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File 129252199899.jpg - (254.15KB , 1600x1200 , 1214053674040.jpg )
458 No. 458 [Edit]
So, thoughts on the new Elder Scrolls game?

I'm looking forward to it being set in Skyrim, I love cold places and mountains.

Also, tES in general, I guess.
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>> No. 459 [Edit]
Nords, Nords everywhere.

Still getting it, at launch if possible. (i really need another graphics card now ;_;)
>> No. 460 [Edit]
Still need to beat oblivion. Every time I played I just ended up beating the guild stuff and forgetting the main quest.
>> No. 461 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm wondering how varied the races will be with it being set so far north.

I'm hoping I'll have a better computer by that point so I can actually play it on my PC instead of PS3. I'm missing so much on the consoles.
>> No. 462 [Edit]
File 129252270728.gif - (1.18MB , 256x192 , Criminal scum taking it easy.gif )
Oblivion is the only Elder Scrolls title I've played. That said, I fucking loved it and deprived myself of much sunlight when I got it.

I'm looking forward to Nordic drunkenness and mountains.
>> No. 463 [Edit]
They'll all still be there, but Nords will be the most prominent.

I'm expecting there to be a lack of the lizards due to the cold too.
>> No. 464 [Edit]
I've never really played an Elder Scrolls game because I never had the computer for it. I'm looking forward to it
>> No. 553 [Edit]
Morrowind worked well in my AMD Sempron, 512 RAM, 64mb onboard VC... So yeah, it will surely work in yours
>> No. 554 [Edit]
I hope they take out the fast travel map and the quest waypoints. Half the fun of Elder Scrolls is taking the obscure directions to get to Fort Moonmoth and ending up at Ghost-Gate being chased by 30 Cliff Racers. Honestly.
>> No. 555 [Edit]
As long as we still have a general map, that is fine with me.

I remember playing Morrowind and getting lost so many times, but not anymore!
>> No. 647 [Edit]
Morrowind can run on hardware from the late 90's(Not even dedicated gpus, graphics accelerators).
>> No. 680 [Edit]
Speaking of which, I installed Morrowind an was actually playing in the summer before my computer crashed, but now I'm trying to re-install it and play again and I can't get to the title screen.

That crash really fucked me up.
>> No. 706 [Edit]
My main prediction, after Oblivion, is that it will essentially be towns like Bruma copied and pasted a few times, and mountains with snow everywhere, with copied and pasted caves and copied and pasted abandoned fortresses for dungeons.

My only real worry is that the game won't support modding as much as Morrowind (like Oblivion removed throwing weapons and thus made it hard as fuck to implement them with mods without getting buggy as shit).
>> No. 709 [Edit]
I....can only hope you're wrong, but something tells me you aren't.

Let's hope they add more variety.
>> No. 751 [Edit]

I agree with this. I think Bethesda chose Skyrim as opposed to any of the other countries because it's the most generic setting next to Cyrodiil. Black Marsh could have been interesting, or Summerset Isle, but as said, it's easier to just do a big version of Bruma with lots of trees and snow.
>> No. 865 [Edit]
New magazine scans are out about the game.

I'll post a few, give my input, though there aren't that many to begin with.
>> No. 866 [Edit]
File 129445624742.jpg - (596.75KB , 1673x1168 , 50-51.jpg )
In this one, there are a lot of explicit details about the game.

>18 skills
>Dual Wielding
>Perks similar to Fallout
>>"We want to support archetypes. There are the combat guys, the magic guys, the stealth guys. But most people play a mix of that. We just want to make that organic [...]
>Finishing moves "unique to weapon and enemy faced"
>Mysticism School nixed; all lore surrounding it (Psijics, etc.) reconned.
>>Ranged combat [...] dominated by the bow and arrow.
>Bows with longer drawback, higher attack.
>No longer able to run backwards as fast as forward.
>> No. 867 [Edit]
File 129445676830.jpg - (721.16KB , 1357x1867 , 57.jpg )
>Player character is a "dragonborn"
>>The dragonborn can battle dragons on another level
>>They're anointed by the gods.[...] they can light the dragonfires to become an emperor.
>>lesser dragons are flying free across the world.
>>Dragons are real and regular threats in the game world.
>>you'll have to face them repeatedly in single combat.
>Lesser dragons made as often occurring as atronarchs.
>> No. 868 [Edit]
File 129445718673.jpg - (779.34KB , 1243x1597 , 58.jpg )
Here is what you'll find most clamor about.

>>As perhaps the last surviving dragon born, your character has a unique capability to learn and apply the power of the dragons
The Power of the Dragons likely does not include the ability to fly. Unconfirmed.
>>your character can acquire abilities called dragon shouts
>>By absorbing the souls of dragons you slay, your capability to learn new shouts grows.
>>over 20 unique shouts
Eating the souls of the dead grants you new powers.
>>There are other people in the world who can use the dragon shouts, but it's very rare. It's like arcane knowledge.
>One of the most powerful dragon shouts is essentially a Summon Dragon spell.
>> No. 869 [Edit]
File 129445783143.jpg - (758.62KB , 1240x1751 , 54.jpg )
>>What if Apple made a fantasy game? How would that look?
>Push right from the compass menu and you'll reach your inventory
>Push left and you get your magic
>Press down and [something something] your character is looking down [maybe map?]

