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No. 791 [Edit]
Wow, the new position for the D-Pad sucks!
Expand all images
>> No. 792 [Edit]
It's kinda low, but i'm betting most games will use the analog anyways and i'm betting there will be a setting to use the analog in normal DS games. (sorta like how you could chose the screen on the old DS for GBA games)
>> No. 793 [Edit]
I'm really interested to see if the new DS will be region-locked, since the DSi is region-locked. For example: you can't play the DS version of [email protected] on a non-japanese DSi.
>> No. 794 [Edit]
Hm. Well, it doesn't look too bad, it's just that the buttons are so much higher than it.

It probably will. Which sucks.
>> No. 795 [Edit]
It probably will, but don't people have patches or something?
>> No. 796 [Edit]
The d-pad probably won't be a problem. I'm not sure what's new about it, though, because it's in the same place it's been since it was revealed back at E3. Capcom said they were giving feedback to Nintendo about the d-pad while developing Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, and it was changed over time.

It actually had a small size increase between the E3 reveal and the October event where the Japanese launch details were announced.
>> No. 797 [Edit]
I remember Nintendo saying they would be improving the design until the launch date because honestly that design is really unappealing. Unless they're pulling that "release new refined and shinier model in 6 months" again.

This looks exactly like the one shown at E3.
>> No. 798 [Edit]
>Chinese factory worker
>Razer mouse pad

>> No. 799 [Edit]
>This video has been removed by the user.

Well fuck.
>> No. 800 [Edit]
File 129409325451.jpg - (107.16KB , 611x389 , Nintendo3DS-001.jpg )
A few photos.
>> No. 801 [Edit]
File 129409327372.jpg - (94.61KB , 611x372 , Nintendo3DS-002.jpg )
>> No. 802 [Edit]
File 12940932917.jpg - (117.83KB , 612x367 , Nintendo3DS-003.jpg )
>> No. 803 [Edit]
File 129409331242.jpg - (105.93KB , 612x409 , Nintendo3DS-005.jpg )
>> No. 808 [Edit]

I want that Yoshi
>> No. 910 [Edit]
Seems like 3DS is going to be region-locked. Not really that surprising, given DSi was, but it still sucks. Can only hope that someone will crack it eventually.
>> No. 928 [Edit]
File 129496455094.jpg - (20.11KB , 450x448 , 3DS - 0.jpg )
Well, this seems like the definitive design. I'm rather disappointed I must say.

Also, the battery should only last 3-5 hours they said.
>> No. 930 [Edit]
The battery length is questionable. Nintendo tends to be very conservative with their estimated battery ranges, and the 3-5 figure wasn't specific at all, though it likely means at max brightness + wi-fi/spot pass whatever stuff enabled.

I put down my preorder today at Toys-R-Us. I'm somewhere around #3-#5 in the system for preorders, so I think I'm guaranteed a launch unit. If not, I'll just camp out for one of the midnight launchs.
>> No. 931 [Edit]
This is very disappointing.

But I wanted to wait a year or so anyway. When the DS came out I thought it would get tons of visual novels simply because the design seemed to be perfect for it. But it turned out that the PSP would became the portable console of your choice in regards of VN.

There something about it sitting the bed and reading some VN before sleeping. So, I'll wait how the PSP2 will turning out.
>> No. 941 [Edit]
I'm betting the 3-5 hour battery life is with max brightness, wi-fi, and making use of the 3D cameras.

Give it like 4 months and there'll be a new version with a better battery anyways.
>> No. 1019 [Edit]
File 129546808045.jpg - (63.71KB , 502x360 , 1295466802671.jpg )
>March 2011
>> No. 1020 [Edit]
I've never cared for handheld systems. I had a DS just to play the phoenix wright games
>> No. 1021 [Edit]
Well i'm not getting it at launch due to the date since i'll be in the middle of moving plans at the time.

Definitely my goal before my birthday though.
>> No. 1022 [Edit]
I'm waiting for the second version that will come with better design and battery.
>> No. 1023 [Edit]
I don't think Nintendo have ever put a better battery in any of their handheld redesigns. Sans GBA SP, which was their first rechargeable battery, I believe.

I'm surprised NA is getting it last. Going to be a long two months wait, but if Pilotwings and Steel Diver are at launch, it'll be worth it.
>> No. 1106 [Edit]
File 129644458662.jpg - (130.00KB , 959x600 , nintendo.jpg )
If this image is real, then i need a job asap so i can spare more of my tax money for it.
>> No. 1107 [Edit]
>> No. 1112 [Edit]

I. Want. This. Fuck, I want this.
>> No. 1158 [Edit]
File 129676948135.jpg - (40.41KB , 600x534 , 7MgsJ.jpg )
>> No. 1161 [Edit]

No longer will you be confined to dancing in front of your TV like a moron, now you can look like a retard anywhere!

