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File 133672641312.jpg - (31.69KB , 499x333 , 1332706217993.jpg )
10113 No. 10113 [Edit]
How often do you wash and brush your teeth?
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>> No. 10114 [Edit]
Every time I need to. That is, every time I consume something high in carbohydrate content.

Did you know that before the introduction of the evil food source known as cereal into human life, tooth decay didn't exist?
>> No. 10115 [Edit]
Twice a day, I hate the feeling of my mouth and teeth being filled with sugar.
>> No. 10116 [Edit]
I don't know, but its not much.
>> No. 10118 [Edit]
0-2 times a day.
>> No. 10119 [Edit]
Twice a day. I try to do it after every meal lately.
>> No. 10121 [Edit]
You guys are pretty decent... last time I brushed me teeth was like a week ago... maybe two.

I think I'm going to do it now.
>> No. 10123 [Edit]
Usually once a night, sometimes after consuming something like soda.
Doesn't really make up for the 18 or so years I went without brushing though...
>> No. 10124 [Edit]
>I try to do it after every meal lately.
>sometimes after consuming something like soda.
Don't do this.
If you've had something to eat or drink right before you brush your teeth you do more harm than good.
>> No. 10125 [Edit]
Lately I've been brushing them once or twice a day.
When I'm particularly depressed, I go weeks without brushing.

Apparently, you shouldn't brush right after eating acidic stuff because acidic stuff softens your enamel. But it's still probably better than not brushing at all.
>> No. 10127 [Edit]
I brush around once a week. Sometimes twice a week.

When I went to school I did it every day.
>> No. 10131 [Edit]
Every night before bed
>> No. 10132 [Edit]
I brush at least once a day, but sometimes I'll forget and go a day or two without brushing.
>> No. 10135 [Edit]
maybe twice or three times a week, i forget too much ;_;
>> No. 10139 [Edit]
twice a day because I haven't been to a dentist in years and scared as fuck to do so now.
>> No. 10140 [Edit]
I haven't been to my dentist in years either. He talks a lot and I'm afraid of him asking what I've been doing, which is obviously nothing. Maybe I'll be dead before my teeth rot...
>> No. 10141 [Edit]
File 133679971429.jpg - (28.97KB , 620x348 , 5-5628-15420-tatamijpg-620x.jpg )
- shower: about once a week...
- teeth: sporadically (I don't remember the last time I did)
- wash hands: all the time.
>> No. 10142 [Edit]
The last time I went was about 2 or 3 years ago. That was also the first time I'd been in 6 years too. When I went I was told I needed a filling in one of my teeth, I figured since it didn't hurt and that since the dentist was some foreign guy who barely spoke English that he was wrong. A couple of days later I went to another dentist (who also lacked the ability to speak directly or in a comprehensible manner to me) which was literally next door and they told me, in front of the entire waiting room, that I needed 7 fillings. I just turned by back on them and walked out and have never been back since. And now a couple of years later my teeth are still fine and I have no intention of going back to a dentist since I don't trust them and If I don't feel there's anything wrong, then there's no need to worry.
>> No. 10144 [Edit]
Hardly, don't care either. I'll also be dead long before they rot. I take showers often.
>> No. 10146 [Edit]
I'm pretty much the same.

I think that in this entire year, the longest I've managed to take a bath in consecutive days is maybe two or three. The longest I've went without a bath is either two or three weeks. I brush my teeth when I take a bath. I also don't remember the last time I brushed my teeth, and I also wash my hands all of the time.

I feel less lonely now.
>> No. 10150 [Edit]
Once every two days or so. I hate feeling dirty. And I hate that uncomfortableness you feel after you fap and don't shower for a while.

I try to brush my teeth twice a day, at morning and at night, but I often forget to in the morning.
>> No. 10203 [Edit]
File 133687400494.jpg - (35.87KB , 704x396 , 125651651a.jpg )
I had a root canal at 13(never brushed up till then) and then a bunch of orthodontic work with various torture devices.

Going to a dentist scares the fuck outta me. I haven't been in a few years either. I need to, but dammit.
>> No. 10204 [Edit]
I feel like shit whenever I go to the dentist because I always need a filling and they say something like "if you want to have teeth for life, you need to make an effort to brush more often". I brush twice a day and chew gum after eating, it doesnt help. Also I had a fucked up infection underneath one of my teeth so they had to pull it out, the alternative was $1000 root canal surgery. My brother never has cavities and he hardly ever brushes. I've been trying to see a dentist for months but I work every day and my rare days off are always busy.
>> No. 10205 [Edit]
My dentist my whole life has put me through nothing but more pain than I ever needed to be in. The only thing I'm thankful for them doing is cleaning my teeth up every so often but the bad out weighs the good. I had so many what I would call torture devices in my mouth my whole life that i've just given up. Let my teeth go to shit, I don't give a single fuck. Braces were the last straw a couple years ago, I forced them to taken them off after the first week. Couldn't take it anymore. As for the rest of my body I shave and take a shower every so often but I got no one to impress so I never make myself sparkle.
>> No. 10207 [Edit]
Never. Last time i washed my teeth was year ago, my last visit to dentist. Since then, not a single time.

My teeth are totally okay, but occlusion is completely corrupt. My left canine tooth is on the gum, right in front of another tooth. Others are misplaced/crooked as well. But no cavity.
>> No. 10214 [Edit]
I brush my teeth before bed, and whenever my teeth hurt, even if the pain is unrelated.
I shower every week or two, though I've been trying to do it more often.
I wash my hands and dick obsessively.
>> No. 10336 [Edit]
I shower at least twice a day. Hygiene is a side-benefit; I do it to relax. Showers rule.