Hard to read the rest
>> No. 870 [Edit]
File 129445795021.jpg - (783.32KB , 1304x1715 , 52.jpg )
Okay, I'm bored.
To summarize the majority of the rest:
>Trees and branches move independently
>Every object in the world casts a perfectly formed shadow
>Radiant AI allowing so that if you kill a questgiving NPC, his sister will give you the quest instead.
>>she might do so only in anger and frustration
Presumably meaning,
>Hello, friend. You killed my brother!
>Minus 10 disposition
>Bandits have been a hassle here. Go kill them in this cave here since the Imperial town guards are useless.

>I know you. You killed my brother.
>Thanks! Those bandits were a terrible problem. Maybe now I'll get more customers with their fear of getting attacked abated.
>Plus 20 disposition
>Hello, friend. How can I help you?

Moving on,
>NPCs chopping wood, presumably similar to Oblivion's NPCs that raked their carpet and/or pavement.
>More voice actors
>Prettier faces
>Five major towns
>Fast travel again
>Dialogue no longer zooms into NPC's faces.
>No classes
>> No. 871 [Edit]

The faces do look better. I'm probably going to use appearance altering mods anyway though. Damned if I'm going to play this game without a loli character mod.
>> No. 872 [Edit]

>> No. 873 [Edit]
File 129446556842.jpg - (28.23KB , 275x275 , you lost me.jpg )
>> No. 888 [Edit]
Inb4 you can't do mods.

No seriously, that has been the only appeal for any Bethesda game since Oblivion for me.
>> No. 889 [Edit]
I highly doubt they'd remove mod capability.

I am also 100% certain they will hamper it in their own special way, as they've done repeatedly.

For example, in the transition of Morrowind to Oblivion, throwing weapons, among other things, got cut. Now, granted, mods can, and do, add these back in, but even the best 'throwing weapon mod' is so horrendously buggy, it's more fun to play without the mod than to have it installed and be forced to CTD every time you utilize it.

One thing in particular that I, and others, have noted and feared is that, in the magazine scans, they refer to maces and such as "one-handed weapons". Not 'as they raise their mace skill', or 'as they raise their blunt weapon skill', but 'one-handed skill'.

This leads me to believe that, like Oblivion, they plan on further streamlining skills so that, rather than axes, hammers, long swords, and shortswords, there is just one Onehanded Weapons skill.

Falling in with the stated 18 skills (Reference: Morrowind had 27 and Oblivion had 21), that would make:
1) Conjuration
2) Enchantment
3) Alchemy
4) Destruction
5) Alteration
6) Illusion
7) Restoration
8) Security
9) Speechcraft
10) Merchantile
11) Block
12) Heavy armor
13) Light armor
14) Sneak
15) Athletics (Acrobatics tied in)
16) Marksman
17) Two-handed weapons
18) One-handed weapons

This leaves unarmored out (Like Oblivion), as well as hand-to-hand, unless that's tied in with one-handed weapons. There is also the possibility that they streamline Light and Heavy armor into just Armor.

To put it simply, someone fire fucking Todd Howard already.
>> No. 890 [Edit]
Yeah I wouldn't buy it if that were the case.
>> No. 906 [Edit]
Since the little info so far was "leaked" I've become less impressed. Sounds like they're casualizing it so anybody can pop the game in and have fun. Removing classes...dual wielding weapons? What kind of RPG is that?
>> No. 907 [Edit]
I care more about mod capability than gameplay anyway when it comes to these kinds of games.
>> No. 908 [Edit]
I honestly like the no class bullshit because it opens up for you to do anything.

If you like immersion, you can just ignore certain skills if you wanted to be a melee fighter, mage, etc.
I more hope that restoration becomes cooler and better for healing others (which means better NPC allies)

So you don't even like playing the game, just looking at the graphics and girl mods or something?
>> No. 909 [Edit]
No classes?

That sounds much better than trying to hedge yourself into a class or something. Much more sandbox play. That sounds nice to me.

Hopefully, this game can run on my shitty computer. But then again, Oblivion ran fine on my previous computer.

I hope they make vanilla enjoyable as in Morrowind, unlike what they did with Oblivion, where vanilla Oblivion is unplayable as fuck.
>> No. 912 [Edit]
File 129481829056.jpg - (55.46KB , 300x300 , 1274647521472.jpg )
What's that, you don't like closing Oblivion portals?
>> No. 918 [Edit]
No one knows what the player likes best than the player himself.

Especially concerning Bestheda (who has laughed and ridiculed those who liked throwing weapons, among other things), relying on modders to make their games good is practically a required action.

Need I remind you of how Oblivion was essentially touted by people to require OOO before playing? As contrast to Morrowind where there was the "Play the whole game before installing mods, except the unofficial patches."
>> No. 978 [Edit]
I needed to upgrade my computer anyway.
>> No. 995 [Edit]
File 129531883734.jpg - (257.08KB , 1280x720 , Markarth01.jpg )
Going to post the screen in this thread for the heck of it. If the whole game looks this nice, it'll probably be the first Elder Scrolls I'll play.
>> No. 1007 [Edit]
Oh please, not even that area in the game will look that good.

