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File 129202848522.jpg - (141.99KB , 800x500 , Saints_Row_2_wallpaper_by_UniversalDiablo.jpg )
320 No. 320 [Edit]
Anybody here like Saint's Row 2? I'm not really a fan of the "THUG LYFE" aspect but making a cute girl character and having massive kung-fu brawls with pimps was always fun. Anyway, Saint's Row 3 is supposed to be premiering at the Spike VGAs tomorrow
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>> No. 322 [Edit]
I'm also not crazy about "THUG LYFE" but I thought the game was extremely awesome and fun.
It was more of a sequel to gtasa then 4was, and was the game 4 should have been I think, actually fun.
Maybe I'll try playing it again with a little girl main character or something, last time I played it I made the character to resemble myself.
not to many games out there with this level of character customization, not on consoles anyway.
It's a grate game for mindless silly sandbox gameplay and action.
Also, I never played part one, but it didn't seem as if that made much of a big difference.
>> No. 323 [Edit]
My only fear is they'll take away the ability to make a female character. I really doubt they would, but who knows. I certainly wouldn't buy it if they did
>> No. 325 [Edit]
I made a complete neckbeard. Nothing like seeing a basement dweller with sandals, jeans shorts and a ragged kawaii uguu~ shirt living the gangsta life.
He had the British accent and a dinosaur tattoo on his back.
>> No. 327 [Edit]
>> No. 332 [Edit]
The Spike VGAs, by the way, are the biggest load of bullshit in the industry. Based on nominees I can already tell that RDR will win best PS3 game, Halo will win best 360 game, and Black ops will win GOTY.
>> No. 334 [Edit]
....and they didn't even show saints row 3. I suffered through that whole show...for nothing.

Also nice sexism on making a spectacle of the best male voice award and not even mentioning the best female voice awards. Fuck Spike so hard
>> No. 335 [Edit]
Spike is horrible. I'd never watch it.

Also videogames need moe.
>> No. 337 [Edit]
>Also videogames need moe.

My SR2 character was pretty cute. Also Spike is really terrible, yeah
>> No. 338 [Edit]
Do they allow characters which look nothing like the OP's picture?
>> No. 341 [Edit]
Yeah. My character was a purple haired girl in thigh highs, a skirt, and a leather jacket (also shades, can't forget shades). You can also be totally nude (with censored privates of course), which makes cutscenes pretty funny.
>> No. 389 [Edit]
What I don't get is they were apparently ready to go for the spike vgas and pulled it at the last second to promote something else, yet we still haven't gotten any SR3 info. You think they'd just post whatever they were going to do on their site or something
>> No. 1370 [Edit]
File 129831724566.jpg - (336.15KB , 648x774 , saints row.jpg )
Poster for 3 is out!
>> No. 1371 [Edit]
File 129831732299.jpg - (139.15KB , 1025x600 , plane.jpg )
and this
>> No. 1572 [Edit]

Finally, some real info about SR3.
>> No. 1581 [Edit]
File 129961112911.jpg - (42.57KB , 640x399 , snT1Rl.jpg )
Whoops, someone took the scans down. No worries though, because I have them right here! They aren't in order, though
>> No. 1582 [Edit]
File 129961119384.jpg - (45.30KB , 640x386 , Mnk8Tl.jpg )
>> No. 1583 [Edit]
File 129961131424.jpg - (453.59KB , 3296x2056 , snT1R.jpg )
>> No. 1584 [Edit]
File 129961143761.jpg - (454.07KB , 3100x1872 , Mnk8T.jpg )
That and this are reposts of


Since I didn't know how tiny those were
>> No. 1585 [Edit]
File 129961147882.jpg - (630.44KB , 3544x2168 , TPQdL.jpg )
>> No. 1586 [Edit]
File 129961152592.jpg - (708.65KB , 3740x2476 , 4vIFV.jpg )
>> No. 1587 [Edit]
File 129961166353.jpg - (649.44KB , 3432x2136 , N6iX4.jpg )
and done! Hopefully the character they show is just a placeholder kind of thing, since if I can't make a female character like I did in SR2 then that would kill the game for me.
>> No. 1589 [Edit]
and here's another thing that sums up what those scans say (including a passing reference that female characters are still in!). Multiplayer mode (not co-op) is cut, which is fine because it sucked anyway.
>> No. 1594 [Edit]
I don't like thug lyfe stuff either but these are fun games, and I don't think anyone can deny it (GTA, Mafia as well). I wasted a lot of time just playing mini games in SR 1 and 2.
>> No. 1595 [Edit]
I don't know if I should get SR3 for PC or Xbox. If I got it on the PC I might be able to play with some brohnos (also modding), BUT the PC port of SR2 was apparently really bad. On the Xbox, I could play with my friend who I played SR2 with, but I don't really talk to him anymore in the first place.
>> No. 1750 [Edit]
Turns out the quality of the PC port isn't likely to be a problem: It's being handled by the creators themselves
>> No. 1923 [Edit]
File 130137879935.jpg - (79.46KB , 610x343 , cateyes.jpg )

New screenshots! Looks like we can have cateyes, which means I'll probably be playing through this game as a catgirl
>> No. 1949 [Edit]
Trailer with real gameplay footage! It's kind of spoilery but it's easily the best video game trailer since the DNF one

It takes a while to load for me, but it's worth it
>> No. 1966 [Edit]

Here's that trailer on youtube, since that site is slow as shit
>> No. 1968 [Edit]
wow, 1 whole second of gameplay footage, awesome!
>> No. 1969 [Edit]
File 13016027974.png - (104.62KB , 300x300 , thats the joke.png )
>> No. 1973 [Edit]
File 130160818954.jpg - (73.68KB , 639x354 , headcar.jpg )
>> No. 1976 [Edit]
Noticed that too, I figure the guy that drives that thing is REALLY full of himself.
>> No. 1978 [Edit]
I can't wait to steal it, or even better, make a car like that in my character's image.
>> No. 2499 [Edit]
File 130334092960.jpg - (383.93KB , 1280x720 , image_saints_row_the_third-15409-2241_0014.jpg )
New screens.
>> No. 2500 [Edit]
File 130334114646.gif - (873.72KB , 400x225 , sr3 nutshot.gif )
Those are all from that article posted earlier. Still, looks cool. I'm gonna make my character look like a magical girl and her main weapon will be that huge dildo whenever possible
>> No. 3199 [Edit]
CGI trailer
>> No. 3207 [Edit]
File 130703807760.jpg - (144.73KB , 850x480 , med_SR3_PlanetSaints-01%20Resized.jpg )

