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File 136795167513.jpg - (867.77KB , 1600x1245 , Vroom_Hendrick_Cornelisz_Dutch_Ships_Ramming_Spani.jpg )
21755 No. 21755 [Edit]
Because the last thread, >>18138, is now on auto sage.
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>> No. 21756 [Edit]
My neighbor's dog got out somehow and was on our porch, so me and my father pet it. What a day!
>> No. 21761 [Edit]
Two persons that I was waiting to email me about interesting things finally emailed me back! This is the first good day I've had in a long time.
>> No. 21762 [Edit]
Twitter: The TC thread? Well, more interesting than what normals post on their twitter (somehow)
>> No. 21765 [Edit]
I've been trying to learn how to html from a last post, to make my blog look prettier even though nobody reads it. I still have no idea what to do, rather, I think I'm trying to gather things too fast.
>> No. 21774 [Edit]
I let the water chamber of my moka pot fall while cleaning it. I've damaged the coffee chamber and the basket quite a bit before and it still worked fine, but now it's leaking and thus broken.
Fuck my sloppiness.
>> No. 21776 [Edit]
I moved rocks around for my grandmother.
>> No. 21778 [Edit]
File 136807092179.jpg - (59.87KB , 600x424 , Rin_Asano1314605103_jpeg.jpg )
Was my birthday, I turned 25. As always the birthday gifts I got sucked ass and the only decent one came from myself (pic related). Although as always my dad did gave me $100 which can be counted as any sort of gift I want. made my own cake last night... mom ate most of it before I got a slice. would have honestly have liked one of those dumb kids cakes with toys and stuff on it and maybe some candles... then again that might be embarrassing, I'm just gonna eat it alone in my room watching anime anyway. My email inbox got spammed with birthday messages from sites I don't even remember joining. Had dinner with my dad who I haven't seen in half a year, might be the last time I see him if me and my mom go trough with our move cross country. He dragged me the gym with him; I'm really sore. Kept talking about how it's a good place to socialize and meet people compared to clubs and bars, I kept telling them I didn't want to socialize and they said my attitude would change if I worked out more and they used to be the same but I doubt they had a waifu and a disgust for 3dpd. I'm just glad that crap is over with so I can get back to loosing myself in front of my pc screen.
>> No. 21779 [Edit]

happy birthday tohno
>> No. 21780 [Edit]
I spent a good chunk of the day watching videos of some crazy SMW hack made by people from Niconico Douga. Some pretty good level design they got going.
>> No. 21782 [Edit]
Happy birthday, Tohno.

I'd get you something if I could.
>> No. 21785 [Edit]
File 136810162897.jpg - (24.42KB , 704x396 , christmas-cake-2.jpg )
Late but: happy 25, man. Not that we care, I know, but welcome to the (NHK) area of not suitable for marriage anymore... you know: together alone. Thanks for the site over these last years.
>> No. 21788 [Edit]
Five more years until your powers arrive, unless you already ruined that as a teenager or something similar.
>> No. 21789 [Edit]
Christmas cake doesn't apply to men. In fact, in many ways an older man is more appealing to a woman than a younger one.
>> No. 21806 [Edit]
File 136814695249.jpg - (30.19KB , 440x328 , nerd.jpg )
dang it.

yeah but, you know, we were cute little girls n' shit.
>> No. 21808 [Edit]
Jailbait is less socially acceptable however, including lolis.....
>> No. 21809 [Edit]
I did Jury Duty today....and helped a friend steal a TV.
>> No. 21810 [Edit]
You bastard.
Give my TV back.
>> No. 21823 [Edit]
I don't have it lol. Basically he is conducting something of a Scorched Earth campaign to keep his brother from getting anything from the place as his brother apparently stole a shitload of money from his account/cleaned it out & tried screwing him over. So he's basically taking everything of value he can out to sell or ebay or give to other people just to spite his brother.
>> No. 21832 [Edit]

Thanks for the really boring normal story full of social interaction and stupid things. "lol"
>> No. 21833 [Edit]
you are welcome
>> No. 21835 [Edit]
>Thanks for the really boring normal story full of social interaction and stupid things

Story of my life... ;_;
>> No. 21836 [Edit]
I got my new headphones (beyer t1), I'm enjoying them a lot, it has resurrected some of my music adiction, which is nice, now my life isnt completely empty.
Wow this song good in my new headphones. I didnt think that would happen but the T1s actually reveal even more details which wasnt obvious when I used my previous headphones, DT880.
Kinda irks me though that I define my days by what stuff I bought or got, its kinda sad in a way but I dont know how to solve it, Im not really interested in anything anymore.

.... I also got my package from jap amazon with all yuikaori singles and their photobook. I have it all on my computer of course but I feel good owning hard copies.

Oh, and I started eating supplements to increase my sperm production (ordered it because I was bored), it has only been a day but it feels as if my sex drive is higher, which I really dont want, it would make me miserable if I started feeling attracted to women.
>> No. 21837 [Edit]
>Secede - Outran

Wow that's really good, I think I'll download the album. Also I envy your headphones.
>> No. 21839 [Edit]
I discovered this band earlier today. Thanks Space Funeral.
>> No. 21840 [Edit]
I finished Analogue: A Hate Story and then played Digital: A Love Story which was even more wonderful.

Secede is wonderful.

And so is Space Funeral.
>> No. 21847 [Edit]
Dropped my water chamber again while trying to reassemble the pot, now it's assembling almost as fine as it did before, and making coffee too.

Why more sperm? For me more sperm is more trouble.
>> No. 21873 [Edit]
My mother's dog had her puppies. There are, like, 4-5 of them. It's unfortunate, but one of them was born physically malformed with it's head all messed up. Both eyes are bulging out and entirely red, and it seems like a part of its brain is sticking out of the top of it's head.

I'm not sure if it can see or not, but it doesn't seem like its eyes will ever work and it doesn't seem to be able to latch on to its mother to feed. The whole thing is sad.
>> No. 21882 [Edit]
File 136863849096.jpg - (32.23KB , 299x259 , 1365011769497.jpg )
I'm the same anon as: >>21837

Thank you for posting this, Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic was amazing.

Post edited on 15th May 2013, 10:22am
>> No. 21883 [Edit]
I woke up this morning and immediately had to fight a gross spider on my floor
>> No. 21884 [Edit]
>had to fight a gross spider on my floor

Did you scream 'AAAH!' while increasing your power level?
>> No. 21887 [Edit]
looks like it's time to shoot it dead.
>> No. 21889 [Edit]
Todays pointless happenings
I played some Heroes of Might and Magic 3, its the only game Ive ever played that I truly suck at, I just cant figure out how to play it properly

Ive set my keyboard to dvorak, its terribly frustrating, took me a good 3 minutes to type out the sentence above. Learning it faster than I would have guessed though.
f is the hardest, I always press g instead

I bought a manikin head, torso and hand, I dont know why

I wanted to know if it would lessen the negative effects of fapping, I mostly bought it on impulse though
Doesnt seem to have any effect whatsoever. I wonder if there are any good supplements for lowering your libido..

That makes me happy
check out the rest of his stuff too when you have the time, Tryshala is really good.

Whose tv did you take? Does the guilt keep you up at night?
>> No. 21891 [Edit]
Attempted to use this old super 8 camera that I brought some time last year but it didn't work at all; most likely due to rust on the springs in the battery compartment.

Brought myself another one from ebay. Hopefully I'll have more luck with this one since it's been tested, or so the seller claims.
>> No. 21892 [Edit]
>check out the rest of his stuff too when you have the time, Tryshala is really good.

Because a lot of people are saying Tryshala is somehow better than BBGT, I am almost scared that I will burn away in the face of brilliance or something, you know like when people look at the face of Haruhi in the Bible. In all seriousness though I will download it whenever I finally have the chance to return my ath-m50s for a new pair (the bass somehow broke) but BBGT managed to immerse me in total atmosphere, and at the same time at the end of the album when that last piano segment came in my emotions were completely drained. I know this sounds over exaggerated, but that album really managed to nail everything in terms of what makes music good for me, so that something even better from him exists is exciting. And it just gets better and better with each listen. Like I said I know it sounds like I am overpraising the album too much but that is really how I feel about it.
>> No. 21893 [Edit]
My brother took me out to see the new Star Trek movie.

It was a Wrath of Khan retelling...

I was disappointed.
>> No. 21898 [Edit]
I figure some get money from the government by acting like hypochondriacs. The rest probably have jobs.
>> No. 21900 [Edit]
Switched from Chromium to Chrome. Making this post mainly so the name field is remembered and I don't have to be arsed to change my IME for one symbol.
>> No. 21901 [Edit]
Welcome to the botnet, Shinden-chan.

I hope we can be friends~
>> No. 21905 [Edit]
Pixiv is doing the thing where it sometimes forgets to update search results (or not show them at all) again and it's making me mad
>> No. 21906 [Edit]
I've started reading more manga. I've caught up with WataMote (incredible!) and plan on tackling The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer beginning Friday.
>> No. 21907 [Edit]
Plowed through Attack on Titan today. Shit is fucked up, but good.
>> No. 21910 [Edit]
File 136932646890.jpg - (103.01KB , 640x480 , HNI_0093_MPO.jpg )
I lost my internet, so I'm leeching from my grandmother's house.

I hate this since I'm supposed to get ready and shit for this shitty trip thing and I'm missing out on Jump day and all of the other good internet things that I enjoy.

Also, I haven't masturbated today.

Have this picture of this bug I saw today.
>> No. 21917 [Edit]
Compiled a list of books/anime/comics/games I haven't finished. Both in books and games I have listed a dozen (and I'm afraid I've forgotten to include some titles)
Hope mantaining such a list will make it easier to remember resuming progress on something rather than picking up new stuff like crazy and never finishing from now on.
>> No. 21963 [Edit]
Some people tried mugging me. They sucked as I could tell they didn't have a gun in their pocket. I walked/ran away while grinning/LOLing. The other guy was like 'just go' to the guy who tried mugging me as they walked into a side streets
>> No. 21964 [Edit]
File 136988828389.jpg - (673.56KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-05-30_00001.jpg )
Bought and played Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.
Damn, this is so good.
>> No. 21967 [Edit]
Today I finally replaced my window that broke in an earthquake with a screen.

Then I found a dead cat in the corner of the property. I buried it. Now I don't know if I should print up fliers to give to the neighbours telling them what happened.

If my cat went missing I'd be devastated.
>> No. 21969 [Edit]
File 136999374927.jpg - (115.05KB , 499x551 , BUuB9Y3.jpg )
Rotted teeth at the back of my mouth started throbbing again. Spent most of the night writhing and screaming. Not pleasant, but not nearly as unpleasant as the dentist's office is going to be.

When the pain eventually stopped I drank a bottle of wine, smoked a joint and played Persona 4.
>> No. 21970 [Edit]
File 137000566137.jpg - (851.73KB , 882x1000 , be6f2da262208c7411f8ce15a2a01f23.jpg )
Today's my birthday.
>> No. 21972 [Edit]
Have a good day today anon
>> No. 21973 [Edit]
File 137003333243.png - (33.76KB , 800x473 , 1337802910691.png )
Happy birthday, anonymous!
>> No. 21974 [Edit]
How are you gonna celebrate?
>> No. 21975 [Edit]
Happy birthday.
>> No. 21976 [Edit]
Thank you.

By playing video games and doing the same exact things that I do everyday while eating food that is slightly tastier than normal. I've tasted the food, so I can say that much at least, but that's pretty much what I did today.

Can't complain since it wasn't too bad of a day with not too many people coming and doing the whole birthday thing.

Post edited on 31st May 2013, 8:23pm
>> No. 21979 [Edit]
What game did you play, if you don't mind me asking?
>> No. 21987 [Edit]
File 13701583953.jpg - (27.72KB , 474x304 , 061109_acetaminophen_hmed10a_grid-6x2.jpg )
uh, a root canal will be PLEASURE. I have that same pulpitis shit to deal with

Aleve won't work, get some heady duty painkillers from the local pharmacy

these fuckers (pic related)
>> No. 21988 [Edit]
File 137015849219.jpg - (51.19KB , 750x562 , Tylenol_bottle.jpg )
generics are about the same. ive only used generics but they work. PROTIP: just take the caps off (one of) them if the pain is bad, it works faster.
>> No. 21991 [Edit]
File 137028293324.jpg - (113.86KB , 1920x1080 , bMz1zYp.jpg )
In my country we can't get much strong stuff over the counter, and prescriptions for anything decent are hard to get. Whenever my jaw/teeth started throbbing I would usually cold water extract Codeine from Paracetamol(500mg)/Codeine(10mg) tablets. Most companies here put Paracetamol or Ibuprofen in with the Codeine to stop people using it for recreational purposes, which is a nightmare if serious pain persists even after you've taken the maximum safe dose of Para you can take without OD'ing, which is around 1500mg if I remember correctly, meaning only 30mg of Codeine unless you want to try your luck with unsafe doses of Paracetamol. If I hadn't learned of cold water extraction I'd have probably killed myself to end the pain by now.
>> No. 21992 [Edit]
I didn't know about that. However, I've taken up to 140g of Ibuprofen on a day with no further problems.
>> No. 21993 [Edit]
This is why I try to find sources of pleasure besides drugs.
>> No. 21994 [Edit]
File 137037219619.jpg - (283.88KB , 800x1040 , Jigsaw.jpg )
Bought myself a jigsaw puzzle. Pic related. I bet you can't even tell but the bottom part depicts the still bagged pieces (along with a box of matches for comparison). Regrettably I have nothing I could take a proper picture with, sorry.

Will start tomorrow I guess. 2000 pieces, this will probably take a while (wanted to buy a 3000 pieces one but I don't have a big enough table). Haven't done one since I was like 5~6, so well over a decade and a half by now.

Now that I think about it my birthday is ~a week away, I wonder if I'll manage to finish it before then...
>> No. 21995 [Edit]
Looks nice. Always wanted to play with one of those humongous ones, have fun(and care not to lose any pieces).
>> No. 21996 [Edit]

Well, 2000 is still not that big - after getting assembled it'll form a 96x68cm picutre. Just about the size of my only table, didn't want to assemble them on the floor.

But yeah, saw some 24000 pieces ones when I checked it on amazon out of curiosity - now that's big.
>> No. 21998 [Edit]
I attempted a 2000 piece puzzle once. I failed.

I will stick to 500 piece ones. 1000 if I wanna go for a challenge.
>> No. 21999 [Edit]
File 137046032311.jpg - (291.24KB , 815x1500 , Day 1.jpg )

Daily progress report and more craptastic photos.

Sorting those puzzles took me literally two hours (first pic). Didn't have it in me to spend another two hours sitting there so I just put together the top edge and called it a day. This will take a long while, especially since this picture is pretty hard.

Day 1 progress: 74/2000 (~4%)
>> No. 22000 [Edit]
I leave to get a mental health referral in 20 minutes, wish me luck.
>> No. 22004 [Edit]
Been trying to catch up on anime I've missed out on this season. I love the feeling of being there in the moment for a great series. It makes me feel like I'm alive when I look back a year or so down the line.

Hope that works out for you. It could be the best thing you ever did if you end up getting some solid benefit bucks out of it.
>> No. 22010 [Edit]
File 137055039484.jpg - (102.34KB , 815x500 , Day 2.jpg )

Day 2 progress: 272/2000 (~14%)
Outlook: no way in hell I'm gonna finish this before my birthday, that was too ambitious.
>> No. 22013 [Edit]
File 137063466315.jpg - (128.45KB , 800x500 , Day 3.jpg )

Day 3 progress: 600/2000 (30%)

It finally started too look like a proper picture.
>> No. 22016 [Edit]
File 137072196786.jpg - (141.40KB , 800x500 , Day 4.jpg )

Day 4 progress: 960/2000 (48%)

Almost halfway done but I'm afraid it was the easier half.
>> No. 22017 [Edit]
File 137074273560.jpg - (201.04KB , 640x480 , 2013-06-07 09_05_05.jpg )
I've had an interesting last couple of days in regard to wildlife encounters. First, I met this fledgling blue jay, who hopped about so slowly that I didn't even really have to chase after it. It only squawked a couple of times after I grabbed it, and then just chilled out and stared at me. Knowing these birds, the mother wasn't likely about, as I'd have at least received a stern talking to if she'd seen me.
>> No. 22018 [Edit]
File 137074296085.jpg - (80.55KB , 640x480 , 2013-06-08 20_35_01.jpg )
Secondly, this rather large brown recluse greeted me in my apartment this evening. I've caught quite a few of these guys at my old place, but I've never seen one even half the size of this one. I suppose I should splurge on some glue traps.
>> No. 22019 [Edit]

i've been seeing spiders everywhere lately. There was even a half-dead tarantula in my kitchen ( ´Д`)
>> No. 22020 [Edit]
You know I've heard that the mother will abandon baby birds if she smells the scent of human on them.
>> No. 22021 [Edit]
Tarantula?! Where might you live? But yes, it is that time of year in my part of the globe, and the spiders are out in force doing their thing.

As far as I know this isn't true. Most birds have virtually no sense of smell, with vultures and condors as notable exceptions.
>> No. 22022 [Edit]
That constitutes a large spider? Ohohoho.

I have spiders on the outside of my house that have asses the size of quarters. And large fast scurrying spiders have entered my house that are larger than an Eisenhower dollar.
>> No. 22024 [Edit]
If it wasn't smell it was something else. I just remember finding a baby bird when I was a kid and my dad told me not to pick it up or else the mother would abandon it.
>> No. 22025 [Edit]
urban legend - http://www.snopes.com/critters/wild/babybird.asp
>> No. 22026 [Edit]
what country are you living in/from?
>> No. 22027 [Edit]

Day 5 progress: none! I was busy today and I felt like taking a break from that puzzle either way. But it's fun so I'm sure I'll start again tomorrow, although I probably won't make much progress as I'll be busy with other things.
>> No. 22028 [Edit]
Good fucking Haruhi, how I hate sundays. I feel physically exhausted out of doing nothing and bored to my death every time this weekday gets by. I wish we only had six days on the week.
>> No. 22029 [Edit]
File 137083108445.jpg - (202.42KB , 1200x675 , 20130609_200210.jpg )
Tonight I barbecued for the first time and ate my very first steak!
>> No. 22030 [Edit]
I walked by several police officers smelling like marijuana.
>> No. 22032 [Edit]
I wanted to bike to my brother's house to study. Ended up trying to fix my bike instead, then it started raining.
>> No. 22034 [Edit]
They're touching...

Kono baka.
>> No. 22035 [Edit]
Two days ago I bought my first microcontroller and electronic components. I have started tinkering with it. When I'll have money for servos I'll buy them and I'll make a super cool robot! I will probably be unable to buy many... so maybe with 4 I can make a decent robot arm.
>> No. 22036 [Edit]
I got an Excellence on a test today so now my
father won't be on my case for a while.
I basically just reworded an excellence exemplar,
but I feel they were all my own ideas anyway.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
I feel guilty because I didn't think I should have
got such a high mark.
>> No. 22037 [Edit]

Day 6 progress: next to none. Mostly due to lack of time but when I finally sat down and wanted to do something I realized I got stuck pretty bad. No picks today since I'm barely above 1000 I bet.
>> No. 22039 [Edit]
I feel sick.
>> No. 22040 [Edit]
It's large for a brown recluse, which is only noteworthy because their bites can be rather nasty.
>> No. 22041 [Edit]

You might want to check out BEAM robotics. It is cheaper and more interesting.
>> No. 22042 [Edit]

Day 7 progress: Some. I'm still stuck but I did move forward a little bit. It's mostly lack of time that holds me back and it will only get worse over next couple of days. Might need to put it on hold until next week. Makes me regret not spending more time on it when I still had it.
No pic today, sorry.
>> No. 22046 [Edit]
I've come down with stomach flu. Not nice. Was sick for up to 4 or 5 times last night.
>> No. 22047 [Edit]

Day 8 progress: as expected, put on hold at least until Monday. Will post an update then.
>> No. 22048 [Edit]
Thanks for the suggestion. I just checked the Wikipedia article... and you can't program these robots?
>> No. 22072 [Edit]
I'm bored!
>> No. 22075 [Edit]
Play some video games!
>> No. 22079 [Edit]
I finished watching Kotonoha no Niwa. I like all of Shinkai's films, cloud porn or not, they all make me tear up. Now, I just want to watch anime that is designed to make me cry.
>> No. 22080 [Edit]
Got sick of TF2 since the only servers I could find today were 2fort, 2fort and 2fort.

So I tried Killing Floor. This is pretty fun.
>> No. 22090 [Edit]
File 137151791114.jpg - (32.87KB , 433x380 , 1348080077776.jpg )
I did nothing today.
>> No. 22104 [Edit]
Whenever I turn on a light, it feels like intense heat is being emitted from it and the room starts to feel unbearable.

I think that I might be a little sensitive to light now.
>> No. 22112 [Edit]
File 137160606065.jpg - (124.43KB , 1920x1080 , XymvcZ1.jpg )
I thought things were getting better. I was getting along with my family, I'd made a few friends, I've been trying to eat healthy, and for the past month I've been waiting for my birth certificate in the mail so I can register my car and get a job driving and delivering things.

But then my Mother has to tear me back down again, telling me to get a job, telling me to grow up. Whenever I try and open up to her, she dismisses me. She's tired, and it would be better for her and anybody else I know if I just disappeared.

It's my own fault, though. I hate myself so much. I'm beginning to wonder if killing her and then myself is really such a bad idea. I just don't know anymore. I love her, but she makes me feel worthless. She makes me feel disgusting. I can't articulate my feelings, I'm narcissistic, egotistic, cynical and poisonous to anybody around me. I'm beginning to wonder if I can feel healthy emotions at all.

Today I got up and watched breakfast television. Today I wondered if I'll ever truly connect with another person.
>> No. 22119 [Edit]
It's probably not a very helpful thing to say, but shut-out and disregard anybody who makes you feel that way. That's what I've done for the last 10 or so years, and it hasn't failed me yet.
>Today I wondered if I'll ever truly connect with another person.
You will, eventually. The more quantity you throw yourself into, the higher the chance of finding quality, though.
>> No. 22127 [Edit]

Ah, I totally forgot I was supposed to post an update on Monday. Still busy but I'm 99,99% positive I'll start again tomorrow.
>> No. 22138 [Edit]
File 137175145938.jpg - (161.01KB , 800x540 , DayXX.jpg )

Finally managed to get back to it.

Day XX progress: 1257/2000 (~62,9%)
Might've miscounted (or rather, I probably did).

Looks like it'll be incredibly hard from here on out.
>> No. 22149 [Edit]
There's a spider that lives between my window and window screen. The air conditioning system is out. My dad came to my room and opened my window to demonstrate that I could open my window if I wanted to. I tried to warn him that a spider lived there but he misinterpreted it. Her web is ruined and she's nowhere to be found. I feel kind of bad. I should have been more forceful in defending her.
>> No. 22153 [Edit]
I only really like to sleep now. That's all I want to do and all I try to do. I stay up really late so I can sleep longer.