Hurry on down to your local gamestop and waste some money on one today!!
>> No. 1164 [Edit]
File 129678131490.gif - (340.24KB , 640x480 , IT STILL PRINTS MONEY.gif )
>> No. 1165 [Edit]
Cheap hardware sold high, good games and some INNOVASHION. Yep, it prints money all right.
>> No. 1166 [Edit]
>good games
haha, good one.
yeah those brain testers, language learners, and fitness games for the middle aged gamer are super fun right?
oh and can't forget about all the fun games for the whole family!
>> No. 1168 [Edit]
Sup, Tohno?
>> No. 1169 [Edit]
File 129679346786.jpg - (49.78KB , 300x270 , runefactory3.jpg )
I have found quite a few interesting games on the Wii and DS. Actually, the DS is the only console I play besides the PC. Not our fault you only see the casual games or only like hardcore HD games for hardcore HD gamers such as yourself.

Picross, Rythm Heaven, EBA were great casual games. Deal with it.
>> No. 1170 [Edit]
I think the last wii game I played was Animal Crossing
>> No. 1173 [Edit]

The DS has the largest selection of jRPGs of any current gen console.
>> No. 1174 [Edit]

Have fun.
>> No. 1175 [Edit]
File 129688563164.jpg - (50.48KB , 500x444 , steeldivercover.jpg )
Looks like Nintendo of America is enforcing some policy where every game must have this shitty 3D warning on the front of the box. Now people are really going to bitch about how viewing 3D at young ages is potentially harmful. The Steel Diver boxart is nice, but the 3D warning label is an eyesore.
>> No. 1177 [Edit]
File 129688577918.jpg - (46.86KB , 1104x887 , 3ds1.jpg )
I mean, I can understand why it's on the box of the console, or if it was on the back of the game's box, but that label on the front cover of every game is ugly.
>> No. 1178 [Edit]

Huh, it's not that bad.
I hate the ESRB logo more.
>> No. 1180 [Edit]
File 129694116892.jpg - (58.37KB , 500x449 , newasphalt3dcover.jpg )
I overreacted a bit, but in Steel Diver's case the label sticks out too much. The transparent label that Asphalt has doesn't look bad, which is what Steel Diver should use.
>> No. 1183 [Edit]
File 129696335016.jpg - (57.14KB , 500x450 , 51kb-rdBFwL.jpg )
Lol, you think this Label looks ugly?

Here have a look how a German DS game looks like.
>> No. 1184 [Edit]
Just in case you are wondering. The PEGI 12 shit is the rating for the whole Europe and the USK 6 is the German rating. That's right, they print TWO motherfucking ratings on them.
>> No. 1185 [Edit]
I know Europeans and Australians get shafted with big logos, but I didn't know they printed both in Germany. That's terrible.
>> No. 1365 [Edit]
File 129825449222.jpg - (164.97KB , 1024x683 , TGBus-Hardware-40.jpg )
Here's a really detailed 3DS hardware teardown if anyone's interested.
>> No. 1366 [Edit]
This was gonna be a first day buy, but the launch titles are so horrible...
>> No. 1381 [Edit]
US launch lineup finally announced:

* Pilotwings Resort™
* Steel Diver™
* nintendogs™ + cats
* Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition from CAPCOM
* The Sims™ 3 from EA
* Madden NFL Football from EA SPORTS
* Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
* LEGO® Star Wars® III: The Clone Wars™ from LucasArts™
* RIDGE RACER® 3D from NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
* Super Monkey Ball™ 3D from SEGA
* BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSE™ from Square-Enix, Inc.
* Asphalt™ 3D from UBISOFT
* Combat of Giants™: Dinosaurs 3D from UBISOFT
* Rayman® 3D from UBISOFT
* Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Shadow Wars from UBISOFT

>Other Nintendo 3DS games in the works for 2011 from Nintendo include The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D, Star Fox 64™ 3D, Kid Icarus™: Uprising and new installments in the Mario Kart™ series.
>> No. 1382 [Edit]
Wow. There is like... one new game in that list. Rahashan, rehashan.
>> No. 1386 [Edit]
Famitsu reviews for the 3DS launch titles:

Nintendogs + cats – 10/9/9/10
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles – 9/9/8/8
Super Street Fighter IV 3D – 9/8/8/9
PES 2011 3D – 8/8/8/8
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle 8/8/8/8
Ridge Racer 3D – 8/8/7/9
Super Monkey Ball 3D – 9/8/8/7
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D – 6/6/6/6
Puzzle Bobble 3D – 6/6/6/6

Too bad for the puzzle bobble, I like those games.
>> No. 1392 [Edit]
Layton isn't even getting the popular game courtesy review Famitsu usually gives. Wonder if it's not that great, or just a matter of fatigue? I mean, a a new Layton comes out just about every year over in Japan.

