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File 131584596438.png - (603.07KB , 763x1078 , MW3_Official_Box_Art.png )
4636 No. 4636 [Edit]
I'm sure some of you have played the Modern Warfare series games specially the multiplayer whether it is in PC, PS3 or Xbox 360...

Your thoughts?
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>> No. 4637 [Edit]
I've never played any of them, but from what I've seen/heard it sounds like it's pretty much the most generic, on-rails series of shooters ever.

I was going to try out the multiplayer during one of the free steam weekend things, but people told me it was hilariously unbalanced and shitty so I didn't

Post edited on 12th Sep 2011, 10:17am
>> No. 4638 [Edit]
I haven't played any Call of Duty games since 3.
>> No. 4640 [Edit]
I played black ops and it was annoying. you either use the same 3 perks and weapons as everyone else (ghost, sleight of hand, hacker, ak74u with handgrip) or lose. it's not very fun
>> No. 4641 [Edit]
I've only played the first one (Cod4). It's the type of game that's fun for a rental (do people even rent video games anymore?) since single-player campaign is short and the multiplayer gets old after a couple days since the whole gameplay is highly repetitive.
>> No. 4645 [Edit]
call of duty 1 is the best call of duty
>> No. 4657 [Edit]
I would never play another re-hash of this game. Come on ...unless you're 12 how the fuck can you still find interest in the same shit over and over? And 15 dollar map packs...
>> No. 4658 [Edit]
The only military shooter I am planning on getting is Counter-strike GO. I never played counter strike before, but GO will have cross-platform play and the thought of being able to destroy controller users makes me too excited to pass it up
>> No. 5267 [Edit]
Planning to buy this once I have enough funds
>> No. 5270 [Edit]
I think I played every Call of Duty up until Black Ops (the early ones mainly because my brother was into them) but I'm not buying this shit again. Its basically like Madden now; yearly releases and you cant expect them to change the formula when it works so well.

The multiplayer is okay but I prefer Halo or Battlefield.

>unless you're 12 how the fuck can you still find interest in the same shit over and over?
I'd love to know what kind of stuff you find interest in

>the thought of being able to destroy controller users makes me too excited to pass it up
you are terrible
>> No. 5271 [Edit]
Liked the first a lot. Great additions to the narrative style of the series, somewhat balanced and fun multiplayer (especially after all 13s moved to MW2) and that air of boldness for taking a WW-II series out of its comfort zone.
Then MW2 I didn't even bother to download. The whole thing with the civil massacre on the first level and killing most MCs sounded to me like they went way over the top with the shock value. And the criticism over MP being way unbalanced and lack of mods/dedicated servers didn't help it either.
Now I just don't care about the new releases. But I still catch myself playing the first MW sometimes.
>> No. 5272 [Edit]
play CS 1.6 first or you will get buttraped anyway.
>> No. 5273 [Edit]
I could buy BF3 if I have enough funds... both in buying the game itself and a massive PC upgrade
>> No. 5274 [Edit]
they will probably have to gimp the hell out of PC players anyway, like what had to be done to shadowrun after they stomped the crap out of console people regularly. though even after that they still did, so who knows
>> No. 5284 [Edit]
I've never played any of the games. I've always skipped this thread when I scroll down because I see the CoD picture but I somehow read through it this time. I'm looking forward to Tribes Ascend and CS:GO for FPS's coming out. A fun first look into Ascend: part 1
>> No. 5285 [Edit]
Wow, I didn't know there was a new Tribes coming out. Shit looks amazing.
>> No. 5288 [Edit]
If you buy this you're a fool. How can you continue to pay 60 dollars twice a year for what amounts to a simple re-skin of an existing game? Each CoD title is the exact same as a past one, using the same game engine, sound, and even props and buildings. Not to mention they even charge you 15 dollars for tiny little map packs. I don't hate the game I guess, just the marketing behind it and the fact that it sells so much.

Did you know the day MW3 launched they had a press release confirming they were already working on ANOTHER CoD game, set to come out early 2012?
>> No. 5289 [Edit]
File 132095178931.jpg - (82.70KB , 853x948 , bjOeL.jpg )
>> No. 5290 [Edit]
File 132095182579.jpg - (98.04KB , 853x948 , U5iUM.jpg )
>> No. 5291 [Edit]
people aren't kidding about all current gen games being brown or gray
>> No. 5292 [Edit]

>set to come out early 2012

>> No. 5293 [Edit]
They're targeting retards and selling them what they already bought.
I think their marketing is perfect in this regard.
Sure, it's a sleazy thing to do, taking advantage of idiots, but from a business standpoint, they're doing it well.

Who am I kidding, this sucks, and it's making activation suck to the point of almost being as bad as EA.
activation used to make some kick ass videogames, now they don't give a crap about anything but this series.
As far as I'm concerned, realistic military fps games have become just as bad as sports games.
>> No. 5294 [Edit]
You know, I'd love another Unreal Tournament or Quake.

Maybe CS:GO will be okay.
>> No. 5295 [Edit]
I've actually considered getting mw3 since I've been wanting a multiplayer shooty game that isn't TF2. I also considered getting BF3 but well, EA
>> No. 5296 [Edit]

"Well, Activision" though.
>> No. 5297 [Edit]

Just wait for the new Counter-Strike.
>> No. 5298 [Edit]
at least activision doesn't use origin or battlelog. I've heard pretty bad things about both
>> No. 5299 [Edit]
They are coming closer and closer though, mostly by means of Blizzard.
>> No. 5633 [Edit]
File 132416373557.png - (123.73KB , 256x363 , zCoD_Black_Ops_cover.png )
No love for Black Ops?
>> No. 5634 [Edit]
Would anyone happen to know which levels those two screenshots are from? I've played through the campaign in 3, which I rather enjoyed, but I can't recall seeing either of those. Not saying they aren't there though, as I didn't really pay attention to the scenery.

Post edited on 17th Dec 2011, 4:20pm
>> No. 5645 [Edit]

I think they're only multiplayer maps
>> No. 5654 [Edit]
>using the same game engine, sound, and even props and buildings

welcome to game development.

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