I'm really unhealthy thanks to my sedentary lifestyle.

I found some cool new music for free on a nice record label.

That's all that's been going on in my life.
>> No. 22158 [Edit]
But the amount of time you gain by sleeping, isn't that some amount similar to the amount of extra time you spend awake? It'd be much better to buy sleeping pills (like Benadryl, with the active chemical diphenhydramine acting as a good knock-out drug) and abuse them.
>> No. 22159 [Edit]
I thought I was the only one here that likes/is considerate towards spiders. I'm sorry for your loss.
>> No. 22161 [Edit]
File 137184567630.jpg - (177.56KB , 800x540 , DayXX+1.jpg )

Day XX+1 progress: 1383/2000 (~69,2%)
>> No. 22163 [Edit]
The spider should be fine if he didn't squash it. Spiders repair or rebuild their webs daily, so it'll be business as usual for her, even if she had to set up shop in a different location.
What's the name of the label?
I like spiders as well, although I have been killing the brown recluses lately because I've just seen too many, and I sleep on the floor. I have quite a few common house spiders hanging out, and I like having them around. This morning I even saw that one of the larger ones has a recluse nearly three times it's size all gnarled up in it's web, which kind of blows my mind. The house spider was still feeding on it when I got home in the afternoon and it's abdomen had doubled in size. I tried taking some photos of it, but couldn't really get close enough to it without destroying the web.
>> No. 22166 [Edit]
File 137188174076.jpg - (59.66KB , 870x623 , vxcvxcvcvxcv.jpg )
It's late in the morning. I'm currently drinking wine, smoking from my e-cigarette and re-watching lain in my dark messy room. I'm so fucked up.
>> No. 22169 [Edit]
Surfed some textboards, listened to bad music, got groceries, and went to the big city where I'll be meeting some otaku over the next week.
>> No. 22172 [Edit]
Made some new online pals. Played Serious Sam 3 BFE. Fun game, that.
Now to decide how to spend the night.
>> No. 22173 [Edit]
File 137189635181.jpg - (23.63KB , 300x300 , Deep_Frieze_album_cover.jpg )
Oh, and I listened to a lot of this.
Great album if you're into ambient. Sleep Research Facility makes some fantastic stuff.
>> No. 22176 [Edit]
File 137193323950.jpg - (174.62KB , 800x540 , Day XX+2.jpg )

Day XX+2 progress: 1787/2000 (~89,4%)

... Did I make a mistake? 1787 sounds wrong. Was it 1687 afterall? Well, whatever.
>> No. 22177 [Edit]
Man, those rocks look quite hard. (sorry)
>> No. 22179 [Edit]
I hung out with a /jp/er downtown today.
>> No. 22180 [Edit]
My condolences.
>> No. 22181 [Edit]
I woke up, told myself I would do things, and sat in bed doing nothing all day. Just like every other day.

I did play around a bit with Ableton I guess, but I gave up because I need to learn more about producing so everything I make doesn't sound really flat and dull despite the composition itself not being that bad.
>> No. 22182 [Edit]

same, minus the ableton part
>> No. 22190 [Edit]
File 137201700171.jpg - (199.90KB , 800x565 , DayXX+3_14.jpg )

DayXX+π progress: 2000/2000 (100%)

できた! Took me a while but I finally finished it.
... Wait, what am I supposed to do with it now? I kinda need to use that table for other things, it's been a problem for a while now.
Sigh, I guess I'll buy myself an A0 sheet and move it to that; hope it won't fall apart altogether.
On the other hand I can't deny there's this Sim City-esque desire to just destroy it right now. It really took a while and the second I finished it I thought 'okay, time to tear it apart'.

It was fun overall; can't deny there were some frustrating moments when I couldn't put a single piece in it's place for 10 straight minutes and I wanted to quit altogehter right there and then but when things were going well it was a blast.
I think I'll end up doing this again some day. I'd like to try a 3000 pieces one but I ain't buying a table just to play with some puzzles and my only one is too small for 3000.


Surprisngly the rocks weren't as hard as I believed they'd be. They weren't easy either but they were far from the hardest part. I spent tons of time on areas like the sky or the black spaces between the rocks/mountains. You have absolutely nothing to go by except for the shape because the puzzles are exactly the same shade of one color. Same goes for the forrest on the left side - I thought it'd be very easy but it turned out to be impossible to put together based on looks and I ended up going by nothing but shape again.
This taught me a lot about how to choose puzzles. I picked this one based on looks alone; I just liked this picture. Turns out there's much more to look out for.
>> No. 22200 [Edit]
I want money to buy a PS3 and the new GTA game. I might have to go on the dole, but that would mean having to leave the house and talk to people.
>> No. 22201 [Edit]
I read maybe 10 pages of a book. It's annoying that I have so many books to read. Whenever I start one, I get half way through and then see something on my bookshelf that interests me more, so I feel like dropping it and starting that instead, but then the cycle would just repeat itself.

I really need more motivation to focus and do things. Maybe I have ADHD... I bet I don't and I'm just a lazy retard though.
>> No. 22208 [Edit]
Today I discovered CuteStat.
>1 shitbookShare
>> No. 22210 [Edit]
Those are old.
>> No. 22212 [Edit]
>tohno-chan.com is 3 years 6 months old

Holy crap have I seriously been on this website for three years already.
>> No. 22213 [Edit]

That's wrong to be honest, it's more like 3 years and 9 months, we're turning 4 this October.

Four more years!
>> No. 22224 [Edit]
Decided to start backing stuff up to do a wipe/fresh install on my PC.

The reason being back when The Witcher 2 came out, I pirated it and was able to play at mid-high without issues. I bought it on sale a while back, tried to play it today and had troubles even running it on low without slowdown.

I don't think any component of my PC has died or anything, so I'm doing that wipe and sucking the dust out while I'm at it.
>> No. 22228 [Edit]
File 137239705773.jpg - (543.08KB , 1920x1080 , ss (2013-06-28 at 05_11_11).jpg )
Also got invited to what.cd today and bought a seedbox with my magical NEET gold.
Good times ahead.
>> No. 22232 [Edit]
File 13725266976.jpg - (195.36KB , 341x542 , Rei_Ayanami_by_ovenmitone.jpg )
I got high, listened to Radiohead's Amnesiac album while looking at pictures of Rei Ayanami.
>> No. 22233 [Edit]
File 137252840984.jpg - (98.83KB , 800x800 , 82ae0e3ab81f26b3749a2230164379ca.jpg )
I finally found a Zinogre in free hunt, and I have used a vacuum for the first time in years.
>> No. 22234 [Edit]
A few days ago I went to Victoria, Canada to meet an online "friend" who never showed up. I slept through the train ride home.

Fuck you, ticks
>> No. 22235 [Edit]
inb4 ticks deletes this post
>> No. 22236 [Edit]

Haruhi, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm in my old hometown right now, visiting my brother. Everything has changed in just six years. It was very painful to see the old farmland destroyed by housing development.
>> No. 22239 [Edit]
I was helping my dad move today and while moving a wardrobe a shoebox fell on my head.

Inside was maybe £3000 in banknotes.

I'm not sure what to do so I hid it in a bag he was putting in the attic.

Would he miss it?
>> No. 22241 [Edit]
You know I don't think many people were on her side but you're not helping your case by doing that.
>> No. 22242 [Edit]

I wish she would have tricked you into a bad neighborhood instead, so there would be a chance of you getting stabbed to death.
>> No. 22244 [Edit]
Tokiko, someone submitted that picture of you in the army camo for /k/s annual picture mosaic.

Its was really funny to the 2 or 3 /jp/ers who saw it.
>> No. 22248 [Edit]
I fapped to the same picture of my waifu six times today.
>> No. 22249 [Edit]
The sad thing is, I'm genuinely quite impressed with your achievement.
>> No. 22250 [Edit]
File 13726025788.png - (19.96KB , 500x500 , 547457345.png )
Today is my 21st birthday. Nothing much has changed but at now I'm completely responsible for all of my actions. I got Schoenberg's Fundamentals of Musical Composition and a cellphone as presents, even though I don't ever use a cellphone and have noone to call.
>> No. 22251 [Edit]
Congratulations, only 9 more to go!

I too made 21 on this year and got a cellphone I have no use for. Jealous for the Schoenberg though, all I have is a sometimes illegible scan.
>> No. 22252 [Edit]
So am I. Even at the absolute height of my pubescent frustrations I never did it more than three times in one day, and even that seemed entirely excessive at the time.
>> No. 22254 [Edit]
If you want to text someone, 5034686911
>> No. 22256 [Edit]
Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good day and stuff.
>> No. 22257 [Edit]
File 137262494628.png - (123.60KB , 570x546 , bushi_dongfang.png )
normie as HECK dude
>> No. 22258 [Edit]
File 137265183573.gif - (9.15KB , 125x125 , 00022390_0001.gif )
I went to the pride parade in my city, and it was pretty gay I would say!
>> No. 22267 [Edit]
I want /jp/ to leave.
>> No. 22271 [Edit]
where is /jp/ at?
>> No. 22277 [Edit]
File 137273626924.jpg - (75.42KB , 505x359 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I found a fledgling starling today and brought it home. Over the last couple of weeks I've found two injured fledglings, a sparrow and a cardinal, and both died pretty quickly on me, but the experiences really left me wanting to raise a bird as a pet. And although I've only had this lively guy for one evening, he's a lot of fun, hopping about and just being disgustingly cute. I'd already done a ton of research before finding it, and he seems old and healthy enough that I'm optimistic, especially since I had no trouble getting him to eat. And I thought that it would perhaps be a bit too old to become imprinted on me, but it didn't seem afraid of me at all by the end of the evening, even falling asleep in my lap as I was at the computer.

Post edited on 1st Jul 2013, 8:44pm
>> No. 22278 [Edit]
That's fucking adorable
>> No. 22279 [Edit]
Holy shit, nigga, that's cute. And what do you mean by "too old"? How old do you think he is?
>> No. 22280 [Edit]
I cutted a really big part of the left side of my left hand's thumb when opening the door to get the phone. This annoying woman kept telling me about bank investments while all I wanted to do was treat my wound. I clipped off the skin that came out and put a bandage on it but it's completely marked by blood. I hope this doesn't become anything too serious.
>> No. 22283 [Edit]
File 137281211670.jpg - (151.93KB , 640x480 , 2013-07-02 19_12_44.jpg )
I'm thinking it's 20-25 days old, definitely in the early fledgling stage. It can hop it's ass off and manage a clumsy descending flight across the room. I'd thought that imprinting occurred more in the nestling phase, but this must not be entirely the case with starlings.
The bird is almost doing too well, and I imagine it will be quite a handful as it grows up, good fortune willing. I don't have a proper cage yet, but it enjoys hanging out in my little screen-windowed cubby.
>> No. 22287 [Edit]
I hope you didn't forget to put alcohol on it. You need to clean it every once in a while so that it doesn't get infected.
>> No. 22324 [Edit]
I just used some disinfectant in it. It's already healing considerably quick.
>> No. 22338 [Edit]
File 137316323215.jpg - (123.12KB , 640x480 , 2013-07-06 20_18_28.jpg )
The little starling is doing awesome. I didn't think he was going to live through the night of the 3rd, he was barely standing and showing what I thought to be symptoms of pneumonia. In the morning, I tried setting out a small dish of water. He took a couple of tentative steps in it, took a drink on his own, and then went crazy giving himself a bath and splashing everywhere. It was like flipping a switch, and suddenly he started eating again and hopping around happily. Today, he's beginning to take clumsy flights across the room, and peck and prod at every little thing.

Here he is asleep on my wrist while I was typing.
>> No. 22339 [Edit]
That's beyond cute anon, take good care of him.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2013, 7:20pm
>> No. 22340 [Edit]
You should raise him to be like Brook's crow in the Shawshank Redemption!
>> No. 22342 [Edit]
File 137316625633.jpg - (139.77KB , 500x275 , night of the 3rd day.jpg )
That's fucking cute, anonymous. Also, don't worry, if he lived through the third night, he'll probably live forever now.
>> No. 22344 [Edit]
Teach the bird to do your bidding
>> No. 22351 [Edit]
File 137323480175.jpg - (47.53KB , 350x231 , 326345345.jpg )
My vacations have started a day ago and I'm already bored out of my mind. I cannot take having an entire free day because I cannot use my time for anything and just waste my entire day in front of the computer. The times I've already contemplated suicide were many so far. I hope I get to do something out of my time in the upcoming weeks.
>> No. 22352 [Edit]
>I cannot use my time for anything
Care to expand on that? I often get caught in the same line of thought, that I end up wasting my day because I'm rendered incapacitated of making a better use(though I heavily suspect I'm just a whiny bitch trying to evade guilt)
>> No. 22374 [Edit]
I just don't have any initiative to do anything. The last two days that have just passed have left me in a state of despair in which I feel like I'm losing my time completely. I feel lost and my body feels physically ill and in pain. I just wish my days got better.
>> No. 22380 [Edit]
File 137343154133.jpg - (67.77KB , 1123x794 , 23949762.jpg )
Bought a second older CRT monitor for 5 bucks, and also a coffee machine. I never really got into coffee, and everybody says go beans or bust, so I thought I'd try it. I definitely prefer it black, but I feel it could do with a little chocolate. Might try mixing some Milo in next time.

Now I'm playing Shogun 2 and Jumping Flash while waiting for tonight's FFXIV ARR beta test.

This is the most fulfilling day I've had in a while.
>> No. 22382 [Edit]
I wonder if there have been any cases where anyone actually gets gender reassignment surgery so they can become the little girl.
>> No. 22383 [Edit]
File 137344175088.jpg - (34.10KB , 500x375 , kids-exchange.jpg )

If you got the operation as an adult, then AT BEST you'd be a 3DPD woman. Not worth it.
>> No. 22384 [Edit]
Who exactly is this little girl everyone wants to become? I assume she must be someone extremely famous for her the be referenced as 'the' little girl.
>> No. 22385 [Edit]
what server you on for ARR?
>> No. 22386 [Edit]
Started learning japanese today.
Working on that hiragana. Hopefully will learn them all in three days total.
>> No. 22387 [Edit]
I made a TTL to coax audio converter, that sounds impressive but I fucked it up a couple of times and I was working until 7am.

I still can't even use my speakers because they're unshielded and make my tv need to be degaussed. I did this instead of re-enrolling in uni and writing my mother's eulogy
>> No. 22391 [Edit]
File 13734682684.jpg - (724.54KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-07-11_00014.jpg )
Ragnarok. Friend asked me to, I have no idea what a legacy server is.

And I'm very tempted to keep playing now, as the atmosphere in this game is fantastic, but I don't want to have to re-do much when I play after the wipe.

I don't THINK they're wiping after the open beta. When it does go open and then released I don't know what server I'll play on, another friend said Excalibur...
>> No. 22393 [Edit]

>> No. 22397 [Edit]
yeah there wont be a wipe after phase 4 of the beta, unless there is some game breaking bug or reason they need to.

I'll be playing on Hyperion with a couple of friends
>> No. 22398 [Edit]
Good to know, I think I'll stop playing soon and wait for OB, whenever that is.

All my friends seem to be wanting to play on different servers, so I really don't know what I'll do other than avoid any servers that 4chan is using.
>> No. 22399 [Edit]
Your character has nice thigh highs.
>> No. 22400 [Edit]
File 137354944394.jpg - (655.64KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-07-11_00022.jpg )
Yes, I love the armor design in this game so much.
Outside of the manbutt subligars, anyway.
>> No. 22405 [Edit]
File 137363154137.png - (1.38MB , 1600x900 , ffxiv_20130630_144326.png )
anyone ever consider that school shooters and people who commit massacres doing a lot of good for the environment? killing 10 kids is obviously a minuscule event on a global scale but it still must be a million times more efficient than driving a Prius in terms of greenhouse gases saved.
>> No. 22406 [Edit]
I agree that overpopulation will be the end of us all, but I wouldn't want to be killed to delay that.
>> No. 22407 [Edit]
An accurate assessment should take how eco-friendly the weapons used are(e.g. giving preference to weapons that don't rely on ignition, or at least assuring there's no heavy metals on the ammunition primers), the substances generated by the corpses decomposition, whether the wood for the coffins is properly certified, assure that the crime scene is near a police station so the cops can reach it without using cars and even the status of all victims(imagine if the gunner kills a prominent climate scientist). In times of severe climate change every process must be thoroughly analyzed and optmized for minimal environmental impact, specially the ones aimed at reducing such impacts.
>> No. 22408 [Edit]
my whole point is you don't need to analyze all those little things; simply remove 10 future people from the planet, you would be doing a lot more good.

I think the population is projected to stabilize soon but our current population is already high enough to ruin the biosphere.
>> No. 22409 [Edit]
Everyone knows overpopulation is a problem, but no one wants to get their hands dirty and fix the problem. You also aren't gonna find too many people that would line up to help the problem. Best and most practical thing we can do for now is legalize suicide.
>> No. 22410 [Edit]
Population decreases when education increases. It's not a difficult solution.
>> No. 22411 [Edit]
Are you saying china is full of retards?
>> No. 22412 [Edit]
Comparatively, yes. China has shit education outside of the upper classes.

The only reason the US population is increasing is fucking Mexicans.
>> No. 22413 [Edit]
>Best and most practical thing we can do for now is legalize suicide.

I believe suicide is legal already. I mean, no one is going to come to arrest you if you kill yourself.
>> No. 22414 [Edit]
Some places (notably the US) will press charges against you for attempting and failing to kill yourself.

Other places will find other ways to charge you. Tried to jump from a bridge? You tied up emergency crews and cost the state thousands. Also endangered others. Chemical mix? You endangered others as well as emergency crews.
>> No. 22415 [Edit]
Succeed at attempt
>> No. 22416 [Edit]
Best thing to do is curb population growth. But again, nobody wants to do that because it would screw up their economy. I am sure it would take a disaster before people kick into gear.
>> No. 22417 [Edit]
In many countries suicide is illegal. They need you as a unit of productivity they can exploit.
>> No. 22418 [Edit]
You just have to do it correctly, then.
>> No. 22430 [Edit]
I found Triangle Shades in this store in this game, and a wig with a pompadour. My character feels a little cooler, but I'm not sure if that truly counts since I'm playing Animal Crossing...
>> No. 22435 [Edit]
File 137386810990.jpg - (216.66KB , 850x942 , GI2dqwV.jpg )
I've started getting back into writing and performing music. I used to teach guitar at the local music store before giving it up (I became very disillusioned with the guitar as an instrument, as well as my abilities, once I discovered Prog Rock and Jazz) and since then I've not done much of anything at all, much to the dismay of my parents who felt I had natural talent. "Natural talent" is the result of practicing hours each day. Some are lucky enough to enjoy it, some aren't. I was one of the lucky few who enjoyed the work, enjoyed finding new voicings and working hours to refine them.

Discovering Electronic Music like Boards of Canada, Autechre, Flying Lotus and James Blake has really excited me. It's challenging every view I had of contemporary music (I was once a fairly typical "born in da rong generashun" closed-minded metal fan), and I'm loving it. I haven't been this excited about music in a long time, and I feel like I'm coming home. This time though, it's without my guitar. Now all I need is the money to fund my sound projects.

I'd also like to apologize for my walls of text.
>> No. 22436 [Edit]
>I've not done much of anything at all, much to the dismay of my parents who felt I had natural talent

>Discovering Electronic Music like Boards of Canada, Autechre, Flying Lotus and James Blake has really excited me. It's challenging every view I had of contemporary music (I was once a fairly typical "born in da rong generashun" closed-minded metal fan), and I'm loving it.

Are you me, but played guitar instead of keyboard and viola, and actually ended up doing something with his life? Anyways if you want me to recommend you some electronic bands/albums I can.

Post edited on 14th Jul 2013, 11:23pm
>> No. 22437 [Edit]
Last.fm has been really useful for me in finding new, good music. Both for the site's own recommendation feature and from friends.

As were /mu/ sharethreads a fair while ago, but last I checked the majority of them had turned into request threads.
>> No. 22438 [Edit]
Electronic music doesn't cost anything to make if you have a reasonable desktop. All of the software can be pirated. Don't spend big on monitors or anything like that until you've got some experience.
>> No. 22439 [Edit]
It seems every single summer the same thing happens to me.

I post like usual on my usual boards.
I find some boards increasingly intolerable while others stay relatively untouched.
I avoid those boards for a little while but the only boards I go to now are relatively quiet.
I eventually go back to those boards.
I get upset again to the point where I'm completely fed up with all imageboards.

It's also strange that this usually happens around July every summer but oh well.
>> No. 22461 [Edit]
File 137405453641.jpg - (127.33KB , 1280x720 , feN0J7F.jpg )
>ended up doing something with his life
Oh, not at all. I've long been a reclusive NEET like most others here. I was just lucky enough to have a like-minded friend be the proprietor of a less than successful music store once upon a time. Haven't held another job since.

>if you want me to recommend you some electronic bands/albums I can
Absolutely, that would be great!

I was looking at buying a few amps and microphones, which are never cheap unless you're looking to sound like a wasp trapped in a polystyrene cup. I've got a few guitars and bass guitars gathering dust, so I might as well put them to use.

I've been using RateYourMusic and /mu/ charts. Never bothered with Last.fm, but that will change tonight.
>> No. 22467 [Edit]
I just realized that it's summer.
>> No. 22468 [Edit]
summerfag detected
>> No. 22470 [Edit]
>Absolutely, that would be great!

I'll just assume you can find these yourself in high enough quality, if not look for kuru-kuru on the irc I might not be online depending on the time, but some good starters would be:

Orbital - In Sides, kind of a mix between the experimental non generic stuff and the more generic dance techno stuff

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85–92

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile, Double album, takes multiple listens, lyrics are important, there are also a lot of rock and other elements mixed in really creative album

Secede - Bye Bye Gridlock Train and Tryshasla as already mentioned in this thread

The Prodigy - The Experience, This album isn't serious or experimental like the others, more fun dancey stuff

That should be good enough for now. Could be you know some of these already depending how deep into electronic you are. Keep in mind fairly good speakers/headphones are best for this kind of music. I'm somewhat in your position too with the whole starting to explore electronic, or at least the experimental stuff although I am assuming I am a good deal further than you, could be wrong though. Ah yeah and let me know what you think, onegai. Always love hearing people's opinions on music.