And man, the Japanese launch is even more pitiful than the NA one. I'm all right with them getting it a month earlier when I look at that list of games.
>> No. 1398 [Edit]
File 129851430046.jpg - (28.74KB , 400x240 , Grafitti.jpg )
It seems the AR graffiti app is included with the console.
>> No. 1401 [Edit]
File 129852074625.jpg - (225.37KB , 708x515 , arshotsm.jpg )
Some other AR games leaked, plus there are supposedly Street Pass games, too. The one in my picture transforms your surroundings into a billiards/mini-golf course. Pretty neat idea.

Nintendo really needs to make some sort of picture/video sharing site like they did with Flipnote Studio for that Graffiti program. You could access the site from your DS and download (if it even supports that) 3D pictures or videos straight to your DS. At least, in theory.
>> No. 1415 [Edit]
Some dudes in Hong Kong got an early Japanese 3DS and some games. They unbox it, then tape off-screen footage of them messing a bit with the OS and playing Super Street Fighter IV.
>> No. 1417 [Edit]
If I get a 3DS it will be for the Animal Crossing game. If I knew where my copy of the Wii version was I might play with some of you
>> No. 1418 [Edit]

I've never played an Animal Crossing game.
Aren't they like Harvest Moon?
>> No. 1419 [Edit]
Kind of. Instead of raising a farm and getting married and stuff you try to pay off your house and get cool furniture to put in it. Also it has a real-time clock. I spent a new year's eve on the gamecube version once
>> No. 1420 [Edit]
and towns are randomly generated, so when you visit someone else's town it has different characters, layout, fruit, etc
>> No. 1421 [Edit]
I did this with nearly every major in-game holiday when I was playing it on GameCube. Such a fun, relaxing game, although It would be nice if Nintendo changes up the formula with the 3DS game. There were rumors about you playing as the mayor in the 3DS version last year at E3, which would be a cool twist.
>> No. 1422 [Edit]
>Such a fun, relaxing game

It really was. I have fond memories of wandering around late at night (the music then was always awesome), looking for the ghost
>> No. 1424 [Edit]
>> No. 1426 [Edit]

Ok, you convinced me.
Which version should I play? GC, Wii, DS?
>> No. 1427 [Edit]
Wii. It's basically an upgraded DS version, which itself was an upgraded GC version
>> No. 1437 [Edit]
File 129867594559.jpg - (80.37KB , 960x640 , photo-20110225-210442-0-af64db0702449cc5aa70af7177.jpg )
Andriasang and Famitsu are covering some stores' lines. The picture I posted was taken at Yodobashi Camera at Akiba after 6 AM, which already had over 600 people in line at that time. 3DS doesn't go on sale until 9 or 10 AM.
>> No. 1438 [Edit]
File 129867669750.jpg - (109.63KB , 960x640 , photo-20110225-232218-0-90098a5ed367d8f2b9468ec01a.jpg )
Better Andriasang link:

Here's another shot of Akiba's Yodobashi Camera. The store was going to open at 8:30, but they moved it up by 10 minutes and started letting people in because they wanted to avoid a rush of people flooding in.
>> No. 1439 [Edit]
3DS's music visualizer shown. Dat ExciteBike and StarFox. A minimal, vector-graphics-esque StarFox in that style would be so cool.
>> No. 1440 [Edit]
Surechigai Densetsu (StreetPass Legend) footage finally shown. The way it works is you hire heroes using the game coins you earn through the 3DS's pedomete and then send them to save the captured king (which is one of your Miis, I believe).

There are different levels of heroes, up to 3, presumably, and they have different attacks. The battle screen lets you choose three options (maybe more): Magic, Attack (Sword), and Leave. There were two magic options. The first is called "Black Magic" and would've made the enemy fall asleep, and the second (the one shown in the battle with two ghosts) is called "Blue Magic" and is a water attack. The sword does three consecutive attacks, and leaving lets you leave the battle and fight the enemy later.

It looks like the heroes are fickle and will just up and leave when they want, too. The text shown when the one leaves after the water attack is "The wandering hero was tired and left".

