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File 140882213797.jpg - (132.20KB , 500x475 , 060f79865a862580e110036f61d9919e23b150c4.jpg )
24879 No. 24879 [Edit]
The old one >>21755 is on autosage, time for a new one!
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>> No. 24880 [Edit]
I thought about what I should do, but ended up just staring at the ceiling and sitting in my computer chair.

I planned out where I would put shelves if I were to in the future.
>> No. 24884 [Edit]
I also wasted my day today. I had some ideas of what to do but I ended up watching anime and browsing image boards all day.
>> No. 24889 [Edit]
While I like my hometown, it always pains me to come back to my house. It is a relaxing and easy going place, but every time I come I always end up feeling like shit while remembering the past.
>> No. 24896 [Edit]
I got banned on wizardchan today, I think I'm just going to stop going all together, I might check in in a month or so to see if things calmed down but it's frustrating as is
>> No. 24897 [Edit]
I'm also currently visiting my small town home for the first time in a long time. It's a strange feeling, I hate seeing people I went to school with just completely ignore me. It's in a heavily forested area so it's never going to expand much and looks exactly the same, but all the people here are different
>> No. 24898 [Edit]
That website is ford driver central. I'm surprised a tohno-chan browser would go there in the first place.
>> No. 24899 [Edit]
It always surprises me how much mutual hatred there is between the two communities.
>> No. 24900 [Edit]
I enjoy their /jp/ and /hob/ but it's really not worth it right now
>> No. 24909 [Edit]
Witchcraft Work's OST is pretty nice.
>> No. 24912 [Edit]
I heard a song and I recognize it but I can't remember what it is. It's irritating me. Help me out guys, it's a song I feel like I've heard everywhere.
It's the song (remixed?) in this seemingly pointless youtube video which is just watamote's episode 12 ending with a different song, and maybe a filter? Also, for some reason, I feel like it gives the clip a somewhat apocalyptic feel, somehow, until Yuu shows up. Like shit just hit the fan and she's running for her life from death squads through a blazing city or something.

>> No. 24916 [Edit]
The スマボラ leaks are pretty weird situations. I like them.
>> No. 24917 [Edit]
i want satsuki sama to step on me and call me worthless then spit in my mouth and crush my penis with her heels
>> No. 24918 [Edit]
my internet friend messaged me for help five days ago and i havent had a response from him since. i hope he is okay.
>> No. 24919 [Edit]
>That website is ford driver central
You wouldn't even have to go there to work that out. Only know the premise of the place. An entire site that defines themselves by their inability to find a 3DPD and have sex - gee, how could these people possibly be normals?

What kind of help?
>> No. 24920 [Edit]
The Doomstar Requiem is one of the best things I've ever heard in my entire life. I can't believe that I put it ever since someone told me about it here, but I guess III being as mediocre as it was didn't really help it.

I'm really glad that Toki doesn't die. Toki's part was pretty good and I really liked I Believe since I believe that he deserves that happiness for the awful childhood that he had, along with being overall a pretty good song. Some Time Ago and The Duel are also pretty good.
>> No. 24921 [Edit]
I've been trying to find a site like mangaupdates or MAL but in Japanese. No luck so far. EGS in good for eroge but there seems to be nothing for manga.
>> No. 24922 [Edit]
I translated a few comics and images on danbooru, it was fun.
>> No. 24924 [Edit]
I was thinking, are middle schoolers in summer vacation NEETs?
>> No. 24925 [Edit]
>> No. 24926 [Edit]
I don't think so. They're still enrolled in education, just taking a break from it.
>> No. 24927 [Edit]
no more than people with a 9-5 job are neets during the weekend.
>> No. 24928 [Edit]
Absolutely. That's why we should go back to the old ways and put those little pricks to work on the harvest during school breaks. Prevention is the best medicine, as they say.
>> No. 24930 [Edit]
Been watching Adventure Time. It's okay.
It's occasionally pretty funny, with scenes that literally made me laugh. That's pretty good for me. Most shows don't make me laugh.
And also occasionally it has touching moments.
>> No. 24934 [Edit]
I've been watching it as well, and it's not that bad. I kind of don't like when they start throwing in slang terms every once in a while. Aside from that, I also have to admit that it managed to make me laugh as well.

The creator of Adventure Time also created another series called The Bravest Warriors on YT (https://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonHangover). It's pretty decent.
>> No. 24945 [Edit]
If you enjoy that show I'd also recommend Rick & Morty. It's a bit stupider than adventure time but I found it a lot more entertaining, it has its share of sentimental moments too.

Post edited on 29th Aug 2014, 11:49pm
>> No. 24954 [Edit]
File 140944185610.gif - (162.38KB , 500x281 , candy streets.gif )
Finally caught up on Adventure Time, so I'll check these two out.
I wish there were more entertaining moments in the show, because the rest of it is really boring. I was expecting season 6 to do more stuff with Finn's dad and his arm.

>It's a bit stupider than adventure time
I am all about stupid.

Here's some favorite scenes that I can recall because watching the non-good parts is a pain.

My favorite episode is probably "Memory of a Memory" because
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctCPSN7Ho_s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfijG7pmMqk
The episode "King Worm" is also good not because of any specific moments, but because it accurately depicts dream logic.

In "Freak City" (couldn't find a video)
Finn: Jake, stop screwing around. You're gonna make me give into depression.
Jake: Eh, what are you going to do about it? Probably nothing, right? If you're depressed, you'll do nothing.
Finn: I... Maybe I will do nothing. Maybe I'll just lay down here.
then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFMxgv4ZdKo

Buff baby redux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp9-y3fRNEk
Also, if you really want to, here's the video they are watching by itself, posted by the guest animator for that episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX_vcjZmQ9w


And also, guile's theme actually makes this scene pretty cool:
>> No. 24958 [Edit]
File 140953440092.jpg - (563.81KB , 750x1000 , 1af11f9606cc25fecfe32373044b5db7.jpg )
I vacuumed the carpet, wiped down shelves, and dusted in my room today. I also opened up the window to get some fresh air in here for the first time in a while.
>> No. 24967 [Edit]
I cleaned my floor, gonna clean out my sink maybe as well.
>> No. 24968 [Edit]
File 140962385771.png - (303.97KB , 462x727 , AR.png )

Well this is a pleasant surprise, I didn't expect anyone else on TC anywhere to also watch Adventure Time. For some reason I just didn't think it would be a thing.

Rick & Morty's creator is the Lemongrabs' voice actor as well, if anyone didn't know.
>> No. 24969 [Edit]
I just watched Rick and Morty, and I agree, it's more entertaining. I find comedy about despair to be entertaining. Although, the constant despair kind of makes me appreciate the light-heartedness of other stuff, so I guess that's good. My favorite line was:

>Rick & Morty's creator is the Lemongrabs' voice actor as well, if anyone didn't know.
>> No. 24971 [Edit]
Recently I've been taking around ten minutes a night to just sit in the living room with all the lights off.

It's really relaxing for some reason. I'm worried one of my family members might wake up midway through doing it though, and that'd be really awkward.
>> No. 24972 [Edit]
That's one of the reasons I stopped with anapanasati(which is just a fancy and even more awkward way of doing what you do), couldn't concentrate with all the anxiety associated with being found.
>> No. 24973 [Edit]
Recently I've been getting drunk and walking around the city at night. It's relaxing, I don't have any anxiety.
>> No. 24974 [Edit]
I hope you at least bring a CCW
>> No. 24983 [Edit]
I started a small salad garden. I bought 3 packets of seeds - mesclun original, oriental mesclun and mesclun red blend.