The giant head car we saw in the "preview" is back and it spits fire
>> No. 3208 [Edit]

Also it apparently comes out in November, which has me super excited because I thought I heard it was pushed back to next year
>> No. 3421 [Edit]
Gameplay from E3. It looks like SR2 only better in every way, and I really hope some people in the TC steam group pick it up so we can go around and whack people in the face with giant dildos together
>> No. 3422 [Edit]
File 130758566135.jpg - (724.96KB , 3979x2238 , srfurry.jpg )
>> No. 3423 [Edit]
Wow, this game is looking freaking awesome.
>> No. 3424 [Edit]
File 130759236944.jpg - (98.73KB , 507x720 , blush.jpg )
O-Or whack each other...
>> No. 3446 [Edit]

The camera shake every time you hit something is reallllly annoying.
>> No. 3463 [Edit]
That was hilarious! Definitely getting this.

The question is, 360 or PC?
>> No. 3468 [Edit]
PC means mods, and playing with people from the TC group. The only downside was maybe it will be a shitty port, but the devs are making the PC version in-house (unlike SR2) so that's probably not going to happen.
>> No. 3469 [Edit]
I was thinking of getting the ps3 version, but forgot about mods, so guess I'll go with he pc one then.
>> No. 3507 [Edit]
I'd better be able to give myself a flat chest in this one, and there's more than 2 decent girl hairstyles.
>> No. 3611 [Edit]
After looking around a bit it turns out that there will be a "sex appeal" slider in character creation that makes your breasts big/small. It's dumb that small breasts = no sex appeal but that's western gaming for you. For male characters it determines their penis size, so when you run around naked you can have the censor blur go to your knees
>> No. 3630 [Edit]
hotdog suit better come back
>> No. 3631 [Edit]
life insurance was awesome.
>> No. 3678 [Edit]
gameplay. It's stuff seen in >>3421 but a bit more informative
>> No. 3679 [Edit]
The cockney male voice won't be back ;_;
>> No. 3722 [Edit]
File 130897635288.jpg - (224.63KB , 924x507 , olF9m.jpg )
Nice fact checking G4
>> No. 3727 [Edit]
Holy fuck...
>> No. 3759 [Edit]
Watching old SR2 stuff makes me long for SR3 even more
>> No. 3863 [Edit]
File 130997399387.gif - (1.14MB , 420x237 , srspin.gif )
>> No. 3895 [Edit]
File 13101511246.jpg - (40.75KB , 678x94 , v77o7.jpg )
Big SR3 announcement soon. I'm betting it's a release date for the character creator thing they are putting out before release
>> No. 3913 [Edit]
here it is. It's only a pre-order DLC announcement ;_;
>> No. 3916 [Edit]
The guy who made the gentlemen of the row mod for PC SR2 has been contacted by Volition, asking if he wants to get involved with the PC version of SR3 in some way. He's speculating that it might be SDK-related, which means SR3 could have modding capability right out of the gate.

Post edited on 11th Jul 2011, 5:33pm
>> No. 3923 [Edit]
File 131049990993.jpg - (377.95KB , 1600x900 , 6e7CY.jpg )
new screenshots. i have no idea what the fuck is happening here
>> No. 3924 [Edit]
File 131050038843.jpg - (270.90KB , 1600x900 , bRPLK.jpg )
Bottle man was always the least popular of the furry gang
>> No. 3925 [Edit]
Looks awesome though.
>> No. 3926 [Edit]
Yeah. SR3 is the most excited I've been for a video game in a long time
>> No. 3927 [Edit]
File 131050677951.jpg - (311.73KB , 1600x900 , b3k0U.jpg )
Here's another pic. Not as interesting as the other two, but that cop car sure looks nice
>> No. 3936 [Edit]
>> No. 3948 [Edit]
It's up on steam for pre-purchase!
>> No. 4015 [Edit]
and now, this!
>> No. 4018 [Edit]
File 131120598055.jpg - (106.91KB , 800x600 , 366f46e6.jpg )
>> No. 4019 [Edit]
quick time events? really now?
>> No. 4020 [Edit]
SR2 had them too in a few activities (like fight club or car surfing). That one looks a little more like a cutscene QTE though, which is kind of lame but oh well
>> No. 4026 [Edit]
Here's the "Story" trailer. Story is of course the least important thing in a saint's row game, but here you go.
>> No. 4046 [Edit]
Another video, this one of the entire second mission. The only thing I don't like is the placeholder main character they use, since he is neither a cute girl with pink hair nor a 400 pound black tranny with a traffic cone on his or her head, and everyone knows that's the true way to play saints row
>> No. 4047 [Edit]
I found this japanese commercial for SR2. Better than the american ones, I say!
>> No. 4167 [Edit]
I picked up the PC version of SR2 and what people said about it being a terrible port are true. However, the experience can be enjoyable if you have 2 things:

1. Gentlemen of the Row Mod (

This mod fixes some stuff (what exactly I don't know since I didn't play without it) and adds all kind of new items and features. It's such a good mod that the guy who made it was asked by the company if he wanted to be involved with the port of SR3.

2. Powertools (

Odds are you will have the speed bug ( This fixes it.

I also got a completed save game, but only because I already beat the game on consoles and really didn't want to redo everything.

Post edited on 1st Aug 2011, 4:22pm
>> No. 4281 [Edit]
File 131360378049.jpg - (112.18KB , 1024x576 , OwOjU.jpg )
>You can adjust your characters sex appeal, which translate to either giving yourself a really giant penis or humungous breasts. The naughty bits are censored, but with that crappy distorted pixel effect so you can kind of make things out still. And of course, physics apply so you'll see your giant dick swinging around like a record (baby) or your breasts bouncing around like a kangaroo inside of a bounce house in outer space.

