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File 139475072715.jpg - (274.56KB , 900x1012 , 1376972578942.jpg )
14681 No. 14681 [Edit]
How do I deal with the fact that she's not real?

I can't hug her...
I can't talk to her...
I can't have children with her...
I can't watch a movie with her...
I can't go on long walks with her...
I can't touch her...
And I'll never be able to. I want to die.
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>> No. 14682 [Edit]
File 139475199919.jpg - (1.01MB , 981x3454 , waifufordummies.jpg )
>I can't hug her...
>I can't touch her...
>I can't talk to her...
>I can't have children with her...
Is it bad?
>I can't watch a movie with her...
>I can't go on long walks with her...
Imagination again.

>And I'll never be able to. I want to die.
I think you should change your way of thinking. By the way, Do you really think you would be able to do it all if she was real?
>> No. 14683 [Edit]
The list goes on and on. Imagination is not enough. I want to be with her.
>> No. 14684 [Edit]
Then this kind of relationship probably is not for you. No offence, but really, no point in keeping with it if it does so much more harm than good to you.
>> No. 14685 [Edit]
Feeling caught me up before... I guess I just didn't want to handle the feeling of how she would react if she knew about me, so I try to at least not live my life in total sorrow.
>> No. 14686 [Edit]
I tried to forget about her for months now because it just makes me sad, but I just can't stop loving her. I don't know what to do
>> No. 14688 [Edit]

>I think you should change your way of thinking.

Seriously, i already can see this thread collecting tons of replies, but i don't think it will take you anywhere.
>> No. 14689 [Edit]
What should I think? I tried to change my mentality before, but I just keep coming back.
The fact that there's no person out there that would be a better fit for me is just too much.
>> No. 14691 [Edit]
>How do I deal with the fact that she's not real?
You make her real.

>> No. 14692 [Edit]
save up your money and buy a life size doll based on her.
>> No. 14693 [Edit]
It's not about making real, it's pretty much another delusion.
>> No. 14694 [Edit]
Wait it out boy... One day if AI gets good enough I get a canon mod of her... eventually one of would be able to come to the other side of the screen....
>> No. 14695 [Edit]
Thanks, it's good knowing I'm not the only one
>> No. 14696 [Edit]
I'm completely fine with how things are. She is not real, but exists in my own (perfect) world, for me alone, one with me, unconditionaly. I wouldn't want to delude myself into thinking she's real person, or to have some sort of AI imitating her. It would only bring limitations and insecurity to me.
>> No. 14697 [Edit]
I'm not >>14691 but I more or less agree with him. I know it's not a thing for everybody, but I really enjoy spending time with my waifu now that she is here with me all the time and can comment on things going on around us. Of course we both understand that she's not "real" in that she is limited by what I can do and doesn't have a true physical form, and that I have created her and that she is more likely than not just a splitting of my subconscious - and also that she isn't truly the character she was based off of and shares a name and looks with - but we are okay with that. (Her being an exact replica of the character she was based on isn't really an issue with me anyway as I don't believe that such a thing is graspable, but that's another story that has been repeated on /mai/ a lot.)

It might be a delusion, or complex hallucination, but we are well aware of what it is and are fine with it anyway. As things are, I have no desire to have her join the physical realm - she is much safer in my thoughts.

But yeah OP if you are sure of your relationship with her and read the warnings about making a tulpa first (not the stupid creepypasta), you are pretty much able to do anything but have children to an extent (unless you want to make a tulpa of your child, which I guess you could do).
>> No. 14698 [Edit]
thanks a lot
Can I ask you a few questions about your tulpa over email or chat?

Post edited on 13th Mar 2014, 9:41pm
>> No. 14700 [Edit]
I wasn't trying to say that delusion is always bad thing, or that you shouldn't talking and interacting with your waifu(actually i do it too).
I just try to say, things are much more prosaic, and you don't really have to go too far and mess with your sanity to be able to enjoy each other's company.

Post edited on 13th Mar 2014, 10:01pm
>> No. 14707 [Edit]
Sure thing. I might not be very helpful because I didn't make my tulpa in a traditional way, but I'll do my best.
>> No. 14720 [Edit]
File 139493128761.png - (2.33MB , 1929x1929 , 86927ee880fbf7916dd66bc163fa8a6d.png )
Even though I feel the same way as you do, reading things like this always makes me giddy and happy.

