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File 133463522318.jpg - (57.25KB , 600x315 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
14447 No. 14447 [Edit]
Is anyone else watching Game of Thrones season 2 (aka A Clash of Kings?) There was an old thread, but I guess it's in the archive now.

I'm liking it so far. Tyrion is still awesome, so is Arya, and the other characters are pretty much the way they should be. Shae is still way more of a cunt than I imagined in the books but I guess that's how they're going.

I like what they're doing with Theon, too. Really putting emphasis on that internal conflict between his foster family and his blood family.
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>> No. 14448 [Edit]
It's not in the archives (>>5416 )
>> No. 15095 [Edit]
File 133866133312.jpg - (116.84KB , 510x518 , How would you handle this situation.jpg )
The Blackwater episode was pretty boss. Really shows where they put most of the budget for the season. Still nowhere near as awesome of a battle as it was in the book but I was still impressed.
>> No. 15100 [Edit]
Haven't seen that picture in a while. I remember people used to post it all the time.

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