Oh god
>> No. 4282 [Edit]
what effect does this have on the game?
Do they have some sort of dating system?
does it maybe change what peds say on the streets near you like in gtasa with their sex appeal thing?
>> No. 4283 [Edit]
Just cosmetic probably, like all the customization options were in SR2. You could play the game as a morbidly obese woman with a british man voice wearing a giant hotdog suit and nobody would say a thing.
>> No. 4286 [Edit]
I hope the slider doesn't just go from normal to enormous, since I was looking forward to having flat/small boobs ;_;

It's a western game though, so I wouldn't be surprised

Post edited on 17th Aug 2011, 2:21pm
>> No. 4293 [Edit]
Trailer for the Luchadore gang. Hulk Hogan plays the guy in the purple hoodie
>> No. 4302 [Edit]
Another new thing

Even though it's not the same actor from SR2, there will still be a british guy voice option, and the QTEs seen in earlier videos aren't required to do
>> No. 4303 [Edit]
>THQ also showed us Professor Genki's Mollusk, a preorder bonus vehicle that looks like a Japanese anime porn film on wheels.

I don't even...
>> No. 4304 [Edit]
File 131378326458.jpg - (51.88KB , 400x382 , SR3_ProfGenkiMobile_FINAL_psd_jpgcopy.jpg )
It's weird because this is what the car looks like, so I'm not sure what they mean. Anyway all this "wacky" japanese stuff makes me hopeful that maybe we will get some japanese schoolgirl outfit options, and I will make my entire gang wear them. Even the men.
>> No. 4305 [Edit]
Probably just a stupid stereotype, thinking all animated porn is made of rainbows and random acid trip like wtf, and cats?

also, they say that car along with other Japanese stuff, is only available for preorder.
so what do you think the chances are of them showing up as a mod or something for people that didn't preorder?
>> No. 4306 [Edit]
I thought the stereotype for animated porn was tentacles everywhere though

>so what do you think the chances are of them showing up as a mod or something for people that didn't preorder?

Really good. Probably going to be one of the first mods there are since it would be so simple
>> No. 4307 [Edit]
Also just that car, an octopus gun, and a stunt suit are pre-order DLC. The actual activity related to the japanese stuff is all part of the game regardless
>> No. 4308 [Edit]
Well, for the record, the Japanese stereotype in SR2 was Yakuza's on bikes and cheap imports, so I think the stuff in this will be kind of silly too.
>> No. 4309 [Edit]
yeah but we're not talking about something that was said or done in game, this was something from a review/preview of the game.
>> No. 4310 [Edit]
Yeah but they were a stereotype of Japanese crime. The whole Professor Genki thing is more of the "Oh those wacky Japanese" kind of stereotype. Not that I care, as long as I can wear a serafuku and can pretend I'm a mahou shoujo who rides a hoverbike and wields a giant dildo as a magic weapon
>> No. 4320 [Edit]
Aren't they also stereotyping Hispanics with the whole wrestler thing?
well, who cares, all I care about is when I can freaking play this already!
>> No. 4321 [Edit]
Not really, since if it's anything like SR2 then there will be people of all races and genders in the gangs. The world of Saint's Row is very tolerant!

Also it comes out on November 15th, maybe with a preload earlier than that since I think it's steamworks
>> No. 4387 [Edit]
Video that actually shows a female character doing stuff (skip to 7:00)

Things of note:

-"average" on the boob slider is 50%, so flat chests are almost certainly in

-Tons of skin tones

-There's a hairstyle simply named "anime". Maybe we really will get japanese school outfits?

-Hoverbike flies around like a jet, and has lasers

-Clothing still has no gender restrictions

-If you choose to actually carjack a person instead of just booting them out via a flying kick through the window, it looks a little more cinematic.

-There's hair physics now, so long hair/ponytails won't look like shit anymore

-The person playing is the most stereotypically german person ever (made a big boobed blond who they later buy a barmaid outfit!)
>> No. 4389 [Edit]
>-"average" on the boob slider is 50%, so flat chests are almost certainly in

Which also means comically small wieners for guy characters. Finally I can recreate myself in a video game and be anatomically correct
>> No. 4397 [Edit]
Fuck, video got taken down
>> No. 4398 [Edit]
gotta love jewtube.
>> No. 4447 [Edit]

Nothing really new though
>> No. 4505 [Edit]
>"average" on the boob slider is 50%, so flat chests are almost certainly in

Correction: This video only shows a tiny bit of the game (starts around 7:40), and it shows that 0% boobs doesn't equal flat. ;_;

Boobs have physics now, at least. In the second game is was really weird to have huge boobs that are stiff as rocks.
>> No. 4520 [Edit]
video of some guy fucking around. Watch now before youtube takes it away!
>> No. 4559 [Edit]
Cars won't be really shitty anymore I guess
>> No. 4582 [Edit]
I don't really see what the big deal is with the flat chests, if it's not in the game, it seems like it would be something easy to make into a mod.
It's just a matter of increasing the limits on the slider is all right?
>> No. 4588 [Edit]
Well it's not really a big deal, for me it's just more of a "western culture, sigh" kind of thing. Won't hamper my enjoyment of the game at all.
>> No. 4596 [Edit]
Holly crap man, this game just keeps looking more and more awesome.
>> No. 4597 [Edit]
Video in >>4595 got taken down! I'll probably post it again once the official one goes on youtube, but for those who missed it the video shows that SR3 has missions that involve you going into cyberspace and beating the shit out of hipsters.
>> No. 4598 [Edit]

Watch this mission become a store-exclusive preorder DLC.
>> No. 4599 [Edit]
Nah, the guys in that mission are one of the main gangs in the game and I doubt what looks like the final boss of them would be DLC. Also I don't think there's store-specific preorder shit (yet...), except for things like bobbleheads and junk. There's the octopus gun and cannon car preorder stuff, but that's for preorders everywhere
>> No. 4600 [Edit]
As I was watching the video, I couldin't help but think they might do something like that with it.
They haven't said anything about the gang showcased in that video before this, so it's very suspicious.

