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File 132851556690.jpg - (174.10KB , 850x1133 , basketball club.jpg )
12993 No. 12993 [Edit]
What club would you join if you were in high school in anime world? Or would you make your own club?
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>> No. 12994 [Edit]
A club where we just hang out and drink tea, like in Yuri Yuri or Haganai
>> No. 12996 [Edit]
since they seem to allow clubs for just about anything, I would make a club for 2D lovers.
>> No. 12997 [Edit]
but you would actually be 2D
>> No. 12998 [Edit]
File 132851864176.jpg - (29.94KB , 704x400 , hayate.jpg )
yeah and?
>> No. 12999 [Edit]
Can there be a procrastination club?
>> No. 13001 [Edit]
File 132852413544.jpg - (317.01KB , 431x1221 , Ef art club.jpg )
Probably the art club, or some musical instrument's learning one...

Under the assumption, of course, that they won't be as shitty as actual/3D middle and high school art and music clubs. They sucked hard...

...not to mention the drama club.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 2:31am
>> No. 13002 [Edit]
on second thought, screw that, the astronomy club.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 2:32am
>> No. 13004 [Edit]
They took too long to fill out the required documents.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 2:57am
>> No. 13005 [Edit]
Chemistry club
>> No. 13007 [Edit]
I wonder if there's any other person who spends more time pondering this crucial question, one of the most imporant decisions of my imagined life - if I were a cute girl, what kind of club would I join? That's a really, really tough one. It kept me awake throughout countless nights, just think about all these possibilites!

Okay, I'm beggining to exaggerate here but I really spent quite a while thinking about it. And I don't think I ever reached any satisfying conclusion. Mahjongg sounds like fun. Jazz sounds even better if they'd be willing to accept a complete newbie (of course they would be, we would all be cute 2D girls).

Sports clubs look nice to me but that's my perspective as a guy. A classy girl wouldn't engage in such an indecent activity!

Those basketballs in the pic are the size of handballs (especially if you take the fact that Japanese are smaller on average into account). Seriously, I have a pretty large hand and I can barely palm a basketball. Hell, even handballs are harder to palm than you'd think (well, plaming is easy enough but try to make some fast movements without losing the grip) - even pros use a special glue-like substance on the tips of their fingers to improve their grip.


>> No. 13008 [Edit]
>> No. 13011 [Edit]
The go home club. Just because I'm 2D doesn't mean people would like me.

On second thought, the Genshiken.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 11:43am
>> No. 13012 [Edit]
If you are short on ideas, you might want to take a look at http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/655013
>> No. 13013 [Edit]
Shogi club sounds nice. I recently fell out of that though, because I had no one to play with besides the unbeatable computer that only hurts your self-esteem.
>> No. 13016 [Edit]
Probably a go club or something similar.

But I still would have dropped out so whatever
>> No. 13018 [Edit]
They're just very tall girls. Just look at those orange cones!! They must be in the seven foot range. Good set of perspective to where the average person would stand when looking at them. Imagine being dominated by such large girls...
I'd volunteer to be the basketball club manager, granted they play in those same clothes and yell me to wipe off their sweat.
>> No. 13030 [Edit]
>if I were a cute girl, what kind of club would I join?
Well I made this thread because I everytime I watch anime I think this question, without the girl part. My life has never offered a chance for such club activity so it's just minor dream of mine.
>> No. 13031 [Edit]
Well in real life, I was a part of the kickboxing club while at uni. I really really enjoyed it. At times, I couldn't go to sleep at night because I was literally too excited thinking about fighting. Never talked much, but nobody cared. When you've fought with someone, you share a closer bond than what years of talking can create.

In high school I was part of the anime club, but that was more like just an excuse for my group to hang out. Watching anime together is just awkward and it was difficult to ever get everyone to cooperate to do group-wide things.

Something I've always wanted to join was a woodworking club, or some club for making things. I really love building things and many an hour I have spent autistically sawing things and nailing them together. I have a lot of blueprints of thigns I want to make, but can't do it unless I get better tools. Oh man, the shit I could build if I had a welder and a bandsaw. I even contemplated joining a "Men's shed", but I don't think all those vietnam war veterans and retirees would appreciate the company of a young guy like me.
>> No. 13036 [Edit]

>When you've fought with someone, you share a closer bond than what years of talking can create.