Post edited on 18th Jul 2013, 8:44am
>> No. 22471 [Edit]
And myself, I will recommend Emeralds.
The album "Does It Look Like I'm Here?" especially.
>> No. 22472 [Edit]
File 137412125267.jpg - (250.64KB , 850x1268 , 1dojGeq.jpg )
Only heard SAW, NIN and Orbital out of that lot. I'm giving Secede a quick try on Youtube and it's great. I'll start there and let you know

Here's a couple of tunes I'm really enjoying at the moment for your pleasure, though you've probably heard these already.

Four Tet - Rounds Album, track "Hands"

Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica Album, track "Replica"

Mark Pritchard - Ghosts EP, track "Ghosts"

Reminds me of Tangerine Dream. Downloading Does It Look Like at the moment.
>> No. 22476 [Edit]
I thought I had made two friends with some people I met and found that had some interest in common with mine, but I sent them one email to each and neither have yet responded them, despite me having sent them a long time ago. I guess I'll just stay without friends a while longer.
>> No. 22477 [Edit]
If it was from that thread over at /so/ with people using throwaway gmail accounts, a few had trouble accessing those after awhile.
>> No. 22478 [Edit]
I don't know what thread you are talking about. I've met these two persons in real life; they probably don't even know anime.
>> No. 22479 [Edit]
Oh, okay.
>> No. 22480 [Edit]
File 137423726334.jpg - (142.01KB , 1600x900 , dkCm2bZ.jpg )
I used my Mother's computer to re-download the Fate/Stay Night visual novel. That's all nice and good, but I accidentally forgot to delete the torrent file after transferring the extracted folder to my barely working netbook. So now my Mother's probably found out about my otaku related hobbies. All those years of hiding it down the drain.

I'm enjoying the game, though. It's been a while.
>> No. 22496 [Edit]
I'll try turning my computer off for a week or two. Recently, I haven't done anything but wake up, browse the inter and sleep. I have alot to study and alot to read so I guess this'll help me out somehow. I hope this experience serves me well as a way to control some kind of vice I have over using the computer.
>> No. 22511 [Edit]
I'm impatient. I have no one to talk to. It's been some weeks since I've left my house and I've been almost always inside my room. Life's horizon is looking dim and blurry and I'm extremely impatient. Fuck all of this.
>> No. 22527 [Edit]
I finally plucked a 1.5 inch ingrown hair that was growing out of my nipple.
>> No. 22531 [Edit]
File 137470395795.jpg - (53.39KB , 400x350 , url.jpg )
I listened to this while playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Felt great.
>> No. 22549 [Edit]
I will take out the manga off from my book shelves later today. I've got many volumes of Vagabond, Evangelion, Summer Wars, some of the japanese volumes of Joshiraku and Gantz. I will probably end up throwing them somewhere deep into my closet, although I would like to keep the quality of Vagabond and Joshiraku intact. I guess I just don't like manga as much as I did anymore.
>> No. 22552 [Edit]
File 137481156998.jpg - (59.82KB , 483x480 , x_d8d2c133.jpg )
Speaking about game/music relation, I remember listening to Kotoko's songs a lot when I was playing Starcraft 1, now I feel a strong association between these two whenever I listen to her songs.
>> No. 22558 [Edit]
Ugh, I think my motherboard is fucked or something. My display driver has been crashing a lot with firefox and sometimes playing certain games, and my connection is going nuts, too (router is plugged directly into this computer, the wireless connection to the family computer is working 100% fine).

At one point everything but the mouse froze up and when I moved it, it kept making a beeping noise as I was moving it.

Ran speedfan and coretemp, CPU and GPU seem fine, but speedfan said "AUX" had a temperature of 80 or so. Not sure what AUX is but I think it must be the motherboard fan or something?

I don't know what to do. I don't have the money for a replacement right now. I hope it can last til my next pay, I don't want to have to borrow from family or anything. I have 0 technology knowledge too, except for having replaced a few parts. I guess I just take note of where I unplug things from and transfer the parts over one at a time.
>> No. 22559 [Edit]
File 137488686196.png - (34.58KB , 737x479 , ss (2013-07-27 at 12_43_49).png )
Scratch that, just saw the "MB" reading.
I really don't know.
>> No. 22560 [Edit]
The AUX may or may not mean something, sometimes it's just not connected to anything and generates crazy values, which seem to be the case here.
Now the beeps you mentioned earlier could mean something. I presume they come from the motherboard(as opposed to the speakers)? Sometimes that happens when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold(usually visible on the BIOS configuration), other than that I don't really expect the MB to make sounds after booting(unless you tell it to do so, of course).
>> No. 22561 [Edit]
The beeping came through my headphones as I moved the mouse. It really weirded me out.
But I just sucked some dust out of my PC and everything seems to be going swell now, I really don't know.
Only consistent problem I have is that a fan really grinds on cold days until the room/PC heat up. I think it's the power supply fan, which I just replaced.
>> No. 22563 [Edit]
It has been a while since the anonymous with the fledgeling small bird thing posted last time. I hope the bird didn't die.
>> No. 22565 [Edit]
I don't know whether I should focus on drawing or basic HTML. On one hand, I want to make OC, but on the other, I want to improve my blog. I don't know where to start with either, so I'm at a loss.
>> No. 22567 [Edit]
Basic HTML and CSS are pretty easy. You could probably learn enough to make your site look nice and flashy in a week max, and this is coming from a dumb university drop-out.
Try this http://www.w3schools.com/ it was more helpful to me than any of the textbooks/lab books.
>> No. 22571 [Edit]
You don't really need any HTML for running a good blog, insofar as a blog (since the important is the writing/content), so go for the drawing.
>> No. 22576 [Edit]
Scratch that, it's still happening. Whether I'm playing a demanding game or just browsing the net listening to music.

This didn't happen before I reformatted the thing, and I just saw that there were 50 optional updates I have yet to install, so I'm trying that and googling some other stuff.

Is there a tool or anything I can run to check for potentially damaged hardware, just in case? Or some general kind of diagnosis program?

I should say that when it freezes, it doesn't blue screen or anything. It just stops altogether and I have to power off/on it again. It gave a blue screen only ONCE out of the 30 or so times it's crashed now. The error it gave at that time was "Clock interrupt not received."

I'd post this in the /mt/ help desk thread but it seems super dead.
>> No. 22578 [Edit]
Already ran memtest on the machine? Booting up on a LiveCD and watching if it keeps stable might help ruling out drivers and software-related issues as the cause of the problem.

And about the /mt/ thread, have you considered that perhaps it's dead because nobody has asked for help there in a while?
>> No. 22579 [Edit]
I haven't. I'll do that now, thank you.
>have you considered that perhaps it's dead because nobody has asked for help there in a while?
Yes, but I also figured that because the board overall is much slower than /ot/, that less people would be checking there for new replies.

Pass completed, no errors.

Post edited on 28th Jul 2013, 4:40pm
>> No. 22580 [Edit]
Classes begin again tommorow. My vacation was nothing but sorely wasted time and days and horribly painful loneliness. I just want to die.
>> No. 22581 [Edit]
I feel you. I did practically nothing of what I had planned to do.
>> No. 22582 [Edit]
I ended two of the books I had planned to end, out of the enormous amount of them. I also tried to create some kind of schedule, some kind of goal, but I always left it for tommorow, and ended up browsing image boards and wasting my month completely.
>> No. 22583 [Edit]
File 137506807495.gif - (496.75KB , 500x329 , dKlpmlW.gif )
I can't articulate my feelings. I am very angry, very alone, very sad. I'm a fat, miserable, lonely, bitter man. I'm rotting meat.

That will do, won't it?
>> No. 22587 [Edit]
I finished one of the books I was reading, read some plays and papers that weren't in my plans but that's all, everything else had negligible progress. And yes, having a schedule didn't help me much either, at most it kept me from neglecting some activities throughout the whole of the vacations.
>> No. 22588 [Edit]
Yesterday I got out my Dreamcast and I played PSO while drinking a diet energy drink. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun.
>> No. 22589 [Edit]
File 137512485625.png - (50.43KB , 292x206 , nothing to honk about.png )
Finally finished Serial Experiments Lain.
I guess it was too deep for me, I really don't see why all the hype
>> No. 22590 [Edit]
File 137512678528.jpg - (373.45KB , 582x3431 , lain (the truth about reality).jpg )
>> No. 22591 [Edit]
Finished playing Portal 2(the single player campaign) with my sister. I almost cried at the last music.
>> No. 22595 [Edit]
Google Reader is my homepage, I am still carrying the torch!

I didnt get it either.
>> No. 22596 [Edit]
This website helped me a lot. I love the idea that the Internet is the next step in evolution, and that this network of formless "people" is so tangible, so blatant and embedded in our consciousness now, and yet so hard to grasp, as if the Internet really were a higher power that we are incapable of fully comprehending.
Lain is definitely difficult. Impenetrable, cryptic, convoluted beyond belief. It takes time to come to any satisfying conclusion. Everybody takes something different away from it.

I played Portal 2 with my sister mid-last year. She doesn't normally play video games, but I insisted Portal was worth her time. We had a lot of fun (well.. I had a lot of fun laughing at her frustration, anyway. I'd long since completed the game).
Made her watch Cowboy Bebop and Kino's Journey after she told me she'd seen Death Note and loved it around the same time. Right now I've loaned her some 3D stuff. The Wire, Breaking Bad and a bunch of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a new favourite of hers, and blatant indication that she's a relative of mine).

I love my sister. I don't think I've ever told her that since we haven't really been talking for long, but I ought to sometime. She's on her way to shutting herself inside just like me now that she's in her second year of high school. Maybe I should talk to her more, try and instil something positive.
>> No. 22597 [Edit]
Yeah, do nice stuff for your sister.
>> No. 22598 [Edit]
File 137531411914.jpg - (187.07KB , 640x416 , 0394m340t934gthg.jpg )
Something I've imported some three months ago finally arrived.
>> No. 22600 [Edit]
I know you're supposed to take it easy, but that's beyond lazy.
>> No. 22601 [Edit]
Played yet another 4/10 game about halfway through before quitting.
Either I've only been playing really shitty games lately or I need a break from them.
>> No. 22602 [Edit]
Which game?
>> No. 22603 [Edit]
File 137533799962.jpg - (226.78KB , 1024x768 , 2013-07-31_00011.jpg )
The first Armored Core.

Things that made it not enjoyable for me:

- Aiming is sluggish, L2 to aim up and R2 to aim down is really awkward.
- Because of the above, the game gets really difficult because you have to struggle with the controls but the AI doesn't.
- At least half of the stages have no music for no apparent reason.
- Some of the stages are incredibly irritating, such as a mandatory stage (game over on failure, rather than taking you back to the mission selection screen with new missions) with platforming, with those awful controls and the platforms themselves shooting at you.
- When it's not too hard, it's too easy.

I would rather play Front Mission, as it does the two things from AC that I did enjoy right (plot and mecha customization) without all the things I disliked.
>> No. 22605 [Edit]
I just went to take a shower and I accidentally saw myself in the mirror again and now I'm sitting in my closet crying and trying to calm down and listening to k-on! music and I want to die please kill me right now
>> No. 22607 [Edit]
File 137549434055.jpg - (346.11KB , 1050x1500 , 1321329816031.jpg )
Been there. Some things, like weight, I might be able to do something about and I have; others, like age or deformities, I really can't mend them so I've had to accept them and try to find/build value somewhere else within myself.
>> No. 22608 [Edit]
I need something fun to do while I listen to music. Video games have gotten boring, lately. Music is the only thing I've been enjoying.

If I can't think of anything, maybe I'll just close my eyes and go with the flow.
>> No. 22609 [Edit]
I usually talk on the IRC or browse image-boards while listening to music. Sometimes I just kind of sit there, some other times I look up stuff about the artist I'm listening to, depends on the album I guess.
>> No. 22610 [Edit]
File 137550456912.jpg - (98.68KB , 442x614 , 25092812_p1.jpg )
I've mostly been hunting for fanart on pixiv, but I'll run out of things to find it for, soon.

IRC (and group chats in general) aren't really my thing, and imageboards have gotten awfully boring, lately. Though /vr/ is nice, it's awfully slow.

Soon ARR will come around, though. But I'll probably get burnt out on that within a week, too.
>> No. 22611 [Edit]
Don't really know what to say. I was sort of in the same position of listening to music and f5ing image-boards all day when I wasn't playing a game I would get sick of or watching anime.

Then I was forced onto the IRC to ask a mod a question and ended up just staying, it's given me a lot more to do and filled a hole inside of me that was probably there from lack of socializing, which is something humans unfortunately have to do since we are social creatures. Image-boards are nice and all, but T-C as we all know it is very slow, and any other image-board is bound to be filled with Ford Drivers and other things I try to escape from.

On another note, what are some of your favorite albums recently?
>> No. 22614 [Edit]
File 137550893459.jpg - (86.34KB , 500x455 , precis.jpg )
It's a difficult situation to be in. Maybe I will get into movies or something.

And I know what you mean with the social thing, it took me awhile to find some online friends to fill that hole. I much prefer 1 on 1s to group chats.

Current favorite albums (album - artist)

Timber Timbre - Timber Timbre (folk)

Black Sheep Boy - Okkervil River (folk)

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels (rap, hip-hop)

La Uti - Tobacco (rap, hip-hop, electronic)

Life Through Bombardment - Eluvium (ambient, electronic, instrumental)

Kveikur - Sigur Ros (post-rock, industrial)

Precis - Benoit Pioulard (ambient, dreampop)

Substrata - Biosphere (ambient)

School of Emotional Engineering - Ben Frost (post-rock, ambient)

Aix Em Klemm - Aix Em Klemm (ambient)

Push the Heart - Devics (folk, dream pop)

Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy - Halves (ambient, shoegaze, post-rock)

Excavation - The Haxan Cloak (dark ambient)

Antarctica - Metamorfrozen (ambient)

Foursome - Pompeya (disco)

Pope Killdragon - Strand of Oaks (folk)

To the Treetops! - Team Me (indie pop)

Twist of Shadows - Xymox (gothic rock)

Second Storey - Art of Fighting (indie rock, dream pop)

I would recommend all of them. I've been pruning my library a bit then I plan to go hunting for more good dark ambient.

If you like any of these but can't find them, I can upload them to zippyshare.
>> No. 22616 [Edit]
File 137552272732.png - (507.27KB , 800x480 , minori.png )
I found out that a certain VN with a female lead I'm rather fond of got a mobile remake (???), and she was completely redesigned, to the point of unrecognizability. Not upset, just really confused. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something.

Thought I chose a better image than I did, the new girl has blue eyes.

Post edited on 3rd Aug 2013, 2:42am
>> No. 22617 [Edit]
Inflamed a disc in my lower back. Been going for walks and laying with my legs raised. Yeesh, my pay week has been ruined.
>> No. 22618 [Edit]
Ouch. Did they give you any decent painkillers, or are you just having to make do with what you have?
>> No. 22624 [Edit]
File 137568368855.gif - (1.21MB , 200x113 , 82945a7904fa0030fcd91c1579880c61.gif )
I finally went back to university after failing to kill myself last semester. My therapist said that it might help if I had some friends, so I tried talking to a 3DPD who sat next to me in a class.

She seemed really nice and she was struggling with the material so I offered to help her in the library later that day. She agreed and I gave her my number to text in case something came up.

Then I waited for a fucking hour in the rain while she blew me off without even letting me know. Fuck people, this is what happens when you don't listen to Tohno-chan and try to give people a chance for some stupid fucking reason. Haruhi I want to die for even thinking for a second that there were some good people in this world.
>> No. 22625 [Edit]
There are plenty of great people in this world. Unfortunately they all stay inside.
>> No. 22626 [Edit]
This, unfortunately.
>> No. 22649 [Edit]
It was a normie girl. What did you expect? There are some normal guys that are decent people, but I have only known 2 or 3 normie girls that are okay.
>> No. 22652 [Edit]
well... welcome back, anyhow.
>> No. 22653 [Edit]
Found some nice new ambient and ate a bunch of fruit today. Cheap fruit might be the only good thing about summer.
Strong dance beat, too bad I cant dance.

Pretty damn strong of you to just start talking to a girl you dont know like that. You should avoid women though, they're all out to harm and destroy you. Plus, they never have anything interesting to say.

Post edited on 5th Aug 2013, 9:13pm
>> No. 22654 [Edit]
File 137576920128.jpg - (31.38KB , 300x300 , Godspeed You Black Emperor - F# A# ∞.jpg )
I checked out all of the songs but need to relisten to most of them, but the one that caught my attention the most was 'Under the water it glowed' from Eluvium, such a haunting, beautiful ambient piece, so I downloaded the rest of the album and it was very good, the clarinet on 'There wasn't anything' felt a bit forced though. 'Zerthis' was fucking mind blowing. The weird thing about that album is at first you are like 'alright cool' then the song gets stuck in your head and you keep coming back and it becomes more and more haunting each time. I'll check out some of the rest later meanwhile here is some of the stuff I've been getting into, although I'm more at the tip of the iceberg than you are with a lot of these genres so you may know some of these already:

Such great ambience in the form of post-rock, the beginning ambient segments can be boring for the impatient but the part at the end makes it worth it and the other stuff builds on you over time. Really haunting stunning masterful track (and album).

I'm sure you already know this one, very moving track, sort of like floating in warmth and peace, but sort of gives off a feeling of loneliness too.

Very physcedilic song, who needs drugs when stuff like this exists.

Fun song, very dancey. Not much more to say.

One of the best albums I've heard recently, utterly unique.

There's more but I think that's good enough for now.

>You should avoid women though, they're all out to harm and destroy you.

Indeed, just stick with 2D.

Post edited on 5th Aug 2013, 11:10pm
>> No. 22656 [Edit]
File 137577658449.png - (152.68KB , 280x280 , front.png )
Yeah, Eluvium is fantastic. His other albums are the same kind of stuff, except for Similes which has vocals, and is a lot... "warmer" I'd say.

Haruhispeed I need to look into, I remember having them in my library at some point but never got around to listening to them much.

Slowdive also rings a bell, another discography to download!

You've probably heard of Mogwai and Grails by now, but if you haven't and you're a fan of post-rock, you owe it to yourself.

One other artist I forgot to recommend, Worrytrain. Ambient, electronic, neo-classical, noise. Haunting is honestly the best word I could use to describe his work.


Try not to fall asleep listening to Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom though. I made that mistake, once. Probably shaved a year or two off of my life when Thundertrance Interlude kicked in.
>> No. 22658 [Edit]
When you go on a niche site that hates women with a small user base and are surprised that people actually hate women you are retarded. It's like going into a Chinese restaurant and being surprised when they serve Chinese. It would be like going to I don't know let's say a religious site and saying 'I really hate thoz satan worshiperz amiright guys am i fittin in yet' Point is it's obvious when the rules are full of anti-3D rules and people constantly talking about hating women and a fucking board dedicated to loving 2D women that this site has no interest in that kind of thing and popular opinion will be that 3D is to be avoided and is shit. The nice thing about the internet is you can find like minded people easier.

This is /fb/ material so mods feel free to delete my post the guy is probably just looking for reactions anyways and I couldn't help but take the bait.

Post edited on 6th Aug 2013, 3:37am
>> No. 22660 [Edit]
Alright I'll let you know what I think, also it would be nice to hear what you think of the stuff I recommended. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless is another one I'm listening to right now, it's actually admittedly my first vinyl rip I've tried. Apparently £250,000 went into the production of this album so it deserves the best quality.
>> No. 22661 [Edit]
I thought this site was for NEETs and otaku, at least it was back when I started posting here (when AnonIB hikki board went down several years ago).

>The nice thing about the internet is you can find like minded people easier

Thats why your type of posting is dangerous. Some of you young guys are obviously going through an awkward phase where you decide that you hate women, fine, but I think you are doing real damage by broadcasting these stupid ideas and creating an echo chamber.
>> No. 22662 [Edit]
>I think you are doing real damage by broadcasting these stupid ideas and creating an echo chamber.

The only place I broadcast it is here it's not like I go onto other websites and preach how 2D is the way to go or something.

>Some of you young guys are obviously going through an awkward phase

Stop assuming things, 90% of the people here are in their 20s.

>I thought this site was for NEETs and otaku, at least it was back when I started posting here

It is my understanding that the site was originally created for people in waifu threads on /a/ to have a place to talk and escape from Ford Drivers. It is yes a place to discuss otaku things and yes a large section of these people happen to be NEETs since hikki otaku losers are likely to not have jobs. But it is also popular opinion here that 3D is shit, Ford Drivers constantly butting in with that stuff and saying things like you are saying now and not letting us discuss our waifus and otaku things in peace is one reason the site was created in the first place. Waifu threads would be full of people coming in and ridiculing us calling us stuff like you are doing now or saying we are batshit insane. So this site was created to run away from that, and it pisses me off that these people follow us here.

But once again this is really becoming meta-shit now so if you want to argue back with something just do so on /fb/ otherwise I will see you don't have the respect or decency to do this and don't care enough to try to prove your point and I'll assume you are just another troll who decided to make fun of 'those guys with the anime wifes.' The fact that you are using reaction images ridiculing us and acting clueless about something that is stated clearly in the rules and is a well known fact around here and was just discussed recently on /fb/ shows me that you are just looking to get reactions out of people.

Post edited on 6th Aug 2013, 4:16am
>> No. 22664 [Edit]
It seems that nobody can mention 3Ds without this ban-evading idiot showing up with a reaction image from /b/ every time.

Awesome overgeneralizations, sis. And I'm sure by your distorted standards, merely being born male is enough of a qualification to be labeled a "woman-hater".
>> No. 22665 [Edit]
File 13758141759.jpg - (43.98KB , 533x720 , colon three.jpg )
If we're going to talk about girls can they be cute anime girls instead?
>> No. 22666 [Edit]
File 137582595249.jpg - (773.07KB , 1000x923 , 30693145.jpg )
>> No. 22667 [Edit]
File 13758307098.jpg - (187.10KB , 1000x666 , 1375755631256.jpg )
Please, I'm sorry for bringing it up in the first place
>> No. 22673 [Edit]

Daily reminder that Cherno is the best girl.
>> No. 22676 [Edit]
File 137592250995.jpg - (127.62KB , 576x449 , 6141499.jpg )
Sitting here wrapped up in a blanket after a terrible trainwreck of a morning.