I filled a box about 700-1400mm with potting mix/compost then a layer of special seedling mix on top of that. It's on the deck where it's warmer (early spring here) and has a piece of glass to cover it and stop it drying out.

It's not big enough I think and the plants will soon get overcrowded but you're meant to harvest them small. Will be interesting to see what comes up and how it grows.

The packets of seed were cheap and had several thousand in each so I will probably plant out somewhere bigger once it gets warmer.
>> No. 24990 [Edit]
I've been enjoying my past few days with Artificial Academy 2. The Illusion Cycle is gonna take a long time to sink in with this one.
>> No. 24992 [Edit]
ppl dont really diss random drubks or wreck em
>> No. 24994 [Edit]
I unwittingly came across some god-awful fanfiction by someone with the same name as I have.
>> No. 24995 [Edit]
Real name or username?
>> No. 25003 [Edit]
I was meant to have a long day at uni today (10-5, but since I live so far away it's more like 7:30-7). The bus was annoyingly late, so I missed my train and morning classes. I decided to go back home and wait a while until travelling back in for my afternoon classes. Half an hour before my lectures I received an email saying that the classes are off. So I'm currently walking aimlessly around the city, hoping that this day can get even worse.
>> No. 25004 [Edit]
would you guys believe I saw Kanye West perform live
>> No. 25005 [Edit]
I feared for Ghibli after reading http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/07/us-film-japan-ghibli-idUSKBN0H20UL20140907
>> No. 25006 [Edit]
I think a better question is would we care and the answer is no
>> No. 25007 [Edit]
Real name. Also seems to live in the same country as I do.
>> No. 25008 [Edit]
But its my personal blog the daily report thread. Thats what I did a couple days ago; I went to the Yeezus tour. It was awkward because I went alone, but once the music starts and you're part of a crowd its totally fine.
>> No. 25009 [Edit]
Considering a substantial part of his income as a professional something way less than a musician comes from live performances, well, yeah...

Now if you told me you saw Tohno performing live, now that would require photographic evidence.
>> No. 25017 [Edit]
I can't get to nyaa. It's been like this for a while, did something happen?
>> No. 25018 [Edit]
Someone has been DDOSing them for a while now.
>> No. 25019 [Edit]

What >>25018 said. They are getting DDoS'd and it won't end anytime soon I bet. Use TokyoTosho.
>> No. 25021 [Edit]
>Use TokyoTosho
TT goes down all the time. Even when it's up many of the torrents listed there are still hosted on nyan and inaccessible. During nyan's downtime I've had to use crappy random torrent sites becuase even on many fansub homepages they still link to torrents hosted on nyan.
>> No. 25026 [Edit]
Thanks for the information. I guess that this season must be that bad if somebody is going to do such a thing.

Thank you for giving me another place to go, but I (fortunately enough) don't really want to download anything in specific right now, aside from the 25th Kill La Kill episode, but I can wait for that.
>> No. 25027 [Edit]
From what I've heard, it's Japanese copyright holders who are behind the ddos.
>> No. 25028 [Edit]
I spent my entire day playing the Smash 4 demo.
>> No. 25029 [Edit]
As have I!

I still have a code or two to give away if there are any other people with 3DSs' here because I have no friends and I don't want to give them to shitty people.
>> No. 25031 [Edit]
Last night, I think I had a dream where I was suffocating. Honestly felt like I was going to die, being unable to breathe is one of the worst feelings.

I wonder if I was actually having trouble breathing in real life at that moment, or if it was just my mind fucking around.
>> No. 25035 [Edit]
I actually had a dream like that before. But it instead ended up being that I couldn't breath in real life and woke up, but not enough to shake the sleep paralysis from me.

I kind of regret not dying then and there.
>> No. 25036 [Edit]
File 141071352025.jpg - (70.08KB , 500x500 , 8acfbda5105c67f62a048e121a78c723.jpg )
I opened my window for 7 hours last night and now my room is very cold.
>> No. 25037 [Edit]
Shit used to happen now and then when I slept on my belly and head turning sideways. Seems to be gone now that I sleep on one side.
>> No. 25038 [Edit]
Might be sleep apnea
>> No. 25041 [Edit]
I have an onee-chan fetish.
>> No. 25047 [Edit]
File 141080750350.jpg - (39.00KB , 334x500 , bud.jpg )
I finished Hitching Rides with Buddha, also known as Hokkaido Highway Blues. It's a travelogue of a hitchhiker's journey across entire Japan. Great read. Pretty funny, I really like the author's sarcastic deadpan comments. Somewhat insightful at times and I think it's pretty well written. Recommended.
Uploaded an .epub to /ddl/. >>/ddl/200
>> No. 25050 [Edit]
I dug up an old amplifier from the 80s, Yamaha AX-500. It used to be my dad's I think, it was on our attic. I tested it and it still works and sounds much better than the other amplifiers I have right now!
The only problem is that I have no idea where to put it, it doesn't fit on my desk because it's so huge and weighs 8 kilos.
>> No. 25051 [Edit]
Oh god, these headphones I bought a while ago are too good. Chrono's already great songs sound far better with them.


I love this song.
>> No. 25054 [Edit]
What headphones did you buy?
>> No. 25057 [Edit]
Oh, I'm the person that got the Sennheiser 558s, and I know that it's late to be praising them with how much time has passed since I had bought them and received them, but after actually listening to music on a whim instead of playing video games or watching video game streams.

I can't believe that I forgot to put 'Trigger' in there. I keep going too fast with these things and keep getting distracted, but I'm a NEET so I can't help it.
>> No. 25058 [Edit]
bought some 595s in 2008. Still going strong. super comfy. Good sound. I've just become so used to the particular sound.
>> No. 25059 [Edit]
If you want a good headphone test, try this. It's the first thing I listen to on any new sound system.
>> No. 25060 [Edit]
Here's a lossless version, I recommend this over the youtube link.
>> No. 25061 [Edit]
Today was shit, I was just sad and frustrated for hours. The only noteworthy thing I did was listening to random stuff on the amp, which sounds fantastic. I also found a place for it under my desk.
>> No. 25070 [Edit]
Been watching videos and shit on spoon bending.
Fucking pathetic.
>> No. 25071 [Edit]
Finished reading Nausea by Sartre.
It was mostly 2deep4me. I thought I might relate to the book because of my own existential thoughts, but as I feared, it appears my own thoughts are of the pop culture induced watered-down versions. Most of the time, I was just like, nothing is happening, this is boring and I have to look up words all the time. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. I don't intend to read a classic again. There were a couple funny parts though.