I also brush my teeth pretty obsessively because, frankly, I fear pain. I also prefer to not look like a chain smoker or a crackhead.
>> No. 10337 [Edit]
File 133740945127.jpg - (152.32KB , 1440x810 , just would brush (and be brushed by) Karen.jpg )
I hardly ever (and I mean EVER) brush my teeth. I've always drank a lot of soda and smoke from moderately to heavily for 15 years now. Nevertheless, I've only needed dental care in two occasions: a little cavity, when I was a kid (mostly due to family pressure; nothing of concern), and when I got two of my teeth broken, when kicked in the face repeteadly by a bunch of drunk football players (don't mind any more details)...

I guess I just have good teeth, like the hyena I am. I had to have at least one physical advantage, right?
>> No. 10338 [Edit]
I brush my teeth before I go to the dentist (luckily my father) once a year. That's about it.

Oddly though I'm very meticulous about showering, I hate the feeling of greasy hair or touching my arm and feeling the grease on it.
>> No. 10392 [Edit]
Shower once every other day, brush twice a day.
>> No. 10393 [Edit]
I shower or have a bath at least once a day. It's relaxing to do.

I brush my teeth any time I eat or drink something (unless its water).
>> No. 10394 [Edit]
>> No. 10395 [Edit]
I've heard only showering every other day is better for your skin
>> No. 10399 [Edit]

It is true. It's also true with hair. Your body produces its own natural oils and they are beneficial to the body. Washing every day may not be a bad thing, but you would benefit from spacing it out.
>> No. 10402 [Edit]
It's been cold, so I've been showering every other day. Usually it's once a day. Brushing, once a day.
>> No. 10449 [Edit]
Echoing this. I've struggled with acne for half my life, and the single biggest improvement occurred when I stopped washing my face altogether. I still shower daily in the warm months, but I only use soap when there's a bit of dirt or something that won't come off with water alone. I never use shampoo, either, and my hair is never overly oily, dirty, smelly, or any other undesirable adjective.
>> No. 10530 [Edit]
I try to brush my teeth once every night, but often I can't be fucked going downstairs to do so. So generally I might brush 6 times a week on average. I wash generally once or twice a week. I love baths but I hate showers, since they're never warm enough.
>> No. 10562 [Edit]
I don't

Its so out of habit I just don't care enough to start, my teeth are already fucked beyond repair by this point and I WILL be eating baby food in my elderly age. I've hit the point that it doesn't even matter
>> No. 10628 [Edit]
File 133862272468.jpg - (92.18KB , 347x346 , istock_000006914824xsmall.jpg )
I wash my face with olive oil. This works a HELL of a lot better than it probably sounds.
>> No. 10629 [Edit]
What do you mean by this? Do you lather up with soap then use the olive oil like you would water? What kind of olive oil do you use?
>> No. 10631 [Edit]
I too would like to know more about this.
>> No. 10632 [Edit]

Wouldn't olive oil soap work better, or be easier? I see it for sale at stores.
>> No. 10635 [Edit]

Nope; no soap, no cleanser, no nothing. I just massage in a quarter-sized amount of regular extra virgin olive oil, let it sit for a minute, and rinse it off in the shower. The idea (if I understand correctly) is that it dissolves the dried oils and dirt, without overdrying or removing the sebum your skin needs to be healthy, which is what most soaps and oil-free cleansers do.

Google "oil cleansing method". There are a few different versions, some of which involve mixing in castor oil, exfoliating with baking soda beforehand, etc. I just go for the quick and simple way, and it works like a charm. Also makes it much easier to shave, which is important for me since I have a fairly dark, coarse beard.

Fair warning, I am not a dermatologist, and this may all turn out to be total bunk. But a lot of people, myself included, seem to have been successful with it.


Might be worth a try. I've never used it myself.
>> No. 10636 [Edit]

Interesting. It sounds completely legitimate, at least. I know my sister uses olive oil in her hair to keep it from drying out. I guess it has many benefits after all, as do many natural substances.
>> No. 10637 [Edit]
Hygiene/general thread?

I brush my teeth twice a day with fluor supplements, floss very seldom - that shit takes forever. I shower once every other day. Wash my hands alot; face, chinchin and armpits some.
>> No. 10638 [Edit]
At least once a day, but it doesn't help from having yellowish teeth.
>> No. 10648 [Edit]
File 13387775783.jpg - (30.72KB , 236x265 , pig.jpg )
I usually brush my teeth 4+ times a day. If I go out, it's usually more. I'm constantly paranoid that I would offend people with my breath.

On a side note, I have a hate-love relationship with showering.
After I take a shower, I feel pretty relaxed and in a better mood. Yet I will go through great lengths to avoid taking showers. I bought baby wipes a while back to clean my my underarms, nether regions, and sometimes my arms and neck. It's pretty convenient.
>> No. 10668 [Edit]
The Romans used to clean themselves that way.
>> No. 10669 [Edit]
And now they're all dead.

I brush my teeth once a day at least. I found that if it is a regular part of your regimen, and you don't eat processed sugars much, your mouth becomes complacent and if you don't brush for a day and eat processed sugar, it kind of fucks your teeth over. So I would highly suggest either not brushing and keep eating sugar or keep eating sugar while brushing at least once a day. I suggest the second one.

As for showering, if I don't shower once every 24 hours, my head itches like crazy. I don't even notice it until I ask myself why I am scratching my head so much, and realise that I was supposed to take a shower three hours ago.
>> No. 10670 [Edit]
I brush my teeth only once a day, and sometimes use mouthwash couple times a week. Dentist says the teeth are in perfect condition. I think cutting out sugars, snacks, and processed foods + eating more fruits likes apples does more to your teeth health then brushing 3-4 times a day;
>> No. 10726 [Edit]

According to Wikipedia, the population of Rome as of September 2011 is 2,777,979. Sounds like they're doing just fine.

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