Were you not around when Oblivion was months from being released? I wish I had some of the pictures they spouted as Official Game Screenshots that are, in actuality, only achievable through mods made years after the game's release and external programs.
>> No. 1009 [Edit]

>As a Nord Dragonborn, the player’s race cannot be chosen

No, thanks. I always loved the fact about TES that you could choose a different race.

I think I'll pass.

btw I hate mods and always played TES vanilla. Yes, Morrowind AND Oblivion.
>> No. 1010 [Edit]
>btw I hate mods

>> No. 1410 [Edit]
New gameplay trailer. Looks like more of the same.
>> No. 1411 [Edit]
Meh. I'll wait till we get lots of loli mods or something
>> No. 1413 [Edit]
If the race is stuck, a race changer will be one of the first mods to appear.
>> No. 1454 [Edit]
Just leaving The Witcher 2 here for comparison and a new gameplay vid.
>> No. 2133 [Edit]
Bumping because I just came across this article (old as it may be)

Looks like we won't have to wait too long for cute girl mods!
>> No. 2134 [Edit]

I still have to finish the Witcher.
I bought it for no reason and stopped playing it for no reason.
>> No. 2714 [Edit]
New interview. Pretty disappointing that because of consoles, the cities will all be walled in but oh well. I wish the next gen of consoles would come out already so PC tech won't be held back as much for a short while.
>> No. 2735 [Edit]
I know this makes me sound like a big baby but I really hope there will be mods that replace the giant spiders with something else. I can't even finish Resident Evil games (except 4 and 5) because I hate spiders so much
>> No. 2765 [Edit]
By the time TES VII rolls around, we'll have 6 skills left:

1) Weapons
2) Armor
3) Magic
4) Stealth
5) Craft
6) Social

In TES VIII it'll just be
1) Fighting
2) Doing Stuff
>> No. 2775 [Edit]
I'm gonna only level doing stuff, will that gimp my character???
>> No. 3600 [Edit]
There's gonna be romances, something my chaste loli character will not partake in, of course
>> No. 3638 [Edit]
Looks grate and I can't wait.

Let's hope it wasn't dumbed down too much.
>> No. 3848 [Edit]
Fan Q&A
>> No. 3864 [Edit]
I like how they consider adding no-brainer shit like a quicksave button or graphics options to be headline features for the PC version. I swear if it weren't for the fact I could use mods to play through the adventure as a cute loli this game would be nowhere near my radar.
>> No. 3865 [Edit]
I hate to derail the thread, but do you guys know of any loli mods for Morrowind?
>> No. 3866 [Edit]
I never played morrowind, but here's the first google result for "morrowind loli mods"

They aren't cute at all though ;_;
>> No. 3872 [Edit]

>You look at Call of Duty, the most popular game in the world, and that's actually pretty hardcore. At the end of the day, it's a hardcore game, has RPG elements in multiplayer, making classes, picking perks. I think the audiences are there, and we tend to make our game more for ourselves and other people who play a lot of games.
>> No. 3873 [Edit]

>Speaking to GameInformer, game director Todd Howard says ”You know in iTunes when you look at all your music you get to flip through it and look at the covers and it becomes tangible? One of our goals was ‘What if Apple made a fantasy game? How would this look?’ It’s very good at getting through lots of data quickly, which is always a struggle with our stuff.”

>One of our goals was ‘What if Apple made a fantasy game?

This one made me laugh. Not like I was going to buy the game anyway.
>> No. 3874 [Edit]
The more I hear about this the less I care about it
>> No. 3875 [Edit]
>You look at Call of Duty, the most popular game in the world, and that's actually pretty hardcore

Oh my fucking god
>> No. 3876 [Edit]

Wow...I just totally dropped any prospect of playing Skyrim. I was gunna give it the benefit of the doubt by pirating it at the very least, but not now. It's clear its a retarded, casual game with dumbed down gameplay and over-produced graphics and cinematic to distract from the fact that it has no substance.

Too bad it'll probably get GOTY as usual.
>> No. 3877 [Edit]
At least Saints Row 3 comes out around the same time as Skyrim, so November won't be a total loss for me.
>> No. 3878 [Edit]
The best part is it seems like they don't want to put effort into anything. Polearms? No, too hard. Levitation? No, it's to hard to make cinematic on-rails missions with that around. Better graphics options for PC players? No, we don't want to upset console kids. They want to make it bare minimum quality because they know people will buy it anyway
>> No. 3880 [Edit]

>retarded, casual game with dumbed down gameplay and over-produced graphics and cinematic to distract from the fact that it has no substance
>dubbed GotY

What else is new.
>> No. 3881 [Edit]
Another thing that isn't very surprising anymore is when a sequel to a good game series is dumbed down. Hitman, Splinter Cell, pretty much everything. The new Deus Ex actually surprised me because I've heard tons of praise for the leak even from skeptics, and that's a game I expected to be dumbed down to console-level shit the most.
>> No. 3882 [Edit]

Talk about more recent stuff to make it more plausible and more topic relevant. (Well Hitman is recent but it's been a while for SC.) Like Dragon Age or Mass Effect (Mass Effect in particular as ME2 was dubbed GotY by quite a few critics).