Also, I hope you like the words "obstinate" and "indolent."
>> No. 25078 [Edit]
If you can get your hands on it, Gianni Vattimo's "Introduction to Heidegger (Introduzione a Heidegger)" is a great user-friendly option to get into proper existentialism. He explains very clearly all the terminology and its background so you don't get lost in it (which is rather common).
>> No. 25079 [Edit]
Getting bored of tohno chan, maybe its for the better
>> No. 25080 [Edit]
File 141131722288.png - (441.28KB , 836x1000 , 2d466fa4076e37b8ee3163c0458cdce5.png )
Spring is here! Finally, the best time of the year has come. Some cicadas are already buzzing outside, the clouds have begun to tower above and the weather has started to warm up. I have been waiting six months for this, and I'm glad that it's finally here. Spring and summer are the best times of the year to browse imageboards.
>> No. 25089 [Edit]
File 141138626224.jpg - (267.17KB , 850x926 , 1407479545632.jpg )
...I think you mean Fall.
>> No. 25090 [Edit]
It's Spring in the southern hemisphere.
>> No. 25091 [Edit]
File 141138810333.jpg - (141.27KB , 1024x768 , 140872223697.jpg )
I know I know...But fall really is the comfiest season.
>> No. 25092 [Edit]
you mean winter, right?
>> No. 25094 [Edit]
But winter is awful.
>> No. 25095 [Edit]
File 141143422549.jpg - (65.30KB , 636x472 , 5th panel.jpg )
My ass is bleeding when shitting, lately. It hurts, of course, and today I even felt really dizzy and almost fell. I know it isn't hemorrhoids, cause I've had them before and this feels nothing like it. Actually, my mom just recently had surgery for an intestinal fissure; I hope not, but I might have the same.
>> No. 25097 [Edit]
Winter is the comfiest time of the year, just don't go outside.
>> No. 25098 [Edit]

As long as you stay inside winter is basically autumn except much colder and without rain. So less comfy if anything.
>> No. 25099 [Edit]

The nice thing about winter is theres a lot less bratty kids running around making noise. Since theres such a higher risk for car accidents you don't have those dumbfucks running up/down the street revving their truck motors either.

Theres also something hella comfy about being a little cold and slipping under 3 layers of thick blankets. Hoodies too.

Winter is nice, it's a lot quieter.
>> No. 25106 [Edit]
Gotta agree with this.
>> No. 25112 [Edit]
>Supported file types are: GIF, JPEG, JPG, MP3, OGG, PDF, PNG
Wait what? I could've sworn I saw webm the other day, I even made one with audio to see if it could be uploaded
>> No. 25113 [Edit]
Just found this and it's really nice.
>> No. 25114 [Edit]
Thanks for the advice, but I doubt I'll put more effort in. I just don't care enough.
>> No. 25115 [Edit]

When I hear beautiful music like this, I get a little happy and frustrated at the same time. Happy because it exists, and frustrated because I'll never be able to play something like that. I have a guitar (of questionable quality since it was cheap) and I will never use it.
>> No. 25116 [Edit]
you must have been thinking of a different board, but it's supported on this one as of now.
>> No. 25117 [Edit]
Might as well add .SWF files while we're on the subject of adding a supported file type. I'm not really sure if I or anybody else is gonna use it, though.
>> No. 25118 [Edit]
File Radio_Desu.swf - (928.12KB , Radio Desu.swf )

.swf are awesome man. Now make the maximum file size 10MB like /f/'s and it's perfect
>> No. 25119 [Edit]
upload sizes are determined by the server and are kinda sporadic. I've had files get cut off at 2mb and other times at 10mb. The norm seems to be 7mb which is why we had that limit.
>> No. 25120 [Edit]
File MOU_IKKAI.webm - (590.88KB , MOU IKKAI.webm )
Also posting that one webm with audio I was talking about.
It's not looped though

That's a shame but there's still a lot of great stuff to be reuploaded.
I kinda want to make a swf thread now.
>> No. 25121 [Edit]
go nuts
>> No. 25130 [Edit]
I've been noticing lately that I've been spacing out more and paying less attention to things.
>> No. 25137 [Edit]
I sat through a 6h compilation of Cowboy Bebop OST albums. Shit's really good, one day I'll watch it.
>> No. 25140 [Edit]
I've been trying to get into walking lately, but walking for about ten minutes starts to hurt the calf/achilles area. I thought it might of been my shoes so I brought expensive running shoes and it still hurts. If I stop walking the pain goes away. I can't even walk without hurting, how useless is that.
>> No. 25141 [Edit]
Just keep working at it.
>> No. 25142 [Edit]
File Episode_20_-_L'Arbre_de_vie.webm - (6.31MB , Episode 20 - L'Arbre de vie.webm )
I finally got around to watching Wakfu. It really exceeded my expectations, I never thought CG shows could look so good. The second Noximilien against Grougaloragran fight was more technically and visually impressive than most other anime I've seen.
>> No. 25143 [Edit]
Same happens to me. Try stretching before going for a walk and/or keeping to a slower pace during the first few minutes, works for me.
>> No. 25144 [Edit]
I've decided to start gambling on Salty Bet since I watch it so much and really like most of the songs that play there, aside from the Rap stuff as I don't really care for the genre, and it has been somewhat fun. I can imagine it getting boring after a while, but nothing is really immune from that. It is nice to have something to do, though.
>> No. 25148 [Edit]
File 14120385168.jpg - (270.09KB , 645x895 , 86a64502e89fc3749ce47c05b4784119.jpg )
I finished ToraDora! for the first time and I feel really sad. It brought back a lot of difficult emotions I'd felt when I was rejected by a bubbly, cheery girl in high school. I'd spent so many years trying to forget too. ;_;
>> No. 25149 [Edit]
Was it worth it confessing? I had crushes in school but I always kept it to myself. It tears you apart especially when she starts actively avoiding you and starts going out with other guys.
>> No. 25150 [Edit]
File 141208325111.jpg - (283.99KB , 512x512 , f054c77b3ee43d74aa831b28255b0f42.jpg )
>Was it worth confessing?
Absolutely not in my case. She went out with me for a week just because she felt sorry for me, because she was afraid of hurting me. She tried to end it with me by lying, saying her mother had forbade us to be together. I found this to be not true, and still believed her when she insisted it was. A few days of avoiding me, and finally I find out second hand she was asking her friends about how she could dump me. She was chirpy and positive like Minori, I was caustic and spiteful. A year later she was fucking guys all over, and I tried to be there for her when she got hurt, and I only ended up hurting the both of us. I clung on desperately and I made her hate me. I regret every single moment of it. It poisoned me.
>> No. 25151 [Edit]
That's pretty much 3D bitch pigs in a nutshell.
>> No. 25152 [Edit]
Discussing 3D relationships is against the rules here.
And i think it's entirely your fault for wasting your time and devotion on worthless 3d bitch.
>> No. 25153 [Edit]
Can anyone tell me if this is an actual spoiler or just a memebox?
I'm afraid to open it
>> No. 25154 [Edit]
What's a memebox?
>> No. 25160 [Edit]
Also known as a surprisebox. Not an actual spoiler but spoilers used for comic effect.
>> No. 25162 [Edit]

I know that it's a meme, but I find it extremely hilarious. Oh well, can't stop liking that SSJ potato.
>> No. 25163 [Edit]
i didn't know where to post this but some of you might be interested
has an October sale
>> No. 25164 [Edit]
I ended up downloading the Sm4sh game because I couldn't wait for it to come in the mail, and so far I'm really enjoying it, but my 3DS's charging port got fucked somehow and now it doesn't charge properly. Also, the battery has been through so much with me putting more than 1000 hours into the console because I'm a no life NEET with nothing better to do that it is also at its limit.

With that said, I'm really feeling it!
>> No. 25165 [Edit]
Your post brought back a lot of shitty memories and I'll probably be thinking about them all weekend. I confessed to my highschool bully in my senior year and she turned me down. Bullying and loneliness really mess up your mind and the way you interact with others. There's a point where you'll welcome any kind of social interaction even if it's painful as normal and sometimes even positive only because you have no idea what it's like having people who actually care about you around.
>> No. 25166 [Edit]
I'd recommend picking up one of these: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004SJFJUA
It doubled my 3DS's battery life and it allows the console to be charged without using the standard charging port.