I swear, if they pull that same bull crap as the GTAIV DLC...
>> No. 4601 [Edit]
>They haven't said anything about the gang showcased in that video before this, so it's very suspicious.

Yeah they have

>> No. 4602 [Edit]
Huh, never noticed.
>> No. 4611 [Edit]
and here it is
>> No. 4650 [Edit]
Thing showing that tron mission. Sometimes I feel like they might be showing a little too much
>> No. 4706 [Edit]
File 131610951153.png - (291.38KB , 356x356 , image-thumb40.png )
>the publisher announced celebrated Japanese game designer Tomonobu Itagaki (Dear or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Devil's Third) would be making an appearance in the upcoming Saints Row: The Third. Not just any old appearance, mind you: Itagaki will feature as a playable character, giving gamers the chance to don the signature leather jacket and sunglasses and run amok on the streets of Steelport when the game ships later this year.;editor;all;title;2&pid=954853

>> No. 4730 [Edit]
No, they just customized the player character to look like him. Gotta love horribly inaccurate games journalism!
>> No. 4742 [Edit]
This game comes out on my birthday! It's also my most anticipated game that's due to come out.
>> No. 4788 [Edit]
>Why speak your lines like a human being when you can speak like a flayed and pummelled mound of animate corpse? Yep, Saints Row: The Third's roster of character voices includes a zombie option, and it's utterly brilliant. Cut scenes and mid-mission chatter pan out the same way, just with incomprehensible gargling noises in place of the usual gangsta vernacular. Don't worry, you can always leave on the subtitles.

I really love how in this age of DRAMATIC STORYTELLING in video games, this game has an option that renders half the dialogue incomprehensible for no reason other than it's funny. I hope this sells a billion copies
>> No. 4800 [Edit]
This is shaping up to be the best game ever.
>> No. 4803 [Edit]
Video shown in >>4730
>> No. 4804 [Edit]

>Reaching the Escort mission it was soon clear that everything really has been exaggerated. Rather than take a hooker and her clients on a cruise, as in the past games, this time it was a fully grown pet tiger that needed a ride around town. With the giant animal in the passenger seat of my sports car, the mission was to take the wild cat for a ride and return with my face still intact. To try and stop me were two anti-animal cruelty vans and the tiger itself, who didn’t appear very appreciative of my driving and would often swipe for my face with its huge paws, causing me to momentarily lose control of the vehicle.
>> No. 4815 [Edit]
File 131723095795.jpg - (263.84KB , 1300x731 , ZW2fT.jpg )
Achievement list is out, as are a few new pictures
>> No. 4816 [Edit]
File 131723100086.jpg - (277.12KB , 1300x731 , duYVC.jpg )
>> No. 4817 [Edit]
File 131723103441.jpg - (265.05KB , 1300x731 , ve7b8.jpg )
>> No. 4821 [Edit]
>> No. 4822 [Edit]
She sounds really familiar, but I can't put my finger on it
>> No. 4828 [Edit]
>September 30th -- Today, THQ and Volition announced that the PC version of Saints Row: The Third is scheduled to release exactly when they said it would. Developed in-house at Volition in Champaign, IL and powered by Steam, Saints Row: The Third on PC is not scheduled to be delayed by any unforeseen development problems, shipping issues, inclement weather, or zombie apocalypse. As such, it remains on track for a November 15 release, exactly when we said it would.

>Full details on the PC version will be posted to the official website, in the near future, including recommended specifications and PC-only features.

I assume they are mocking Ubisoft for delaying the PC port of Arkham City for no real reason. Cheeky buggers
>> No. 4829 [Edit]
That sure is one masculine looking woman.
>> No. 4830 [Edit]
probably has the muscle slider up a lot. you could get pretty freakish in SR2, so I always kept it pretty low (just enough for some delicious stomach tone)
>> No. 4832 [Edit]
The only bad news about this game is that they are already planning tons of release-day DLC (mostly clothes/vehicles) that are undoubtedly already on the disk. Probably because their last game (red faction armageddon) was a huge commercial failure and they are trying to make up for it by squeezing every drop they can out of this.
>> No. 4837 [Edit]
In which a demo player puts to boob slider at 100% for the thousandth time
>> No. 4838 [Edit]
In which a man wearing a bikini does rude and lewd things to innocent bystanders
>> No. 4839 [Edit]
They find it funny, it can't be helped.
>> No. 4849 [Edit]
File 131766295169.jpg - (48.42KB , 500x558 , llWum.jpg )
>> No. 4860 [Edit]
Here's a video of the japanese version

It's basically this video >>4803 but japanese and with a girl character instead of Itagaki. It also shows all the hairstyles but it goes by super fast
>> No. 4861 [Edit]
I will now most definitively buy this game if it has good gore/nude mods.
>> No. 4862 [Edit]
You mean there is a game that exists that DOESN'T have a nude mod?!
>> No. 4864 [Edit]
I like how the first thing we hear when she walks out of the place with watermelon tits is some lady telling her she needs to get implants. If someone says this to my small chest character I'm going to spill their blood
>> No. 4883 [Edit]
File 131800933165.jpg - (35.56KB , 541x304 , 45xlc.jpg )
System requirements out on steam


OS: Windows® XP

Processor: 2GHz Dual Core Processor (Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2) or higher

Memory: 2GB System RAM or more

Graphics: 320MB Video RAM GPU w/ Shader Model 3.0 support. NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 series or better. ATI Radeon™ HD3800 series or better

DirectX®: 9.0c

Hard Drive: 10GB

Sound: 100% DirectX® 9.0C compliant sound card or equivalent onboard sound

Co-Op Play:NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 cards require 640MB of Video RAM. ATI Radeon™ HD3800 cards require 1GB of Video RAM


OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7

Processor: Any Quad Core Processor (Intel® Core i5 or AMD Phenom™ II X4) or 3.0+ Dual Core CPU

Memory: 4GB System RAM or more

Graphics: 1GB Video RAM GPU w/ Shader Model 4.0 support. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 400 series or better. ATI Radeon™ HD5000 series or better

DirectX®: DirectX® 11

Hard Drive: 10 GB

Sound: 100% DirectX® 9.0C compliant sound card or equivalent onboard sound

There is also a whole bunch of pictures someone posted on the official forums, but the mods deleted that thread. Here they are:

And finally, a video of insurance fraud:
>> No. 4901 [Edit]
Video of the very first mission, then some of the usual character customization and running around.