Thanks for reminding me of Black Emperor, anon. Feels perfect right now. Downloaded the whole discography. Next is Slowdive.
>> No. 22689 [Edit]
So lavabit was taken down.
Time to spend the day trying to change the email addresses of so many of my accounts.
>> No. 22690 [Edit]
If you can afford it, consider getting a domain. A lot of hosted email services support using them, and if the service goes down or you stop liking their policies or whatever, you can just point the domain to a new service.
>> No. 22691 [Edit]
File 137600571411.jpg - (104.47KB , 903x847 , 1368165230014.jpg )
Day wasn't really anything special, went to the store to get some juice and rewatched Wayne's World for old times' sake.
Apparently the biggest storm of the year is about to hit Finland in the next few hours, waiting to see some thundering and listening to good music. Also enjoying my cranberry juice.
>> No. 22692 [Edit]
Sounds interesting. Is there a tutorial for this or something out there?
>> No. 22695 [Edit]
Blew all the day away reading on the NSA scandal and some other historical incidents. It's quite a dangerous way to do nothing productive all day while thinking you're getting arcane knowledge on the workings of society.
>> No. 22697 [Edit]
File 137601432619.gif - (735.45KB , 427x240 , 1358459172878.gif )
That was sort of disappointing, apparently the storm went past further east.
>> No. 22698 [Edit]
Each email service and domain registrar/DNS provider's going to have its own web application thingy for doing it. Basically the email service will give you one or more host names that you take to the DNS provider and add them to a table of DNS records. Then you go back to the email provider and tell them your domain. Any remotely popular service is going to have guides for this stuff.
>> No. 22699 [Edit]
Adorable .gif man.
>> No. 22700 [Edit]
What are you even going on about?
>> No. 22702 [Edit]
say that one more fucking time i swear to Haruhi
>> No. 22703 [Edit]
What are you even going on about?
>> No. 22704 [Edit]
There will be builders in my house from Monday to Thursday next week. I can't take it easy even when my mum only has one friend over. It's going to be me on my own with a bunch of strangers in the house making a tonne of noise. I don't know what I'm going to do since I won't be able to sleep through it.
>> No. 22708 [Edit]
I saw a veteran begging for cash in the street, I didn't have any change on me so I ran into Starbucks and bought him the biggest, most succulent doughnut I could find, I thought it'd make him happy. I caught up with him and tried to give it to him but he made a weird gesture, muttered something and kept walking. I don't understand. Maybe he thought I was playing a joke on him or something. It's really sad, imagine what kinds of things a person has to go through to be wary of someone offering a free doughnut on the street... I ended eating it myself while browsing TC
>> No. 22709 [Edit]
You must've not read any of the homeless threads in /so/, but the homeless do not want food, they want money. Food is given out by Christians and other such people, so that isn't a problem. Finding a nice, comfortable place, however, is. Also, they want things like drugs, alcohol, sex, and things of that nature because they're still 3D shit.
>> No. 22710 [Edit]
most panhandlers only want money. You're lucky he didn't take it and trow it at you.
>> No. 22711 [Edit]
for homeless people food is not the biggest problem, as it is plentiful. the problem is shleter. paying rent is very expensive and there arent many places for homeless people to stay.
>> No. 22713 [Edit]
What an ungrateful shit.
Aside from TC, most homeless people are out there because of some sort of drug addiction though. I see them everywhere in downtown Orlando blocking sidewalks and shit. Some dude was even holding up a sign saying he needed money for whiskey and drugs.
They are truly disgusting and I can't have an atom of sympathy for walking trash like them.
>> No. 22714 [Edit]
Hard to say what they've gone through in order to start taking serious drugs. When the situation never gets better, or simply becomes worse and worse no matter the effort, any kind of person will break at some point. They might've fought valiantly for quite a while. I hope you'll keep that in mind.
>> No. 22717 [Edit]
homeless people are worthless.
they should be rounded up and murdered.
barring that they should be left to starve.
they all have an excuse,but reality is that nobody worthwhile ends up in that circumstance.
in fact, a lot of people who are less than worthwhile easily avoid being total bums.
homeless people are the lowest of the low, they're just sewage.
>> No. 22718 [Edit]
File 137637178945.gif - (1.41MB , 771x434 , hinachigonazi.gif )
>they should be rounded up and murdered.
>> No. 22719 [Edit]
I was on a train a few days ago. It was nice to just relax in the big city where you're just a faceless being in the crowd, you just blend in. I feel very much at home in huge cities and large crowds, it gives anonymity. A girl asked if she could sit by me on the train and I didn't want to be rude so I said yes, but we didn't talk at all and she eventually fell asleep on my shoulder. I didn't really know what to feel.
>> No. 22720 [Edit]
not sure if you are trying to be sarcastic but the same could be said of NEETs
>> No. 22721 [Edit]
File 137638039289.jpg - (153.00KB , 1280x720 , 1376263662002.jpg )
Go back to reading Ayn Rand, kid.
>> No. 22723 [Edit]

NEETs are worthless.
they should be rounded up and murdered.
barring that they should be left to starve.
they all have an excuse,but reality is that nobody worthwhile ends up in that circumstance.
in fact, a lot of people who are less than worthwhile easily avoid being total bums.
NEETs are the lowest of the low, they're just sewage.

hikkis are worthless.
they should be rounded up and murdered.
barring that they should be left to starve.
they all have an excuse,but reality is that nobody worthwhile ends up in that circumstance.
in fact, a lot of people who are less than worthwhile easily avoid being total shut-ins.
hikkis are the lowest of the low, they're just sewage.
>> No. 22724 [Edit]
Homelessness is a very complicated issue and I think it irresponsible to make such a stark catch-all statement as "they should be rounded up and murdered". Certainly there are a substantial amount of homeless who simply choose to not work but the collateral damage that would come from eliminating anyone without an address is simply inhumane.
>> No. 22725 [Edit]
I guess you're right. But they're crossing the line when they get in other peoples' way expecting them to put up with their shit. That pisses me off more than anything. If they acted like actual human beings, then I would have sympathy for them.
>> No. 22726 [Edit]
File 137646065311.png - (214.44KB , 697x605 , 15475633.png )
I found that Gorillaz had a tag on pixiv with quite a bit of fanart. Cool stuff.
>> No. 22729 [Edit]
I went walking for the first time in a while. Since I've already seen all of the area around where I live, and because it was raining, I decided to walk around the unused property of a quarry that is nearly next door. The gate was locked so to avoid being seen jumping over, I went a secret route through a hole in a wire fence in the forest. I ended up finding out I live next to a river and didn't know it. I also was startled by a turkey in the middle of a quiet gravel forest path when he fly past me. After that I came across a spider web around a yard long with a large spider in the center, which scared me, but I thought nothing of it once I ran past. It turns out that there are hundreds of spiders like that in the forest, and for the next 2 hours I was dodging and running past spider webs. In the end the path was just a large circle and I got home soaking wet. I'm currently sick from being in the rain so long then coming inside. I think I'll avoid forest from now on.
>> No. 22730 [Edit]
Well, that's a nice picture you've described there.
>> No. 22731 [Edit]
I was going to do something constructive today but then I download monster girl quest 3.
>> No. 22733 [Edit]
I have a job at a theme park for the next two months.

It's a living I guess.
>> No. 22734 [Edit]
File 137668816711.gif - (97.40KB , 281x253 , 61.gif )
Had a bottle of wine, planned on watching some LoGH. Instead I'm lurking different imageboards and listening to some UG rap. Didn't think my plan through, I already have a short attention-span and alcohol only makes it worse, can't watch anime like this.
>> No. 22735 [Edit]
Google just died what the fuck.
>> No. 22736 [Edit]
What are you talking about?

Google will never die. In fact, it'll be the most powerful force in the world by 2040.
>> No. 22738 [Edit]
My parents got me a new smartphone today for whatever reason, I never go outside anyway. It was nice of them though.

I rooted it anyhow and got some nice apps, Game Dev Story being one of them.

Literally burned through 5 hours straight playing this shit. I honestly tried to make decent games each time and they all bombed, but the one that sold the most copies ended up being a generic FPS. Oh the irony.
>> No. 22739 [Edit]
File 137671098794.jpg - (156.57KB , 960x720 , 2013-08-17_00004.jpg )
Still killing time til FFXIV ARR, I've been reading LPs, hoarding music and trying to replay games.

Like Tomba. This, Jumping Flash and Croc were my childhood.
>> No. 22740 [Edit]
Today I woke up, practiced some piano, had a beer, played Mirror's Edge, watched some Free!, and went to bed. Well, I'm going to bed now, but, yeah. Pretty laid-back day.
At the risk of sounding too normie, I've been going outside more and more as of late, to play golf. It's more fun and relaxing than I'd have thought.
>> No. 22741 [Edit]
I wouldn't call golf too 'normie', since it's something you can play at your own pace without the need for any social interaction at all. It's something I wouldn't mind trying again if I had a course near my home.
>> No. 22743 [Edit]
I just feel like killing myself yet again.
>> No. 22744 [Edit]
hi five.
>> No. 22752 [Edit]

'sup four?
>> No. 22754 [Edit]
Golf is used as a social lubricant largely for (higher class) businesses, I guess like tea ceremonies or getting drunk at strip clubs
>> No. 22755 [Edit]
In some cases, yeah. I never said it was exclusively a nonsocial sport, just that it could be played as such.
>> No. 22761 [Edit]
File 137711322453.jpg - (892.91KB , 2807x2777 , 1376175100757.jpg )
well I messed up pretty bad today and ended up getting kicked out of the game store, I was just trying to help the other customers there giving them recommendations and stuff then the manager came and told me I was making them uncomfortable, I got argumentative and in the end he told me to never come back. is he going to call the police if I show up there again?

I chose this picture because chitose is cute
>> No. 22762 [Edit]
Today I masturbated imagining how the birds that were flying in the area near my house would look like if they were half-girls. In the end, it was a big harpy orgy. I also threw most of the rest of my day away.
>> No. 22763 [Edit]
Sounds like a fun pastime.
I spent all day trying to upload a .rar to dropbox while listening to some touhou arranges
>> No. 22764 [Edit]
File 137712851828.jpg - (78.38KB , 800x596 , heres_looking_at_you_babe_800w.jpg )
>> No. 22765 [Edit]
File 137712884676.jpg - (66.75KB , 550x368 , Secretary bird.jpg )
dem legs
>> No. 22766 [Edit]
File 137713135919.jpg - (341.91KB , 1800x1368 , paradisaea apoda.jpg )
<--- get a load of this gaylord
>> No. 22767 [Edit]
Finally got around to replacing my GPU.
Should've ordered it online, I forgot how awkward and anxious I get. My hands were shaking like I had parkinsons the whole time.
>> No. 22771 [Edit]
I think that I might've been asleep for more than 10 hours. I haven't really done anything to warrant such an amount of sleep, though.

Also, there's some stuff about SOPA being back in a new away or something.
>> No. 22772 [Edit]
I don't think SOPA will ever go away. They'll just keep trying with different names every time.
>> No. 22773 [Edit]
Sleeping 10 hours is the norm for me. I can barely even function on 6-8 hours.
>> No. 22774 [Edit]
Same here.
>> No. 22775 [Edit]
Same, I keep trying to force a 8hour schedule but after a few days I end up getting tired during the day and have to go back to 9-10.
>> No. 22779 [Edit]
File 137740260714.png - (225.11KB , 686x600 , UBl4uow.png )
Kept getting high every day and night for a month or so. I don't recommend it. By the third week I wasn't even feeling anything. I felt like a husk.

Aside from that, I have a Job Interview on Monday. My desire for more cash is severely outweighing my desire to stay inside all the time at the moment. I'm sick of being piss poor.
>> No. 22781 [Edit]
File 137744698181.jpg - (154.31KB , 1278x1006 , 99b4165737ca93475569d1ab30ce5fa7.jpg )
I've gotten the flu and I feel extremely ill. My nose keeps oozing, Im feverish, I can't control my balance and my eyes hurt. I don't remember feeling this bad in many years, and this just happened to happen on my sunday. It feels like shit.
>> No. 22785 [Edit]
Noticed I reached the point where I couldn't instantly recognize common stuff like 使 and 数 then salvaged my old anki deck from some backups, refitted it and studied a bit.
Trying to focus more on compounds rather than individual kanji now.
>> No. 22786 [Edit]
Thats a cute pic.
>> No. 22794 [Edit]
I've been noticing that every time I feel anger or sadness, I literally can't breathe until I hurt myself in some way or form. Is that supposed to be thing? I was kind of choking until I stabbed myself with a pencil.
>> No. 22795 [Edit]
There goes another day of my life. There truly is nothing worth living for.
>> No. 22796 [Edit]
Normally I would NEVER, EVER, EVER say this, because I hate phycologists and I think any stupid doctor would diagnose everyone on this website as batshit insane for loving fictional characters or/and being a hiki, and I think being abnormal in this way does not make a person insane. But I think if it comes to the point of hurting yourself or others (and not even just suicide, the desire to escape reality in that way is a bit more understandable) you should really consider getting help somehow before you do serious damage. If you have it under control somehow/know what you are doing then don't listen to me but for all you know it could turn from pencils to knives.

I also have anger problems sometimes but not to that extent, usually I just feel the need to throw my anger onto an object, as in banging my fist on the keyboard, throwing something nearby against the wall, etc. Too often have I given my anger gratification and now it expects the instant gratification of releasing my energy onto something else, I need to learn how to chill when I feel this way. And even then, I hardly ever get that mad anymore usually only when I get mad at a video game otherwise with other stuff I usually only get annoyed/irritated.

Does punching a pillow not help with the heavy breathing thing, breaking something, thinking of calm things, nothing? It absolutely must be hurting yourself?
>> No. 22798 [Edit]
Been watching Sword Art Online all night. Up to episode 11.

This is fucking garbage so far. It's every bad anime trope I hate - The Series. But I'll keep watching it, because pain is pleasure.
>> No. 22799 [Edit]
File 137772508772.jpg - (109.12KB , 727x501 , DSC00282_v1.jpg )
That little monster was playing on the kitchen sink. Caught it into a bottle and now don't know what to do, I've never seem anything like it before and thus have no idea whether it's venomous or not.
Maybe I should put that in the photography thread, but as far as photographies go this is horrible, macro mode isn't one of my camera's strenghts.
>> No. 22800 [Edit]
I've had a period when I cut and stabbed myself a lot. It passed by eventually. All I know is that it was pain-relief for something worse but I haven't got a clue as to what that might have been. Except for some rather deep stabs, most of it has healed and I haven't had the urge in months, thankfully.
>> No. 22803 [Edit]
>> No. 22804 [Edit]
Dick woke me up at 4:30AM and forced me to take a shower and change bedsheets. Couldn't quite get back to sleep after that.
>> No. 22809 [Edit]
were you drunk or it happens to you often?
>> No. 22811 [Edit]
Neither drunk nor often. I think this was the 3rd or 4th time that happened to me ever. I just hate it.
>> No. 22812 [Edit]
File 137795881329.jpg - (97.82KB , 666x1000 , AdVXsHU.jpg )
Started playing the guitar again after the longest time.

If any of you Hiki-ites are looking for a productive hobby, music is very therapeutic and very rewarding.
>> No. 22829 [Edit]
Found out I was running a heavily outdated version of Anki. Installed the most recent one and damn, the new interface, deck and template systems are a mess.
>> No. 22830 [Edit]
I was in the metro today and halfway to my cousins apartment this dirty unwashed hippie got in and handed out flyers to everyone. he called himself a street artist and asked us to read his poems. he smelled like drugs, too. the "poems" were 2 lines long and were all the same- TV is bad, politicians are corrupt, cops are evil, etc. I got upset so I stood up and ask him how he can possibly call himself a poet when all his poems were so short. he told me there are no established rules in poetry or something, I wasn't really paying attention so I don't remember. I called him a hack and said he probably only writes poetry because he can't play music or paint. he told me "that's just your opinion" which made me very angry (seriously, thats probably the laziest rebuttal ever) so I took the pile of flyers from his hands and threw it away. I thought he was going to hit me but he just looked at me and then started picking them up from the floor. I told him he's never going to improve and become a real artist if he can't take criticism and that he should write about the real issues, then called him lazy and untalanted and pretentious other stuff. since he didn't answer me I just kept calling him names. at one point the other passangers started shouting at me, so I had to get off, I was still ways from my cousins and had to call my mom to pick me up. shitty day. why did he just stand there without responding? was he trying to provoke me? I don't get people really
>> No. 22831 [Edit]

You sound like an asshole
>> No. 22832 [Edit]
It's because normals support drugs and druggies. This is proof that drugs are a thing for normals and that drug discussion should be banned from this site.
>> No. 22833 [Edit]
File 137827501450.jpg - (3.24MB , 900x3419 , fun time at dads place.jpg )
I got home today after spending nearly a week at my dad's place house sitting for him. this was after a very short return to my home after spending another few days over there. and unfortunately there's no internet access there.

I guess I should start at the beginning. something like two weeks ago I got a call out of the blue from my father who wanted me to work a security job for him (first time he's ever asked me to do anything like this) he told me over the phone that he was evicting some of his tenants and wanted me around in the unlikely even that they cause some trouble. He also said he may want me to stay a night or two there and would pay me $100 a day. sounded easy enough. my mom was able to barrow a security guard uniform from a friend and I headed over there Monday morning (8/26/13). When I showed up and found out he had something like 7 other guys with him and started giving me the run down it became apparent things were a lot more serious than the phone call had led me to believe. anyways...

we go to the house and I knocked on the door, no response. my dad tells us to head around the side/back where he opened the door and had me go in with him as he yelled 'marshal' a few times. (I think he wanted them to think it was the cops) we make our way into the garage where a cholo and a older lady confront us. as in instructed by my father before hand I told them they were being evicted and asked them to leave. the guy started getting angry and arguing with my dad. I think it was when my father yelled at him to "get out now!" that the guy(danny) took a swing at him, and they started fighting. keep in mind I was standing next to my dad at this point but started backing away as best I could, but the garage was really cramped as it had a car in it at the time. the lady fell down and hurt herself which really set off the cholo guy(Danny) my father managed to hit the garage door button and we made our way out in front of the house. Apparently my father broke one of his left pinky while defending one of the guy's punches but got a good hit in himself. (me and my uncle were under the impression he broke it while punching the guy) My uncle was able to land a punch in the side of the guy's face but that just pissed him off more. (I should add that my dad & uncle both visit the gym daily and are skilled in martial arts) I saw my father in a fighting stance egging on the guy while chasing him off "I'm a old man!! hit me! hit me!! I'll rip off your balls and grind them up you little prick!" as the guy said something like "this guys crazy yo, get away from me!".
The lady was saying something about children in the house, so me and my dad went in and seemed a kid was still in the bathroom so my father proceeded to start kicking the door down until he exited.
when we exited the house the older lady tried pulling out a cellphone and my dad wrestled it out of her hands threw it to the ground and stomped on it as she screamed "my phone!"

I didn't see it, but the guy apparently pulled a pocket knight on my dad. cut him a bit on his arm but dropped the knife and I'm guessing it got kicked into the street.
Seemed as if the guy was scared off, but he simply realized he couldn't fight head on. The movers my father brought with him started clearing out the house as the guy grabbed some of the items and started throwing them at people somewhat indiscriminately. I gave the helpers a hand as my father yelled to get everything moved out quick. out of nowhere I got hit in my arm by some exercise equipment (black thing in image 1). and noticed the guy throwing items at us. He also hurt one of the of the movers who ran off soon after (got hit in the leg with the chrome thing in image 1). my uncle was able to use a coffee table as a shield from some flying ten pound wights, one of which penetrated that table a good distance and left a large impression (image 2&3). the guy called the police while telling them he was planing on shooting us all if he had a gun (probably not a good idea)
Someone asked me to stand over the knife in the street so he couldn't get to it again, soon after the guy stole a gardening hoe from a neighbor (image 4)and came at me with it while making threats, but I stood my ground over the pocket knife and managed to talk the guy down.

Something like 5-6 police cars a firetruck and an ambulance showed up, they asked a few of us what happened and took the guy away for brandishing the knife. The spot I got hit created a very large lump and the paramedics gave it a quick look over, asked me if I wanted to get it looked at but I told them I had no insurance or anything and declined but they gave me a ice pack and told me it was free.
The guy(danny) left his plaid shirt behind and my dad took it as a trophy. he also gave the older lady and the kid till 5pm to get their stuff off the drive way/front lawn before he'd dispose of it. The lady couldn't drive and her sister had somewhere they needed to be, they were only able to take what they could fit in a single uhaul truck and left a lot of stuff behind which was either tossed out or taken by us.
I was able to get a BBQ grill out of it which I gave to my mom, a bused dell Inspiron laptop, and a ps3 guitar controller(which turned out needed a pricy replacement dongle)
I tried recording the incident with a hidden camera but most of the video ended up being just sky, so it's mostly just audio.

My dad asked me to hang around for a few days at the now empty house in case they came back to watch over the house. I kept a little pepper spray bottle on me almost contently and kept an eye out for any suspicious cars. each one made me a bit more nervous than the last. my father and the group of people he brought quickly started repairs on the house, filling holes in the walls and so on. one of the reasons my dad wanted to forcibly evict them rather than let the law run it's course was to prevent them from doing even more damage to the house.
I slept in a closet the first night on a hard lump thing (image 6). got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep. I barracked myself in one of the rooms. kept a mattress in front of the door and over the window so even if they tried to kick in one of the doors it would be hard and at least give me a chance to call the cops or something. having my dad around with loaded guns didn't help much, knowing him he could just as well use one on me. we've never exactly been close...

next morning police showed up with a tow truck to haul away a stolen car that was abandoned across the street, probably related. my dad was completely convinced the people in this house were drug addicts. Not much else happened after that. I mostly kept near the living room window keeping an eye on the street/walkway while watching anime on my laptop. (image 5)
In the end I got $500 for the stay, and bought $100 worth of figs almost as soon as I got back. He asked me to go back for a few days, thought the worse was probably past and repairs complete. never saw the tenants again but there was still hard work to be done such as replacing all the carpets and my dad had me help with that which was kinda lame but I got another $200, which my mother took for debt bills almost as soon as I got back.
Haven't been able to sleep might the last week becuase of my arm which really hurt to sleep with and is still sore even now.

He asked me to spent some more time over there while he goes on a vacation on some curse ship for two weeks, biggest ship in the world or something I don't really care... work on the house should be done by then, and he wont be around which should make things peaceful so I'll give it a go. Probably gonna have to gather some more mods before then, our current mods proved to be unreliable and I was greeted by reports of dicks and 3dpd when I got back.
>> No. 22834 [Edit]
normals support eating food and breathing air. maybe we should ban people who do that too.
>> No. 22835 [Edit]
That's pretty nuts, man.

I have a good feeling that you knew exactly what he meant (that Ford Drivers tend to use recreational drugs more frequently than NEETs/hikikomoris), but posted that sarcastic logical fallacy to try to be an 'epic troll' anyway.
>> No. 22836 [Edit]

Sounds crazy. Guarding an empty house sounds like it would be a fun adventure for a while, like a few hours
>> No. 22837 [Edit]
I'd guess the rate of drug use among unemployed people who arent in education or training is higher than the general population
>> No. 22838 [Edit]
There's a large difference between the character and tastes of your average TC user and that of a nigger on welfare in Detroit, the latter of which you seem to be picturing to make an argument.
>> No. 22842 [Edit]
Annnnnd why didn't your father simply call the police on them, even if it would take several months for it to finally go down? Beause stealing someone's shit like that or throwing it out is A. a Douche move and B. a good way to get your ass sued.
>> No. 22843 [Edit]
Oh, I checked my dorm for college. It's a dorm full of post-graduates and married people apparently. Oh fun, I get this one because I turn 23 in november.....

