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File 139184999437.jpg - (129.79KB , 500x500 , 1313583265001.jpg )
16746 No. 16746 [Edit]
If you were a complete hikikomori and you wanted to commit suicide, what method would you consider the most reliable? You cannot obtain a gun, poisons, gas or anything like that, unless you can somehow order them from the internet. How would you kill yourself in such a situation?
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>> No. 16747 [Edit]
I'd rewatch Fractale.
It would probably make me stab my eyes out with a pen or something similar, then maybe bleed to death.
>> No. 16748 [Edit]
>> No. 16749 [Edit]
>> No. 16750 [Edit]
Well, if everything else failed, I could get someone on the outside to get me the required supplies.
>> No. 16751 [Edit]
How can you obtain it if you can't go outside? Is it something you can just order?
>> No. 16753 [Edit]
The universe is mostly hydrogen, so you can get helium pretty much for free as long as you have a spare fusion reactor somewhere.
>> No. 16757 [Edit]
You can probably find everything you need for an exit bag (including helium) on Amazon. I haven't checked though. However, I am unsure as to whether Amazon monitors or "flags" certain purchases. Maybe I'm overly paranoid, but if I were ordering stuff to make an exit bag, I would probably try and buy some stuff with Bitcoin or at least buy most of the stuff on separate sites, and at different times too. Maybe throw in some irrelevant purchases as well. Buy them with separate credit cards too, or just your debit card and credit card if you don't have multiple credit cards.

Individually, all of the parts for an exit bag are completely legal. However, as mentioned in the Wikipedia article, the FBI did raid someone who sold premade kits. I suppose that means they are aware of the concept of exit bags. Do they track people who buy just the components? I don't know. But then again, they only raided a seller, not buyers.

Try buying some uninflated rubber balloons in addition to the helium. Get some other party stuff too. Then if anyone gets suspicious you can say you were going to throw a party. You might not seem like a party person, but I don't think they could legally do anything if you bought enough stuff to make it look convincing that you were going to use it for something other than suicide.

Maybe I'm overthinking this. You could always be ballsy and just buy everything all at once from the same place and hope nothing bad happens.

I hate to hear that someone wants to die, but I would rather help someone with finding information on how to buy and assemble an exit bag so they can die painlessly instead of saying "don't kill yourself" and have them not listen and then do a stupid and painless method. Anti-suicide posters often think they're helpful, but not giving a genuinely suicidal person helpful tips for pain-free methods is probably just going to lead to that person being in a lot of pain.

A lot of popular suicide methods are actually extremely painful and ineffective. Jumping out of a window isn't as fatal as people think, unless you're on the top of a skyscraper. And just imagine the pain if you live. Same with laying down on train tracks. People don't understand how versatile and durable the human body is. Failed suicide can be worse than death. Exit bags are very effective and painless. Accept no substitute.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2014, 1:45pm
>> No. 16763 [Edit]
File 139202257653.jpg - (314.46KB , 1239x795 , 1391953449518.jpg )
Be responsible.
>> No. 16764 [Edit]
I was just thinking about it, and it's a lot more difficult that it seems at first sight. I mean, it's your life at stake here, you wouldn't want to become brain-damaged and unable to kill yourself, right?

So you have to get everything right.
I looked it up recently, and it turns out that an empty 10l tank weighs about 30kg (could be even more, I don't remember), so it's not something you could just take with you on your camping trip. There are those small "party" ones, but they're really small. Would it be enough? What about the pressure? You'd also have to connect it somehow, and it doesn't have a valve like the bigger ones.

Also, I have no idea where I could get a CPAP mask in my country. Amazon doesn't ship here, and I couldn't find any mention of them on local sites. Oh well.
>> No. 16765 [Edit]
File 139205214496.png - (3.11KB , 200x350 , Guy Anderson in 20 Years.png )
Not to be the buzz-kill, but why kill yourself? Sure, your life sucks, but the good thing about life is that it can change. Go outside at night. Go to the seashore. Do drugs!
>> No. 16766 [Edit]
I'd try Starcraft II. Death by masturbation would also be worth a try. Good side is either you die a loser or live long enough to become a pro.
>> No. 16767 [Edit]
At starcraft or masturbation?
>> No. 16768 [Edit]
>Go outside

Forgive my disrespect, but you sound along the lines of 'jus 2 b urself' right now. There's no help for some people, even if they can make it outside it won't feel good and the feelings won't go with time. Where does a friendless shut in even obtain drugs?
>> No. 16769 [Edit]

Well, change doesn't happen immediately. One has to have patience, and wait for it. I think that the internet has sort of conditioned us to have a sense of immediate gratification; back before it, most people had to take their time. It is still painful either way, though.

As for drugs, there is always DXM; you can get that over-the-counter at almost any pharmacy. I've done a fair amount of drugs (some illegal, most not) and DXM puts all of the others to shame. There used to be Silk Road, but that went away a while ago. Some say that there are still ways to obtain drugs in the deepweb, however.
>> No. 16772 [Edit]
DXM is horrible. And you don't need to use the "deep web" in order to get drugs. If you're in your 20s, it's really easy to find someone to at least sell weed.
>> No. 16773 [Edit]
>> No. 16792 [Edit]
File 139232536944.png - (36.55KB , 337x338 , 1392322266933.png )

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