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File 136981880610.jpg - (151.41KB , 817x1000 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
21956 No. 21956 [Edit]
Are there certain things which you find funny but you are not quite sure why?

Image spoilered for sorta 3D
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>> No. 21957 [Edit]
yes, that is quite an epic meme
>> No. 21958 [Edit]
butt sex
>> No. 21959 [Edit]
Yes. #(twitter) joke things make me laugh more than I feel they should.
>> No. 21965 [Edit]
File 136991518113.png - (53.72KB , 350x194 , hurricane_of_bears_PNG.png )
Really lame puns, especially ones that are the punchline to a joke but you end up forgetting the joke itself. Like "There's no plates like chrome for the Hollandaise" or "Absinthe makes the farts go 'honda!'"

I blame my grandfather.
>> No. 22044 [Edit]
When bad things happen to myself, I laugh. I get physically injured, sometimes severely, I would still manage to chuckle or grin. I think it has something to do with myself not being able to frown. Even when I'm crying, I would still smile.
>> No. 22045 [Edit]
I would agree but it's usually because I hurt myself in a dumb way.
Like back in high school science lab, I leaned back to chill on the table, forgetting there was a heated hotplate there. Which I put my hand on, and it stuck to it long enough to leave a burning imprint.
>> No. 22131 [Edit]
Openings for crappy old animes
>> No. 22133 [Edit]

Pick a crappy one next time then, Urusei Yatsura is charming.
>> No. 22247 [Edit]
Its shit
>> No. 22290 [Edit]
Not that anon but I like it too.
>> No. 22321 [Edit]
He looks autistic
>> No. 22322 [Edit]

His whole philosophy was based on the realization that he couldn't prove that anyone or anything existed outside of his own thoughts

So yeah, autism
>> No. 22323 [Edit]

He was right about that, though.
>> No. 22327 [Edit]
I side with Hume and say that he was wrong on assuming that the self exists.

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