I haven't played either of Uncharted games so I don't know if the sequel was dumbed down but from what I've heard and seen they appear to be another case of 'dumbed down gameplay and over-produced graphics and cinematic to distract from the fact that it has no substance'. And both have been dubbed GotY multiple times mind you. I might be completely wrong about them of course - never trust a person who talks about games they haven't even played - but nowadays 'game journalists' only care about games like that so I would be surprise if they actually had any depth.
>> No. 3892 [Edit]
>“Traditionally in an assassination quest, we would pick someone of interest and have you assassinate them,” Howard says. “Now there is a template for an assassination mission and the game can conditionalize all the roles – where it happens, under what conditions does it take place, who wants someone assassinated, and who they want assassinated. All this can be generated based on where the character is, who he’s met. They can conditionalize that someone who you’ve done a quest for before wants someone assassinated, and the target could be someone with whom you’ve spent a lot of time before.”
>Now there is a template for an assassination mission and the game can conditionalize all the roles – where it happens, under what conditions does it take place, who wants someone assassinated, and who they want assassinated.

This is nice and all for replayability, but what about the "why?" part of the quests? In Oblivion, Radiant AI became NPCs raking their carpet. In Skyrim, Radiant Storytelling has the potential to become a lot of base and pointless quests with no feeling behind them whatsoever. And with other comments by Todd about how they wanted to focus on the main quest for Skyrim, I have to say I'm afraid that the sidequests will have no backstory or significance.

I'm sure they'll have learned from the feedback of players and make the faction quests in Skyrim interesting and enjoyable like the Dark Brotherhood questline was in Oblivion, but with all the focusing on the main quest they're doing, I fear there will be less side quests that have any importance or reason behind them as a result of this 'feature' that lets quests be randomly generated and placed.

Like NPCs raking their carpet, why (or how) would a town pauper want to put a hit on the town baker? Or why would the local alchemist want to hire an assassin to take out one of his most frequent customers? Or someone who he hasn't ever seen, much less talked to, in an entirely different town? Anticipating that someone will say they're leaving it to the player's imagination doesn't work either, as that's just a poor excuse.

Further, this line:
> the target could be someone with whom you’ve spent a lot of time before.
Sounds like a really pathetic attempt at injecting some sort of drama or emotional struggle through randomly generated quests.
>> No. 3893 [Edit]
>I'm sure they'll have learned from the feedback of players and make the faction quests in Skyrim interesting and enjoyable like the Dark Brotherhood questline was in Oblivion

judging by the fact that they're making procedural quest generators it sounds like they're taking a step away from interesting quests
>> No. 3894 [Edit]
> the target could be someone with whom you’ve spent a lot of time before.

Sounds like they really think their AI will be good this time. It won't be, of course, which will just make it funny when they try to make assassinating the old man who gave you an apple or something and then started watering his chair have any drama.
>> No. 4039 [Edit]
It's like you guys were expecting otherwise.
>> No. 4087 [Edit]

>Will the PC version support DirectX 11?

>Yes, but I guess the real question here is do we take advantage of DX11's big new features and the answer is 'not specifically'. Our graphics work centers around doing things that will look the same regardless of platform, and sometimes that implementation will be different on the 360, PS3, and PC.

So basically their entire attitude towards the PC version is "we could make it look nicer than the console versions but fuck effort". There's no way in hell I'm going to buy this crap if that's how they are going to be about it.
>> No. 4089 [Edit]
the differences between directx 10 and 11 are trivial from a players perspective
>> No. 4091 [Edit]

This is true.

Plus, I'm sure the DX9 and DX10 users far out weigh the users of DX11. It's just not that implemented yet.
>> No. 4227 [Edit]
40 minute demonstration at QuakeCon.
>> No. 4589 [Edit]
File 131550647963.jpg - (126.47KB , 1024x682 , skyrim.jpg )
>> No. 4642 [Edit]
The game having these "cinematic takedowns" makes me wonder how much harder it will be to mod in lolis due to height differences messing up the animations. Though I suppose then finishing attacks to the head will be to the groin and that might be pretty funny.
>> No. 4643 [Edit]
File 131585819545.gif - (1.62MB , 360x200 , skyrim.gif )
>> No. 4726 [Edit]
cinematic takedowns are the new exploding barrels
>> No. 4727 [Edit]
But exploding barrels never left!
>> No. 4904 [Edit]
>> No. 5071 [Edit]
system requirements are out:

Dual-core CPU, 2.0 GHz or faster
DirectX 9.0c video card with 512 MB RAM
Windows XP/Vista/7 [32 or 64-bit]
Internet access for Steam activation

Quad-core CPU
DirectX 9.0c video card with 1 GB RAM - GTX 260/Radeon 4890 or higher
6 GB HDD space
Windows XP/Vista/7
Internet access for Steam activation
>> No. 5072 [Edit]
6GB seems really really light for a game that is supposed to be huge.
>> No. 5087 [Edit]
Not really. Landscape doesn't take up that much space, even with all the trees and rocks everywhere. Quests don't take up anything either. Most of that 6gb will be textures and voice acting.