Im the only person here, yaya and I better gey my autism diagnosis and shit there for proof so i dont get twice the cost for rent.
>> No. 22845 [Edit]
Everyone he knew told him to go the legal root, but he didn't care. For one, the longer they stayed there the more damage they would do. when we arrived they had already started kicking and stabbing holes into walls and braking things like cabinets and toilets along with ruining the carpet. and that was light, I've been with him to houses that were completely trashed. he's been in the business a long time and owns 13 homes, people -never- move out and leave the houses in the condition they were received.
Another reason for the forced eviction was the fact that as stated he owns 13 homes all in the same neighborhood. He didn't want others to think they could get away with doing the same. Of course I pointed out that was a double edged sword, and he might scare off his current tenants. But he claimed he didn't need people like that.
He also claimed they were drug addicts and didn't want people like that living in his property, but I saw nothing to support this claim.

While I agree my dad is a douche, taking advantage of the legal system to screw over property owners like him is a douche thing to do itself. I would say these self entitled assholes who think it's alright to screw over people who have more than them are the real douches. My dad gave the person living there four months to pay her rent before forcing her out. It wasn't that she couldn't afford it, she was just trying to screw over my father. During those four months she prioritized all other bills. shortly after the eviction someone from the gas company showed up to turn their gas back on and the day after that someone from the cable company showed up to install a satellite dish. I should also note that at no time during or after the eviction did the tenants offer to pay the rent. I had to watch as my father(63) worked on his hands and knees doing hard tiring work from 6am to night with cuts and a broken finger to repair what they did. I'm sorry if I don't sympathies with a violent cholo who hit me with gym equipment and attacked my father and uncle with a pocket knife. The guy wasn't even living there and none of the things in that house belonged to him from what the lady and her kid told me.

I should also add that my mother has tried renting out a second property to people who actually were drug addicts. She went the legal root to get them out, and the house was wrecked. tools and materials she bought to repair the place were stolen from the property, and the house was burned to the ground not long after. and no she didn't have insurance on it.
>> No. 22846 [Edit]
>legal root
>legal root

i prefer the kenji root myself
>> No. 22848 [Edit]
I unerstand where your family came from - my grandmother had issues with renting her old house to some people she knew from church. She doesn't have as many as your father does though, only one. She gets stressed out over little things about her house which I don't notice. Then again she lived in the place for liek 30 -40 years so she'd notice it more. I showed her this video to show how it could be 'worse' for her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eQvN0eqkTg&list=FLIbDxO9dQDs1C24U_Wb1gMw&index=16

How long does it take to evict someone in Southern Cali? I know in, for example Chicago they wil not evict you until the next spring if winter is approaching due to the whole 'throwing people on the cold'. As in the county clerk will put it on hold. Ditto with cutting off utilities.

>people -never- move out and leave the houses in the condition they were received.

Did he think of paying them to move out quickly? I know some guy mentioned a friend did that on city-data and it worked to some extent.

>. I'm sorry if I don't sympathies with a violent cholo who hit me with gym equipment and attacked my father and uncle with a pocket knife. The guy wasn't even living there and none of the things in that house belonged to him from what the lady and her kid told me.

From his POV a bunch of people went to gang up on an old lady who was a friend of his and her child or nephew and wanted to throw them out and were also probably posturing aggressively/trying to intimidate them. Some people get really defensive about stuff like that.
>> No. 22849 [Edit]
>cares if people use the word nigger on the internet
>> No. 22852 [Edit]
File 137838874557.jpg - (82.15KB , 403x550 , motoko-kusanagi-109147cbe.jpg )
Well, I dislike having to eat (thus shit) and breath (thus pant). I would take a defense of those conditions for a Ford attitude alright.
>> No. 22853 [Edit]
interesting video. yeah I've been with him to some real disaster holmes. One house he fixed up like new and sold got put up for sale a year after he sold it and we took a look out of curiosity, they filled up the backyard's swimming pool with cement and didn't bother to even it out but were nice enough to leave hand prints and their names written all over it. they also knocked a massive hole in one of the walls, looked like they were trying to make one room into two. it was a damn shame becuase it was a really nice place before.

My dad was saying it could take 6 months or more to legally evict someone. and yes actually my dad said he offered them $2,000 to leave after the first month or two. Just to avoid having to repair all the damage he knew they'd cause and get someone in there quickly who would pay their rent without any hassle.

And yes I can understand his POV if that was the case. He kept claiming that we hit the lady although I saw no such thing. My father however was convinced that the tenets were tipped off about the eviction and guy was there to guard the house. he also thinks the kid was there at the time for a similar reason since he really should have been in school at the time. but of course that's all speculation.
>> No. 22854 [Edit]
I really loved this story.
>> No. 22855 [Edit]
I haven't been able to sleep more than 3-4 hours a day for the past month. The stress of having to give up being a NEET is really getting to me. Just thinking about getting up early, having to go out and having to interact with normals makes me feel uneasy.
Never become a normie.
>> No. 22856 [Edit]
You know the Haruhi damn rules!

Also, that picture reminds me that '何' is the first kanji that I managed to learn unintentionally thanks to playing Hopeless Masquerade without translations.

I've been here all day and the only thing I managed to post was to yell at somebody and post unnecessary information irrelevant to my yelling.
>> No. 22862 [Edit]
File 137856471660.jpg - (375.73KB , 1000x665 , 1378474794554.jpg )
Sounds scary! Like one of those things you see on reality TV.

Glad you're still alive, a lot of people would be really sad if you ended dead in some vacant house. You should bring a katana for protection next time!
>> No. 22863 [Edit]
My health is really bad right now and I think I'm going to die soon. I'm scared
>> No. 22864 [Edit]
what's the matter?
>> No. 22865 [Edit]

I hope you manage to pull through okay.
>> No. 22870 [Edit]
File 137861848620.jpg - (1.39MB , 7200x403 , metamorphosis-ii.jpg )
Yesterday we had family issues (not unusual). Today I killed time getting Twilight Princess for Dolphin to work on my laptop, playing and vaping (e-cig) for hours, then watched some anime and read a bit (more) about the work of Escher; knowing that I could never do such things and that I might have really thrown my life down the drain set me into inane mode (not unusual either).
>> No. 22873 [Edit]
I don't even know why I check Tohno-chan so often. I mean, I normally come here at different monents of the day everyday and there's never a new post that interests me, if ever.
>> No. 22879 [Edit]
Today I was thinking about preordering a fig, but the only money I have left is on my uni credit card.
I hope they don't track me down and prosecute me for purchasing something not related to school.
Fuck it, I'll buy it anyway. I need something to keep me going.
>> No. 22880 [Edit]
File 137881546936.jpg - (138.74KB , 600x1016 , xTFKJev.jpg )
Didn't get a job I applied for, thanks to the ineptitude of one Manager.

I was interviewed for a job at Pizza Hut more than two weeks ago. It went about as well as it could have gone, what with my non-existent work history and horrendous speaking skills, but this place is desperate for delivery drivers. The lady Manager told me to expect a call within the week. Here's where things get hairy.

A week passes, and nothing. I go in store and inquire, and get told to expect the call within the next "few days". Okay, fair enough. They're busy, not everything can go to plan, peaks and valleys, etc. etc. Another week passes.

I wait 9 days, and today I finally decided to go in again and ask about what in fuck's name was supposed to be happening here. I'm then told that the Manager had tried to contact me multiple times through the homephone number that I listed, but since nobody picked up she left it alone and assumed I was unavailable for the position. She left NO MESSAGES. IT'S LIKE THIS STUPID CUNT DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THE LIMITED FACULTIES OF A HOMEPHONE. SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PROMPTED TO LEAVE A MESSAGE BY THE MACHINE, WHY WOULDN'T SHE LEAVE A MESSAGE?

And just to make it hurt even worse, the other pizza place in town, my backup plan, told me that they had filled their delivery driver position less than a week ago. If I wasn't sitting around waiting for a fucking phonecall that had already happened I might have been able to land this other job instead. Now I'm left with nothing. Now if I want a job I have to eat shit and like it, I have to get up in the mornings and jump through hoops and be a TEAM PLAYER.

In other news, I'm playing Tsukihime and Final Fantasy VI. I feel pretty deflated after this job fiasco though, so I'll probably end up buying a bunch of cheap wine and getting drunk for a week before I get back to either of them.
>> No. 22881 [Edit]
>and get told to expect the call within the next "few days"

This basically just means 'no', really. You could've already applied for the other store, or even better, just apply for both at the same time.
>> No. 22882 [Edit]
I'm cold, my ears and head hurts
>> No. 22883 [Edit]
Last night I had some chest pains. I had them for a while so I thought that I was having heart problems. Since I was really worried this time, I walked to the ER and they checked me out; it turns out my heart is fine, I just have GERD (I had Mexican food with my Dad a couple of years earlier). That is why only my right arm hurt and not my left, which is typical of heart disease.

The nurse was able to tell that I was on the Schizophrenia spectrum. That was interesting; at least she didn't think that I had Asperger's.

I feel very relieved because I was worried about my heart for a while, and now I know what my problem is. But I still feel like my health is deteriorating and I feel like a fat shit (I' not fat, I just have a slightly large belly).

I'm on SSI and Medicaid so fortunately it won't cost much, if at all.
>> No. 22884 [Edit]
File 137883606814.jpg - (717.86KB , 1317x2145 , 1377633494311.jpg )
Every now and them I'll get heart-pain that shows up and sticks around off and on for a few days, along with some swelling around my left armpit, and I just ignore it really. Feels like a pressure or squeezing feeling. I'm not one bit over-weight though, I think it's a form of inflamation.

It's from lack of exercise or when I eat to much salt hopefully, I throw out some punches with my left arm and walk around for a while until it feels better, but it tends to come back if I sit back down again.

To be honest I don't trust doctors as far as I could throw them. I literally have no faith in their competency because I have seen unbelievable amounts of malpractice, incompetence, or otherwise rude or careless behavoir.

Just because a doctor told you it was GERD does not mean you should believe them or accept it automatically, but rather take it as food for thought.

I don't ever bother going to the doctors for anything anymore. If I went there describing this problem, they wouldn't do shit and I'd probably just leave that place with them telling me it's anxiety induced or whatever bullshit they feel like saying to get around the fact that they don't know the answer.
>> No. 22885 [Edit]
It's very frustrating when you are stupid and cannot do anything about it. I have been on the internet for over a dozen years and still managed to get my machine seriously infected. I don't know anything about software or hardware either because I can't seem to piece together simple concepts. I also panic and get really desperate when something goes wrong with my computer or internet, so today was fairly stressful.

Now I will have to spend a day reformatting and getting everything back to how it was. At least there will be less clutter and better performance afterwards.
>> No. 22887 [Edit]
You must know a few things about hardware and software if you plan on reformatting your PC. You don't sound stupid anyway, don't be so hard on yourself.

> I also panic and get really desperate when something goes wrong with my computer or internet, so today was fairly stressful.

Heh me too, today the PC wouldn't turn on and just made an obnoxious beeping noise, talking with the tech expert of IRC revealed that it was because of bad ram so now I had to take one of my ram deals out and am left with only 2gb ram. While I was trying to get it to work during the beeping noises I really started panicking and realizing without the PC I don't have hardly anything to live for, which was like a slap to my face. Music, anime, friends, my waifu, entertainment, without the PC this all disappears. It's the gateway to the world I am escaping to.
>> No. 22888 [Edit]
Not really, (optionally back things up), stick a linux or windows installation CD in there, boot it, format the entire drive during install, and that's it.

Everyone should know how to do this, it should be as common as fixing any household problem.
>> No. 22889 [Edit]
I was thinking about suicide earlier today.

Assuming you were planning to die, how would you tie up all the loose ends before leaving?

I'd probably leave my mom a looong list telling her how much every single one of my figurines is worth (and why), where to sell them, how to spot scammers, etc. I have some rare video games as well.

then I'd have to clean my room and wipe my hard drive.

leaving her a list of my online accounts (paypal, amazon, amiami, gmail, etc) and their passwords too could be a good idea.

I asked steam support about this and they told me they can't delete my account, and that if I "threaten" to kill myself again they'll get my billing address and contact my local police station, so I guess I'll just have to remove all the wapanese stuff from my profile and set it to private instead... bummer

I'd also have to check google and see if there's any pre-2005 stuff that can be linked to my real identity, just in case, and see if there's a way to delete it. Probably not, but changing the associated email addresses should be enough. I didn't know much about net safety back then, and fortunately I didn't have to learn the hard way, but still. The last thing I want is my face on the newspaper next to a 10 year old post from Neopets or Newsgrounds
>> No. 22890 [Edit]
That's way to much concern about things for someone planning to just end it all. I do not think your mother or anyone will (or should) give a shit about PVC figurines over a dead son's body: it's ridiculous. Don't get me wrong: I am a figure collector myself; but that's my love, sprung from my own life; I wouldn't think about imposing it on anyone else, let alone over the burden of my death. My stuff, love and all ramifications of myself will die with me, as they should.
>> No. 22894 [Edit]

I don't trust doctors either; they've made a few mistakes with me. My own father is a doctor and he was really no exception.

However, they did hook me up to an EKG and then they took blood samples to the lab, so there is a good chance that I don't have heart problems. The doctor seemed knowledgeable as well, so while I don't entirely trust him, I do think he is more right than wrong.

Usually you can tell when someone is a quack. I didn't get that from him.
>> No. 22895 [Edit]
File 137894490669.jpg - (97.41KB , 640x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
So I have to take care of the brown and white dog in this picture. The pure white dog on the right belongs to somebody else.

I don't know what to call it and haven't come up with a name. I'll take suggestions?

My mom wants to call it Fluffy. Also, the brown and white one is a boy.
>> No. 22896 [Edit]
Spent most of the day without internet, usually it would be hell, but it sort of helped getting me to study for my exam today.
The Tech Support dude said things were really fucked up on the ISP side. But all is back on track now.
>> No. 22904 [Edit]
I sometimes wish my internet would get forcibly shutoff for a couple months.

Focus on actual hobbies instead of browsing the web, and I have more than enough media stored locally.
>> No. 22905 [Edit]
Get some scissors and cut the phone line or just unplug it.
>> No. 22907 [Edit]
I often do unplug it. Just myself from the router though, and eventually I just end up plugging it back in. Can't do anything else because other people in the house need internet/phone access.
>> No. 22912 [Edit]
File 137916199737.jpg - (325.62KB , 1366x838 , booru.jpg )
I've just saw this little text on the front page for the first time ever. Is this booru a new place or has it been in the front page for a long while and I just happened to not have seen it since then?

Also, today I watched Triumph des Willen. It was a pretty cool movie.
>> No. 22913 [Edit]
Tohno created some booru not too long ago for "background" scenery images, if I recall correctly he was working on one of his classroom projects for his figs, and was trying to find a background image to put on the window of the classroom and then decided to create an image booru for such images.

Also yeah it's fairly new I remember it being discussed on IRC like 3-4 months ago or something.

Post edited on 14th Sep 2013, 9:45am
>> No. 22916 [Edit]
File 137918986519.jpg - (55.74KB , 460x288 , 548754645875364.jpg )
Three birds of the same species were attacking a toucan that flew next to my window today. They kept on flying behind the toucan until he was far away. Fucking birds.
>> No. 22917 [Edit]

Where do you live?
>> No. 22919 [Edit]
That board, insofar as Thonoboard, seems underused. It could serve as a booru for all hiki or 2D love stuff, or very specific Tohno-chan content (whatever that might be)
>> No. 22920 [Edit]
South America.
>> No. 22922 [Edit]
How did you meet them? Are they NEETs? That sounds nice.
>> No. 22924 [Edit]
Turns out I've wasted yet another saturday and sunday in front of my computer the entire day. I hope I'll do something next weekend.
>> No. 22935 [Edit]
Pretty much the only places on the net I visit are TC and a single general on 4chan's /vg/, but a new game is coming out and the general is filling up with funposting so I'm probably going to leave until it dies down.

Guess I'll find something else to do.
>> No. 22947 [Edit]
File 137964976060.png - (271.40KB , 465x344 , geez___.png )
>> No. 22951 [Edit]
I didn't do anything remarkable today but I wanted to send a sign of life to others who visit /ot/.
>> No. 22961 [Edit]
I'm almost at my very ending limit of my frustration and anger at myself. I feel like I'll either have to do something very substancial very soon or I'll end up killing myself one of these days.
>> No. 22964 [Edit]
For in the under 100 range they are pretty good, I started with ones like that then moved up to audio technica athm50 then to beyerdynamic dt770 and I am therefore becoming a huge audiophile.

What kind of music do you listen to? This can be an important aspect for deciding what you want.

Also googling the specs on these now you may need a good sound card to be able to get these to high volumes because the impedance is fairly high.

Post edited on 25th Sep 2013, 5:54am
>> No. 22966 [Edit]
If your financial situation is dire enough that you'd have to start saving to be able to $60 headphones, I'd advise against it until your financial situation is less dire.

Unless you're blowing half a grand or more on your rig, an external headphone amplifier isn't worth the money and the budget is better allocated on the headphones.
>> No. 22967 [Edit]
Start taking drugs.
>> No. 22969 [Edit]
Stop taking drugs.
>> No. 22971 [Edit]
Take drugs in controlled amounts.
>> No. 22983 [Edit]
My sister's computer is full of virii. Every USB drive in the house is infected, too, so I've been reformatting my computer every day for the past week since she needs to use it for her homework and stuff, hers barely even starts. She refuses to reformat her computer because "there's too much stuff on it", I asked her how much stuff exactly and she responded "well how big is the hard drive? Because I want to back up the whole thing" Jesus Christ why are normals so retarded?
>> No. 22984 [Edit]
>> No. 22987 [Edit]
I had to go outside and buy blank CDs. A guy followed me into the store and accosted me, sounded and looked either mentally disabled or on something. I couldn't really follow what he was saying, it was slow and disjointed. First it sounded like he had some kind of issue with me. Then he said he needed some money. I realized oh, he's a panhandler, I can give him money and he'll go away. So I did, and he did. Afterwards it occurred to me that that might have been an affected role to induce that reaction. If that is the case, it's pretty interesting and I don't mind having wasted the money to see it.
Or he could have just been retarded or drug addled, which is boring.
Also the knowledge that I look like an easy mark is interesting. I'm going to try to be more conscious of body language now to see why this is so.
>> No. 22989 [Edit]
File 138077674826.jpg - (651.60KB , 900x1200 , katana.jpg )
I actually went and took your advice, but forgot to post about it till now.

Yeah I can't see it going anywhere with just background images to be honest. I just didn't want it to be a pointless gelbooru clone was all. so what kind of stuff did you have in mind exactly?
>> No. 22993 [Edit]
File 138092567669.jpg - (157.93KB , 853x480 , air-ep5-scr5.jpg )
I don't feel very well, /ot/.

I woke up already tired and it hasn't got any better. My muscles shake at the slightest effort; I can barely stand and now I breath heavily while all my joints hurt (I'm having a sweet time on my fingers just by typing right now). It's damned hot outside but I'm starting to feel cold (I seem to have a little fever; took some Ibuprofen); however, I have no stomach ache to indicate intoxication.

I've been hiding it from my family cause I don't want to worry them (it's not unusual at all for them to see me lock in my room the entire day). Also, I don't wanna go the hospital: I have no health insurance and the public service here is terrible anyway; they'd just put me to wait with the others until I either collapse or give up, or even misdiagnose me (no joke, I've been through all that with my mom several times before).

I'll try to go back to sleep now (mid-afternoon here). I'm sure it's nothing: I'll just rest and I might get better; though I'd like to know what it is.
>> No. 22996 [Edit]
I think that I might've experienced something like that before. It might take a couple of days or a week/s for that to go away. I'm not really sure since I don't exactly remember it to be honest.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon~!
>> No. 22998 [Edit]
I'm hoping that you don't die, anon. If you do die, I'm hoping you die in peace in your sleep. Good luck!
>> No. 22999 [Edit]
I'm much better, thanks. My eyes started hurting as well so I thought it could be an allergy; I took some Chlorpheniramine, which finally put me down and helped with it (my stomach is now a mess, though). I'm not done yet.
>> No. 23000 [Edit]
Fucking Christ, my day was horrible. I wish something external from my decisions could cut my life short.
>> No. 23004 [Edit]
My right nut is sore and I don't know why.
>> No. 23005 [Edit]
Might want to calm down on furiously fapping to Chinese cartoons.
>> No. 23008 [Edit]
File 138131125472.jpg - (273.55KB , 706x1000 , 5d7bac411d0499e8ae17ff0a2647a427.jpg )
I have no idea how it got to 5AM so quickly. It was just 12AM in what felt like an hour ago. It's weird how all that just went by without me noticing it.
>> No. 23013 [Edit]
My old left sided abdominal pain has come back and been here for about a month, getting worst (it won't let me sleep and I can hardly walk by now). It might be the pancreas, after all. I've been avoiding doctors but I might really need help soon.
>> No. 23016 [Edit]
I think sertraline (Zoloft) is making me have more aggressive thoughts.
>> No. 23021 [Edit]

I know it's hard, but it really sounds like you should bite the bullet and try to see a doctor. I hope everything turns out OK.
>> No. 23050 [Edit]
Fufun~ Watched 20 eps of anime yesterday. Been a while since I watched that many, usually I struggle to watch ~5.
>> No. 23057 [Edit]
Congratulations on throwing your day away.
>> No. 23062 [Edit]
That's /tc/'s motto.
>> No. 23063 [Edit]
only if you replace day with life
>> No. 23064 [Edit]
Was just rereading this thread, this owned. I wish more people did activity logs with pic proof/stuff.
>> No. 23065 [Edit]

... You do realize where you are, right? Watching anime/playing games is considered to be pretty constructive here since a number of us can't force ourselves to do anything but F5 a couple of sites all day long.
>> No. 23066 [Edit]
Today someone talked to me.
I know that it was out of pity, but pretending is fine too.
However, I feel stressed because they might expect me to talk to them again.
I don't know if I want to do that, but I don't want to be rude either.
I feel lost.
>> No. 23068 [Edit]
Only in TC I'd find someone who understands that.
>> No. 23073 [Edit]
File 138209235467.png - (941.42KB , 800x549 , 1.png )

I could buy <- this and make another daily report kinda thing but for the time being I don't think I feel like doing it.
>> No. 23074 [Edit]
I started reading about the famous long term abusers on wikipedia, I find it amusing.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2013, 3:52am
>> No. 23075 [Edit]

>> No. 23076 [Edit]
OMG, is he me?
>> No. 23077 [Edit]
I'm quite surprised with the high-number of Philipines-related people and the near-absence of PR/Astroturfer crowd on that list.