I'm really enjoying smash too, I just finished unlocking all the characters.
>> No. 25167 [Edit]
Ah, thank you! This'll really help.

As for Smash, I haven't unlocked all the characters yet since I'm still trying to fully understand Shulk and use him properly, which is actually coming along pretty well. I've already memorized the Monado arts so that I can mash B quickly enough to get to the one I need, but I still haven't gotten used to reaching the art I need while being attacked and falling to my death off a stage.

Now it'll be Shulk time for double the time.
>> No. 25168 [Edit]
I shouldn't have wasted today away, but I wasted today away.
>> No. 25170 [Edit]
Hey, me too!
>> No. 25171 [Edit]
We're three now!
>> No. 25172 [Edit]
We could even form a barbershop quartet if we get a fourth person who wasted their day away!
>> No. 25173 [Edit]
I've wasted my whole life away.
>> No. 25174 [Edit]
You'll be the soloist.
>> No. 25176 [Edit]
I spent like an hour concocting a plan to kill a cockroach standing above the door to my apartment, near the ceiling. I couldn't tell whether it could fly or not, so a broom's handle wasn't long enough for me to feel safe (I don't want it flying near me). I threw a pillow at it from across the hall a few times and it just wouldn't move. At this point I was kind of running out of things to throw at it, so I used my 5m retractable ruler, coated the tip with paper and duct tape, then hit the thing directly. When it fell on the ground (thankfully it didn't fly) I grabbed a piece of wood I had lying around and threw that on top of it, then I stomped that piece of wood a few times to seal the deal.

All I gotta say is I have a problem with these guys. Been living here for a year and a half now and never seen one, I hope it never happens again.
>> No. 25177 [Edit]
Here in my state we would've just shot it
>> No. 25178 [Edit]
I'm going to take things seriously!
>> No. 25179 [Edit]
Hello fellow Texan!

>> No. 25181 [Edit]
File 141291855722.png - (551.18KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2014-10-10-00h45m24s193.png )
Just finished watching season 1 of Jigoku Shōjo aka Hell Girl.

I liked the atmosphere but not much else. Enma Ai reminds me of Iwakura Lain slightly, with her soft-spoken manner, eyes perpetually in "deer in headlights" modo, seemingly god-like powers, and often hanging out in some sort of nega-realm. She also looks a little bit like her in my opinion, or maybe it's the show's direction often focusing on her eyes like in Lain or the sound design sometimes being similar. Or maybe it's just that I don't watch that much anime. However, she's self-assured as opposed to Lain's insecurity.

The show is [i]very[i] formulaic for the first half. And mostly formulaic the second half.
1. Person does hentai-style villainy and is hentai-style untouchable.
2. Victim gets fed up and summons Ai.
3. Ai gives the victim the doll and explains the rules.
4. Victim hesitates and villain pushes them further with more villainy.
5. Victim pulls the string. Autobots roll out and send the villain to ironic pseudo-hell.
6. Ai, having fully rolled out, ferries them to regular hell.

Not sure if I'll watch further seasons. It does have very nice music and atmosphere though. Some of the particularly memorable music:
Autobots rolling out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW1G1GbWgHA&index=32&list=PL88CFFC977152B270
>> No. 25183 [Edit]
File 141294382252.jpg - (36.70KB , 452x102 , hape.jpg )
Weren't /ot/ and /so/ basically the only active boards just a few months ago?
When did /an/ start getting more than 1 post/month
>> No. 25184 [Edit]
You forgot /mai/
The other boards got active again shortly after that ad on 4chan
>> No. 25185 [Edit]
/an/ dies a bit at the end of every season when all the anime are ending and there's not much to talk about. It then gets a large boost at the start of the next season when all the new stuff comes out.
>> No. 25189 [Edit]
Today I had the idea of searching tohno and a bunch of other sites on google

http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1160810&page=14 (scroll down a bit)
>> No. 25194 [Edit]
I've been a bit worried and anxious today.
>> No. 25206 [Edit]
Somehow today it's very nice outside. Something to do with the leaves on the ground and the grey morning sky.
>> No. 25207 [Edit]
I accidentally squeezed a moth between the window panes while trying to make it find the way out.
I don't usually mind insects much, but I felt really bad this time.
>> No. 25208 [Edit]
Reminds me, I saw a spider in the bathroom a few days ago. I was going to let it outside but forgot. I wonder where it is now...
>> No. 25211 [Edit]
Not a lot of bugs flew into my room this summer. Heavier curtains than before seem to have stopped them as well as excess sunlight.
That's been nice, because while I'm actually fond of bugs of all sorts in the wild, them getting lost in here is just not a good proposition for any of the parties involved. I can't calm down with other larger than microscopic living things hanging around being unpredictable, and getting out is rarely very easy for them. They just aren't capable of understanding the complexities of the strange, cyclopean human architecture, and rarely actively into the idea of a lumbering giant twat grabbing them to drop them out the window like some monstrous crane game from insect hell.

Continuing on the curtain-related bent, I was unusually awake for the daylight hours today, and that had me constantly thinking of how I really need even heavier curtains.
>> No. 25213 [Edit]
So, I'm watching an S tier tournament on Salty Bet, and I saw Minagi kick somebody's ass. She's strong, but I don't know if she'll win the tourney since some of the characters might have insane gimmicks to go against, but her rushdown is strong, so it's really up to chance.


Right now Konata is fighting Kanna.
>> No. 25214 [Edit]
Minagi beat her second and their opponents! She's very strong.

>> No. 25215 [Edit]
Welp, she made it to the finals, but lost because she went against a loli that went into rage mode and kept spamming supers and pretty much canceled each of her attempts at doing a full combo.

Still, it was a very interesting thing to see.

Also, sorry about the posts. It was really exciting and really amazing.

And sorry Tohno if this offends you, I just thought that you should see it since it's your waifu and everything.
>> No. 25216 [Edit]
I tried tuning in but seems I was too late.
>> No. 25217 [Edit]
You would've loved seeing her first three fights! She did really well, even against Kanna at the finals.
>> No. 25226 [Edit]
I've been diagnosed with tinnitus. Fucking wonderful. Retinopathy has broken my sight, I can't walk unassisted, and now fate destroys the only sense I still enjoyed. I can never again listen to classical or ambient music, my two favorites, without being reminded of what I've lost.

On the bright side I now have one less reason to stay in this world.
>> No. 25231 [Edit]
Audio export.mp3 - (667.35KB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 0:43

And for anyone wondering, this is the tone I hear layered over my favorite song. It's only been a month but I already miss silence so much it makes me cry. Don't take it for granted, guys.
>> No. 25240 [Edit]
File 141386459142.png - (48.74KB , 396x391 , tewi.png )
I found out about tewisay and promptly made it so fortune | b1ff | tewisay pops up every time I enter superuser mode.
>> No. 25241 [Edit]
I got tinnitus in 2010. I couldn't sleep without white noise (a fan, etc.) for the first year or so. Eventually you kind of get used to it, you still hear it all the time but it stops bothering you. Could depend on how loud yours is though.