Take Just Cause 2 for instance. My install of it with mods is under 5gb, and it's got the largest map and some of the best graphics of any game i've ever played.
>> No. 5143 [Edit]
Game's been leaked. The 360 version
>> No. 5286 [Edit]
I picked this up today. The NPC interaction is really basic and dumb, you cant even try to influence people like in Oblivion. Menus are very basic, but I'm ok with this. Actually its weird to see such minimalist menu design in an RPG. There are deer, wolves and bandits everywhere.

I died in the opening scene because I really hate scripted events where I have to follow a path and the NPC I was supposed to be following was moving so slowly (which is dumb because it was kind of a hectic situation, not sure if its a spoiler if I say what happens), I ran ahead and tried to escape through the town gate but DURR HURR THATS IMPOSSIBLE.

Its retty much what I expected so far, I dont have high hopes for Bethesda games so its hard to be disappointed.
>> No. 5287 [Edit]

They're still doing those lame scripted openings before you create your character?
>> No. 5301 [Edit]
File 132096169058.jpg - (128.32KB , 535x800 , Ucxjq.jpg )
>> No. 5305 [Edit]
>> No. 5309 [Edit]
I decided to buy a physical copy from Amazon for that nice cloth map, and it finally arrived today at 10am. My DVD drive, which I haven't used in over a year, refuses to read the disc.

Thank fuck you can download it on Steam as long as you have a key. I'll be damned if i'm ever going to pirate my favourite game series.
>> No. 5321 [Edit]
It's been out for a whole day now, where's my loli mods!?
>> No. 5324 [Edit]
Does anyone else think magic is ridiculously underpowered? When I was playing as a warrior I could pretty much kill everything with relative ease at master difficulty. When playing as a mage I have to use my entire magicka bar on one enemy (except really weak ones) to then kite the rest until I have enough magicka again on adept difficulty. They're really fragile too. Am I doing something wrong or are mages just really weak in this game?
>> No. 5325 [Edit]
I'm gonna buy this game so hard when cool mods are out.
>> No. 5326 [Edit]
Somewhat weak, but I don't feel underpowered, although I'm playing at adept. I've been switching to my healing spell a fair bit, and just about every enemy involves kiting or having my raise undead tank.
>> No. 5330 [Edit]
I spent a lot of time and money leveling my Smithing skill, without noticing the crazy amount of levels it brings in. Of course my 2H Weapon, Heavy Armour and Restoration skills are still sitting at lowly numbers, so now I'm up against enemies that really outlevel me by miles.

I don't think there's anything I can do besides grind away.
>> No. 5347 [Edit]
File 13212454689.png - (2.70MB , 1680x1050 , skyrim leeks.png )
>> No. 5369 [Edit]
How the hell do skeletons have gold coins?
>> No. 5371 [Edit]
it's in their bones, the safest place to keep money
>> No. 5379 [Edit]
>> No. 5380 [Edit]
File 132132913487.jpg - (91.04KB , 550x550 , shut up and take my leek.jpg )
Game of the year
>> No. 5381 [Edit]
Did anyone else meet the poor homeless guy in that town at the feet of the mountain where the greybeards live? He became crazy when his sister went missing, it was so sad. I gave him a coin out of pity. I wanted to find out more about him and help him out so I started the quest to find his sister... sadly noticed the quest marker pointed under the bridge, in the middle of the river. I completed the quest but he didn't recover. Later on when I joined the dark brotherhood I got a quest to kill him and I just couldn't do it
>> No. 5386 [Edit]
I killed a wolf that had a silver ring
>> No. 5389 [Edit]
Reminds me of an excerpt from Nondrick:
>I find Colovian Traders, a shop toward the north end of Skingrad. There I meet Gunder, a plump, leathery merchant, and through a careful combination of joking (“What’s the deal with all the wolves carrying forks, anyway?”) boasting (“Seriously, I’m the guy who found a fork inside a wolf”) threatening (“I will stab you with my wolf-fork!”) and admiring (“With hands like that, I bet you could put a lot of forks inside a lot of wolves”) I manage to make him like me more than he really should.
>> No. 5401 [Edit]
Perk calculator:
>> No. 5403 [Edit]
I think we all know what the most important question is.Can a human male marry an argonian female?

I checked the wiki and one of the marriageable NPCs listed was a female argonian.Her name was Shahvee.If any of you bros come into contact with her or court her,I'd be eternally grateful if you'd post a screenshot.
>> No. 5404 [Edit]
I'm playing as an argonian female because it's the closest I can get to being a loliraptor. I hope that doesn't mean I can't marry outside my race.
>> No. 5411 [Edit]
Doesn't seem to be a problem, I'm playing an Argonian female and I just married my male, Nord house thane.
>> No. 5412 [Edit]
File 132159828037.jpg - (346.75KB , 1600x900 , best infiltrator.jpg )
>> No. 5413 [Edit]

Funny parody trailer
>> No. 5452 [Edit]
Invested 140 hours in Skyrim.