He reminds of someone that used to frequent another imageboard.
>> No. 23084 [Edit]
File 138218368528.jpg - (61.17KB , 314x236 , c6aUB4n.jpg )
Going to see a counsellor on Monday to "work through" my slew of mental defects and substance abuse problems. If it ends up being even half as fun as it sounds I'm likely to throw myself from the next moving vehicle I find myself in at speed.
>> No. 23088 [Edit]
At least you haven't lost your sense of humor (yet).
>> No. 23096 [Edit]
My family seems to become less and less a family every day and more like unrelated individuals living under the same roof. We all just simply lock ourselves in our rooms and keeps ourselves on the computer all day. It gets extremely tiresome and disturbing after a while. Due to this, my days have become very uncomfortable.
>> No. 23097 [Edit]
I fucked up my car today when backing up. Somehow the side of the bumper got torn and almost detached while the other person only got a few small scratches. They caught me right as they were coming back, too.
Thankfully my dad came to patch it up but I still feel like shit. I hit a fucking parked car, how retarded can one person be.
I guess those years of 3 hours of sleep per day is really starting to catch up with me.
>> No. 23099 [Edit]
>I guess those years of 3 hours of sleep per day is really starting to catch up with me.

>how retarded can one person be.

Heh I know what that feeling is like, was OP on IRC and the other day meant to PM someone then misclicked on ban mostly due to sleep deprivation and some other things. This ended up costing my privileges which I was already on the verge of losing for more stupid reasons. I have such a dumb way of making really retarded fuck up mistakes in everything I do in life.
>> No. 23101 [Edit]
It really sucks.
I fuck up all the time so I have to constantly keep checking myself. The other day I was attaching an assignment to an e-mail. The first time I ended up attaching my backlog of eroge and anime. I'm really glad I caught it and attached the appropriate file the second time.
Thinking about what could have happened makes me want crawl in a hole.
>> No. 23102 [Edit]
Yeah I've gotten extremely paranoid at this point about fucking up, like checking my alarm clock 20million times to see if I really set it right because of the times where I fucked up and set it wrong, and so on.
>> No. 23106 [Edit]
File 138258150231.jpg - (1.98MB , 2461x3497 , 554912.jpg )
I just found out that Kishida Mel is only one year older than me (dang).

Also, I finally started the understand why my legs sting badly when I see someone I care about getting hurt (or even by just imaging it):


Brain works in some weird ways.
>> No. 23109 [Edit]
I tried out drawing with a Conté crayon on newsprint. I suck at drawing and know nothing about it, but it was still pretty fun because like, gradients, man. So even when I invariably sucked, it looked a lot cooler than when I fail at pencil drawing.
>> No. 23127 [Edit]
>it looked a lot cooler than when I fail at pencil drawing.
That's the story of every shitty draughtsman doing pseudo-expressionist crap and why I detest crayon mud. I suggest you don't go further that way.
>> No. 23128 [Edit]
Fair enough.
>> No. 23132 [Edit]
I'm having a very hard time finding a decent ISP in Florida. Does anybody know of a decent one? I've been using AT&T, but because of my uncle refusing to want to pay their rates I am stuck without my own internet and have to leech from my grandmother, of which I do not live near and am only here because my mother brought me for the sole purpose of leeching while she does her talking thing since she does this any way.

I miss being able to use the internet in my room! I miss not having to leave my room except to use the bathroom or tend to w/e bothersome tasks I have to do.
>> No. 23133 [Edit]
We had a bad familiar discussion. Not my fault, for a change, but that meant I couldn't mend it either despite my best efforts. My mom is decided to leave... and I'm very sad. All my alleged brilliance couldn't get 3 people to listen and understand each other. It's very, very sad really. I was sobbing like a baby for it.
>> No. 23135 [Edit]
Go away, Tokiko.
>> No. 23142 [Edit]
What's tokiko? Why did my post get deleted?
>> No. 23144 [Edit]
Read a news article about a man with learning disabilities being killed by vigilantes who thought he was a pedophile, just because he lived alone.

Shit's depressing.
>> No. 23145 [Edit]
Was that the one who was taken to police because he was taking photos of children vandalizing his garden?
Ridiculous shit anyway.
>> No. 23146 [Edit]
>> No. 23147 [Edit]
That's the one I'm talking about.
>> No. 23148 [Edit]
man that sucks...
>> No. 23150 [Edit]
Don't those people realize he's just gonna come back and murder all those same kids in their dreams?
>> No. 23154 [Edit]
File 138361434749.png - (955.43KB , 701x1000 , QqbUTwW.png )

I've been writing electronic music. This is a song I'm currently working on. I'm not using a DAW for any of this, I'm using Tux Guitar (a tablature/composing tool), which is why the mix is so low volume.
>> No. 23155 [Edit]
So I found out that my window in my new room is apparently broken. I put some nails into into the thing so that it couldn't slide up. I did that a couple of days ago. Today, I check it to see if the nails were still holding up and apparently they are gone. I mean they couldn't have fallen off since I wanted them to hold up, so I screwed them in tightly into the wooden frame, but even around the window they're completely missing.

I have no idea how severe this situation is, due to many walking shit stains have been in this trailer due to how simple my mother's thinking is, so I have no idea who I am dealing with and just what they want exactly. I know that they've been in my room before, since the only way to get the nails out was to unscrew them from the inside of my room, and nothing is missing as far as I know. I have no idea if I'm on surveillance or not and I have no idea how to remedy myself of this.

I'm not ready at all to deal with this kind of person or situation.
>> No. 23157 [Edit]
What the hell, man? Have you told your mother about how the window's been broken? If she owns the trailer that ought to be relevant to her interests.

There's not much you can do about uninvited guests if your mother owns the place and lets them in, I suppose. So somehow getting your mother to do something about the trailer being fucked with would be the only way out of this, if that's possible.
>> No. 23158 [Edit]
Also, it doesn't necessarily need to be your mother/the owner doing the job - if you can get legal permission from the owner/whoever's in charge to act on their behalf in cleaning out shitstains and securing the place, you could do it, too. But that may or may not be viable depending on the details of your situation.
>> No. 23167 [Edit]
Been thinking about buying a 3DS now that Phoenix Wright 5 is out. Better yet, there's an auction with those Animal Crossing 3DS XL bundles on local ebay. And it's 200 Euro each, the launch price was 220 and I saw people resell them for like literally 400$ back in August. Dirt cheap considering those circumstances.

But like with everything but books I kinda feel it's a waste to buy one because I'll kill myself any day now. That's what I've been telling myself for like 3 years now, I remember I wanted to buy a Slim 360 when it was first out but refrained from doing so for the same reason. Pretty funny now that I think about it.
>> No. 23168 [Edit]
I don't follow. Surely if you're planning to die it'd be better to make the purchase since the money's wasted anyway if you're too dead to use it.
>> No. 23175 [Edit]
I did tell my mother about it. She worried about it for a bit but then lost interest some way along the day. I did, however, put a bunch of nails and these clamp-like things for the window and this window curtain pole that my mom had given me that night.

The good news is that the window had in fact been opened from the outside, so my worst fears of some well equipped guy with more knowledge than me was thrown out of the window (so to speak), as I actually investigated during the day and saw that the nails were broken and the heads had been completely broken off. I mean, the threat is still there, but now I know that I'm dealing with someone on a lesser level. Which would make sense since I think that the highest amount of money I've ever held in my hands throughout my entire life is only $350-$380. Then again, I've noticed nothing to be stolen (I haven't looked and I still feel too lazy, but I'll be very upset and angry when I find out what's missing) so either the person who broke in was somebody looking for something good and decided to call it off since it wasn't possible to search the other rooms due to me putting an outside lock for my door or was unable to take anything of good value since the window is a bit too high off the ground and decided to bide his time until another opportunity, or it was my shitty brother and his friends trying to get inside but not being able to due to the locks on the door (my mother's disinterest at the subject does kind of point to this if it were revealed to her by said piece of shit brother), or it could be some pervert trying to find some 3DPD to rape them in their sleep or something. There are a bunch of scenarios that can fit, but it'd be too foolish to assume one of those so the only thing I can really do is set up these anti-measures and hope that they'll last me whenever it occurs again. I want to set up some bear traps, but I'm sure that an accident is waiting to happen where I'll be found liable.

Apparently my state has a law where I can defend myself in case of intruders, so I think that I'm okay in the eyes of the law, but I'm not really sure what to expect, so I'll keep my tools close by and use them as weapons if I am to find myself in a position where my fists alone won't be suitable for the situation.

I've only played the demo but Athena seems to be pretty cute.
>> No. 23176 [Edit]

I've got just about enough to cover funeral expenses.
>> No. 23178 [Edit]
Went to a cardiologist to check on my heart, since my blood pressure was very high last few times I checked. It was just a side-effect from an antidepressive I was taking, so I won't die of a heart attack soon.
I kind of like hospitals. The one I go, at least. It's always half-empty, in an isolated place and somehow always overcast when I go there. The excessive cleanliness, bright rooms, the silently sick people, all makes me feel alienated from the world, which is nice.
>> No. 23193 [Edit]
I played the new wii sports game and got hurt. I have 4 cuts and a scratch.
>> No. 23204 [Edit]
>>21093 here. Today was finally my first college exam. I'm not sure if I did well in it. I hope this entire year of painful waste wasn't in vain.
>> No. 23209 [Edit]
It has been so hot recently that I've barely felt like masturbating. Also, my keyboard was showing problems, so now I'm having to write everything and browse the internet using a virtual keyboard. It takes ages to write a single message.
>> No. 23213 [Edit]
I've been trying to find a single friend in the real world by stepping out of my room at least once every two weeks to places in the outside world. My problem is that I don't know how to approach people or talk to them at all. I just end up looking at them very intently, and that's that. This has been going on for quite a while and I'm extremely frustrated in my failure to succeed.

I will be going to a local university tomorrow to try once more.
>> No. 23218 [Edit]
i'm not big on masturbation but i'm also suffering because of the heat. i can't sleep because of it
>> No. 23221 [Edit]
I don't think I'm looking for friends in meatspace, but I sometimes go out and walk aimlessly until I my legs feel very tired. It feels like I'm looking for something, but I don't know what. Thought it might be related to your post.
>> No. 23224 [Edit]

This is called what I like to dub as being "existential wandering" on the concrete level. You subconsciously want meaning in your life, so you take apparently meaningless walks in order to "find something". Sometimes, you actually do.
>> No. 23227 [Edit]
That's interesting. Have you ever found anything wandering around like that?
>> No. 23229 [Edit]
That is exactly what I'm talking about. During the summer I had my internet taken away from me, so I ended up doing this almost every single day as opposed to just once every month or so. It feels really nice sometimes, albeit really empty. I did not find anybody to spend some of my life with during those two months of searching. Still, through the experience, I learned this city well, and determined for myself that it's not a good idea to stay here. The problem is deciding on where to go, but even moreso, where to get money. I'm also afraid that this situation might not be resolved even in another place. All this is secondary to daily torment of feeling absolutely alone, though.

That's interesting, I'm happy that there are others out there who do the same thing. I have sometimes had those thoughts while wandering, about other people doing the same thing as me at that very same time someplace else in the modern world. It's a bit tragic since we probably wouldn't be able to identify each other unless it was made extremely obvious in some way. I know that nobody would be able to tell anything about my life from the physical appearance I select to present to the outside world. Maybe I walk in a strange way but just don't notice it... that's about it. I always wear a backpack too, even if there is nothing in it, so it would probably seem like I am actually going someplace and have something important to do.

It just seems so futile, taking into account how much searching I've done with no results but some very minor but pleasant memories of stumbling into an interesting place I've never been in before. But even that is covered with a veil of meaningless and emptiness in the end.
>> No. 23230 [Edit]
>It's a bit tragic since we probably wouldn't be able to identify each other unless it was made extremely obvious in some way. I know that nobody would be able to tell anything about my life from the physical appearance I select to present to the outside world.
Yes, I think that's pretty much key in order to get completely unknown people to talk to you. Back when I was a metalhead I had people starting conversations with me by commenting on the band whose t-shirt I was wearing and stuff, met some nice folks because of that.
Ever since I cut my hair and started wearing plain clothes I only occasionally get people asking whether I'm a foreigner though.
>> No. 23232 [Edit]
Today, I became so incredibly screwed that I-

Just fuck it. I failed. I failed spectactularly. Shoot me now, it'll be easier than what I have to deal with next.
>> No. 23233 [Edit]

Sometimes. Usually I find something in the environment that has some sort of meaning to me, or I might find a place that I was entirely unaware of despite living in the region for a long time. I occasionally might meet a person who turns out to be interesting, but that hasn't happened in a while.
>> No. 23235 [Edit]
I just found out that it's November. I have no idea how many posts like this I've made.
>> No. 23249 [Edit]
I now own an electrical saw (or is it called power saw? Anyway, it's one of those round ones that you connect to an outlet) and one of those measuring tape thingies. It was just given to me by my uncle because he felt that I should "own my own tools".

Aside from that, there are apparently ghosts where I now live.
>> No. 23250 [Edit]
I had a dream today.

In it I was an investigator / detective who visited a town where allegedly a lot of strange, supernatural kind of stuff was happening. Apparently it had to do with the devil or demons, or something along those lines.

I was scheduled to interview two women about it. My memory of the dream has a lot of holes, so I only remember certain episodes from it. I don't remember how I arranged the interview or how I got there, so here's the next bit that I remember:

I'm standing at the doorstep of her house, waiting for her to open. She opens the door and invites me in. She's a shortish girl; looks about 23, but it's hard to determine her age. The inside of her house looks very cramped and unusual. The walls are made out of metal, and it looks like the inside of some tube. She then tells me she lives inside a ventilation shaft so that "they" can't find her. It kind of makes sense. The ceiling is too low for me to stand upright, so I have to lean forward to fit in. Her whole "home" consists of three small rooms (of which one is a bathroom) joined by a hallway of sorts in which we are now. She leads me into the room on the left to show me some thing. It looked like a water pump, or a water filter. While showing me this undoubtedly very important thing, she got something on her clothes, and said she had to change. She went into the bathroom and started taking off her clothes. For some reason, she took off her pants and underwear, leaving the top on. Then she walked up to me and said "Shall we?". That was really unexpected. I didn't really feel like it, so I said "Can we do this instead?" and hugged her. That was the best part of the dream. I felt a warm, pleasant feeling in my chest that slowly spread around my whole body. At that moment, I felt content.
>> No. 23256 [Edit]
My best dreams recently involved hugging silent girls. Even though they didn't like it much.
>> No. 23265 [Edit]
Fucking hell Anand. Everything is on the line, you play a quality game and you start to misplay towards the end AGAIN. I literally can't believe you blocked that check with the knight instead of the bishop. Way to say goodbye to your undisputed world champion title.
>> No. 23274 [Edit]
One of my toenails came almost completely loose today, so I had to pull it off. It didn't hurt, but I felt kinda disgusted and got goosebumps for a while.
>> No. 23281 [Edit]
File 138527908890.jpg - (98.09KB , 800x600 , katawa full 106.jpg )
Today I went to the supermarket under the rain and saw a 2x1 night promotion at a sushi restaurant. For a moment I wished I had someone to share a dinner like that, but I know that can't possibly work, ever, with anyone in 3D. I should go play some VN for the while.
>> No. 23282 [Edit]
I was once told that we all men are the same: we say we want to fuck when, in truth, all we really want is a hug. I couldn't help to agree.
>> No. 23287 [Edit]
I woke up and remembered by birthday was 6 days ago. I missed my own birthday. I guess that makes this a bad day.
>> No. 23294 [Edit]
Late as always, I just found out about Brian's death. I do hope it's just another elaborate gag. Anyway, as a figure collector, I don't mind being lured into buying a Brian's figure because of this.
>> No. 23295 [Edit]
Happy late birthday! I hope that you at least got to spend those 6 days happy enough.
>> No. 23297 [Edit]
I clipped one of my nails too short and now it hurts
>> No. 23298 [Edit]
I rated X (non sexual) on the Kinsey Scale.
>> No. 23300 [Edit]
I know what that's like. Just try to take it easy for a while and it should stop hurting with time.
>> No. 23310 [Edit]
I watched Tonari no Totoro-san today and I admit I had forgotten how magical Ghibli movies were. This shit is so nice and heartwarming, I couldn't help but smile through it.
>> No. 23340 [Edit]
I found out that this is a thing (some guy shows up at the end, so 3D warning): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98BIu9dpwHU

For those that don't want to click a yt link, it's about Amazon Prime Air, which is when they send a helicopter drone to deliver a package directly to a house.

I'll keep it short and say that I think that it's somewhat ridiculous and probably will fail due to people stealing the packages or shooting them down or some shit where people ruin it for others.

I just thought that this might be a bit interesting.
>> No. 23341 [Edit]
For Amazon Prime Air to fail? Quite possible, it probably will, along with most early adopters. For the whole drone delivery systems to fail? No way, it's not gonna get any more expensive, nor less profitable, and the(corporate) powers that be will be sure to make tampering with their drones/dronenets quite a risky enterprise.
As much as I don't like John Robb, he(and some of the commenters on his blog) has some interesting thoughts on the subject http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/2013/01/dronet-think-interactive-tv-itv.html
>> No. 23342 [Edit]
>will fail due to people stealing the packages or shooting them down or some shit where people ruin it for others.
That was my first thought as well, but then I got to thinking that they'll almost certainly have tracking devices built into their drones. If you shoot one down they could just go to your house and slap you with a fine for doing it, or send the police. It's not like there isn't risk of people stealing packages/mail as is anyway. If anything I think you'd be better off knowing a package is 30 minutes away compared to a mailman dropping it off 2-8weeks after you order it and leaving it at your doorstep at who knows what time of day when you may not even be home, or leave it there when you are home without your knowing. I once had a $100+ large package sitting outside my house over the weekend becuase of that. I was lucky no one took it.
>> No. 23351 [Edit]
They won't do it for several years, if they ever will.
A tightly-lipped company like amazon would never show under-development ideas of theirs for no reason.
It's only marketing.
>> No. 23353 [Edit]
I mostly meant Amazon since today's technology isn't enough to 100% guarantee its protection, but in the future, they'll definitely be a thing.

I think that it's more likely that they'll leave the packages on roofs and get caught in trees and such or some douche will just take them down for the sake of taking them out with nothing stopping him since he'll be smart enough to not get caught, but I do see where you are coming from and i do agree that the convenience of time does work as a safeguard since you are aware of it showing up within the day and pretty much prepared to receive it.

Makes sense. I think that they'd try once there is access to some A.I that lets the thing make safe deliveries.

All in all, I'm somewhat surprised that this was shown now as opposed to when it'd actually be a viable thing. Maybe it's just so that Amazon can show up as the first with their fingers in the dish to say that they were first.
>> No. 23354 [Edit]
>it's more likely that they'll leave the packages on roofs and get caught in trees and such
hehe yeah, I could see that happening.
>> No. 23355 [Edit]
They are far from the first. There's been tons of commercial drone, mostly for food delivery, projects out there. IIRC Domino's did a video of one of their test drones and so did Tacocopter or some other mexican-food drone folks.
>> No. 23370 [Edit]
Today I woke up too early and was miserable for the majority of the day.

I really want to play Persona 4 but I loaned it to a friend who keeps forgetting to bring it back and my computer is too low-end to run a PS2 emulator. I've tried playing P3 but it's just not the same: I've played through it at least 5 times in the past. I'm weary of it.

Right now, it's nothing but misery because I can't seem to get interested in anything and I can't escape via sleep because I'm not so tired.
>> No. 23371 [Edit]
You should play one of the Atelier games for PS3 instead. They're fun.
>> No. 23373 [Edit]
Well now that I have no pc of my own and I'm typing this from a computer in the basement I can't be on all the time I can't do much until it's fixed. And if it is fixed and I get it back with a new HD sometime hopefully soon I may need to redownload some music and anime that wasn't saved if the person working on it can save it. Then after that I just need to add everything from my external back on to it and remake my music library. But I'm pissed cause now my life is frozen till that's back and then building everything back to normal will be a major pain in the ass. I'll get the news tonight about what's up with that. Hoping for the best.

So tonight I'm throwing some frozen spring rolls in the oven and tagging along with my mother going shopping at the mall. May see if somewhere has some caffeine pills since choking down coffee is gross most of the time. I also have a few tokens here from the small arcade there to play a game of pinball with. Not in the good mood I was in though before my computer decided to go down on me at the worst possible time. So much for that, no good moods ever till I get it back.
>> No. 23375 [Edit]
After a few years, I gave i-Doser another chance.
It really is complete bullshit.
>> No. 23376 [Edit]
Ever tried Somnium(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somnium_%28Rich%29 )? I'd do it again, but it's such a pain to set up everything for it.
>> No. 23379 [Edit]
I just got my ass kicked and my shoulder dislocated.

I guess that I shouldn't have expected much with no fighting experience.
>> No. 23381 [Edit]
I hope you get better.
>> No. 23384 [Edit]
It really is bullshit. you aren't going to feel anything from that stuff. If you want a different experience in audio that isn't music but more general sound art you should get into noise. I like it all because it's good for almost any mood I'm in and there's nothing much to focus on. Since I'm into collecting noise releases though it's become more of an obsession. Almost all of my money goes to buying tons of cassetts, CDs, and 12"-7" records. I just buy tons of shit whenever I can. It's a strange community I feel right at home in.

Oh my that sucks hope you get better too.

So it is now day 4 I have been stuck without a computer sitting on the ground all day on an iPod and a ps3 with a couple games. starting to really lose my patience tomorrow night or tuesday night I should get it back but time is moving so slow. I can still save the data on it and all I need to do is reinstall and copy stuff along with rebuild my media player library. I don't even have the energy to be that mad right now, from sitting here like this day in day out my head hurts everyday.
>> No. 23391 [Edit]
Why/how did you get into a fight?
>> No. 23392 [Edit]
It's sorta complicated and I rather not say why it happened, but I did start it because I felt that I had to do it. Call me a paranoid and crazy NEET, but it seems that it was the right thing to do and I don't regret doing it. Although, it did kinda make me want to fight a bit more for the experience points.

Anyway, >>23381 and >>23384 thank you. My arm is almost fully healed.

I'm sorry if my posts are too attention whore-ish and stupid!
>> No. 23394 [Edit]
It's ok. I was mostly interested in who started it anyway. Most people go to great lengths to avoid a fight, the ones here probably even more so
>> No. 23425 [Edit]
Merry Christmas Tohno-chan
>> No. 23426 [Edit]
File 138791785749.gif - (9.33KB , 600x450 , dontShitYourPants.gif )
I shat my pants. I was printing some pics at the PC, felt a fart coming and boom goes the shit. It's the 3rd time that it happens in my life. Fortunately, this time I was at home. I took a shower, which I needed anyway.