The treasure box at the end of the first battle with the Mario hat can be used to dress up your own Miis with.
>> No. 1441 [Edit]
File 129868882371.jpg - (83.88KB , 640x426 , bY92FP621X6Y2bR4KupEWCy6AaKWmK2X.jpg )
>> No. 1442 [Edit]
File 129869162567.jpg - (67.68KB , 640x425 , 22-2.jpg )
Look at how hood these kids are.
>> No. 1456 [Edit]
File 129880927794.jpg - (56.08KB , 640x478 , d4dLo.jpg )
So here's something that Nintendo didn't bother to mention: press Start + Select while playing a DS game and you can play it at its native resolution rather than having it stretched to fill the 3DS screens.
>> No. 1457 [Edit]
File 129884545940.jpg - (52.77KB , 550x220 , 5628711620110227201227012.jpg )
Neat idea for sharing Miis, Nintendo included QR code support. Here's an example with the K-On! girls.
>> No. 1541 [Edit]
File 129932388082.jpg - (18.36KB , 467x280 , afir2w.jpg )
2D becomes 3DPD with the help of the AR cards.
>> No. 1577 [Edit]
File 129959600332.jpg - (37.28KB , 640x352 , 1297741749435.jpg )
>> No. 1580 [Edit]
God damn, big brother much?
>> No. 1590 [Edit]
This is just a rumor and more than likely completely false. Nintendo isn't going to ruin the trade-in business and have retailers abandon them. In addition to that, console manufacturers have yet to brick any of their systems intentionally, because it borders on illegality and would cause tons of negative press.
>> No. 1732 [Edit]
The launch is just a week away for Europe and NA. Is anyone else besides me picking one up at launch? If so, which launch games are you planning on picking up? I have Steel Diver fully paid off, but I'm thinking about switching my pre-order over to Pilotwings, or possibly Ghost Recon.
>> No. 1734 [Edit]
you know companies like Nintendo don't make money off resales of used systems right? that all goes to gamestop or whenever you sell it to.
Nintendo makes money from selling new systems, as such, it only makes sense they would have some small writing on a user manual stating that piracy and other illegal use of the system can void not only a warranty, but a user agreement, both of which people never bother to read and always ignore.
This would mean, you'd have to buy another 3ds, and give Nintendo more money.
>> No. 1737 [Edit]
You're missing the point. This was a baseless fear being thrown around by a single Japanese retailer stating that Nintendo will brick 3DS's if someone's 3DS shows that the user has used a device that can enable piracy in the gamelog that the 3DS features. Any console manufacturer can brick your console if they so choose to if they are aware that your console is playing pirated games. They don't, though, and the most that happens is that your console will banned from accessing online play. Retailers wouldn't stock the device if Nintendo ever was intentionally bricking consoles, because it would ruin any chances of having those consoles being traded-in.

Plus it's near illegal, for the very reason you pointed out. That is, if you intentionally damage the device so that is unusable in order to force the user to buy a new one.
>> No. 1812 [Edit]
Here's a Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars mission walkthrough with Julian Gollop narrating. It's somewhat like Advance Wars crossed with Fire Emblem (it has character customization and a leveling system in place).
>> No. 1813 [Edit]
I was originally going to pick up DOA Dimensions but it's been delayed so I'll just be getting the system. Oh well, the AR Games and stuff look fun.
>> No. 1822 [Edit]
I guess I'm switching my Steel Diver pre-order at GameStop to something else now that this deal's popped up.
>> No. 1868 [Edit]
>Seems like 3DS is going to be region-locked.
Time to import.
>> No. 2603 [Edit]
Iwata Asks: Love Plus 3DS.
>> No. 4229 [Edit]
So it's been a long time since we talked about the 3DS, a shame that the start has been slow.

Did anyone but me bother picking one up? The ambassador games look pretty cool, but I really wish that I could just get Devil Survivor: Overclocked and Class of Heroes already.

Also my friend code is 1633-4301-3630 if anyone wants to add me. Maybe if the system actually gets games soon we could play together.
>> No. 4244 [Edit]
File 131297643264.png - (287.43KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2010-10-31-11h51m28s180.png )
I really do not understand Nintendos approach on the 3DS, mobile gaming was already huge(especially in Japan)in 2005 when the DS came out.Why would I pay 7 euro for a NESgame crippled with DRM?
>> No. 4245 [Edit]

Truth to be told I wouldn't mind paying that for a good NES game. Actually, I'd be willing to pay more for an average NES game than for an average game that comes out nowadays. But that's kinda besides the point I guess.


Nintendo really managed to save their face here, huh? Normally I would expect a person who bought a console before a price drop to be pissed about it but I think I actually wouldn't mind it if I were to get 20 great games in return.
>> No. 4247 [Edit]
A few people have said that I am being weird for not getting angry at Nintendo, but when I consider that I was willing to pay the money I did for the 3DS, I didn't really care.