The game is broken. It is very fun. Very very fun. But very broken as well.

How broken is it?
Magic stops scaling after level 35. If you decide to level Destruction (the main damage tree) you will nuke shit very very hard until you reach level 35. That is the maximum amount of damage you will do as a mage. As you level up further, the world around you levels as well, but your spells won't. So you will consistently do lower and lower damage the higher level you are. This is bad as Skyrim can let you level to 81. This problem plagues all magic trees. Except for conjuration, the summoning tree. Your summoned minions are the same level as you, you can use a spell that lets you permanently raise a humanoid minion as well. There are lots of powerful people to kill and use that spell on. Early on in the game I used it on a bandit chief with a 2 hander that basically oneshot everything. Including dragons.

Smithing, Enchanting, and Alchemy can craft you gear that is leaps and bounds beyond anything that you will find in the game. With alchemy you can create potions that increase the effectiveness of your smithing and enchanting by 32%. With this, you can create gear that has absurdly high amounts of armor (making you basically unkillable), create gear that reduces your mana cost for spells to 0, and create gear that gives you 85% resistance to magical effects. basically nullifying dragons. With weapons, you can create weapons that are able to 2-3 shot dragons.

The more you level in the game the more absurdly powerful you are. I decided to level as an archer/conjurer. My conjured bow, along with the triple damage sneaking perk, has no problems 1-2 shotting most creatures in the game. Even dungeon bosses go down after 5-6 hits.

It is very difficult to not find yourself completely decimating everything in your path. Even without doing any prior research or having any prior knowledge to this game or any other elder scrolls game. I'm playing the game on master difficulty.
>> No. 5453 [Edit]
I'm gonna give myself max stats anyway since I'm more interested in wandering around having adventures than stat building
>> No. 5454 [Edit]
Hmm, I'm on level 40 and have barely touched the main quest. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what the main quest is. I think I'm supposed to do something for the greybeards, but it's not like I'll do it unless I'm in the area.

For the sake of challenge, I've only leveled my stamina, so my stats are 100 - ~500 - 100. That means I can sprint for an eternity, carry around a lot of shit and die from a single arrow! Still my biggest problem is storage..

I stick with expert and avoid fast-travel.

That's hilarious.

I don't think you can effectively gimp your character unless you deliberately plan to. No matter what skill you hone, you get your pick in health/stamina/mana on level-up. If you're using tank friendly skills, health is obviously your asset of choice. This might result in some tough battles, but the tougher they are the faster you'll progress - as you'll be dealing and taking a lot of hits. If you somehow get temporarely gimped you can always seek out trainers, hunt for skill books, probe for monies, etc. Plus, you actually get a good reason to use potions, scrolls and shouts.

I don't know, but magic wielding NPCs are probably the ones I fear the most in this game second only to bears. They can snipe you, kite you, violate your stats, summon shit, heal themselves; so if I'm not in a good sneaking position, I'll run the fuck away from adepts and higher.

My main gripes with this game so far are the menus, graphics and misc technical difficulities, and the number of voice actors. Only the latter is unfixable, but it helps that they're actually doing a good job. The only skill trees I miss are unarmed and unarmored. If you want to fight with your fists, you have to specialize in heavy armor - which doesn't make much sense. If you don't like armor, you can't be a traditional warrior what-so-ever. Getting rid of acrobatics was a good call; suddenly leveling up while jumping/sprinting/falling/swimming is stupid breaks immersion. The tech merges are otherwise very fortunate for playability - and has somehow improved character customization. The leveling system actually works in this game. I'll just say it - the gameplay is good. What Bethesda needs to work on is their NPCs/AI. Not just make shit work better, but give you more reason to care for them - a few more options in interraction wouldn't hurt either, as long as they stay clear of fucking mini-games. It's a miracle that there's no gimmicks in this game - unless you regard lockpicking as such.

I'll await judging it final after I'm completely done with the game. Like with Oblivion, it might be that I come to hate it after I'm done with it. Replayability is important to me, so if I end up hating it, I hate it - not matter what I felt while playing it.
>> No. 5456 [Edit]
>What Bethesda needs to work on is their NPCs/AI

Oh fucking god. So much this.

Your companions can get deliberately stuck if you decide to do some light cliff hopping. They will trigger the traps you avoid, multiple times. Since they can't deliberately die unless you do the killing blow, they will trigger the same trap over and over

Summoned creatures AI is actually DUMBER than companion AI. At least your companion has the ability to sneak and also occasionally jump where you jumped, but summoned creatures will literally run across half the world to go around this ankle deep river you just crossed. If one summoned creature accidentally hits another, they will fight each other to the death.

