say a character development is when characters act one way at the start of a show, and act another way at the end, so like, is character development just a nicer way of calling someone bipolar?
why praise character development then?
I'm so confused....
>> No. 8150 [Edit]
character development = getting a haircut
>> No. 8152 [Edit]
From what I understand, cutting hair is kind of a big deal for girls, at least in Asian countries, considering that growing long hair, even to shoulder length, requires years and a lot of dedication, and how girls are extremely conscious of their appearance. Girls cutting their hair and changing their image is usually resulted from major changes with their personalities, beliefs, outlooks, relationship, etc.
>> No. 8177 [Edit]
Character development is a process of overcoming emotional and mental problems. Basically becoming mentally stronger and more confident. It usually starts to show when good characters become more powerfull or badass.

Girls cutting their hair usually has nothing to do with character development in anime, it's a cliche of western cartoons, where with character development girls usually cut their hair to look more confident and independent.
>> No. 8189 [Edit]
File 132688235836.jpg - (303.04KB , 640x2144 , nise.jpg )
>> No. 8190 [Edit]
I watched Bakemonogatari last weekend and really enjoyed it. Nisemonogatari's been good too, and I really hope it's better!

Kanbaru = kawaii
>> No. 8211 [Edit]
File 132693306599.jpg - (211.14KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 02 [1080p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
All the main girls are look sexy as hell. I like eye candy in my anime and Nise has lots of colors, beautiful backgrounds and sexy ladies.
>> No. 8216 [Edit]
File 132696810260.jpg - (132.09KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-episode-2-049.jpg )
Bloody hell, yeah: I nearly lost it during episode 2 (and laughed like I hadn't in while); them bodies are all tonified now, and they're all in marvelous mind...

I'm enjoying this WAAAAAAAY better than Bakemonogatari (on wich I really just dig for the last episode).
>> No. 8221 [Edit]
All of this Plot
>> No. 8229 [Edit]
I am completely on the fence about this. On one hand, Bakemonogatari was very good from my experience. Now, I don't know if it's been so long since I've watched it, or because my tastes changed, but I do not recall the conversations being this bland. It's just plain dumb now. I dunno. Might just have to grow on me. I really don't want to drop anything unless it's absolutely terrible, as I don't tend to pick series up in the first place, and 2009 was an great, the characters in the series being reminiscent of those relatively passive and easy days.
>> No. 8243 [Edit]
Yes, This show doesn't have the spark the original had.
>> No. 8249 [Edit]
>I am completely on the fence about this. On one hand, Bakemonogatari was very good from my experience. Now, I don't know if it's been so long since I've watched it, or because my tastes changed, but I do not recall the conversations being this bland.
I feel exactly the same. I also wonder if I'm just used to shaft's animation style now, and with the eye candy not quite so sweet perhaps I'm left with little else to savor. I'll give it a few more episodes in hopes that it picks up, though.
>> No. 8259 [Edit]
File 132727121055.jpg - (196.13KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-3-023.jpg )
So how many, motherfucker?...
>> No. 8260 [Edit]
File 132727129617.jpg - (203.62KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-3-008.jpg )
This interests me... a lot.
>> No. 8322 [Edit]
File 132779250175.jpg - (167.96KB , 1070x942 , u455u54ki.jpg )
Hair cuts are complete changes in character. Even Hanekawa agrees.
>> No. 8326 [Edit]
File 13277984953.jpg - (220.05KB , 595x671 , nisemonogatari-4.jpg )
1. SON OF A #&$@%!!! (she was my favourite, dammit)

2. OK, I might forgive you.
>> No. 8327 [Edit]
File 132780877058.jpg - (85.64KB , 683x392 , nisemonogatari-time1.jpg )
"Your lover, your friends, your junior classmates, your little sisters... all of them are going to die and disappear. In the end, it'll be just you and me; no matter what bonds you forge with others, time will tear them apart. [...] Regardless, my life it's way past its prime. I'll while away some of my remaining time beside you, as your shadow."

