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No. 24731 [Edit]
Do you like America?
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>> No. 24732 [Edit]
>> No. 24733 [Edit]
Why is the file removed?
>> No. 24734 [Edit]
Big government came in and stripped all citizens of their patriotic images. They are coming for our guns next.
>> No. 24735 [Edit]
probably the 3d skank in the corner.
>> No. 24736 [Edit]
Oh I didnt notice that small thing.
>> No. 24739 [Edit]
That's like asking if I like pain and misery.
>> No. 24756 [Edit]
File 140722140067.jpg - (154.04KB , 1024x768 , 1271889078843.jpg )
Seems like a troll thread made to stir up political butt hurt to me. My answer is the same as >>24732
>> No. 24802 [Edit]
yeah it's great
>> No. 24849 [Edit]
wow, what a classy lady indeed.
>> No. 24887 [Edit]
I feel kind of meh about it as well. I have a sort of casual appreciation for America, in the sense that I know that I'm better off living here than I would be living in Iran or Cuba or some place like that. At the same time, I also find it really hard to get fired up emotionally about something as arbitrary as what country I happened to be born in. A country really isn't anything more than imaginary lines drawn on a map and a government that provides laws and structure. Some aspects of those laws and structure benefit me, others tend to work against me, but it's ultimately better than living in a third world country where someone with my shitty work ethic and lack of goals and motivation would have starved to death a long time ago. Still, if it really came down to it, I know I could live essentially the same life I do now pretty much anywhere in Europe, Canada, or anywhere else in the first world, so it's not as if America is all that special in that regard. Like if I decided "America sux" and packed up all my stuff and moved to Canada, I'm sure I would immediately notice a lot of differences and it would feel like my life changed. However, my overall quality of life would be more or less the same, I would just be living within a different set of imaginary lines, with a different set of arbitrary laws. Again, some of those laws would help me, others would work against me, but at least I would know that I wouldn't have to live in a straw hut or walk fifty miles every day to get clean drinking water.

If anyone remembers that old Simpsons episode where Troy McClure marries Marge's sister Selma to hide the fact that he's sexually attracted to fish, and she finds out about it, and asks him if he loves her, I've always liked his response: "Sure, baby! Like I love Fresca!"

That's about how I feel about America. I love America like I love Fresca. It's okay I guess, and it's certainly better than drinking dirty river water, but would I join the army and die for it? Hell no; I'd just switch to a different brand of soda.
>> No. 24888 [Edit]
>A country really isn't anything more than imaginary lines drawn on a map and a government that provides laws and structure.
Ever heard of the word culture?
>> No. 24890 [Edit]
That's a bit different, if culture made up a nation the U.S. should be >10 different countries. There's Cascadia, Texas, The Confederacy, Yukon, Natives, etc, all radically different cultures. The only reason they're all grouped together is convenience and resistance to change.
>> No. 24893 [Edit]

Culture is defined more by the people living within a set of borders than by the borders themselves. Like >>24890 said, the US has at least 10, I would say a lot more, distinct cultures living within its borders. For instance, the culture of white, middle-class people living in a suburban area of a city is vastly different from the culture of black people living in a poorer urban area. Hispanics have their own culture, we also have immigrants from all sorts of places living here who have their own little subcultures as well. There are also cultures within cultures, for instance I am basically part of the white middle class culture, but I don't have a whole lot in common with most other people within that culture. Most people living in my neighborhood don't have apartments packed wall to wall with anime stuff, and I don't watch football or American Idol. There's crazy redneck southern culture, but in a lot of the major cities down there the culture is not that different from the city culture of cities in the Midwest. Overall culture varies from city to city, like New York has a culture different from Seattle, and Salt Lake City and Los Angeles are pretty different from each other. A lot of states tend to see themselves as separate cultures, and a lot of times regions within individual states have distinct cultural differences as well, like in Oregon where I live there's a pretty big distinction between Portland and the rest of western Oregon, which is more like California culturally and politically, versus eastern Oregon, which is more conservative and midwestern. It's all a huge mishmash; there's no single "American" culture.

If for whatever reason the American government collapsed and the United States stopped existing as a country, the myriad cultures living within it would still exist. Things would change and I'm sure eventually order would be restored, and there would be new imaginary lines drawn all over the map.

With the internet, cultures around the world are constantly communicating with and influencing each other. Different individuals can adopt aspects of other cultures that fit them, and discard aspects of their own that don't. Boards like this prove that well enough. If I found myself in the same room with a Japanese otaku and an American redneck, and just to make things easier let's say there were no language barriers, I'd probably have more to talk about with the otaku than the redneck. However, by the same logic, if I found myself in the same room with a middle-aged Japanese high-power businessman and a heavy metal fan from Sweden, I'd end up talking to the Swedish guy because the Jap and I would have no common ground.

People in different countries might have a different way of looking at it, but I think that the further we move into the current century, the less significance the concept of nation states as culturally distinct entities is going to have.
>> No. 24894 [Edit]
I agree with what you wrote. I confused countries with regions I guess.

I meant that I don't view countries sololy as borders and governments but instead think of the people that live in the countries and what different cultures and languages they have. I made the mistake of not thinking about how different cultures can live in the same nation.

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2014, 4:44pm
>> No. 24914 [Edit]
I love America, but who knows whats going on in that government. Either way I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
>> No. 24991 [Edit]
I'd like for it to collapse and be reborn. like hoe yugoslavia collapsed in WWII and came back communist. Plus, nationalism gets a free ride in the meantime. Only with gencoide of whites and blacks against each other, etc until the revolutionary fascist or communist government forces a united north american continent
>> No. 27435 [Edit]
it's ok, right now we kinda have an exceptional and out of control prison-industrial complex with a goal to eat as much of us up as possible for the cash money, but otherwise it's pretty chill
>> No. 27436 [Edit]
The US is the tool that was used by the Jew to conquer the world.
>> No. 27445 [Edit]
No, America is the nation I hate the most. It has a terrible 'culture' to begin with yet it has spread it all over the world ruining other cultures in the process.
>> No. 27461 [Edit]
The rural areas are tolerable, but I'd never want to live in the cities.
>> No. 27465 [Edit]
yeah it blows

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