Game spoiler:
I resurrected Arcano from the mage's college after finishing that series of quests and used him for about 5 levels. With him, a Master Vampire, and Lydia, I decided to do some dungeon crawling. First Draugr that popped up, Arcano at the back of the group used some WTFBBQSAUCE chain lightning attack that DECIMATED the whole group except for him and the draugr. Right after he finished killing us, he ran out of mana and decided to melee the draugr which proceeded to decapitate him in one blow. I fucking had to close the game and walk away from it that evening
>> No. 5457 [Edit]
>What Bethesda needs to work on is their NPCs/AI

>Oh fucking god. So much this.

I know right. I got attacked by thugs so I ran to the guards and they ignored me. women and children were walking through our battle as if nothing was happening.
>> No. 5458 [Edit]
If you sneak attack someone with a projectile they'll attack the closest neutral/unfriendly foe, even if it's deer. If you're lucky they'll quickly get mowed by a bear, if not they might just run to Oblivion if it means catching that fox, rabbit or whatever that they saw.

Hearing about the experience with summons interaction is highly unfortunate. Here I thought summons would be one of the mages' better assets. You'd think at the very least they'd work without much trouble in battle alone; apparently not. In the case of companions, there's always the option to just have them wait at some point, if you mostly use them as a carriage for your loot.

I find that the AI is just barely satisfactory if you treat them with extreme care, avoiding any sort of game breakage, even if it means focusing more on playing by the game's premises rather than your imagination - which destroys immersion at least as effective as any kind of glitch or limitation. Whatever tools they use for creating and implementing AI, they either need a new kit or some drastic rethinking in their approach to it. I hope they'll go with the former option by their next major game release; their engines won't cut it in the future if their results with Skyrim is anywhere close to the its limits.
>> No. 5515 [Edit]
Mod tools (and hopefully lolis with it) come out in January.
>> No. 5553 [Edit]
Dragons don't seem so scary when you can insta-kill with one sneak attack or even punch it to death. Doesn't make the game less fun, though.
>> No. 5915 [Edit]
So...any loli character mods yet? There's a mod that turns dragons into randy savage
>> No. 5918 [Edit]
There's this, but until Bethesda releases the modding tools (hopefully by the end of the month) there isn't much going for this game in the loli department.
>> No. 5947 [Edit]
I want a JP voicepack now.
>> No. 5995 [Edit]
Preview for the mod tools. Looks pretty in-depth, and the steam workshop thing will make installing more general mods pretty easy. I'm assuming steam won't be hosting loli mods so I guess the nexus will still serve a purpose.
>> No. 5998 [Edit]
File 132814337137.jpg - (712.13KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-02-01_00004.jpg )
I don't understand why they needed to make a trailer for modding tools.
>> No. 5999 [Edit]
To get people who are only interested in mods fired up?

Also they were supposed to release the tools in January, so maybe this is them trying to make up for it

Post edited on 1st Feb 2012, 4:51pm
>> No. 6051 [Edit]
Creation Kit and high resolution texture pack are here! You can get the Creation Kit from View>Tools, and the texture pack from the Skyrim page in the Steam store.

From what I've gathered of the official forums, the texture pack affects every texture in the game and roughly doubles their resolution. I'm hoping they're a new compression of the original masters and not an upscale of the textures already in the game.
>> No. 6052 [Edit]
>an upscale of the textures already in the game
you couldnt even call that a high-resolution texture pack
>> No. 6053 [Edit]
This is Bethesda, though.
>> No. 6054 [Edit]
Thank god, hopefully the loli mods will flow forth. I hope there is a part in the game where I'm too short to reach a button or something and have to stand on a box
>> No. 6055 [Edit]
speaking of which, what's a good site for cute girl "anime" specific mods anyway? There's always the nexus but I figure a more specialized site probably exists somewhere
>> No. 6056 [Edit]
File 132865098614.jpg - (421.94KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-02-06_00001.jpg )
Lately I've been using lover's lab in order to find those. They don't host the mods themselves like Nexus, but they'll help point the way. If you're up to digging through 100 page long threads that is.
>> No. 6057 [Edit]
hopefully there is a better way to find them soon. I hate crawling through forums
>> No. 6069 [Edit]
this game is gonna be so cool when i finally play it
>> No. 6127 [Edit]
File 132944852848.jpg - (490.16KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-02-16_00044.jpg )
Behold! Steampunk Big O.

>> No. 6293 [Edit]
Here's some loli mods (no idea how stable they are, so be careful)


I'd appreciate if anyone who tests these out can report back and tell me how good they are, since I don't have the game installed and can't check
>> No. 6336 [Edit],news-14481.html
>> No. 6337 [Edit]
Sure, what better way to follow up a hugely successful single player game, than to make it an MMO.
That said, it could happen. Everything these days has to have an online component to be part of the social nonsense.
What kind of loser plays game alone? One that will steal our shit that is who!!

It won't be long before games are subscription based I bet.