The crowd boos when the guy starts to make a female character, but then cheers when he does the classic "put boob slider to 100%" technique.
>> No. 4902 [Edit]

aaaand it's gone. oh well
>> No. 4905 [Edit]
tank and jet

It's neat how the tank actually squishes cars
>> No. 4908 [Edit]
File 131863450083.jpg - (276.79KB , 1600x1067 , eyefinitysr3.jpg )
Not really news, but it's something that should make people feel better about the PC version
>> No. 4919 [Edit]
oh god the zombie voice
>> No. 5010 [Edit]
Here's a short Q&A. Probably the most informative thing in it is it says what the radio stations will be:

107.7 The Mix: '80s and '90s pop/rock
GENX 89: modern rock
KRHYME 95.4: hip-hop
K12 97.6: electronic music
Klassic 102.4: classical
Adult Swim WDDTCPDG: Adult Swim and Cartoon Network content
Kabron 104.2: urban latin and raeggaeton
The Blood 106.66: hard rock

With the focus on Japanese stuff I was hoping we would get a jpop station but oh well, I guess I can always play my own music in the background. Not really the same though... ;_;
>> No. 5011 [Edit]
>Adult Swim WDDTCPDG: Adult Swim and Cartoon Network content

the hell does that mean?
>> No. 5024 [Edit]
things like this
>> No. 5028 [Edit]
If that was the case, it wouldn't be as bad as I imagined.

my first thought was playing the OPs to the shows they air/
>> No. 5035 [Edit]
Game is apparently a lot more RPGey than the second one
>> No. 5044 [Edit]
Apparently the character creator will be out on the 1st. I don't know if that's for the people with the early access code or not though, if it is then everybody gets it on the 8th
>> No. 5046 [Edit]
Here's a video showing yet another mission, but the thing I cared most about was how they show a bunch of tops you can wear. They look nice, but it looks like they merged all the top categories into one "upper body" option which is really going to cut down on creativity. Also you will NEVER GUESS what slider the guy turns to 100% on the girl. Never
>> No. 5049 [Edit]
>you will NEVER GUESS what slider the guy turns to 100% on the girl. Never
Penis length?
>> No. 5050 [Edit]
actually gender is a male/female option this time unlike the gender slider in SR2, so you either get boobs or a dick (there's always mods though!). you can still give your male characters a female voice or vise versa though
>> No. 5051 [Edit]

Now that's video game innovation!
>> No. 5055 [Edit]
Was thinking of replaying saints row 2, I got a copy for ps3 but was wondering, Is it worth bothering with to download the PC version and the patches for it to make it not suck like people say it does?
Are there any decent mods or anything the pc version has the console version doesn't?
>> No. 5056 [Edit]
the gentlemen of the row mod adds tons of things, like guns (such as a nuke launcher), clothes (mostly things that NPCs wear that normally isn't availabe to you) and new buyable houses (like that giant tower). Whether those things make it worth or not is up to you. Also even though there's patches that fix the problems, it's still pretty dodgy.
>> No. 5057 [Edit]
also there's a patch option that can change your character's height, which is useful if you want to play a little girl since the default unchangeable height is like 7 feet
>> No. 5064 [Edit]
File 131956792535.jpg - (58.65KB , 650x720 , dgYcm.jpg )
There's some dev-created characters up on their new site
>> No. 5065 [Edit]
File 131956845387.png - (252.44KB , 346x651 , ohno.png )
oh lord
>> No. 5070 [Edit]
and here's a trailer for that character creator. It will be available soon to people with the first access code, and november 1st to everyone else
>> No. 5074 [Edit]
Gamespot is giving away codes for the character creator
>> No. 5077 [Edit]
File 131958994953.jpg - (145.11KB , 1280x720 , 2011-10-25_00001.jpg )
Pretty nice editer, upper body might be one group, but there's tons of items there to pick from.

This was the result of fiddling around with it for a bit, female characters sure are masculine looking, almost like a cross dresser, even with all the editing of the settings, guess I might just play as a dude when the full game comes out.
>> No. 5078 [Edit]
File 131959448222.jpg - (137.38KB , 1280x1024 , 2011-10-25_00001.jpg )
Stuff looks pretty nice, but overall I think there's less room for variety than SR2. Still nice though
>> No. 5079 [Edit]
Yeah, I messed around with it for a bit just now and I agree that the female characters look too manly. I wish there were more body shape customization options.
>> No. 5080 [Edit]
For me it's the arms. Even at 0% strength they look so bulky
>> No. 5081 [Edit]
Hilarious, they really do look like cross dressers.
>> No. 5082 [Edit]
You can actually make your character pretty flat, I'm surprised. I'm still going to give mine some boob though, since the flatness doesn't go with the character's body shape very well.

Post edited on 25th Oct 2011, 7:21pm
>> No. 5083 [Edit]
the more I mess with it the more I like it. it doesn't have the variety of SR2, but the outfits you can make look pretty stylish. It makes me want to play the real game more
>> No. 5084 [Edit]
File 131960032134.jpg - (184.21KB , 1000x563 , GAVUW.jpg )
the guy who made the gotr mod for sr2 is already working on this
>> No. 5085 [Edit]
I tried it out, with a patch and that mod, and god damn, people weren't kidding about how buggy the pc version is.
Opening vids don't play, more then a few animations and sounds don't play, and couldn't change the graphics settings, which I think are stuck at the lowest setting.
>> No. 5091 [Edit]
at least co-op hasn't seemed to change
>> No. 5092 [Edit]
that seems to confirm that not all of the clothing items are in the demo, since that backback with all the thingies on it isn't in it
>> No. 5105 [Edit]
According to the files in the IS, there are 24 story missions and 4 strongholds. Pretty light, but games like this are made for messing around anyway. Also there's still the activities

