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File 134355143229.jpg - (13.68KB , 259x259 , 1343368114205.jpg )
11209 No. 11209 [Edit]
Hi there, /so/.
Do you procrastinate? I notice that I will just put something off for no reason, seemingly. I think it`s because I`m scared. Scared of not knowing what to do, and scared of dealing with it. So I avoid it. Then I guess I used apathy as my defense mechanism; that I didn`t care if I did that thing I maybe was going to do anyway. People don`t actually feel good about themselves by default. People have to do things with themselves. I have to do things to feel good about myself.
I notice that I did this a lot, this procrastination, with just about everything. Not just things I was scared of, but anything that took any effort I guess. So I`m trying to stop that, and I`m succeeding, I think. It`s so much easier to do nothing, but yeah, it doesn`t make you feel very good. I feel better about myself if I just go and do something that I want to do. I`ve taken a lot of the hesitation and reluctance out of my mindset.
So anyway, do you guys procrastinate? Why do you think that is?
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>> No. 11210 [Edit]
yes, I'm in no rush.
>> No. 11211 [Edit]
I put things off, but it's because I have no rush as a shut-in, and I only do whatever I deem most fun at the time.
>> No. 11212 [Edit]
File 134356390764.jpg - (354.32KB , 1024x768 , efd01698c4e4fa2e0f952b62c5aebc9c.jpg )
Sometimes it feels as though I'm procrastinating. Then I realize that there isn't actually anything that I want to do. Nothing's fun.
>> No. 11213 [Edit]

Much the same. I used to, but now I have nothing to put off as I don't want to do anything at all.
>> No. 11215 [Edit]
I procrastinate on everything. The less I want to do it, the more I'll go out of my way to avoid having anything to do with the thing or think about it until I forget about it.

Lately there hasn't really been much that I've really wanted to do. It's getting a little harder to fight off my boredom.
>> No. 11216 [Edit]
Not really, if there is something I really need to do even if I don't want to I try to get it out of my way as fast as possible. It's actually worse if the thing is something I actually want to do that I'll get something out of because then I'm even more anxious and become so sensitive I'll crack under the littlest amount of stress especially if it can easily go wrong somehow.
>> No. 11217 [Edit]
I procrasrtinate literally everything, even things I like. I feel trapped and numb
>> No. 11219 [Edit]
I put things off because I hope I die any day now. For example I haven't been to a dentist in years, because I hope I will be dead before any sort of pain makes it necessary. It's like I am waiting for a package that will never come
>> No. 11220 [Edit]
I haven't been to a dentist or a doctor in I can't remember how long. I always wondered how many life threatening problems I have growing all over my body right now. I actually don't mind the doctor too much but the dentist can fuck off. They done more harm than good in my life, made me feel like some sort of experiment because of the things they did to my teeth in the past in the name of simply making them look nice. Since I'm now over 18, I am refusing anything optional they force on me like tooth extraction or whatever else they pull out of their ass to put me through more pain while making easy money.
>> No. 11221 [Edit]
I also hate going to the dentist's office - in fact, most people do. Dentists and dental hygienists try their hardest to make visits difficult for their patients by lecturing them about their habits as though they were children. This turns an already unpleasant experience into an unbearable one.
>> No. 11269 [Edit]
you should've seen the x-ray pictures of my wisdom teeth, they were practically angled 45degree into the teeth in front of em.

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