But whatever I guess, I was able to wait for years for some good DS and GBA games, I can wait for good 3DS games.
>> No. 4249 [Edit]
Nothing weird about Nintendo fanboys being Nintendo's doormats.
>> No. 4252 [Edit]
>> No. 4265 [Edit]
I finally got a 3DS today.
...That's about it, other then me getting Pokemon Black and OoT.
Those AR cards are pretty nifty though.
>> No. 4266 [Edit]
>> No. 4404 [Edit]
File 131417810433.jpg - (49.54KB , 1229x940 , Count the DS versions.jpg )

heh, seems yet another bloody slightly different variation of the DS will be coming out soon.
I almost feel sorry for Nintendo's user base, but don't, becuase they bring this onto themselves, it's their own fault letting Nintendo sucker them time and time again, then ask for more.
At this rate, common vegetables will have longer shelf lives then Nintendo's consoles.
But at least Nintendo is admitting their mistake with this whole 3D crap.
Microsoft is still out there lying about how successful kinect is, just like Sony is still pushing that wii ripoff.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2011, 2:31am
>> No. 4405 [Edit]
Nintendo is on thin enough ice as it is, I doubt they will piss off their core audience even more by revising the 3DS this early.

This is just people being hopeful for FPS games on a handheld which is a stupid idea anyway.
>> No. 4406 [Edit]
>I doubt they will piss off their core audience even more
That's the thing, they don't care.
Nintendo can put out a new DS every 6 months and their audience would still line up for the new version.
But one does have to give that audience some credit in spite of their willingness to pay over and over for the same exact Mario game re-released on different consoles, they're not complete retards, Nintendo knows this.
It's why they aren't scraping 3D completely, just "downplaying it", if they took 3D out of the 3DS, some Nintendo fan boys might realise it would be just the same system as the DSi ...which was practically the same console as the DS light, with a few gizmo's added.

One has to remember here, Microsoft and Sony make money off the games, Unlike them, Nintendo makes money off their system sales.
so it's not crazy to think they'd want to keep putting out new versions of the system as they market it as something new.
>> No. 4407 [Edit]
>New DS every 6 months
That is a bit absurd. There were what, 4 in 6-7 years? How many did the PSP have again? 1000 + 2000+ 3000 + that PSPGO abomination. The wii has never had a revision, just colour changes, while the PS3 and 360 have slim editions.

>Downplaying 3D
I don't think anyone cares about 3D, but having a new analog stick/circle pad would mean that people who own the single pad would not be able to play the games. Nintendo would not survive that, no way in hell.

>Nintendo makes money off their system sales.
Source? I was under the impression that they made money off their Mario and Pokemon games, both series sharing spot #1 and #2 for most profitable franchises of all time respectively.

Hell the DSi was a fucking dumb idea, but that was so many years after the original DS and included so few games that I don't think anyone even cared. Nintendo can't do digital distro and they know it.

Anyway, sorry if I sounded like a dick but you shouldn't hate on Nintendo for made up stuff. You have plenty more things to hate them for, like birthing motion controls and creating the most popular console of all time that is sustained by shovelware.
>> No. 4410 [Edit]

>the most popular console of all time

I thought PS2 was Sony's console?

But yeah, Nintendo isn't stupid enough to actually change the console to the point where older models won't be able to play new games. They might release a new version of their consoles every month but it's not like anybody forces you to buy all of them, most of the changes are cosmetic, not much different from releasing different colors of their consoles. I bought DS just a few months after it was released and I'm still using that unit.
>> No. 4417 [Edit]
sony didn't really market 3000 as being a completely different system, it still has the same name, only tech nerds can tell the difference between 2000 and 3000, you can't even tell the difference between 3000 and 2000 from the outside, that's not even their official names, that number comes from a product code you have to open up the system to see.
but yeah, '2000' as it were, was their slim, which is what they called it, psp slim.
I'm sure if we busted open a few DS from over the years, we'd find some different product numbers in there also, upping the about of versions.
heck, if you want to play it like that, we could technically count every color each of the systems as being different versions.
Every system, portable or not, gets a slim version after a few years, but they still remain able to play the same games.
first gen psp games work with slim and the other way around.
Correctly me if I'm wrong here, but are there not games labeled as only working on dsi? would 3DS games work on a original DS?
But you're completely right about the pspgo, that peace of shit was a joke.
I know they wanted to cut down on piracy, which practically killed the psp in America, but making it incompatible with umd games was bs. you shouldn't have to rebuy the game you already bought.
can't play old psp games on a go, although you play them the other way around, kind of strange...
lucky though, they seem to have 'downplayed' the pspgo, which can be picked up fairly cheap now since no one wants that useless peace of junk, and they're still selling umd games in stores, all be it not many, becuase psp has no games lol.

when it comes down to it, we've got pspfat (original), psp slim, and pspgo (full of fail!).
in the other side of the ring, we've got DS (original) DSlight (their slim version) DSI (I dunno lolmo) 3DS (their failure like pspgo) and whatever it is they might be coming out with soon.
Putting it like that, I can see now the DS only has one more version over the psp, so I guess they're both a much of crap!