Yeah, happy holidays to you too.
>> No. 23430 [Edit]
Merry Christmas.

I rather just treat holidays as regular days these days and just play video games all day long.
>> No. 23432 [Edit]
Merry Christmas Brohnos.
>> No. 23433 [Edit]
Twelve hours till my extended family arrives. Let the "why don't you have a job" interrogations begin.
>> No. 23435 [Edit]
Audio The Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job - (4.42MB - 219 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:49

>> No. 23440 [Edit]
someone sent me a happy christmas message on soulseek, it's weird because i don't know anyone there
>> No. 23465 [Edit]
You know, I spent years explaining what I want from a decent story, that less is more, that Chekov's gun is the only rule you should ever care about etc. etc. Whenever I talk with someone I haven't expressed this thought to before it tooks me good 20 minutes to fully explain it. But...

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

... Turns out I could've just quoted Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and be done with it. Damn, why haven't I heard this one a couple years ago?
>> No. 23472 [Edit]
I found out that, 15 years later, I like Nirvana again.
Don't know what to think.
>> No. 23478 [Edit]
Nirvana's cool. They make solid guitar music. In Utero is probably in the top 5 albums of the 90's. Stop being so scared of what people think about what you listen to.
>> No. 23480 [Edit]
The chatrooms there are the worst elitist circlejerks imaginable
>> No. 23482 [Edit]
It's not at all about others but about myself. Nirvana stood for punk-based aesthetics that I abandoned long ago, switching rather for a sophisticated and aristocratic stance (Floyd, the first KK, ELP, Sigur Ros...). However, their message of an endless feel of undeserving, provided by unsolvable alienation and guilt, hit me once again; though I guess you could say that this time it isn't driven by teenage angst but middle age crisis (i.e. my failure in adult life).
>> No. 23493 [Edit]
I just accidentally read /cr/ as /crazy/.
Too honest, my brain.
>> No. 23494 [Edit]
I ate too much, and now I'm tired...
>> No. 23500 [Edit]
Spent most of the night awaken upgrading my system. Now I'm completely banged but don't feel like sleeping.
>> No. 23501 [Edit]
File 138912701115.jpg - (290.63KB , 700x525 , kiss.jpg )
I had my first kiss last night and I'm very confused.
I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to get banned but I've been a NEET for a few years now and the idea of kissing, making out, ecc. with another human being never really crossed my mind. All I wanted was to be left alone and mind my own business so this was a huge shock to me. The first thing that came to my mind when she grabbed me was "I'm being set up, this girl must be trans or something" but I checked and she wasn't. Then I thought maybe my step brother who was with me had given her money or something. I didn't fully understand what was going on. Maybe she lost a bet or she was just too drunk. It was pretty dark and there was a lot of smoke, she could have confused me with someone else too. I've had self esteem issues for a long time and I don't know what to make of this, maybe things aren't really all that bad? I'm also kind of disappointed because I would have wanted my first kiss to be more romantic, I don't really like the idea of a total stranger taking it away without saying anything but I guess I'll just have to live with it. Pic related, this was my reaction.
>> No. 23502 [Edit]
>I don't really like the idea of a total stranger taking it away without saying anything but I guess I'll just have to live with it.

I bet if things were the other way around you'd have been arrested. no one gives a shit when a women forces herself on a man. fuck I hate the world.
>> No. 23505 [Edit]
>Maybe... she was just too drunk
That might be it. Just forget about it; it meant nothing; it's worthless.
>> No. 23508 [Edit]
File 138918958669.jpg - (76.45KB , 640x480 , KONO DIO DA.jpg )

You will always remember that your first was Dio.
>> No. 23510 [Edit]

Depending on how attractive the girl was, that could be either a good milestone in your life, or a bad one. Either way, it is a milestone.
>> No. 23511 [Edit]
It would just be irritating either way to me.
>> No. 23512 [Edit]
>"I'm being set up, this girl must be trans or something" but I checked and she wasn't.
Whoa, what? Are you saying you just straight up asked her if she was transgendered when she went in to kiss you?
>> No. 23514 [Edit]
No but she pulled my hand into her pants while kissing me. Looking back maybe I was little too paranoid but I had no idea girls could be so assertive so I think it's understandable.
>> No. 23517 [Edit]
The majority of them prefer not to be assertive, for sure, but they still have the carte blanche to do virtually anything without any social or legal repercussions. My condolences for your sexual assault.
>> No. 23520 [Edit]
That's very unusual and definitely warrants paranoia!
>> No. 23526 [Edit]
Nah, they're just drunken sluts. There are plenty of them.
>> No. 23531 [Edit]
Can anyone explain the "Nakamura unf unf unf" joke? I don't get it.
>> No. 23553 [Edit]
File 138985643564.png - (671.87KB , 1020x1404 , aa4693b65ddde38a79d01759b3975b11.png )
Finished overhauling much of my danbooru downloader script to properly use XML tools in place of the earlier regex workarounds. At first I thought learning XPATH just for this project would be too much, but it wasn't that hard and heavily simplified some of the code.
Now it's the neverending task of tidying the remaining macaroni code up.
>> No. 23562 [Edit]
File 139001577420.jpg - (22.40KB , 704x528 , [a4e]Stellvia_12[divx5_2_1]_mkv_snapshot_19_02_[20.jpg )
The week is finally over. After one week without internet, moving from one end of the US to the other, and losing 2.25 TB of data, including my entire vn/anime/manga backlog, all of my bookmarks, 10 years with of screen shots, and my gigantic 215 gb folder of semi-sorted images from *chan/*booru/etc.

Always remember to have them place fragile stickers on your main computer box.

I had to bend the hard drive bay back to how it should be, the aluminium was bowed out to the point where it couldn't physically hold any of the drives in the slots that they were suposed to.

On the bright side, the old, small Maxtor 250gig is still usable, the mobo recognized it as working, and the windows install disc recognized it as NTFS formatted... though completely empty. They really don't make things like they used to. And with Thailand's full recovery, HDD prices are back down to sane levels, I'll be able to buy a HDD bigger than the entirety of the data I lost for less than what I paid for the 500gig half a decade ago.

On the bright side, fiber optic internet sure is swell and dandy. I just hope some of those older shows that I had and was able to grab before bt removed the torrents are accesible in some way, and that I have time to watch them.
>> No. 23564 [Edit]
Been there: a cfew years ago a heavy box fell over my laptop and yeah, everything was irreparably gone in a second.

I thought about giving up. I felt totally lost. I even thought about taking the chance to leave this anonymous otaku thing and move on with life...

But fuck it: I just sucked it up and started up again in a new laptop. Now it's almost like it never happened... but it left me a lesson: be always ready to lose everything physical; keep the most precious things to you (like your waifu) in your memory and heart.
>> No. 23565 [Edit]
ever think about suing the airline?
>> No. 23566 [Edit]
>> No. 23573 [Edit]
File 139023111612.jpg - (259.20KB , 869x1304 , m016.jpg )
It's my 5th day with the flu. Everyone in my house have it and we all feel and look like shit. However, since yesterday something weird started happening to me; I don't know if because of the infection, meds or what but my hearing of music had been affected: everything sounds noticeably out of tune and rhythm, from the shit I've made, through rock and even Tenmon. It's very unsettling.
>> No. 23574 [Edit]
Food poisoning sucks bad
>> No. 23576 [Edit]
Hang in there, I hope you feel better soon.
>> No. 23579 [Edit]
After days of expelling my guts out through both my superior and inferior cavities, I feel better now, thanks.
>> No. 23594 [Edit]
I'm shitting with blood.
>> No. 23595 [Edit]
On the plus side ever since I moved there is little risk from the flu or sore throat. On the bad side, there is more risk of random bug bites.
>> No. 23596 [Edit]
Might wanna see a doctor if it hasn't stopped by tomorrow.
>> No. 23610 [Edit]
I'm better now, thanks.
>> No. 23634 [Edit]
I decided on my favorite girl from Nisekoi today.
>> No. 23637 [Edit]
Where have all the posters gone? Do you guys simply have nothing to write about, or is there no one else here besides me and the guy above?

I enjoyed reading your daily posts.
>> No. 23638 [Edit]
Someone decided to create a daily report thread on /so/ and people just followed along and started posting there: >>/so/16611
>> No. 23640 [Edit]
Was pretty sick today and yesterday. Woke up at 7, read the first 18 pages of Steppenwolf. Hesse’s prose felt very tedious, just like Narcisuss and Goldmund. The story has a decent premise. Went for a walk. Checked the store’s philosophy section before realizing that I had a few books I should read before I buy more. I am thinking of starting my little foray into phenomenology tomorrow. I might start with some lectures by Heidegger. Sat down for a read at the local café. Beside me there was a biology professor chatting very warmly with a female student who also bought him a coffee. I started dozing off and wondered what she was trying to get at. Those speculations and some depressing writings I read last night about essay mills and ghost-writing made me wonder if today’s academia is truly corrupt. Came home. Chatted with a few friends online. Still sick like before so I’m going to bed early.

Post edited on 11th Feb 2014, 12:50am
>> No. 23642 [Edit]
I have a headache, it feels like there is a black hole inside my head, can't focus at anything
>> No. 23648 [Edit]
Today I accidentally found that there was a piano on the ground floor of my apartment building. I played for about half an hour, my only audience being a young woman using one of the treadmills nearby. I had not played for two to three months. It was a cheap instrument. The keys were not particularly responsive, either. I played whatever came into my head and it was a mess of etudes, a ballade by Chopin and some sonatas. My technique had seriously decayed after months of negligence. The piano was poorly tuned and the sound was not very crisp, so a lot of mistakes were muffled up.

I'm probably going to go down there a few more times. Devote about two hours or so on a daily basis. It had been a long time since I was this motivated to play the piano.
>> No. 23657 [Edit]
Finished the PS2 PS remake a few minutes ago. Tried to run it in japanese but technically I cheated by looking at english guides(a few in japanese too). Yet, my vocabulary jumped some three hundred words from it and I didn't even bother reading all the dialogue.
Hopefully PS2 will more like the PSO series I'm used to. And a bit more refined, PS was rather too simple and short.
>> No. 23705 [Edit]
I rewatched Detroit Metal City - the best thing i did today. Also, i should do something about going to sleep at 6 a.m.
>> No. 23798 [Edit]
I have a theory that right wing conservatism is really just an excuse for racism, exploitation and the like. People hold these anti-humanist beliefs first, and the politics of conservatism is built around it in order to justify it.

For example, some people might be anti-immigration. They don't want to invite any more asians, blacks and middle easterners to the country, so they campaign against immigration and say immigrants introduce culture and are welfare drains. Which isn't neccesarily wrong. But its just a coverup for the real reason why you want ethnics going in the country- because you're a racist.
>> No. 23799 [Edit]

Immigration is an issue that's way, WAY too broad to simply write it off as 'whatever you racist'. I don't even disagree with what you said, it's just that you picked a terribad example.
>> No. 23802 [Edit]
Another issue with immigration is the vast majority of immigrants are leaving a country that they want to leave for a multitude of reasons (disease, economic disparity, culture problems). But then they turn around and make villages where they continue to practice the same culture that clogged the pipes with shit back home.

There are "good immigrants" too, who leave countries for Haruhi knows what reasons (who the hell would leave, say, New Zealand or Japan or Taiwan to live in the US?). And they make wonderful businesses in the US, and make great villages (some Chinatowns with HK and ROK people are wonderful, and Japan town and Little Tokyo are amazing, clean, and safe.)

But then you have the Latin slums around LA and any urban area, which just take the problems from Mexico and Central America and transplant them into colder climates. And then there's all the Koreatowns (like in LA and basically all up and down the east coast) that are absolute shift holes filled with old people loitering at McDonalds playing Go and nursing a $1 small coffee for 16 hours and kids spitting inside buildings, urinating in public, and literally just tossing garbage on the sidewalk, just as they do in Seoul.

If you're escaping something, why bring it with you?
>> No. 23803 [Edit]
Called a manager to ask about my application.
Got an interview but Haruhidamn near had a heart attack.
>> No. 23806 [Edit]
Good luck with your interview.
>> No. 23807 [Edit]
My entire browser history just got nuked. I don't have any backups.
>> No. 23809 [Edit]
Today I got a new rubik's cube. I took it apart, removed the oil, cleaned it, put some nice new stickers on it.
It's a good cube.
>> No. 23810 [Edit]
File 139492394917.gif - (496.24KB , 480x270 , 1394911971890.gif )
I watched Nisekoi and did some exercises today. The internet diverted my attention during the rest of the day though.
>> No. 23811 [Edit]
Felt desperate and pathetic for the first time in a while. I been spending most of my time trying to befriend people, trying to find someone with at the very least tastes similar to mine and I've met nothing but failure.

I just want someone to talk with. Why must it be so hard.
>> No. 23814 [Edit]
Put in a full extra day of work, played some games. Wondering if it's really worth reading the ~50 pages of book I do each day, or if I should sit down and read more thoroughly.
>> No. 23816 [Edit]
Today I checked to see if anyone responded to my post here but the thread it was in disappeared.
>> No. 23819 [Edit]
utorrent has gone to shit now. The malware and ads which accompany it would have been tolerable if it wasn't for the fact that it doesn't even fucking start up. It just opens a blank window and crashes.
>> No. 23821 [Edit]
I been pondering about not logging on anymore to talk with 2 certain persons anymore. I'm not really close to either of them and I don't really talk much with them anymore. I kinda feel bad for having these thoughts because I know that despite all I know they'd feel bad if I suddenly disappeared never to be seen again.
>> No. 23823 [Edit]
BitComet. I've used it for years with no issues.
>> No. 23824 [Edit]
That's why you get an older version and turn updates off. I recommend version 1.8.4
>> No. 23825 [Edit]
Do you find any benefit to using an old version of utorrent rather than qbtorrent?
>> No. 23828 [Edit]
Is it as lightweight as utorrent? I really don't like utorrent's ads as they sometimes slow down my seeding until I open the damn thing up just to look at them. There's also the barrage of 3DPD ads and I would like to seed without having to see that as much.
>> No. 23829 [Edit]
File 13952828429.jpg - (12.70KB , 298x257 , Bonzi_buddy.jpg )

I have never understood why people love uTorrent so much. Then again, I only ever tried it for about five seconds because fuck adware.
>> No. 23830 [Edit]
I haven't tried qbtorrent but with an old version of utorrent I have no complaints at all.
>> No. 23831 [Edit]
It used to be good.
>> No. 23834 [Edit]
> I turn the ocean into grape soda
>> No. 23838 [Edit]
Well, I looked at the forums for qbtorrent and it seems to have a shit ton of bugs. How about you guys tell me your experience with it? That seems like a sensible and logical thing to do when recommending obscure programs to others.

I'm actually seeing a couple of people seeding with it, so that might be a good thing.
>> No. 23845 [Edit]
having a smooth ride on v2.9.8 on linux over here, no bugs so far, and I regularly use it
>> No. 23846 [Edit]
Skipped school and stayed home all day. Coming down with a cold, hate this shit.
>> No. 23847 [Edit]
Started the day with 320 vocabulary to review due to my slacking off yesterday. I'm not saying that it's some magic drug, but it seems like my life would be a lot easier if modafinil was available OTC.

The funny thing is, a workload like this sends me into panic mode, but it seems average for other people studying Japanese.

311 to go, it looks like I'm slacking off today too.
>> No. 23852 [Edit]
I just found out about the whole Natalia Poklonskaya thing. Well, I mean there are the pictures from last week, but I sort of dismissed that as a one time thing.

Ehh, I guess that I'll just ignore it since it's about a 3DPD. I did kinda find it funny when she stated: "I'm a lawyer, not a pokemon or something!", though.
>> No. 23853 [Edit]
File 139561423595.jpg - (238.75KB , 1400x727 , sample-46363ace061a0a34dd1f0e444906095e.jpg )
Today I've went outside for a bit and studied what I could while organizing things for this week. What I really enjoyed was that the first signs of autumn are starting to show up: the wind has started to carry that strong and cold chill that autumn brings with itself whilst the sun and warmth of summer has still not gone away just yet; the clouds have ceased to form those towering formations that summer has and have begun to flatten in the sky like elastic sheets. This entire feeling of autumn really brings me back memories of the times I used to have friends and childhood times. I can arleady see myself becoming awfully sentimental and nostalgic throughout this entire season, but I guess it'll be a good season overall.
>> No. 23856 [Edit]
File 139563095327.jpg - (28.86KB , 582x528 , e86.jpg )

She may be "inspired" by a 3DPD, but her 2D form is cute as a button.
>> No. 23860 [Edit]
In Russian it was much funnier. She said:"Here I'm a prosecutor, so no nyash-myash!"

"Nyasha" is a slang world of Russian anime fandom, derivative from "nya", synonymous to "bishojo", "cute girl". So journalist said to Natalia, that internet users paint her pictures and call her "nyasha" And she reacted shyly...

And she has anime face and moe personality.
So 3DPD in this case means "3D is Pigeon Delightful"
>> No. 23861 [Edit]
So she knew the russian otaku slang?

>3DPD in this case means "3D is Pigeon Delightful
No way, 3d might look half-cute on a short internet video and with make up but under close, long-term, inspection it's no match for the ideal deal(I apologize for the bad pun).
>> No. 23862 [Edit]
File 139571136047.jpg - (48.27KB , 479x600 , 42371852-479x600.jpg )
>Natalia drops on the bed, exhausted from the press conference.
>She reaches up towards her papers in futility. Her arms are too short to grab the papers for the cases she'll be working on coming up
>She instead rolls to her other side, and opens her eyes. They have black circles. She looks incredibly tired.
>she looks into your eyes for a long time.
>"I'm sorry you have to deal with this..."
>she looks puzzled, then a bit mad.
>"I don't need your pity or anything like that! I've been assigned here by the president himself! I do this for Russia and the Crimean people! I... I..."
>You smile as she shows her indignation, slowly softening by fatigue. She looks up at you.
> A: Help her organise her files
> B: Help her release her stress

Post edited on 24th Mar 2014, 6:38pm
>> No. 23863 [Edit]

Oh dear
>> No. 23864 [Edit]
[X] Genuflect
>> No. 23866 [Edit]
File 139579751590.jpg - (746.29KB , 1598x950 , Yuki piano 0.jpg )
Been really gloomy so I numbed myself on Atarax. When I finally woke up, I started studying jazz chords on piano and suddenly understood the root of La fille aux cheveux de lin; I still suck at everything but that felt nice. Also started learning DADGAD guitar style; it's neat.

Post edited on 25th Mar 2014, 8:47pm
>> No. 23875 [Edit]
File 139609504832.jpg - (626.14KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_0204.jpg )
If you asked me two years ago that one of my best skills would be baking sweets, I'd just scoff. But it has indeed happened.

The only thing that separates an expert and a failure is the amount of time put into practice, whether it be by hard work or wheter it be facilitated by Haruhi-given luck, privilege or an innate enjoyment of the subject.
>> No. 23876 [Edit]
You still have ways to go in order to not make the border crumble.
>> No. 23879 [Edit]
File 139614976648.jpg - (255.37KB , 707x855 , 323263473465.jpg )
Today I found out about Gesualdo and listed to the music of his sixth book of madrigals. It surprises me that he is not a widely famous composer as some of his peers.
>> No. 23881 [Edit]
Hey headphones guy who removed his posts
How did it go? Did you get your headphones?
>> No. 23882 [Edit]
I'm honestly surprised that someone actually remembered me and that post.

In the end I did nothing and got nothing. The headphones that I have been using have gotten a bit worse, but the quality is still somewhat the same.
>> No. 23886 [Edit]
Gundam Build Fighters is a gem.

My Hanyuu, that looks really good. The edges/border (whatever it's called) is something that needs to be worked on, but it still looks pretty good.

I wanna taste it.
>> No. 23890 [Edit]
I finished watching True Detective. I like Rust's rants; they are usually funny and/or I agree with them.

When he says we became too self-aware I can't help but think he's about to say hipsters, you know.
And this one is just funny:
>> No. 23900 [Edit]
Decided to learn to play In Bloom to celebrate Kurt Cobain's suicide 20th anniversary, failed to get the verse because I have no sense of rhythm and gave up, spent the rest of the day playing around in Kerbal Space Program.

>> No. 23907 [Edit]
I thought your posts were cute
Send me an email, guy
>> No. 23909 [Edit]
Why thanks for the compliment man
>> No. 23922 [Edit]




fuuuuu u u u u . . .
>> No. 23923 [Edit]
Any suggestions as to what cake I should try making next?
>> No. 23925 [Edit]
File 139755151269.jpg - (544.50KB , 821x1200 , Yotsubato!45 (25).jpg )
With the egg and everything.
>> No. 23926 [Edit]
How about this: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Key-Lime-Cake-III/

It looks pretty good and I'd like to see how close yours gets to it.
>> No. 23927 [Edit]

Matcha Roll
>> No. 23952 [Edit]
I finally got hired!
Nearly minimum wage part-time retail position!
I expect to be fired before the week is out.
>> No. 23953 [Edit]
>> No. 23958 [Edit]
I just updated my Firefox browser, again. The new browser layout is weird and the change is kind of annoying.

Also, I need a soldering iron.
>> No. 23961 [Edit]
What you soldering, anon?
>> No. 23962 [Edit]
Also, I checked the new stable firefox theme shenanigans. I like it. Uses the space on the top bar for actual stuff, like everyone should. Looks nice and clean after removing all the icons. Now I'm not so sad about my favorite firefox theme getting broke on the last update.
>> No. 23963 [Edit]
i'd suggest switching to pale moon if you don't like the layout. I just did
>> No. 23964 [Edit]
For a flashlight with some broken connectors that need to be soldered together and for an analog stick on a video game controller.
>> No. 23988 [Edit]
I find it funny that people now use the word moon, as in 'speak moon', 'i can translate moon' unironically
>> No. 23989 [Edit]
Internet language is a twisted thing. Not much long ago people were using "lol" as an ironic mockery of "lol", but now it's a substitute for it,
>> No. 23993 [Edit]
Today, I finally worked up the courage to see a psychiatrist and got prescribed Vyvanse and some sleeping meds. I'm really surprised how easily they hand out medication. I was expecting to have to go to 3 or 4 visits to get prescribed anything.

I actually feel like I'm enjoying life for once.
>> No. 23999 [Edit]
Having used the newest stable firefox release for a while now, getting familiar with all the esthetic changes, I'm digging this like crack cocain. Fans operate sanely, mass fanage less of a hassle. You got everything you need when you need it, no clutter. Wanna mess with the options? Press alt and -boom- you're set. I'm jizzing my pants.