Post edited on 27th Oct 2011, 11:09am
>> No. 5107 [Edit]
File 131974357511.jpg - (38.89KB , 559x231 , layers.jpg )
Wasn't a demo thing I guess ;_;
>> No. 5110 [Edit]
air strike thing looks neat
>> No. 5121 [Edit]
File 131991637087.jpg - (173.38KB , 800x450 , e2QDn.jpg )
>> No. 5137 [Edit]
File 132012695358.jpg - (30.21KB , 578x640 , CgD5Gl.jpg )
Time to pull people out bathroom windows and beat the shit out of them.
>> No. 5138 [Edit]
Heh, nice one.
>> No. 5140 [Edit]
I laughed too hard at that.
>> No. 5147 [Edit]
pc version will have advanced graphics, video recording, and free tf2 hat DLC. But in a shocking twist, it's TF2 hats in SR3 instead of SR3 hats in TF2
>> No. 5148 [Edit]
the character creator is out for everyone now on steam, if you couldnt get a code before
>> No. 5166 [Edit]
New trailer. It shows who the mayor of the new city is...;img;2#toggle_video
>> No. 5171 [Edit]
huh, didn't see that one coming.
>> No. 5177 [Edit]
First review is out, 9.5
>> No. 5202 [Edit]
here's the first part of a pretty positive review from rps

for some reason he starts talking about gender equality shit at the end though
>> No. 5213 [Edit]
Pushed to the brink by a zombie apocalypse, one man does whatever it takes to survive
>> No. 5244 [Edit]
File 132060883266.jpg - (155.61KB , 1280x720 , b4Ou4.jpg )
Found these pictures. 47 missions (a lot more than the previously thought 24) and 56 activities. Quite a lot!
>> No. 5245 [Edit]
File 132060887320.jpg - (166.98KB , 1280x720 , Qdjyt.jpg )
and here's a map of the city. Almost reminds me of GTA4's
>> No. 5246 [Edit]
File 132061727970.jpg - (174.61KB , 1600x1200 , blonde.jpg )
I'm stuck on whether I should give my character blonde hair or the cool purpley shiny hair. Better I get the weird OCD character creation stuff out of my system now than when I'm playing the real game, I guess
>> No. 5255 [Edit]
I heard the game has been leaked, and it's the xbox version. Why developers still think piracy makes PC games not worth it is beyond me, when all the recent big game leaks have been console versions.
>> No. 5256 [Edit]
>> No. 5261 [Edit]
Video of the 2 trailblazing activities. The first is pretty much the one from SR2, but if you skip to around 2:40 you see the other one, which looks kind of like audiosurf.
>> No. 5276 [Edit]
surfin' on a jet
>> No. 5277 [Edit]
okay then...
>> No. 5278 [Edit]
its weird that so much of the marketing is centered around that character, when all he is an activity host and random boss spawn. anyway, less than a week left! i hope steam lets me preload
>> No. 5279 [Edit]
that and his in game content is preorder exclusive.
>> No. 5280 [Edit]
no, just that car and the squid gun.
>> No. 5281 [Edit]
and the outfit
>> No. 5282 [Edit]
oh yeah, the daredevil suit thing. I hope the cat mask isn't attached to it
>> No. 5283 [Edit]
apparently steven blum is the zombie voice. that's really funny to me for some reason
>> No. 5312 [Edit]
lots of reviews out, mostly favorable. lowest I saw so far was 70. Games journalsim is garbage though so take that with a grain of salt (gta4 got tons of perfect scores, for example)
>> No. 5392 [Edit]
game's pretty fun but you don't "start out at the top" like they said you would since I'm poor as hell, but there is a story reason for it so maybe at a certain point I get rich again. I've barely done any story missions though, mostly running around and getting into fights with the cops and the gangs
>> No. 5399 [Edit]
File 13214747935.jpg - (479.20KB , 600x878 , SRTT_Syndicate_Anime_Poster01.jpg )
Volition hired some manga artists to make some posters. Here's the first one, and there's gonna be 3 more each by different artists
>> No. 5400 [Edit]
also, they want people to guess who the artist is before they reveal it so I guess they are notable artists
>> No. 5406 [Edit]
They said anime artist, not mangaka, so I bet it's drawn by an animator. Speaking in general terms, the art skill level among mangaka tends to be rather low compared to that of animators from what I've seen.

I have no idea who the person might be, but if I had to guess, the colouring/shading slightly reminds me of some conceptual game art that Yoh Yoshinari did before. But I bet I'm wrong.
>> No. 5407 [Edit]

Are they really trying to get away from the "THUG LYFE" stuff, or will that always be there?
>> No. 5408 [Edit]
its gotten away from the "thug lyfe" thing quite a bit really, almost completely.

Post edited on 16th Nov 2011, 2:41pm
>> No. 5414 [Edit]

The game has never been about thug lyfe so much as making fun of the idea of it, through over the top absurdities.
>> No. 5415 [Edit]
Any you dudes play the first game?
how was it?
>> No. 5416 [Edit]
from what I hear, the first game was a decent GTA clone at best. the second one was where it really became it's own thing
>> No. 5423 [Edit]
>> No. 5426 [Edit]
I beat it. Despite losing some of SR2's stuff, namely a good chunk of customization options, it was really fun. The music they played during the final mission was perfect
>> No. 5427 [Edit]
The endings are weird. There's 2 different endings (the game lets you do both), and the consequences from both seem to exist at the same time even though it's not really possible.
>> No. 5468 [Edit]
File 132245914210.jpg - (1.40MB , 1920x1200 , ilya_bike_rain.jpg )
I've never played a Saint's Row game before, and I've never really been a fan of the GTA series. However, I'm having a ridiculously fun time with this game.

I downloaded the Initiation Station a couple of days ago out of curiosity, largely because I love tinkering with character creators. After toying with the sliders and being relatively satisfied with my creation, I realized two hours had already passed and had a burning desire to see my character in action. So, on an impulse, I purchased the full game off of Steam.