PC master race!
>> No. 4418 [Edit]
ps2 might be with gamers and people will a brain, I mean damn, Japan is still making tons of games for it to this day.
but will is popular with age groups that may have never heard of ps2, gotta give em that.

Source? look it up.
It's a very well known fact that Nintendo is selling systems for a profit, how can you think that's not true?
Just look at how much the wii costs, they've taken what, ten years to cut the price by $50 on hard wear that was outdated the day the thing came out?
Compare that to a system like ps3, which was sold at a lose at $600 (at the time, blu ray players cost $1,000+) now they're $250, that's $100 more then the current wii price, $50 more then the wii's original price.
This is because electronics fall in value as they age of course.
My point being, do you really think it costs $150 or more for them to make a wii today?
>> No. 4425 [Edit]
oh I forgot, there's also the DSi XL.
So 2 more then psp (soon to be 3)
>> No. 4426 [Edit]

>Correctly me if I'm wrong here, but are there not games labeled as only working on dsi?

First time I heard about it. I might be misinformed, though.

>would 3DS games work on a original DS?

Would Vita games work on PSP?

Also I love how you say that you could technically count even different colors and then proceed to count redesings
either way.


That's a stupid way to measure popularity. Let's just go with units sold and in this regards PS2 has the upper hand.

>My point being, do you really think it costs $150 or more for them to make a wii today?

Sure it doesn't. Also, it doesn't change the fact that they make shittons of money selling new (and old, not that one could tell the difference) Pokemon/Mario games.
>> No. 4427 [Edit]
You do know psp vita isin't redesigns of the psp, it's a completely different system, not another version right?
That's like saying xbox360 is another version of the xbox, or that the wii is just a variation of the game cube.
>> No. 4437 [Edit]

That's what the 3DS is too. It's a completely new system, not a redesign. The 3DS is to the DS as the Vita is to the PSP.
>> No. 4438 [Edit]
Then why does eveything about it look the same?
>> No. 4439 [Edit]
But it has a wider screen, an analog stick, three cameras, a home button, and all other kinds of shit aesthetically. It doesn't have to look different to have different hardware.
>> No. 4440 [Edit]
Didn't the DSi also add on a bunch of junk? why isn't that also considered a different system then?
>> No. 4441 [Edit]
All the DSi added was a camera and an online store for small games/apps. It wasn't really a revision as all the actual games were still playable on the DS, it wasn't a revision of hardware mostly just a software thing.

The 3DS is the new gen of nintendo handheld. The DSi is to the DS as the 32x was the the mega drive.
>> No. 4442 [Edit]
It's Nintendo's handheld console for this generation. The hardware is entirely different. It's like calling the original DS a GBA with a touch screen, or the 360 an original Xbox with a wireless controller.
>> No. 4443 [Edit]
still seems like the same shit to me.
>> No. 4446 [Edit]

Just because you can't tell the difference doesn't mean there's none.
>> No. 4568 [Edit]
File 131540345521.jpg - (125.86KB , 563x749 , 3DS_analog_addon_thumb.jpg )

>> No. 4569 [Edit]
I like how they have MH3 in huge letters on the page. Wish the old PSP had an add-on like that.
>> No. 4571 [Edit]
File 131540482750.jpg - (346.86KB , 800x1000 , 1315403502872.jpg )
MH on 3DS doesn't support online because the cradle blocks the wireless adapter.

Also Famitsu mentioned ONLY local multiplayer.

In a fucking 14 page long preview not even a single word about online.

Because it doesn't support online.

And why do you think Japan is throwing a fit and laughing at MH Tri G?

Everyone already assumed it has no online.

Also Famitsu is teasing super-duper-turbo big reveal in next issue for Vita.

They are saying "THAT GAME" is going to be revealed.

Probably new MH.