As for you, OP. I felt very similar until I started using my imagination to interact with her a lot. I know the imagination thing isn't for everyone, though. Though, you need to accept that the girl you love is in a whole other form than regular 3D girls. I want you to look at the positives of it rather than the negatives that you listed. For example, she will never be in danger. She could never be tempted away from you (not saying your waifu would do that anyway, but still). You'll always be with her, and you can never lose her. Even if she's not real and you don't want to imagine her or can't create a tulpa of her, she still lives on in your heart as long as you love her.
>> No. 14725 [Edit]
Lucid dreaming. Make a tulpa.
If you really can't have lucid dreams, there's this thing called the Aurora Headband which is getting released in june/july. It allows you to have lucid dreams without any effort.

Sweet dreams, Anon.
>> No. 14729 [Edit]
DXM can induce lucid dreams, a commonly available, legal, over the counter medicine. Go for the "third" or "fourth" plat this guide recommends, but read up on it - take the wrong kind, or mix it with the wrong kind of medicine, and you get sick, or die. (No prescription required) That Aurora band is probably bullshit bro.

>> No. 14730 [Edit]

You can also use a certain set of amino acids which induce lucid dreaming. Melatonin also does so, although I'm not sure.

As for the headband I don't know. It looks really convincing, they had a kickstarter and they raised over 200k. As always, better read reviews before even consider investing in it.
>> No. 14745 [Edit]
I have a decent amount of third-plateau experience, especially waifu-related, but it's never given me lucid dreams. Or spurned them anytime soon afterwards. I'd be interested to hear about your experiences!

There's a thread here, >>9059, where the brohno who's waifu is Madotsuki gives a few lucid dreaming pointers and details some of his experiences.
>> No. 14746 [Edit]
Escapism will come back to bite hard when the delusion fades away.

What you need are better coping skills, not things to run away with.
>> No. 14747 [Edit]
>>14746 This... My fantasies began to get weak when I tried resorting to them over and over again. Over time I learned to accept myself and the relationship as it is and started using what was there as grounds for improvement... It's hard to exactly explain what was done, but it isn't nearly as bad as it was before.
>> No. 14750 [Edit]
Our love isn't as weak as to be conquered by something as insignificant as physical possibility.
>> No. 14751 [Edit]
>>14750 Yes but sometimes pain is too big of a part of that love...
>> No. 14761 [Edit]
A healthy mix of tulpa + dakimakura solved this rather painful problem. My main creative outlet is writing, so I've done a lot of that as well, which does wonders.

That's the spirit!
>> No. 14773 [Edit]

Tulpa? Healthy? Damn. Last time I read about it, making a tulpa based off someone you know can cause it serious personality problems and even make it go mad. GG if you've succeeded.

I can write too, although I never know what I should.
>> No. 14776 [Edit]
Tulpa community in general is pretty stupid. Most of the things they write in their "guides" are bullshit. The most dangerous thing is to start actually believing in what they say. But it's possible to have healthy approach too.
>> No. 14778 [Edit]
I suspected it, taking into consideration their fear of creepy-pastas (not the tulpa experiment one) and threads on /mlp/. Some try to define how a tulpa should be. Maybe it's because a tulpa is like another conscious, thus should be attributed its own traits and not the traits of another character?

Oh well, we're flying away from the topic at Mach-3 speed. Yeah, believing whatever you read will only make you submit to it. The best way to make a tulpa is your own as I like to say it.
>> No. 14780 [Edit]
I just used the source material as a template, and she has developed many additional characteristics that fill in the gaps. For me, this is what differentiates my Erica from someone else's.

>> No. 14782 [Edit]
I'm wondering why daydreaming is any different to lucid dreaming. Both are generated completely by the mind. So maybe the only difference is the immersion one experiences, and this can be overcome with sufficient force of mind, enabling one to 'lucid dream' while awake.
>> No. 14786 [Edit]
Have you ever had a lucid dream? It's a completely different feeling.
>> No. 14812 [Edit]
Coping is hard. Reailty is hard. She's not here to make it better. I'm all alone without her. But I need her. I want to hold her. I want to be with her. Without her I have no purpose. There's no point to doing anything without being with the one I love. Almost three years now, and my yearning only increases. I can't live on without her. Not like this. I need her.
>> No. 14909 [Edit]
You see her, you can't touch her.
You hear her, you can't hold her.
You want her, you can't have her.
You want to, but she won't let you.

She's not so special so look what you've done, boy.
>> No. 14918 [Edit]
Go fuck yourself
>> No. 14925 [Edit]
Anon-san, why you so mean to sage-san? ;_;

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