Post edited on 20th Oct 2014, 10:53pm
>> No. 25242 [Edit]
It's LOUD. I can hear it when I'm driving on the highway with the windows down. I've been sleeping with white noise filtered around the sound and it seems to help a bit.
>> No. 25243 [Edit]
Linux users make the best programs.
>> No. 25244 [Edit]
Here we go again...
>> No. 25246 [Edit]
I'm not trying to start anything, I just find all the little terminal programs like that amusing.
>> No. 25249 [Edit]
I watched kill bill one and two yesterday. I enjoyred it a lot but I was a bit let down by the second.
I feel like the first movie is a more of a kung fu movie and the second movie is a pure revenge movie. After I was taken aback by the intense fighting scenes in the first one I expected the second movie to be just more of that.
Sadly there was not nearly as much fighting I felt and it was all more about the story. That's of course not a bad thing, but just not what I really wanted. Nonetheless they were both really good and the acting was superb.
>> No. 25250 [Edit]
I just woke up from a dream in which I was listening to a song. It was mostly lyrical with that kind of "speech" vocals, if it was by a certain artist I can't really place it now. Maybe sounded a bit like Neil Young, but it wasn't him. The lyrics made sense to me while I was in the dream but now I have forgotten all but the tune, one line and what the song was about.
It was about a guy who gave up on his dreams to take a dead-end job and raise another guy's kids. I distinctly remember thinking "this is what normals are afraid of", I think I was listening to the radio or something.
Anyway, the point is I think I completely invented the song in my dream and (while I was dreaming, at least) it didn't seem half bad. That's the first creative thing I've ever done in my life and now I can't even remember the damn thing. Maybe it was awful anyway.
>> No. 25259 [Edit]
I'm deathly bored. I have all the time in the world to do everything I want but I browse imageboards all day instead.
>> No. 25264 [Edit]
I don't remember posting that. But I think I did it.
>> No. 25265 [Edit]
Cirno went 5-0 against Evil Donald! ⑨ has proved herself to be the strongest and I'm proud of that.
>> No. 25266 [Edit]
I sorted through my laundry today.

I had a big pile of laundry. I only wore the top part and would just wash it then throw it back on. Stuff at the bottom had been sitting there for years. I had some clothes from almost almost a decade ago at the bottom.

Next I need get rid of the tote of clothes from last time I did this and get rid of the shit I don't ever wear in my closet.

Not quite hoarder level of bad, but it was getting there.
>> No. 25267 [Edit]
File 141414627949.jpg - (24.22KB , 640x480 , y4MdExy.jpg )
Won this little gal on a UFO catcher machine today
>> No. 25274 [Edit]
>> No. 25278 [Edit]
I was going to watch a movie, but I couldn't choose which one to watch, and I didn't feel like watching the ones I already have downloaded on my harddrive. I imagine it'd be nice to do it with someone, since they can choose a movie for you, and generally, doing something with someone else is more entertaining.
>> No. 25279 [Edit]
Come on IRC and message me if you want.
Me and my friend are gonna watch a movie in a few hours, anyone who wants to join can just message us on #tohno-chan on irc.rizon.net

Post edited on 26th Oct 2014, 3:13pm
>> No. 25287 [Edit]
I wish I had a burger to eat...

Post edited on 27th Oct 2014, 3:31pm
>> No. 25312 [Edit]
File 141472704168.jpg - (105.87KB , 720x480 , 1176967467212.jpg )
I tried to fall asleep all afternoon today but I just couldn't.
>> No. 25315 [Edit]
Watching scary movies while playing games. I have achieved nothing today except for accidentally creating a bad mood. Hiding from reality.
>> No. 25319 [Edit]
There's a person playing the world's most annoying accordion very loud for a very long time now. I'd shoot his accordion from afar if I was a gun owner for sure.
>> No. 25320 [Edit]
I lived beside one of those people and he just wouldn't stop playing the same fucking song over and over. It was like R-15 with fat and smelly dudes (I was gaining weight myself at the time) instead of cute girls.
>> No. 25321 [Edit]
File 141488848258.jpg - (675.66KB , 1164x957 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I bought a new TV with my mom and hooked it up in the living room. It's fun.
>> No. 25325 [Edit]
I have to find a new place to live, but the place I have been looking at requires me to meet up in person.
>> No. 25327 [Edit]
i was banned from their IRC for idling
>> No. 25329 [Edit]
My speakers are broken in my car, i need to find out how to fix or replace them.
>> No. 25330 [Edit]
How do you plan on living there if you won't live there in person?
>> No. 25332 [Edit]
The last time I moved it was possible to handle the requesting etc through the internet. This time they want me to meet up in person (verification reasons probably). It's understandable but hard to do.
>> No. 25339 [Edit]
I'm becoming dumber each day, and slowly losing the ability to form coherent sentences. Goodbye, cruel world, for I will no longer be able to communicate with you.
>> No. 25363 [Edit]
I logged in my PSN account today after months of being off and saw one of my oldest internet friends online.
I asked him how he was doing and if he was playing anything, but didn't respond and went offline like half an hour later. I think I will not be able to talk to him anymore as he also rarely turns his PS on.
I kinda feel bad about it, I wish we could just talk and fuck around in online games like we did before, I don't have anyone to do that with now
>> No. 25389 [Edit]
Same issue, and it's really hurting me academically. Accurately grinding out soul crushingly tedious engineering problems was never a challenge for me. Nowadays I can't perform basic mathematical operations without an attendant string of the most ridiculous errors. The difference between a 4.0 and a 3 appears to hinge on being able to not commit inexplicable, moronic shit due to temporary lapses in attention and consciousness.

I feel as though if I'm not genuinely engaged, the likelihood of error is basically assured. It really sucks I'm effectively branded an idiot because of this.
>> No. 25395 [Edit]
The smell in my room is starting to become bothersome.
>> No. 25396 [Edit]
Smell of what?
>> No. 25397 [Edit]
I think it's probably my sweat which has fused with my furniture or something. It smells stale and has been impossible to get rid of.
>> No. 25398 [Edit]
I spent a lot of time arguing with my parents today. It was really upsetting. They keep telling me to "just graduate and get a job", because I can graduate early with only three years, but I want to stay for four years to learn more and get a better job right out of college.

I feel kind of upset. Whenever I argue with my parents I end up crying a lot.
>> No. 25408 [Edit]
Today I made a list of things I have to do regularly in order to feel better. I hope it will work well.
>> No. 25427 [Edit]
So, what are the cool new torrenting programs out there these days?

Bitcomet didn't work out well for me at all. Seeding never works, although downloading is still possible, but I want to give back since I believe that it's better for more copies of something good to exist.

Maybe I'll try Vuze or Deluge or something.
>> No. 25428 [Edit]
I can't choose to download only parts of a torrent using deluge for some reason (even if i use a .torrent file and not a magnet link)
>> No. 25429 [Edit]
Seems like every couple years I get a cold that sticks around for a few weeks. At least with this one it's mostly just been annoying. In 2012 I was in bed for two weeks.
>> No. 25430 [Edit]
Go with Transmission or Deluge.

IIRC that has to do with the allocation method you choose. If you select full allocation you can select the parts you want.
>> No. 25433 [Edit]
I'm trying out Deluge, and it has been a headache so far. I like how it just starts the torrents when I add them instead of asking me if I'd like to start them and doesn't check to see if I already have the files. I also like how the directory for the files to be downloaded to didn't change despite changing it over 15 minutes ago, of which I made sure I didn't somehow mess up when I clicked 'Apply' if it was changed or not.

Also, the whole thing about being able to only select one torrent at a time is pretty stupid.

I'll give this few more chances, but I'm already getting fed up with it. It sucks having to manually confirm the directory despite already forcing it to acknowledge the correct one.
>> No. 25434 [Edit]
Are you using the latest version? I may be a few releases behind and still I have none of your problems.

>I like how it just starts the torrents when I add them instead of asking me if I'd like to start them and doesn't check to see if I already have the files.
I never had this happen. There's an "add in paused state" checkbox in the add torrent dialog and even a global option to do that in the settings dialog. Not autochecking for existing files is a bit of a hassle indeed, but a force re-check does the job fine..