I have to admit, I suffered buyer's remorse while waiting for the game to download. I figured I'd get my character in-game, end up tweaking her a bit more, play around for a bit and get bored. Fortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong and my regret over my impulsiveness was quickly abated after loading up the game.

I really like how cinematic the gameplay is during the missions. For example, how when your character is free-falling through the sky in the second mission, and the game fluidly transitions into a cutscene where (s)he shoots and kicks in the windshield of a plane and dives through it, taking out several enemies in her path, before flying out the back and putting the player back in control as the character continues plummeting towards the ground. Not to mention, how over the top and dynamic the whole scenario is (as are most of them).

It's also nice how most of the missions are unlocked as activities, so you can play your favorites at anytime. Also, the city looks gorgeous, especially when it rains. The streets actually look wet and reflect light. It's a nice touch.

My biggest gripe with the game is that my characters often look like ass during some cut-scenes, despite looking fine any other time (in my opinion, at least). I guess it's just the "cinematic lighting," but it can be really jarring sometimes. Also, I can't say I'm particularly fond of any of the female hairstyles. I hope they add more in the future. Why do western developers always suck at making female hairstyles?

For a game that's filled to the brim with crude humor, drug references, really blatant sexual innuendo (actually, I don't even think it's really innuendo) and all sorts of other vulgar things, the game is surprisingly well crafted. I've only had the game 3 days, and I've already clocked in way more time in SR3 than I have in Skyrim.

And to close with a gameplay question: I'm at a point in the campaign where the STAG guys are everywhere. I'm finding this often makes doing a lot of activities exceedingly difficult as my notoriety inevitably increases and squads of those STAG guys roll up in their armored street tank behemoths (that shoot lasers or something) in addition to the usual rival gangs and regular cops. Can I get rid of them without actually finishing the campaign or am I just screwed?
>> No. 5469 [Edit]
>It's also nice how most of the missions are unlocked as activities, so you can play your favorites at anytime

Actually it's the other way around: those missions ARE the activites. There's no way to replay the "real" missions (except the final one, and then only once). Also, what's you steam name? Maybe we could play together, though I have no mic.

Post edited on 27th Nov 2011, 9:57pm
>> No. 5472 [Edit]
Right, that's kind of what I meant, I guess. I realize the important story mission aren't replayable. However, my favorite ones where you can hang out of a helicopter and blow stuff up are activities, so I'm happy.

>Also, what's you steam name? Maybe we could play together, though I have no mic.

That's fine. I don't have a mic either. Is it possible to communicate via text in-game?
>> No. 5473 [Edit]
>Is it possible to communicate via text in-game?

I'm pretty sure. Also I can't join you/message you for some reason
>> No. 5474 [Edit]
Hmm, you could try friending me first. It could be something with profile settings. I'm not particularly knowledgeable with the community aspects of Steam. Also, the fact that I have SR3 paused and alt-tabbed could have something to do with it.
>> No. 5519 [Edit]
File 132280011557.jpg - (1.39MB , 1920x1200 , tohno_coop.jpg )
Just finished what I assume is considered the 'bad' ending (since I betrayed everyone) with another TC poster. It was pretty neat, although the final mission seemed rather easy. However, that probably had a lot to do with the fact that Kawaii had my back the entire time, enabling me to just focus fire on Cyrus. It's pretty neat that you can play the entire campaign in co-op in addition to just roaming around causing mayhem.

This game is so ridiculous, but it's a blast to play. It's pretty funny how them manage to cover the full spectrum of pop culture and cram it all into one game.
>> No. 5520 [Edit]
>However, that probably had a lot to do with the fact that Kawaii had my back the entire time

Being immune to almost all damage and having unlimited rocket ammo goes a long way. When I first did that mission I had to call in a tank

edit: oh wait, that was the second to the last mission. no tanks for the finale! just lots of minigunin'

Post edited on 1st Dec 2011, 8:45pm
>> No. 5522 [Edit]
Does anyone know if you can play split screen co-op with the 360 version?
>> No. 5528 [Edit]
You can't
>> No. 5555 [Edit]
File 132306472526.jpg - (532.27KB , 856x741 , schoolgirls.jpg )
Gosh, I love this game.

Just give me mission replayability, mary janes/loafers with kneesocks, and twin tails with bangs, and it would be almost perfect.
>> No. 5579 [Edit]
So, how long till someone puts out some decent modding tools?
>> No. 5584 [Edit]
No idea. I heard it actually sold really well in Japan though, so maybe we will get some GTA:SA-style touhou mods or something eventually
>> No. 5585 [Edit]
The PC version isn't out yet and JP Steam is garbage from what I've read, not sure if there's a retail release. I'm not sure what Saints Row 2 did in Japan (too lazy to check) but the Third's console versions had a decent opening.

>05./00. [PS3] Saints Row: The Third <ACT> (THQ Japan) {2011.11.17} (¥7.770) - 36.222 / NEW
>14./00. [360] Saints Row: The Third <ACT> (THQ Japan) {2011.11.17} (¥7.770) - 15.380 / NEW
>> No. 5709 [Edit]
Game is 25% off on steam right now!
>> No. 5829 [Edit]
First (more than just clothes) DLC thing is coming out on the 17th
>> No. 5858 [Edit]
and here's another (free) dlc coming out on the same day: some bald guy or something. yay?
>> No. 5869 [Edit]
Who the hell is Cheapy D?
>> No. 5872 [Edit]
I have no idea.
>> No. 5874 [Edit]
a guy from Cheap Ass Gamer. I used to listen to him on their podcast sometimes.
>> No. 5885 [Edit]
THQ is dying

Hopefully Volition can jump to someone else (oh god please not EA) or I guess SR3 will be the last
>> No. 5886 [Edit]
Not surprised THQ is going under. The only good games they brought us were the Saints games, and everything else was shovelware garbage. I'm surprised they even survived this long. But yeah, hopefully Volition goes to a good home after its all said and done.
>> No. 5887 [Edit]
>THQ is offering themselves to Asian firms to increase their company value