And yes, this is a first party add-on by Nintendo. God, they are so fucked.
>> No. 4572 [Edit]
File 131540865396.jpg - (20.10KB , 490x330 , sony-tablet-p.jpg )
this just shows a new model with a second stick is to be expected next e3 2012. I will continue to enjoy my DSlite and PsP.
I never had any problems with the claw ,but I bet Sony would have done a better job.

in terms of design of the 3DS I would have preferred the Sony two screen tablet P with buttons.
>> No. 4573 [Edit]
>MH on 3DS doesn't support online because the cradle blocks the wireless adapter.

Isn't the wireless adapter used for local play?

It can't be possible for capcom to make a MH game with no online for this god damned thing.
>> No. 4576 [Edit]
Wow, that is one big ass ugly peace of crap.

Looks like a cheep third party accessory from ten years ago.
>> No. 4577 [Edit]
Nintendo peripherals~
>> No. 4578 [Edit]
That plastic brick reminds me of my GBA. I had a gigantic stereo-sound rumble-pack rechargable battery case thing that easily doubled its size and a gigantic magnifying/glass light attachment on the front. It was not exactly portable.
>> No. 4579 [Edit]
File 131543870489.jpg - (103.82KB , 640x480 , mht_g-1.jpg )
I have no idea what he means. The wireless on/off switch is covered, yes, but that won't affect whether you're connected online or not. It also covers the IR port, which is how the attachment is recognized by the 3DS, presumably.

It's too early to say whether Tri G will have online or not. In fact, it would be strange, given Capcom could charge a fee to play like they always have in Japan, and just about every 3DS game they've released already supports online play. The only reason why I could think they wouldn't support online is if they believe the server costs and maintenance would outweigh the number of people that paid for the service. Monster Hunter is popular in Japan for the local multiplayer, not online. It's also possible the Japanese release won't have online support, but the western one will, as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom did on Wii.

Also, the attachment isn't required to play Tri G, and Capcom have added the ability to control the camera via a d-pad on the 3DS touchscreen, as well as auto-facing monsters if you press another button also on the touchscreen. The scan illustrates this.
>> No. 4580 [Edit]
I've heard about those things a little earlier. But I'm not sure if it'll mean much if this is true: .
>> No. 4581 [Edit]
Standard canned response by western divisions. It just means they haven't announced it at this time, nothing to worry about yet, and the slidepad attachment has already been confirmed for release in Europe.

>A Nintendo UK spokesperson told us: "We can confirm that Nintendo does plan to release the attachment but that any further announcements on the attachment will be made at some later time by Nintendo."
>> No. 4618 [Edit]
I am considering on buying a DSiXL but it is only 20 bucks cheaper compared to the 3DS.
Does the 3ds force updates? becuase I would like to continue to play my flashcard(I will wait for another price drop for the old hardware)
also >>1577
>> No. 4620 [Edit]
Don't bother with the DSi if you are going to pirate games, just use a cheap DS lite and use the flashcart on that.

Wait for the 3DS revision to get cheap and buy it then, and no the 3DS does not force updates that I have seen.
>> No. 4626 [Edit]
DSiXL is $170, regular DSi is $150. Refer to these two links to see which flashcarts are still supported by DSi XL and 3DS. The DSi XL list might be outdated, but the 3DS list should be up to date.
>> No. 4652 [Edit]
File 131589989260.jpg - (39.58KB , 640x360 , pink_3ds.jpg )
well I still do not want it.
>> No. 4653 [Edit]
seems kind of sexist to me.
it's like saying "it's pink, so girls have to want one!"

....maybe some of us guys would want one in pink also?
>> No. 4654 [Edit]

It's funny as some 100 years ago pink was a color for men while blue was for women.
>> No. 4661 [Edit]
Pictures of the new add-on!

I feel too lazy to save them and post them here despite them not being all that many. orz
>> No. 4662 [Edit]
>I feel too lazy to save them and post them here

>File URL
>> No. 4663 [Edit]
I accidentally overlooked that feature as I have never used it before. I apologize for my stupidity.
>> No. 4664 [Edit]
File 131596121111.png - (385.66KB , 640x478 , 359b5zt.png )
Here's a mockup from GAF. It's ugly, but it's not the monstrosity some were making it out to be, and it certainly looks comfortable. The press pictures Nintendo released were really unflattering. Also, Resident Evil: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater 3D, Ace Combat 3D, Shin Sangoku Musou Versus, and Kingdom Hearts 3D are all going to support the addon.

Will buy when it's bundled next year with Monster Hunter Tri G for $50.
>> No. 4669 [Edit]
File 13159677679.jpg - (230.31KB , 600x848 , tumblr_lrhgp7yXcm1qzp9weo1_1280.jpg )
Info on the Kid Icarus anime coming to 3DS's Nintendo Video app.