>I also like how the directory for the files to be downloaded to didn't change despite changing it over 15 minutes ago, of which I made sure I didn't somehow mess up when I clicked 'Apply' if it was changed or not.
This used to be a problem. I think the main culprit was not Deluge, but the GTK libraries that do the location selection, the problem happened to other GTK-based software too. But it should be fixed by now.

>Also, the whole thing about being able to only select one torrent at a time is pretty stupid.
I can select many at a time, not sure what you mean.
>> No. 25444 [Edit]
Today and yesterday were some of the worst days I've had in the last few months. Nothing particularly bad or out of the habit happened, but I felt like complete shit. I also took some books in pdf format from the ddl section, which seemed very interesting. I'll try to read in the upcoming months.
>> No. 25445 [Edit]
Today I realized I've became competent enough with my left hand to use silverware with it.

Its neat to eat while browsing the internet.
>> No. 25446 [Edit]
I was just asked if I was a hacker by a family member or something because of me spending so much time in front of a computer in my room.

It's such a strange feeling to see someone see me as something with potential, but at this point I'm so used to disappointing people that I knew that he was going to be disappointed when I said "no". At least he's getting to use my internet. So there's that.
>> No. 25449 [Edit]
Broke a thermometer and spilled mercury everywhere. RIP me.
>> No. 25450 [Edit]
I just masturbated. Now I can stop thinking about sex and enjoy my life for the next half hour or so.
>> No. 25455 [Edit]
Went on an ephedrine binge, stayed up for 3 days, and had a heart attack.
>> No. 25459 [Edit]
File 141635762793.jpg - (62.52KB , 800x860 , e46679e1f0c4652b328b841eee1ad125.jpg )
Silly anon, don't do that again. Hope you recover well.
>> No. 25462 [Edit]
Yeah. Guess it was the tipping point. Apparently I only have very minor damage, thankfully. No more stims for me though.
>> No. 25464 [Edit]
The only heart attack you're allowed to get from now on is one like this: ♥♥♥♥♥ Heart Attack! ♥♥♥♥♥
Sorry about that, I feel particularly lovey-dovey.
>> No. 25465 [Edit]
That is the best kind of heart attack!
>> No. 25471 [Edit]
I tried making a Hamburger but we had no buns so I used pieces of toast instead. It's actually good, I didn't expect that.
>> No. 25472 [Edit]
You're aware that makes it a vomit burger, right?
>> No. 25477 [Edit]
I had a bad day today.
>> No. 25489 [Edit]
My parents turned off the electricity while I was shutting down my computer.
Now windows won't boot, startup repair doesn't even find the os.
I lost everything, I'm so fucking angry.
>> No. 25490 [Edit]
Make a Linux live disc or USB, boot off of it without installing it, and you should be able to browse your windows partition like you would just looking through files. Copy everything that you want to a different location, like an external HDD or USB drive or anything.
>> No. 25491 [Edit]
I did a system encryption with TC.
My secondary hard drive is also encrypted, hopefully that one is fine. I'll try to open it when I reinstall windows, if it works then at least I'll still have my games and 1 year worth of hentai I didn't backup
>> No. 25492 [Edit]
Can you just install truecrypt on you live linux and mount your encryped stuff from there? I don't really know, but have you tried that?
>> No. 25494 [Edit]
I've been feigning enthusiasm in conversations with my parents for the past six months or so, and I think it's starting to backfire.
Initially I started it because they just seemed so angry and resentful all the time. Now they are hinting about applying for casual work because I seem to be in a more positive frame of mind.
>> No. 25495 [Edit]
You've got to learn to use your 'masks' wisely.
>> No. 25496 [Edit]
Yeah, like for armed robbery.
>> No. 25497 [Edit]
Working really sucks, I'd prefer being a NEET and having just enough for food and bills than having to waste half of my day every day and be able to build a new PC every month
>> No. 25498 [Edit]
I might have posted this here before, I can't remember. Or perhaps someone else did - anyway, it's an interesting article:
>> No. 25499 [Edit]
I reinstalled W7 and most of my software, secondary HD was alright, got into some problems but everything seems fine now.
I got really angry and worried when this happened, made me realize just how much I'm dependent on this thing. I seriously have no idea what I would do in my free time other than using my computer.

I didn't think of that, it's a good idea but it's too late to try now
>> No. 25517 [Edit]
I started reading Euclid's Elements today. Damn, Euclid was a smart guy.
>> No. 25544 [Edit]
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Thanks for keeping TC clean! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
>> No. 25550 [Edit]
I started growing some habaneros on my windowsill. It was a bit of an ordeal buying the pots, seedlings and dirt and getting them all back on the train.
We're coming into southern hemisphere summer and it's a west facing window (actually about 15 degrees off west, so slightly north too which is good for sun). But I'm still worried about whether they will get enough sunlight, because I read that chillies like to be grown in full sun.
I really hope they don't die. I'm also worried about over watering or under watering them.
>> No. 25560 [Edit]
I blocked all my common timesink sites(except TC) because I wanted to be more productive. It didn't work.
I found more sites to waste time on and wasted about as much time doing nothing as I usually do. This is getting hopeless.
>> No. 25561 [Edit]

Don't think of it like going from being a chronic procrastinator to being fairly productive. Instead focus on gradual improvement. Start out small eg "I'll spend 15 minutes reading today" do it every day and eventually it wont feel difficult.

Takes time and can be frustrating because you'll wonder "why can't I even pay attention for 15 minutes..." but it's helped me be less useless. Wasting time becomes so easy for many of us that it's like autopilot. We end up destroying all self discipline. It takes a while to build back up but it can be done.

Post edited on 26th Nov 2014, 4:28pm
>> No. 25562 [Edit]
File 141704915661.png - (1.64MB , 1366x768 , sena sad.png )
No work today. nothing to do. the same as on weekends. it's getting worse. my mind just now seems blank for long periods, many things have lost their meaning for me. if i could get drugs i would be using them every day likely. but i cannot.
>> No. 25563 [Edit]
Take it from somebody with experience, drugs are not a very good solution for any longer than about three weeks. After that the blankness gets so much worse.
>>25561 is a really good tip for you.
>> No. 25569 [Edit]
└༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ I spent most of today asleep └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫ └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐♫
>> No. 25572 [Edit]
I discovered that a dependency issue I've been having with some i386 libraries in Debian was caused by enabling the backport repository. I spent a whole day trying to fix the problem only to find that was all it was. I don't even know why I had the backport repository enabled, but I have left it enabled because I probably did it for a good reason. Next time I make an alteration like that I'm going to write a comment for myself so I know in future why I did it.
>> No. 25580 [Edit]
I fucked up a muscle or something while exercising the other day. Now it's jumping and it feels like I have an alien in my leg.
>> No. 25581 [Edit]
Meaning it's twitching/shaking? You might have just over-exercised, if it doesn't hurt you probably haven't injured it.
>> No. 25582 [Edit]
It did ache a bit after exercising and for the next one or two days. Now it doesn't really ache anymore but it's jumping like crazy
May be just over-exercise, just a bit worried because this never happened before.
>> No. 25585 [Edit]
One time I did a pre-employment test that was really hardcore and I barely passed (like a Hollywood movie with the countdown timer). I then drove home about 15 minutes later and when I got out of the car my arms were stuck at a right angle. They hurt for 3 weeks and then I think they calcified or something because they have been rock-hard ever since.
>> No. 25586 [Edit]
Speaking of employment tests, recently I passed a test for a postal service. I had to memorise 457 address to destination maps. For instance, letters addressed to Aruba, the Antilles, Eritrea and Ethipia map to the Netherlands, where they are sent for processing, shit like that. It was insane.
>> No. 25589 [Edit]
God damn stranger asshole. This site isn't dead enough to warrant the shitty CP spam. Hell, most of the people here don't give a shit about 3D shite. Especially disgusting 3D shit spawn. They're just as bad as adults. All 3D is shit!
>> No. 25590 [Edit]
Today I cleaned my computer extremely thoroughly, to the point of taking apart my GPU to clean the fans and radiators.
It's probably cleaner now than when the parts left the factory.