That last speach was, in a way, like the one a waifu could have said...
I'm glad she spoke. THIS is character development.

Post edited on 28th Jan 2012, 7:56pm
>> No. 8328 [Edit]
Reading this thread is giving me a whole new level of understanding in how stupid character development is.
>> No. 8330 [Edit]
>> No. 8331 [Edit]
File 132790331271.gif - (1.22MB , 500x281 , 1327793576366.gif )
>> No. 8344 [Edit]
God bless Shinbo and his love of feet service.
>> No. 8368 [Edit]
Well, I can't say I'm happy about the jump in fanservice, but I'm still enjoying this season so far.

Especially episode 4, what with Shinobu and all.

I really want to know more about what brought the two together, though, and why they wont forgive each other.
>> No. 8375 [Edit]

Kizumonogatari airs sometime this year so you probably won't have to wait long.
>> No. 8397 [Edit]
File 13284769772.jpg - (103.47KB , 1440x810 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Highlight of the episode...
>> No. 8422 [Edit]
File 132853218263.jpg - (108.77KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-062.jpg )
I don't know you, guys, but I still feel bad for Hanekawa: the way she still, always and ever looks so deeply and hopelessly in love with Ararararararagi...

She's like the most passionate of them all (for me), and the way she has to swallow it altogether and put up a permanent smile on it, it's just painful.
>> No. 8423 [Edit]
Karen <3
>> No. 8424 [Edit]
File 132854215840.png - (1.19MB , 1142x774 , 1328478333775.png )

Hanekawa is basically the reason Karen-chan is sick.
She told two middle schoolers the location of a dangerous man, well knowing that they would go there and try to stop him, yet she doesn't even feel sorry about it, she just brushes it off as: "I can be friends with your sisters and you can't do anything about it!"
Of course, rararagi won't blame her for anything, since he thinks with his dick.
>> No. 8428 [Edit]
coobie why
>> No. 8435 [Edit]
File 132858920683.jpg - (477.64KB , 666x3503 , Karen-chan.jpg )
- lively character
- long black hair
- fierce gray eyes
- fair skin (rosie cheeks)
- slender/athletic figure
- A/B cup
- tight ass
- 14 years old
- imouto...

This girl really is dangerous.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 9:06pm
>> No. 8436 [Edit]

She's too tall for a 14 year old.
That's the only con she has.
>> No. 8437 [Edit]
I hope for much /ns/ material.
>> No. 8438 [Edit]
I'd call it yet another pro.
>> No. 8587 [Edit]
File 132962574471.jpg - (171.11KB , 1270x713 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Why, Shaft?
>> No. 8588 [Edit]
Because it's shaft, what do you expect?
>> No. 8591 [Edit]
But it's just the other sister, isn't it? I mean, they draw girls very well riped so I don't know anymore...
>> No. 8595 [Edit]
What's the problem?
>> No. 8598 [Edit]
File 132972092792.jpg - (145.95KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Nisemonogatari - 07 [FB7549DD]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
So now that Araragi caught crabs, time for hanekawa to go nekomimi berserk again, or does she not find out until the crab shows obvious signs of pregnancy.

on that note, Shinobu must be pissed the fuck off after that night. Hopefully something interesting comes from it.
>> No. 8664 [Edit]
File 133020270690.jpg - (136.50KB , 683x361 , nise mon 2.jpg )
OMG. All this episode... To Shaft:

Take all my money...
Take everything.
>> No. 8665 [Edit]
Just finished watching that episode, and... God damn!
>> No. 8669 [Edit]
File 133021859024.jpg - (89.40KB , 655x665 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This is more or less how episode eight went.
>> No. 8671 [Edit]
File 133023034076.jpg - (87.16KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-8-kanzen-ni-eromonogatari-076.jpg )
And from that day on, I... I...
>> No. 8675 [Edit]
File 133024662077.jpg - (117.06KB , 1280x720 , My little sister can't possibly be this much .jpg )
Why did this episode, one of Tsukihi Phoenix, end up being better than 90% Karen Bee, despite who it focused on?