- Production I.G's feature will have Pit as the main character
- 3D action title
- mixes human artillery, Medusa’s lackeys, and Thanatos, God of Death
- scheduled for 3 episodes

- Shaft’s comical mini-series sets Palutena, Goddess of Light, as the main character
- Cheerful and amusing
- scheduled for two (2) episodes

- Studio 4℃ will be focusing on Medusa
- focuses on her actions from the past up until her comeback
- scheduled for one (1) episode
>> No. 4915 [Edit]
Mario Kart Gameplay(NEW)
>> No. 5393 [Edit]
File 132139202536.jpg - (27.29KB , 278x228 , 278x228-marioKillsTanooki.jpg )
This is probably the most idiotic thing I've seen in forever.
>> No. 5395 [Edit]
Yeah, but then again PETA is full of retards, so this shouldn't really be all that surprising.

Anyway, Super Mario 3D Land is pretty awesome. The controls are pretty smooth and it's pretty fun to play, even with the levels being short.
>> No. 5396 [Edit]
PETA tends to do stuff like that to gain some notoriety. They don't care whether they're viewed as retards as long as people actually realize there's an organization like that out there.
>> No. 5397 [Edit]
goddamn that game is frustrating
>> No. 8236 [Edit]
File 136640491642.jpg - (679.91KB , 2250x750 , 1366376852027.jpg )
there is a new zelda game coming this christmas season,looks okay
>> No. 8237 [Edit]
I think that the gauge in the new one might be a 「stamina bar」 instead of a 「magic bar」. I'm not sure, though. It'd still be nice if they brought magic back, though.

We still haven't seen much, so we don't have much of a clue on how it'll all go. The drawing stuff could be pretty neat, though.
>> No. 8243 [Edit]

I'm moderately impressed by how much worse the left pic looks compared to ALttP. It's horrendous.
>> No. 8444 [Edit]
File 137398081226.jpg - (53.04KB , 600x338 , SMT4-3DS-XL-Fami.jpg )
Now that the 3DS has a couple of games I'm interested in I decided to look into it and surprise surprise, Japan gets all the cool things while NA/Europe can only get jealous.

And when I say 'can only get jealous' I mean exactly that. Hard to believe it's actually region locked. Not being able to buy stuff at your local game store is bad enough but not being able to even import them (at a damn hefty price, too) is just ridiculous (of course you can technically import them but from my perspective there's no point in doing that).

Here's a SMT IV 3DS LL/XL, one of the prettiest models out there (or rather, the prettiest for the being).
>> No. 8445 [Edit]
File 137398091867.jpg - (89.31KB , 800x490 , Mh4_3ds_01.jpg )
Here's an upcoming Monhan 4 model. Gorgeous, even though I couldn't care less about Monhan.
But of course, Japan only.
>> No. 8446 [Edit]
File 137398108954.jpg - (27.24KB , 600x375 , Animal_crossing_3ds_xl.jpg )
And here's a cute Animal Crossing themed model. I would seriously consider getting that bundle but of course I'm late to the part and now the few remaining ones are getting sold at 1.5x/2x the original price.
>> No. 8566 [Edit]
File 137770479752.jpg - (49.97KB , 960x766 , 1377703377534.jpg )

>> No. 8567 [Edit]
What is it with console companies stabbing themselves in the gut lately, first xbone now this.
>> No. 8568 [Edit]
It really seems like a waste of money, but I guess that it's just a test to see how they should go about with their handhelds since they're planning to do quite a bit with both home consoles and handhelds since they're going to be sharing a more similar OS in the next generation.
>> No. 8569 [Edit]
It looks so strange. My brain has trouble processing the photo, I keep trying to visually make out a hinge.

Looks comfy to hold though, a bit like the GBA SP.
>> No. 8570 [Edit]
pardon the meme but just looking at that thing fills my brain with fuck.
It's like they just don't give a crap anymore...
>> No. 8571 [Edit]

I saw this pic earlier and thought it's a joke, I swear.

Wow, that's... wow. I don't even know. Saving like ~70$ sounds nice but it looks artrocious. I think I'd rather overpay for a normal 3DS.
>> No. 8573 [Edit]
I don't see why everyone is so mad about it. It's supposed to be an ugly, less portable, more durable, non-3D and cheaper 3DS alternative for kids who are too young to see the 3D properly and have a hinged 3DS fit in their pockets and not break when they act like fucking stupid kids.

All these people getting mad that it looks stupid or whatever are missing the point, I imagine this will really help nintendo drive sales for the next generation of pokemon and mario with the <7 crowd.
>> No. 8574 [Edit]
I'm not mad, I think it's fucking hilarious!

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