Oh yeah, looking at the first few posts in this thread, I'm reminded that I had my birthday today. It was alright. Had to do some practical things that had to be done. I get angst if I don't feel like I'm à jour with my life for whatever reason. I mean, I'm of the opinion that it's slightly better to have an eventful day rather than a stagnant one. Unless of course you're going through a shitstom out there in the wild; that can totally ruin the whole month.
>> No. 24001 [Edit]
Well, I'm not fired yet. Working sucks though.
Although, I noticed something amusing today: the tag for some assorted sharpies read "fine sharpie ass."
>> No. 24002 [Edit]
> Press alt

why didnt i learn this sooner
>> No. 24006 [Edit]
Today my mom decided to be my therapist in an attempt to calm me down.
A terrible person poured out of my mouth.
>> No. 24007 [Edit]
A girl randomly added me on Skype and called me. She then started moaning.

So I started reading Wikipedia's article about the history of Michigan from 1900 to 1941. This was a half an hour ago and she hasn't hung up yet.

>> No. 24009 [Edit]
options>privacy>blocked contacts
>> No. 24012 [Edit]
Woke up at 4PM. Ate seafood and wine with my family and now I've got diarrhea.
>> No. 24013 [Edit]
Give it the benefit of the doubt, it's not necessarily diarrhea until you've had loose bowels for at least 2 turns.
>> No. 24054 [Edit]
Today I discovered that duckduckgo.com had renewed its site with a refreshed design and new functionality. That shit made me cum.
>> No. 24085 [Edit]
I got an xbox 360 controller to use with my computer. I got it because games that are better with controllers sometimes assume an xbox controller. It's okay, though there's a few things I don't like about it.

The default driver is full retard. Apparently, it behaves differently if the application is using DirectInput instead of the newer XInput. In DirectInput, the left and right triggers behave as directions on a single z axis. This means pressing both at the same time registers as no press at all. What the actual fuck. This is how ZSNES and snes9x behave. It is also how the configuration utility joy.cpl displays the configuration. So I had to install the xbcd driver.

The bumpers are in uncomfortable positions, which is why I wanted to use the triggers for SNES games. I guess that's why they're called bumpers, because they don't seem to be designed to let your fingers rest over them.

Other than these issues, it's a decent controller.
>> No. 24087 [Edit]
File 140174461434.png - (915.09KB , 760x1075 , 0baab72505940f80fb7d72d42ca53262.png )
I had some honey today. I forgot how great honey was, it must've been various years ever since I last had it.
>> No. 24091 [Edit]
Bought yet another bottle of Absinthe that turned out to be ersatz. Fuck. I'm a fucking stupid. Drank the shot out of pure anger and now I can barely type (this is bad shit).

Also: the director of my thesis, which I've been avoiding working on for over 5 years, sent me a 'we need to talk' email; my pants hit the core of the planet.
>> No. 24092 [Edit]
Today was the first day I've felt truly happy in a long time.
>> No. 24093 [Edit]
Want to tell us about it?
>> No. 24094 [Edit]
File 140202449418.jpg - (176.18KB , 1217x749 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Today I beated the chess computer of Chess Titans. It felt like quite a victory!
>> No. 24095 [Edit]
Nothing in particular happened, but it felt like everything just clicked - I wasn't worried about any of the things that normally torment me. I worked up the courage to go outside and drove to an open field. I spent the day watching the clouds and daydreaming until sunset.
>> No. 24109 [Edit]
I spent yet another day of my life doing nothing at all.
>> No. 24112 [Edit]
After spending the past few weeks listening to the entire Mogwai discography I have concluded that Young Team is their best album.
>> No. 24118 [Edit]
Mr. Beast will always be my favorite. I have so many memories tied to that album, listening to it is a very emotional experience for me.
Young Team is quite excellent as well.
>> No. 24119 [Edit]
I am pretty sure the Google Plus account is created automatically, and just becomes more and more divergent if you allow it to.
>> No. 24121 [Edit]
Fuck dude that sucks ass. Hope that thing didn't cost you too much.
>> No. 24123 [Edit]
today was one of the worst days of my life
>> No. 24124 [Edit]
I've had a fit of rage and anguish today and tossed my headphones and keyboard at the wall. Containing my anger has been ever so harder.
>> No. 24127 [Edit]
I used to do that, but nowadays I stick to punching the shit out of something less breakable instead, like sturdy doors or the floor or the ground or just hitting the floor for some push-ups if you can. The material damage from taking it out on innocent possessions is not fun; I've broken a mouse, several shirts, a (shitty) door, and probably more if I didn't stop doing it.
>> No. 24128 [Edit]
What a coincidence. Today, I found I had a tack without something to press into it. Therefore I must buy a shuterless camera. Thanks for the info.
>> No. 24132 [Edit]
I found out I became weak.
Last week I was doing ~40 knee pushups without much problem. Today I was gonna start mixing full pushups in, but I found out I couldn't stand doing even 2 full ones. So I went back to knees and almost killed myself to close the day with 28ish. How does that even happen?
>> No. 24134 [Edit]
The past week Ive been training my stamina by riding my bike for an hour to a hill and then riding it back. The bike riding was easy so one day I decided to stop after 50 minutes and run to the hill for ten minutes instead, and it nearly killed me. I found it kinda cute.
>> No. 24137 [Edit]
I just masturbated (1st of the day) and when I came my head hurt bad.

I'm a gonna have a stroke or something?
>> No. 24138 [Edit]
File 140259502291.jpg - (94.43KB , 422x599 , 067_stream.jpg )
I squatted 180kg for the first time today.
It felt great.
>> No. 24139 [Edit]
That happens to me almost every time, I get a severe pain behind my eyes while masturbating but I haven't had a stroke or anything yet
>> No. 24141 [Edit]
Its a sign of hypertension and high blood pressure. It can also happen if fapping is the most vigorous exercise of your day.
>> No. 24145 [Edit]
Okay, so I'm not fired yet. I already hate working. Not even because customers are often fucking stupid. It's just a pain in the ass, and for what? To live a life I can barely enjoy? I don't even work full time, just ~25 hours per week. I don't get how people work 40 a week and still want to live. The only reason I'm not killing myself is because I don't want to hurt my parents.

If you want a job, here are some protips:
-Call a day or two after applying, ask to speak to the hiring manager for the position you are applying for. Ask if you can meet him in person to give him your resume. This is the only time I got interviews. Managers hate work as much as anybody else, and would rather someone else do the work of calling. Also, you find out if you failed the personality test.
-Lie on the personality test. The manager doesn't see anything but a number from it. And the managers I talked to hinted that they don't even want to use it, but it's mandated by corporate. The tests don't respect you, the managers don't respect the tests, so you shouldn't either.
-References I assume will be a problem here. I was lucky in that my parents are rich and essentially sent me to a NEET (mental health) rehabilitation facility, which had a vocational services program that lets you work part-time for them to get some experience. Your best bet if you don't have any school references is probably getting a volunteer position at volunteermatch.org.

>> No. 24147 [Edit]
Good for you?
>> No. 24155 [Edit]
File 140287559514.jpg - (95.55KB , 500x640 , b4ec87c53cb3d49ad45556aff045e5a8.jpg )
Today I sorted through my stuff for the purpose of throwing away useless stuff. The mood for binning stuff just fell upon me, so now there's substantially less stuff around. Feels nice, as if my life became more neat and structured. I guess I'll be cleaning tomorrow.
>> No. 24156 [Edit]
I've already had that kind of impulse, the one where I wanted to just trash many things that I had bought previously but had dropped long ago and were just acquiring dust around. I always felt happier the days after but quickly became sad for my failures.
>> No. 24159 [Edit]
We seem to be in a strange hivemind with this.

I've been cleaning things up and trying to make the most of the space in my room. I put a lot of my manga on a second shelf, so now there's room for more. I'll probably end up putting stuff elsewhere before too long. My desk is a bit of a mess, but I'm not going to leave it that way. Feels good to arrange things to better use space/look cleaner.
>> No. 24162 [Edit]
Today the used ThinkPad I bought from eBay arrived. I had been using my phone to browse the web and do other Internet stuff for over a month since my desktop PC broke, so I was super excited when the package arrived. But less than an jour later I found out that the battery was broken and that the laptop crashed every few minutes. None of that was in the article description. So for now the phone suffering continues.
>> No. 24165 [Edit]
File 140295432342.jpg - (217.62KB , 750x530 , bb2eb52abfb83f61ed265b6d7c62f469.jpg )
No cleaning today. More binning of useless stuff. This stuff goes in the maybe-pile; that stuff goes straight into the yes-pile; I must reconsider the stuff in the no-pile. Easy come easy go, as they say.

This stuff is addicting.
>> No. 24168 [Edit]
What kinds of things have you been throwing away? What kinds of things have you been keeping?
>> No. 24176 [Edit]
It mostly relates to past interests and occupation. Gaming, building, computers, books... marbles. Game boxes, gamecube, gameboy, PMP, CD's, PC's, PC parts, cables, plain old cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous stuff. There was a period in my life where I thought I'd be able to use everything I came by. That was of course a lie, I was basically taking in other people's trash, and now I'm throwing it away.

As for the keeps - basically everything I know is of need or value. Things I actually use, or know more or less will be of use in the near future. The maybes and nostalgia fuel goes in space efficient storage boxes. I have a couple of those now. I try to be as strict as possible now, I don't want to be owned by my stuff.

Post edited on 17th Jun 2014, 6:11pm
>> No. 24198 [Edit]
I've been planning to do some rearranging as well. Change is scary, though.
>> No. 24200 [Edit]
Looks a lot neater.
>> No. 24201 [Edit]
that's a mother fucking big chair you got there
>> No. 24203 [Edit]
Late, but: Congratulations!
>> No. 24347 [Edit]
I nearly fell off of a ladder and it rained buckets today.
>> No. 24361 [Edit]
Since I have nothing better to do, I've been watching people speed run video games. The people playing have actually been pretty good so it's not too boring.

I like this, but I can't help but be reminded of this one manga page that somebody posted that somewhere with a little girl eating something.
>> No. 24367 [Edit]
File 140399600282.png - (101.91KB , 905x348 , buchu.png )
Holy schnikies, when did making an email account require so much information? You now need a cell phone number to make one, which just makes having multiple emails (for different purposes) almost impossible without throwaway numbers. I'm not even sure if it's possible to use one number for multiple accounts.

I also forgot my old email password, so there's that, too.
>> No. 24368 [Edit]
Yeah noticed that, but it's not all email providers that are doing it. there are still plenty that don't require that shit. You can still use a service like tenminute mail for crap you don't need long. If you need multiple long term emails you can also use google voice to make proxy numbers, but again not all email sites are doing that shit.
>> No. 24369 [Edit]
Thank you very much for the tips! I'm really clueless when it comes to this and way too many other things, and it doesn't help that things change way too fast, especially for a NEET.
>> No. 24370 [Edit]
No problem, I know exactly how it can be.
>> No. 24372 [Edit]
For semi-junk addresses, I would recommend cock.li, as it is basically ran by a guy just for the hell of it.
>> No. 24375 [Edit]
I woke up just now, and I can remember 4 of my dreams last night extremely vividly. I remember all the details from the dreams and I can easily create a connection as to why I dreamt these things. (Mostly after I saw weird shit on the internet) The 4 dreams were really weird and messed up, perverted even.

Short version:
In the first dream I was in Moscow and I was able to respawn after I died and I could fly. Everybody around me was just a normal human being. I was at a beach with a pier like the one in GTA V. I made fun of some random guy and he got mad and tried to shoot me. I proceeded to fly up in the sky so he could not hit me.
I then commited suicide just to shock him. From 400 meters height I let myself fall into water and die. I promptly respawned a few hundred meters south and flew to my dead body. 3 people were standing around my corpse that hit the water violently. I then decapitated my corpse, took a hammer and broke the skull of my dead body.
I then removed my dead, bleeding, gross brain and some random guy came up to me and wanted to eat it. I didn't see why not, so I gave him a cutting board and a kitchen knife. He cut my brain into 3 pieces, like a bread. The first slice he didn't eat (too much crust for his liking), but the second slice he ate. Meanwhile I was recording the whole fiasco with a video camera. The guy ate a slice of my brain and said "the taste is so-so" (quote from Elona)
I then also took a bite of one of the slices, it didn't really taste like anything, kinda watery with the taste of blood. Afterwards I went on Tohno Chan and uploaded the video I took to the "real life guro" board. Then I woke up.

I must have dreamt about eating brain because I read on wikipedia about diseases cannibals in West Africa sometimes get when they eat brain.

In another dream I was in "Nintendo Land". Nintendo Land was about three times as large as your average electronics store and it was a mix of a restaurant, a store for video games and the E3. You could try all the new games and consoles, like the new smash brothers. I must have dreamt about this because I've been watching some videos made by Rocco Botte recently where he was at E3 showing some of the stuff they were playing.
My family and I (consisting of Me, my little sister, my mother, my old buddy and some weird person who does not exist in real life (he constantly changed his appearance, and personality)) were eating in the restaurant part. Next to us there were some little kids eating with no adults. They were 7 - 12 years old, there were 7 of them.
Me, my buddy and the weird one went to the toilet. At this moment the weird one was a girl, about 14 years old, wearing a skirt with bright colors. We three went to the urinals to pee. The girl was standing next to me on the urinal and had a penis. She was peeing like the rest of us.
Suddenly one of the kids that were sitting next to us came out of a cabin and threw toilet paper with shit on it at me. I had shit all over my shirt and was fucking pissed to no end. I went to follow the little shit, caught him and beat him up. Then I also made him eat his own shit. 70% of the dream was just me beating him up and my family cheering on me. The weird one also was like a big brother (about 25 years old) to me at one point, he told me to beat him up because he couldn't.
Later, the kid's friends called an authority figure. The CEO of Nintendo Land. It was, I shit you not, the german entertainer Thomas Gottschalk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Gottschalk
The kids told him I threw shit at him, they were lying. I went to him and said "Mister Gottschalk, this child threw shit all over my shirt" as I was pointing at my messy shirt.
Gottschalk saw the evidence sticking to my clothing and believed me, he then gave my a coupon for a free 3DS or something.

Now that I'm writing this down I realize how funny it is.
The 3rd and 4th dream blended into each other, it was like the one became the other over some time.

To make it short, in the third dream I installed Arch Linux on my old friend's laptop and showed him how to use it. We were at my home. Later we were in a theme park called "Phantasia Land". This is the actual name of a real german theme park, however it was nothing like in real life.
It was a theme park that was like the video game Final Fantasy X, as you progressed through the park you went through the same locations and chapters you also saw in the game. In the right order. I have never in my life played FFX before, only FFVI, so this was just plain weird.
My buddy with his laptop and I were eating something at a snack bar. Later his laptop got stolen and we had to go on a quest like in Final Fantasy to get his shitty laptop back because the security at the park wouldn't help us. I could explain more about the quest, but it is not very exciting. Most of the time we were flying on a magic carpet to escape from Sephiroth or something.

I'm not making any of this up, I have never dreamt so vividly before (except for lucid dreams, but those don't count) and these were some of the weirdest things I can imagine.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2014, 4:49pm
>> No. 24383 [Edit]
Today was my 22th birthday. Life has been going well for me I guess. Wasn't a bad day at all; got to study a good amount and ate cake.
>> No. 24384 [Edit]
Happy Birthday
>> No. 24396 [Edit]
Today I cried
>> No. 24397 [Edit]
Today I cried
>> No. 24398 [Edit]
Today I cried
>> No. 24401 [Edit]
This bug could not have happened at a better time.
>> No. 24411 [Edit]
Today I found out the magical place that is the site of Gutenberg Project and have been spending hours reading parts of various books.
>> No. 24416 [Edit]
I found out wizardchan is blocked at my local library. How they would know fo such a site is beyond me.
>> No. 24421 [Edit]
It was probably reported by someone which had a tooth to pick with Wizardchan. I remember a few years back when KC managed to get an Iranian imageboard blocked from libraries and Iran itself with just a few emails.
>> No. 24422 [Edit]
It really makes me wonder whether the jokes about virgins/losers having to carry virgin cards and register on a virgin list are really going to come true. Sort of like some kind of holocaust against losers.
>> No. 24423 [Edit]
I think that would be practically impossible to implement/enforce.
>> No. 24424 [Edit]
Yeah, you can't prove that you're a virgin if you're male.
>> No. 24453 [Edit]
I found a relatively young stray cat around my house. The cat is badly hurt on one leg, it can't walk properly.
I put water and food outside for the cat and she already ate a bowl - now it knows where it can get food. I want to catch her and bring her to a vet but the cat is still too shy and tries to run away when it sees me. I guess I have to wait a few days till the cat gets used to me.
>> No. 24454 [Edit]
why not setup a trap for it? like a basket rigged to fall on it.
>> No. 24456 [Edit]
The cat could easily push the basket over to get out and would lose a lot of trust.
>> No. 24458 [Edit]
Obviously you put weights on top of it and it was just an example anyway. Don't you know anything about setting traps?
>> No. 24460 [Edit]
No, and that's why I'd rather not risk it.
I now set up a surveillance camera, maybe I'll get a picture of the cat I can post on the internet.
>> No. 24461 [Edit]
Surely it's a path to become an internet sensation.
>> No. 24463 [Edit]
I want to post it so I can report the cat as found in my local area.
>> No. 24464 [Edit]
For that he'd need to be beat the cat on camera.
>> No. 24469 [Edit]
The cat is not going to trust you unless it sees you putting the food in the bowl, you know.
>> No. 24470 [Edit]
Thanks for the tip, but there's been a slight change of plan.
Looks like the cat has been missing for some time now and I'm going to the vet today to borrow a trap so I can catch it. After I caught the cat I'll send pictures of it to the guy who reported her as missing.
If it is his cat he'll take it of course and also pay for the vet bill, if it isn't his cat I might adopt it.
>> No. 24473 [Edit]
File 140462100251.jpg - (150.03KB , 1280x950 , a42ae994dfd71015215d4da4a752b941.jpg )
I checked Tohno-chan several times throughout thed day but notice just a very small amount of posts being posted.
>> No. 24480 [Edit]
Hopefully it's because many poster's lives have improved and they no longer need or have time for TC.
>> No. 24481 [Edit]
Sure I'd call moving to gensokyo an improvement.
>> No. 24482 [Edit]
File 140464928732.jpg - (134.08KB , 1280x720 , imagination.jpg )
I didn't work on any of the RP stuff I promised myself that I would finish. I seriously wonder why I agree to GM things these days if all I do is shit out the bear minimum of something that qualifies as a session at the last moment. I lack the core motivation to actually work on anything, even the stuff I take joy in doing. Tomorrow will be different, surely.
>> No. 24485 [Edit]
File 140468310133.jpg - (1.65MB , 2446x3483 , b507a4062dd98cd92cf8519cccbb3adb.jpg )
I've learned how to fry an egg today. I then went to put my skills to test and fried an egg for a sandwich, which I did so flawlessly. I feel that my virility and independence has raised manyfold today due the acquiring of this skill.
>> No. 24487 [Edit]
"Life improvements" are just things other people think you (and by extension they) need. Stop listening to other people and be what you want to be. I don't care if that means having a 3DPD. Otaku path for life, forever.
>> No. 24489 [Edit]
Word, dog.
>> No. 24490 [Edit]
The picture you added to this post increases the cuteness tenfold.
>> No. 24494 [Edit]
Yesterday I caught the cat in a trap and brought it to the vet. It's not the cat that was reported missing because the gender is wrong.
The vet just called me and told me the cat has AIDS and has to be put to sleep. I now also have to bring my own cat to the vet to check if it also is infected.
Feels bad as fuck, I wanted to help the poor animal and make it happy by treating the wounds and then letting it free or bringing it back to the original owner. Now I am the reason why it is goinbg to die.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 8:43am
>> No. 24495 [Edit]
T-thanks. I feel like I want to search recipes on the interneet now and learn to cook more things. Cooking seems like a fun and consistently rewarding hobby.
>> No. 24497 [Edit]
I had no idea that cats could get AIDS.

Anyway, don't think about it that way. Think about it as if you were saving a ton of other cats from getting cat AIDS.
>> No. 24498 [Edit]
I didn't even know cats had an HIV/AIDS equivalent, really interesting.
Not trying to know it better than a trained profesional, but wikipedia says the testing procedure is inconclusive(it tests for antibodies rather than the virus itself) and shouldn't be used as a criterion for euthanasia of stray/adopted cats:
>Cats that have been vaccinated will test positive for the FIV antibody for the rest of their life due to seroconversion, even though they are not infected. Therefore, testing of strays or adopted cats is inconclusive, since it is impossible to know whether or not they have been vaccinated in the past. For these reasons, a positive FIV antibody test by itself should never be used as a criterion for euthanasia.
There's a citation for that paragraph but it's on a paywalled publication.
>> No. 24513 [Edit]
Congratulations on finding something that brings you joy! In addition, cooking is a good one to enjoy because being able to eat healthier can help your mood.
>> No. 24515 [Edit]
Today I fell and scratched my right hand. It was one medium size and two small circles of penetrated skin. I realised that I fell after pushing my hand against the rough concrete, so I rolled a bit too late, but early enough to save the rest of my arm, and most importantly the head and knee. I washed it with spring water until the blood stopped flowing, and washed it again with something called Pyrisept (antisepsis). I didn't have any distilled water. I applied liniment/ointment (moisture), then I layered a clean compress (dries), and fastened it with regular bandages (didn't have any skin tape). The pain is just enough to feel a bit good. I can't move the hand much or else the bandages fall off. I need some proper skin tape and distilled water.

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>> No. 24521 [Edit]
I started playing ut2004 today and it is still so awesome. I've always been more of a Quake guy but insta-gib ctf is just as much fun as it was 10 years ago.
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File 140493072554.jpg - (145.38KB , 796x669 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I talked to the vet again and the cat had multiple injuries and injections that were severe overall.
The jaw was broken, there's was a large cyst in it's leg so it walked awkwardly, there was a severe throat infection, one of it's balls was swollen so maybe he had cancer in his testicles, the cat AIDS and other small things like parasites.
I asked the vet about the false positive test and she said that that is true and could happen, but not on the AIDS test, that's for a different test regarding Leukemia or something iirc. The cat was also relatively old and like I said very, very, very scared and aggressive when it saw a human.
Usually cats with AIDS get adopted by the local animal-safety-whatever and get into a small group with other invested cats where they hang out, but he was too wild and scared for that sort of thing. You can't leave a stray locked up like that.
The cat is dead now. Here's a (creepy) picture. RIP

Thanks, I don't feel so bad about it anymore.
>> No. 24525 [Edit]
>all those things
God damn. Must've been a living nightmare being that cat. Humans are much less resilient than that, so we can't even imagine.
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He has an amazing character page.
>Lain was a happy young girl
>But she could turn into an alien
>Smoke could also come out from her fingers

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