There will be more Elder Scrolls soon, but it will be the inevitable expansions to Skyrim.
>> No. 6338 [Edit]
Games as a subscription service is already a thing, take onlive for instance.
>> No. 6343 [Edit]
it isnt just Onlive. all games are being shoehorned into a service model via DLC. to fight against used game sales and piracy.
>> No. 6344 [Edit]
There's been rumblings that the next console gen won't let you play used games at all.
>> No. 6345 [Edit]
File 133203533251.jpg - (66.90KB , 416x423 , _kusoru.jpg )
That will truly suck
>> No. 6346 [Edit]
yeah heard about that.
would be very interesting to see what happens to game stop if that happens.
>> No. 6347 [Edit]
File 133211328174.jpg - (167.96KB , 1600x1200 , mountain.jpg )
I am the loli Skyrim deserves
>> No. 6348 [Edit]
Not loli or moe enough.
>> No. 6349 [Edit]
it's as loli and moe as I can manage, I'm afraid
>> No. 6359 [Edit]
File 133219946544.jpg - (537.42KB , 1680x1050 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This is as close as I've gotten to a cute character. I'm using the 'Young smooth body UNP' from Loverslab and the 'Ashen' race from Skyrim Nexus. It's still too 3dpd styled for my tastes, though. Plus all the clothes are still modelled around the default body with the massive breasts. Making a cute girl in Bethesda games is always too difficult...
>> No. 6451 [Edit]
I just beat Alduin's Bane.

Fuck,I haven't felt that manly in along time.I let my atronachs distract him while I came up behind him and wailed on his ass with an ebony battleaxe.All while dodging fire and brimstone raining from the sky and yelling at him to maim his very soul.Testosterone leveled up.
>> No. 6593 [Edit]
and now it's official
>> No. 6594 [Edit]
an elder scrolls game with even more boring quests and combat and no mod capability and maybe a monthly fee is exactly what the people want. Bethesda has done it again
>> No. 6595 [Edit]
That is just silly.

What I loved about the Elder Scrolls games was your ability to just go explore vast areas, you don't need direction, or even a quest. Just go find random areas and clear them out for the hell of it.

I don't think you can do this in an MMO as everyone I played required you to form a party, and follow whatever objective they needed. You couldn't really go out on your own without being killed in short order.
>> No. 6596 [Edit]
Maybe you've been playing shitty MMOs. Stop being a hipster and just play WoW, there is plenty of exploration and messing around content. There is even profession for it now called archeology.
I don't play anymore since it got boring, but I don't delude myself into thinking there is something better. Only thing other games offer is being a loli with cat ears.
>> No. 6597 [Edit]
>Stop being a hipster and just play WoW

>> No. 6598 [Edit]
How can any company look at the failure of ToR and think "Yeah let's do this too!"
>> No. 6600 [Edit]
>shitty MMOs

You mean there are non-shitty MMOs?
>> No. 6601 [Edit]

Yeah, good MMO sounds like an oxymoron if one considers what lies at the foundations of the genre.
>> No. 6602 [Edit]
File 133615629226.jpg - (217.89KB , 1280x660 , elderscrollsonline13.jpg )

>Third person perspective
>"It needs to be comfortable for people who are coming in from a typical massively multiplayer game that has the same control mechanisms, but it also has to appeal to Skyrim players."
>"Recreateing the freedom Elder Scrolls players expect within the World of Warcraft-style mechanics Zenimax Online is using for this MMO would be impossible without changing the way that players interact with the world."
>The game uses MMORPG genre standards such as classes, experience points, and other traditional MMORPG progression mechanics, but they try to present it "around the core fantasy presented by traditiona Elder Scrolls games" such as traveling around and righting wrongs or seeking riches
>The combat model will not be real time due to latency

>> No. 6603 [Edit]
That sounds worse than I had imagined.

A major flop might make them create another single player focused Elder Scrolls game at least. Though it more likely will bury the franchise.
>> No. 6604 [Edit]
its like elder scrolls, only not at all and actually swtor
>> No. 6605 [Edit]
File 133616524678.jpg - (337.75KB , 1310x784 , I7jqv.jpg )
cool hand
>> No. 6606 [Edit]
>The game uses MMORPG genre standards such as grinding, grinding and more grinding.

I don't mean to be rude guys but it's strange to see you acting like they are ruining the franchise. They already did. It's been half a year since Skyrim came out.
>> No. 6608 [Edit]
Half an year, like six months? But Oblivion is six years old.
>> No. 6609 [Edit]
To me the franchise is just a big petri dish for interesting mods, and the MMO obviously won't be able to do that. I don't care about the lore or anything, so for me the franchise is ruined
>> No. 6611 [Edit]

>But Oblivion is six years old.

Oh, someone who shares my opinion, nice.

Yeah, I agree, Oblivion wasn't half as good as Morrowing BUT saying the franchise died the moment Oblivion came out is quite controversional and most people tend to disagree with that. Even though Oblivion was no Morrowing I still got some enjoyment out of it.

This time around, however, there's no denying it so I can call a spade a spade without worrying too much. I'd rather watch paint dry than play vanilla Skyrim.
>> No. 6614 [Edit]
I only keep skyrim installed in the hopes that someone makes a total conversion mod that turns it into something like violated heroine.
>> No. 6615 [Edit]
Just started playing skyrim the other day.
What a horribly programed mess of a broken game it is.
also kind of repetitive.
but it's a good way to kill time.
>> No. 6616 [Edit]
be sure to use the loli mods!

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