Also, I really like Karen now.
>> No. 8681 [Edit]
File 13302868189.jpg - (234.94KB , 1275x692 , nise mon 3.jpg )
I wonder, myself. Maybe it was like a fair adendum, for the way Karen beated the shit out of him in the last episode; maybe this will also have some consequences for Tsukihi's arc...

However: when my mind wasn't entirely numb, it was interesting to hear him telling how much he actually likes Hanekawa; his own mind has so much to deal with, indeed, all the time.
>> No. 8689 [Edit]
File 133030925793.jpg - (63.90KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Nisemonogatari - 08 [35A68D8A]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
>Why did this episode, one of Tsukihi Phoenix, end up being better than 90% Karen Bee, despite who it focused on?

It was explained earlier on that the little imouto was the real fire bomb among the sisters, and there needs to be a fuse to set off the bomb and get the arc rolling, so then what better ignition is there than jealousy of the other sister spending time with the beloved brother to do so?
>> No. 8690 [Edit]
This all sounds gross.
I'm glad I didn't bother to check this show out.
>> No. 8691 [Edit]
I love how comically she ran off to the store. Like something straight out of Looney Tunes. Cracked me right up.
>> No. 8692 [Edit]
Maybe the screenshots were taken to be the worst the show has to offer though.
>> No. 8695 [Edit]
File 133031885621.jpg - (146.89KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-8-kanzen-ni-eromonogatari-029.jpg )
Overcome with his intense passion, Drake manfully thrust hard with his throbbing equipment, again and again, oblivious to the inevitable consequences of his actions and reveling in the sensual pleasure of using his electric toothbrush in a simple to and fro motion rather than brushing in small circles as his dentist had advised, and hoping that Cecelia would appreciate his minty fresh breath over dinner later that evening more than the damage he was doing to his enamel.

— Irregular Podcast! #13, "The Complete Works of Western Literature"

Your loss.
>> No. 8698 [Edit]
Knowing shaft, I'm sure it's just the tip of the iceberg.
>> No. 8714 [Edit]
the new opening theme is excellent
>> No. 8739 [Edit]
File 133089378514.jpg - (139.44KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatar 9-058.jpg )
>[Karen's ponytail]
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU!!! Was that really necessary?? Maybe their haircuts really denote some coming to an age, throughout events like teeth brushing sessions.

The rest of the episode was ok, I guess (had its moments); still no Tsukihi to be seen, indeed, but Karen wasn't put on the front from the begining either.
>> No. 8740 [Edit]
File 133089426943.jpg - (1.00MB , 1920x1200 , d8117b614f8580b835094862289188c3.jpg )
It went to show that, like any other girl Araragi ever "saves", Karen is now officially part of his harem... wich keeps treatening Itoshiki's number one place at Shaft.
>> No. 8745 [Edit]
Speaking of which, a special just got subbed for this.

Also, Araragi's harem will never reach Itoshiki's, considering he has almost the entire class at this point.
>> No. 8746 [Edit]
File 133090698144.jpg - (64.24KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Nisemonogatari - 09 [D0AF7EB4]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
>still no Tsukihi to be seen
Hopefully it won't be like the Hanekawa arc where she gets barely any screen time at all.

Otherwise, I loved the passive and aggressiveness this ep.
She knows what he did a couple eps back, and she really isn't happy about it. Neither is shinobu.
>> No. 8752 [Edit]
File 13309140252.jpg - (115.74KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-9-010.jpg )
Yeeeeah... And, conversely, can you imagine when Senjougahara finds out, not only about his little antics, but about his actual feelings?...