It could be argued that children are better in this respect than adults, but that's a topic for another thread.
>> No. 25591 [Edit]
Do you know how to clean all the fins on a heatsink without damaging anything?
>> No. 25592 [Edit]
I always use a hairdryer on cold temp to blow the dust out.
>> No. 25594 [Edit]
I... I... Man... I feel like a shiny breed of slowpoke with the lowest possible speed DVs and holy shit. I, I was always thinking of buying one of those compressed air cans to clean the computer and shit and I never did consider I could use my mom's hair drier...
My world is falling apart, I need some time alone, please.
>> No. 25595 [Edit]
File 141736599124.jpg - (27.19KB , 300x300 , 300.jpg )
protip: See that black nozzle at the front? Block most of the exit on it except for a small part using your fingers to make the air go fast enough.
>> No. 25597 [Edit]
I lol'd at the hairdryer thing. Leave it to tohno-chan to come up with an effeminate way to clean his battle station. Doesn't your dad have an air compressor or something?
>> No. 25598 [Edit]
laugh all you want, but it works
>> No. 25599 [Edit]
There is no way I would have passed that. Good job man.
>> No. 25606 [Edit]
Got my Yamaha CR-1020 finally set up.
>> No. 25608 [Edit]
Don't hairdryers produce static? Also I'm pretty sure air compressors are a bad idea because they can have moisture in them, a bit like those cans of compressed air if you don't blow a bit of air out first.
>> No. 25609 [Edit]
I heard of a lot of people who have used air commpressors, they never had any problems with that method.
>> No. 25610 [Edit]
I know vacuum cleaners produce allot of static, and I'd guess the same for hairdryers. I've never had any problems with canned air. A tiny bit of moisture wouldn't hurt the electronics as long as you let it dry a bit before use. It's good practice anyway to let it air a bit after blowing compressed air.
>> No. 25612 [Edit]
But I want to get all of the dust off. I feel blasting air through the fins would leave residual dust on them, which become nucleating sites for further dust deposition. Its tempting to get in there with a wet tissue or something.
>> No. 25613 [Edit]
Take the heatsink off, let water run through it to wash the dust away and then use the hair dryer to blow every last water droplet off.
Let the heatsink sit a bit to be sure it's dry and then put it back in. I did this a couple of times already and I never had any problems.

Post edited on 30th Nov 2014, 7:10pm
>> No. 25614 [Edit]
Today I realized that I have Atychiphobia and, if I'm not wrong, in such a degree that it has been affecting my speech. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atychiphobia
There are apparently ways to deal with it, but family has decided to come over for my birthday and my room has a bad smell I can't get rid of. And I haven't given my sister the present I promised her yet. Freaking out just a tiny bit.
>> No. 25615 [Edit]
I've noticed that people are now starting to say things like "something something _". It's pretty strange since I'm the kind of person who would say something like that because of my personality.
>> No. 25616 [Edit]
Is failure physically painful as well? Happens to me. If it is, try taking a painkiller like an NSAID or something beforehand since it seems to help.
>> No. 25617 [Edit]
Used to have what we would call "performance anxiety". Mostly tied into how competitive primary school could be.
>> No. 25620 [Edit]
Failure isn't that painful, at least afterwards it's befreeing. It's more like performance anxiety but with everyday life things. Making friends, cooking for others, hosting parties, playing competitive games, talking to people, handing in essays, participate in family matters without being asked to, writing on image boards before having lurked for years, writing in IRC, doing something without asking for instructions, initiating contact, playing the piano, participating in school related activities and speaking up for myself. I have feared and still do fear failure when it comes to all these things. Instead of trying with the risk of failing, it was much easier to never be liked nor to give it a shot.

Since it began very early on, somewhere along the line these cases were just being seen as me being me. A kid can't possibly have any problems after all. Sorry if this goes a little beyond "Daily Report", I just want to mention two instances in which I was somehow freed from the fear: Once around the age of ten when a pedagog said that "for every ten times Ronaldhino makes a mistake, he may make one successful shot", after which I was able to participate in football (European), and another time when I was trying never to smile always hiding my teeth in fear that I would be laughed at for it looking stupid, and then my worst enemy said to me: "You should just smile, hiding it looks weird". Since then I've always smiled with my teeth out in the open.
>> No. 25622 [Edit]
Your worst enemy sounds cool as hell.
>> No. 25623 [Edit]
If it isn't painful, then why do you avoid it Just ingrained?
Yeah he kind of does.
>> No. 25624 [Edit]
There is an almost full moon, no clouds and there are more and brighter stars than usual.
It's pretty good considering I live right next to a city but I wish I lived someplace where I could see more
>> No. 25625 [Edit]
I found I'm on bing maps after seeing one of their cars a few months ago. Good thing nobody uses bing maps.j

Post edited on 2nd Dec 2014, 6:30pm
>> No. 25626 [Edit]
bing has maps?
>> No. 25627 [Edit]
Yeah, they kinda suck though. I had a hard time using it and it requires you to install silverlight... I'd advise agianst using it.j
>> No. 25628 [Edit]
That's weird. I too avoided smiling/laughing at a certain point, for fear of coming off as easy to please/not cool. But then my not-friend commented that I looked dumb whenever flexing my facial muscles to hide a smile. So I stopped. It was no use anyway, kids say some really dumb/hilarious shit.

I've decided that if I ever get to move into a house, I'll pick a location where I can see the stars.
>> No. 25629 [Edit]
>>25622 >>25623 >>25628
Painful but not in a "being hit" way. It's like feeling you get at an exam.
Don't know if my enemy mocked me or not though it was a small reward for years of torment.
>> No. 25630 [Edit]
Decided to start taking cold showers. It's not that bad until you turn the water off and then you really shiver. Will save like $200/year at the rates for water/electricity. Won't be an issue of comfort either once I get used to it.
>> No. 25631 [Edit]
I've tried that in the past. Couldn't really adapt.
>> No. 25632 [Edit]
Around june there was this dog in front of my house that started to bark literally all day, from 8AM to like 20.
It was making me crazy and it just gave me another reason to sleep at day. Ruined my summer.
It stopped barking so much a month or so ago but now it started again, been at it for 2 hours.
I wouldn't think twice about killing the fucker if I had the chance, goddamn.

It's one of those oversized rats that are good for nothing except being able to bark 2 times in a second.
>> No. 25633 [Edit]
A pincher? I'm not one for animal cruelty but goddamnit those things are really annoying.
>> No. 25653 [Edit]
I do that in the morning. Not to save money, just to wake up. Also helps keep my knuckles from cracking (good for the skin).
Call bylaw? Always worked for me.

Post edited on 3rd Dec 2014, 11:00pm
>> No. 25665 [Edit]
File 141777008855.jpg - (34.04KB , 550x367 , pumpernickel.jpg )
i've gone a diet. it's been about a week.