Maybe they will get bought by a Japanese company who knows how to make cute characters and hairstyles that don't look like shit. Still though EA is probably the most likely buyer since they have the goal of absorbing EVERYTHING. They bought popcap
>> No. 5888 [Edit]
I kind of wonder just how well they expected SR3 to sell. It's been in the top 10 sellers on steam since release (barring a few times when various sales knocked it off) and that's about as good as it can get when competing with the likes of Skyrim and the new CoD. Maybe the console version didn't sell very well or something, though you think it would have sold even better

Post edited on 15th Jan 2012, 4:07pm
>> No. 5897 [Edit]
THQ is already dead, basically. Unless someone buys the entirety of THQ, which is likely because they're extremely cheap for the huge amount of IPs and talented studios they possess, I'd imagine Volition as we know it are done for, and the Saints Row IP, along with THQ's other IPs, will be picked off by random publishers. There's been speculation that Warner Brothers, Square Enix, or possibly Konami would buy THQ wholesale, so there's hope, but it's way too early to tell.

It did very well, way better than I think a lot of people expected, but it just was not enough. THQ have been mismanaged and making poor business decisions for ages. They've closed over 10 of their internal studios this gen. The straw that did them in was the huge uDraw flop on PS3/360.
>> No. 5901 [Edit]
>> No. 5922 [Edit]
Well the Genkibowl thing was pretty mediocre. Adds a few new activities, all but one of them is really original. The rest are just altered versions of existing activities. No new clothes or anything (that I've seen unlocked, haven't checked the stores for new stuff yet) aside from big mascot masks and a panda suit. Not even any new dialogue from the protagonist except for the end, where for some reason it uses the altered voice effect that the opening mission uses. Maybe they couldn't get all the MC voices back or something. The new vehicles are neat though: a giant ball of yarn and a flamethrower car specifically

I really hope the other 2 are better

Post edited on 17th Jan 2012, 4:32pm
>> No. 5982 [Edit]
>> No. 5983 [Edit]
>Log in or register for free to read the whole article.
what the shit?
why the hell would a news site have something as stupid as that?
>> No. 5984 [Edit]
So they can say they have lots of users and make themselves look good
>> No. 5986 [Edit]
its an "industry insider" kind of website, its not like a public news website
>> No. 5996 [Edit]
Shit's getting real.
>> No. 5997 [Edit]
Well they say the studios weren't a part of that, so I assume Volition is OK. Still, none of this is looking good
>> No. 6000 [Edit]
Their successful, internal studios are their biggest asset at this point. They'll do everything in their power to not layoff people from any of them. At least, that's what I'd expect.
>> No. 6006 [Edit]
File 132822016076.png - (30.28KB , 960x520 , thqreleseschedule2tjcq.png )
THQ FY12 Q3 results ($56M net loss):

At least Saints Row: The Third did well, with 3.6 million shipped in Q3 + expected 5 to 6 million lifetime shipments.
>> No. 6007 [Edit]
I'm still worried EA will buy volition or something. I really like the saints row games and that would be a shame
>> No. 6008 [Edit]
From the conference call going on now:

>"We intend to end the fiscal year with a cash balance of $25 million and no debt."

They have only $47.7M cash left, at the end of FY12 Q3.
>> No. 6011 [Edit]
They have 1.4 unsold uDraw tablets (no idea what that is) that apparently lost them 30 million
>> No. 6012 [Edit]
>They have 1.4 unsold uDraw tablets

1.4 million, rather.
>> No. 6013 [Edit]
I don't see how they could have expected a proprietary game peripheral to sell, without the games to go with it.
>> No. 6014 [Edit]
I wonder if they will bury all of the unsold tablets in a dumping ground in Nevada Desert.
>> No. 6016 [Edit]
Is that what all the cool kids are calling the walmart bargain bin now?
>> No. 6018 [Edit]
uDraw did very well on Wii. They did market research to see if there was a market for uDraw on PS3/360. That research indicated that there was, and probably a decent enough demand for it given they expected it to perform really well. Unfortunately, they majorly overestimated that demand, and are now on the verge of collapse.
>> No. 6165 [Edit]
another new DLC is out. its slightly better than the last one (your character actually talks) but its really short and you dont get to keep the weapons they give you in the second mission for some reason
>> No. 6415 [Edit]
THQ's descent into oblivion continues.

>THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI) today announced that it has refocused Warhammer® 40,000®: Dark Millennium™ from a Massively Multiplayer Online game to an immersive single player and online multiplayer experience with robust digital content, and engaging community features.

>As a result of this change, team sizes at two THQ internal studios will be reduced by 79 full-time employees at Vigil Games in Austin, Texas, and 39 employees at Relic Entertainment in Vancouver, B.C.
>> No. 6416 [Edit]
>robust digital content

If SR3 is any indication then that game's DLC is going to be garbage.
>> No. 6417 [Edit]
Anyone here tried their hand at modding yet?
>> No. 6599 [Edit]
An expansion pack that was originally an april fool's joke is actually real

If the previous DLC was any indication then this won't be worth 30 dollars by a longshot
>> No. 6850 [Edit]
Now instead of being an expansion it's going to be part of a full new saints row game next year
>> No. 6852 [Edit]

Ugh, yearly release. You know a game is dead (in terms of innovation, it's not just a product) when that starts to happen.
>> No. 6853 [Edit]
To be fair there was apparently tons of things they wanted to do with SR3 but couldn't because of time (like a full parkour system), so there's probably a bunch of new stuff cooked up for this. On the other hand, 2 years probably isn't enough time to make good new game specific things like story and a new city, unless they do like they did with SR2 and use a bigger more detailed version of the previous city.
>> No. 6854 [Edit]
They probably will reuse Steelport if they make SR4 follow the killing Killbane and making Steelport it's own nation ending.
>> No. 8123 [Edit]
Saints Row 4 was just announced and I fail to see what their strategy is against GTA V other than to still the urges for GTA two weeks before release.
>> No. 8124 [Edit]
GTA has steered away from wacky violent crazy fun and has taken the series in a more serious narrative focused direction, and saints row is filling the void. They're not in the same league and shouldn't be seen as directly competing with each other.

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