Oh God! I so hope they reach this level at some point, over the series.
>> No. 8764 [Edit]
I think so, too. Everytime I'm thinking that I'm starting to get tired of Shaft's style they switch it up just a bit with an OP or ED like this.

So I've been thinking, I'm not sure whether or not Shaft intends for the copious amounts of fanservice in Nisemonogatari to be ironic, but the series is that much better if taken that way. Either way, the few people that took Bakemonogatari seriously will likely not be interpreting this series in the same way.
>> No. 8768 [Edit]
File 133117779649.jpg - (177.37KB , 1440x810 , nisemonogatari-loli-finder-insertion-9-001.jpg )
Oh, look! it's Karen-chan...
Good morning.
>> No. 8769 [Edit]
File 133117817733.jpg - (1.79MB , 1280x3164 , nisemonogatari-omake-2.jpg )
This should be a daki... or wall scroll (for the bravest).
>> No. 8876 [Edit]
File 133151420678.jpg - (50.85KB , 1280x720 , nisemonogatari-episode-10-003.jpg )
Finally getting on the Tsukihi affair... and straight into bussines.
>> No. 8877 [Edit]
Araragi is quite the hero for me. He taps every girl he sees, despite their age, looks or even family bonds.
>> No. 8896 [Edit]

It's almost as if they use real girls as models for these scenes.
>> No. 8898 [Edit]
File 133161700836.jpg - (305.86KB , 992x720 , 7949107.jpg )
probably a takato yamamoto reference?
>> No. 8899 [Edit]
File 133161927247.jpg - (43.31KB , 388x464 , Asuka meets Motoko SMALL.jpg )
I wouldn't doubt about it, not just here but everywhere in the very best of anime/manga art: references (and realistic anatomical knowledge) are an unavoidable step into achieveing proper stylization, as I've (painfully) learned throughout the years...

This does NOT mean, in any case, blind servilism with the 3DPD world; or, as it was once put by Babe Lab members: "Real babes aren't born. They're drawn."

Post edited on 12th Mar 2012, 11:17pm
>> No. 8913 [Edit]
File 133164987120.jpg - (319.16KB , 1280x1440 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
not even a question of why, but how did the left shoe come off?

Post edited on 13th Mar 2012, 7:46am
>> No. 8958 [Edit]
File 133204704425.jpg - (84.59KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I loved Shinobu's design in this last episode, especially the donut hoodie, but I wish they would've shown her fighting Yotsugi.
I wasn't sure about it through the first couple of episodes, but this series ended up being pretty enjoyable, gratuitous amounts of service and all.
>> No. 8961 [Edit]
File 133208644954.jpg - (64.95KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Nisemonogatari - 11 [AA706941]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
>this series ended up being pretty enjoyable, gratuitous amounts of service and all.

That's like the only thing the series had going for it, though.
>> No. 8962 [Edit]
File 133210359923.jpg - (213.42KB , 720x1212 , end.jpg )
I thoroughly enjoyed it all... until this ep.
Was this really the ending? *Sigh*
>> No. 8963 [Edit]
Tsukihi arc was really rushed. Karen was okay. They just focused too much on fanservice but I quess that was the whole point, milking money.
>> No. 8966 [Edit]

You can hardly call it an ending when it's a continuing light novel that gets animated by chapters.
>> No. 8971 [Edit]
File 133213852845.png - (576.45KB , 1061x595 , nisemonogatari-8-tsukihi.png )
Yeah, well, I meant the end of the season, of course (or even of the arc); it's not that usual to end it at and odd number episode. I was hoping for 12.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2012, 11:29pm
>> No. 8974 [Edit]
File 133215041964.jpg - (66.21KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Nisemonogatari - 11 [AA706941]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )

I was hoping for 13 myself.
>> No. 9072 [Edit]
As a expert on the subject who sees this all the time, I can tell you that they most likely don't give a shit.

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