>a woodworking club
Make it wood-carving (figures, models) and I'll join.
>> No. 13044 [Edit]

I considered those two (along with chess but I prefer shogi either way) but games without any random elements are too competetive for me. If you play something like Mahjongg there's always some luck involved which lessens the tension.

Not that there would be anyone interested but bridge (as in the card game) club sounds pretty good to me. Bridge is surprisingly deep and I like to cooperate with people instead of trying to beat everyone. Actually, a board games club would be ideal and sounds a little bit realistic at least (then again we're talking 2D so anything goes I guess). I think that would be my #1 pick. All these boardgames I wanted to play but never had a chance to do so...!


I think you might be wrong here. Actually, they're not tall, they're tiny. What you see in the backgroud is a curb and it's not like it's a particulary tall one. The balls and cones are elements of some Lego-esque toys. Welcome to the Lilliput Land.


>everytime I watch anime I think this question, without the girl part.

But that's the best part! If I had a chance I'd probably join the basketball club again. Boooring~~


>In high school I was part of the anime club, but that was more like just an excuse for my group to hang out. Watching anime together is just awkward and it was difficult to ever get everyone to cooperate to do group-wide things.

See, that's a problem I think about a lot. Joining anime/manga/literature club seems kinda pointless. I like a/m/books but I don't enjoy discussing them that much (it's fun in small doses but that's it). The best thing that could result from joining a club like that is recommending stuff to other people but you don't need a whole club for info you can exchange between classes.

Video games club sounds a wee bit better since you can play multiplayer together.
>> No. 13056 [Edit]
Is there a jack-of-all-trades club? For people who can't be happy with just one club? Or maybe I can just jump from club to club when I want? Or be a part of more than one at the same time?
I don't know shit about clubs, those things don't exist around here.
>> No. 13058 [Edit]
File 132865829783.gif - (287.32KB , 480x270 , MARUMARUMARUMARUMARUMARUMARU.gif )

You could be in the student council.
or the jersey club.
>> No. 13070 [Edit]
Tennis club or Karate club

Definitely one of those two, based on my favorite manga.
>> No. 13091 [Edit]
Debate Club
Acadamie Decathalon
Math Club (hey, I'm in anime world i'll automatically get 1337 math skills......or something hopefully).
Anime Club
History/PoliSci/etc club
Whichever club is full of weeaboos/artists/autistic people/etc (yes there was something like that at my former HS and I went to it and enjoyed it)
Maybe Kendo or Soccer.
>> No. 13365 [Edit]
The go home club.
>> No. 13377 [Edit]
The music club.
>> No. 13379 [Edit]
Hiking and computer programming.
(sigh) I wouldn't be less of a nerd even in an anime world.
>> No. 13380 [Edit]
On the upside, you would probably be a cute girl. Think about that.
>> No. 13386 [Edit]
What`s the upside of being a nerd with periods?
>> No. 13387 [Edit]
you get to be cute
>> No. 13390 [Edit]
Definatly the Naginata-club, Kendo would be fine too.
Hmn...maybe even Iaido?

Post edited on 20th Feb 2012, 2:31pm
>> No. 13397 [Edit]
File 132984786747.jpg - (175.74KB , 800x1131 , 13981212.jpg )
I was the chief of the astronomical observatory in college. Wouldn't mind doing that again.
>> No. 13398 [Edit]
My school club was sitting outside the school building in the grass for an hour for my parents to pick me up club.
I was president. A very silent club.
>> No. 13403 [Edit]
I was in a similar club during middle school.
The 'get dropped off at school two hours early every day' club.
It was a dark cold and boring club...
>> No. 13406 [Edit]
Interesting, I joined that club when I started college. Sucks not having my own car and tagging along with a parent.
>> No. 13408 [Edit]
I was in that club too, but I joined out of free will. "Silence and empty busses above all" was our(my) motto.

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