I've reduced total food intake as well as cut out foods with refined sugar.

I think managing blood sugar levels is the key.

Simple kibbled oats and water porridge for breakfast. roggebrood . crispbread with cheese and fermented sausage. small amount of fruit. wholegrain bread with ham and pickle. diet coke.

I'm hungry. But the stomach needs to shrink.

The main issue is looking at why i eat in the first place, boredom mainly. I have not much to live for so why not just eat shit?

Well I feel better physically even after a short time but i'm still bored as hell.
>> No. 25666 [Edit]

Don't know where you started but I recommend adopting a diet slowly.

My current approach which seems to be working is slowly fixing my bad eating habits. It doesn't lead to quick results but it's easier to stick with. Reasoning being it took a long time to gain all these shitty eating habits so they'll take a while to get rid of and replace.
>> No. 25667 [Edit]
File 141777579533.jpg - (79.64KB , 629x467 , 632452352475.jpg )
It started snowing in Aizu Wakamatsu today! I love the train station with snow. A nice coincidence that the snow in Tohno also started now.
>> No. 25668 [Edit]
I've never been on a diet, but whenever I want to change something, I do one thing at a time. E.g. quit drinking soda for a few weeks, eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day for a few weeks, cook proper meals for a few weeks, eat snacks only on Saturdays or not at all for a few weeks, etc.
>> No. 25669 [Edit]
I've begun to critically analyse anime and japanese otaku culture recently and I have suddenly gotten the feeling that maybe I'm living my life wrong.
>> No. 25670 [Edit]
Care to expand on this?
>> No. 25675 [Edit]
I'm going to gather the courage to go back to the doctor and get on antidepressants again. It's been about three and a half years since I have taken any.
>> No. 25676 [Edit]
File 141799577421.jpg - (274.22KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_0144F.jpg )
Oh hey, I just found out that there are ads here. Oh, and it seems like there's some snow animation stuff, too.

Besides that, I can't really think up a good excuse to post this here, so I'll do it anyway.
>> No. 25680 [Edit]
File 141808835040.jpg - (1.88MB , 1801x2560 , bd8d4da18240c56b8d9d684981b44e2e.jpg )
There must be something wrong with having the habit of getting constantly attached emotionally to characters of fiction and then quickly going to Danbooru to see if there is porn of them avaiable for more than two years of one's life.
>> No. 25681 [Edit]
File 141811586632.jpg - (813.02KB , 1440x2560 , sample_5f9b0ec38ca344a2181869a5aae7744a.jpg )
There's nothing wrong with that. Then again, I sometimes do the same thing.

Also, this sweater seems to be a small fad for now.
>> No. 25682 [Edit]
I don't particularly like that type of sweater. Why are they so popular?

kinda defeats the purpose of being a turtleneck

Post edited on 9th Dec 2014, 10:13am
>> No. 25683 [Edit]
Me neither.
>> No. 25693 [Edit]
File 141828456276.jpg - (837.85KB , 2331x3399 , 24760842.jpg )
I've always liked guns, I wish it was easier and cheaper to get them here. It's way out of my reach as it is now.
Feels like I will never shoot a real gun
>> No. 25695 [Edit]
Same, kind of. I've always wanted to try a handgun but here you need a special class of licence and to belong to a gun club. Naturally I could never be bothered with any of that. I used to have a longarm licence though, but I let it lapse. My dad says I should get it renewed so he has someone to give his guns to when he dies.
>> No. 25696 [Edit]
Me too, but on second thought, I'm quite glad they are not easy to aquire here.
I just wish there were more sportive shooting clubs around.
>> No. 25697 [Edit]
I probably will at some point. Longarm licenses are fairly easy to get here, but the guns are usually expensive (except for SKS). Also, if you are a gun owner the police can pretty much search you whenever they want with no reason. Being a libertarian, this pisses me off.
>> No. 25699 [Edit]
I always wanted some kind of handgun. It's pretty easy getting one here in Arizona too
>> No. 25700 [Edit]
I changed the color scheme of my text editor today
>> No. 25701 [Edit]
I forgot how weird Freddie as FRO7 was as a kid's film.
>> No. 25703 [Edit]
I went out in the general public for the first time in months and got super smashed. That's about it.
>> No. 25710 [Edit]
i went to the library to get a book on pcr out. came back and cooked a pizza. nothing else of interest.
>> No. 25711 [Edit]
File 141866405676.jpg - (634.50KB , 890x700 , 62af3671578f7e48a7d8ccbbb1a1b36b.jpg )
I'm very sick today. It only became worse from the last few days to now. I'm feverish, my throat is intensely sore, my nose is running and all my muscles hurt. It's awful, especially because of having fever spikes during summer is unbearable. I hope I get well soon.
>> No. 25712 [Edit]
Sounds like me except chills instead of fever.
>> No. 25714 [Edit]
It's winter here in the real world, idiot.
>> No. 25715 [Edit]
Is it fun to not be aware of the southern hemisphere?
>> No. 25716 [Edit]
I punched my chair in a fit of autism and now I have a swollen knuckle.
>> No. 25718 [Edit]
I'm reminded how truly shitty the real world is.
>> No. 25719 [Edit]
Today I went biking around some park nearby, then some neighborhoods. At the top of a hill the chain fell off, I rode down and walked home. That was an hour ago. I also broke my phone so that it no longer turns on, so tomorrow I'll go to buy a new one.
>> No. 25720 [Edit]
why didn't you just put the chain back on?
>> No. 25721 [Edit]
My hands were cold, it was dark out, I was lazy, it wasn't too much of a bother to just walk home.
>> No. 25722 [Edit]
I hate it when this happens. I always carry a few plastic bags with me so I can put the chain back on without getting grease on my hands.
>> No. 25723 [Edit]
My new keyboard turned up today. It doesn't have a right control key so it's taking some getting used to.
>> No. 25725 [Edit]
Does anyone know the name of a manga, with an interesting art style, about a schoolgirl whos friend died but her head is still alive and she carries it around talking to it?
>> No. 25730 [Edit]
Can't say that it is it for sure, but something in my mind tells me it was made by Seiman/Seyman Douman/Dowman. Try to see if it fits.
Biking is difficult these days. Had to bike on ice.
>> No. 25732 [Edit]
I almost posted my opinion in a thread with a budding argument. Such posts always make me stressed out and sad. I am proud of myself for learning to refrain and having the control to do so.
>> No. 25734 [Edit]
My motherboard went bad, it started with not being able to post half of the time to BSOD every 10 minutes
I won't be able to buy the new mb in a month, I'm on my shitty laptop now
I feel really bad now, all I wanted to do for christmas was taking it easy playing videogames and watching cartoons but the most I'll be able to do is browsing some boring sites on the internet
>> No. 25735 [Edit]
>I feel really bad now, all I wanted to do for christmas was taking it easy playing videogames and watching cartoons but the most I'll be able to do is browsing some boring sites on the internet
I'm in exactly this situation but for a different reason. I have to housesit my parents' place while they are overseas during January. My only laptop is an eight year old Thinkpad so that's all I will have there. I suppose it shouldn't be that bad given that when I have the option of playing games (i.e. the entire rest of my life) I'm too lazy and end up doing nothing but messing around on the internet. But I wanted to have the option, you know? I suppose I could play Dwarf Fortress, but it would probably start to slow down pretty quickly as the fortress got bigger.
>> No. 25736 [Edit]
I'm sure your shitty laptop can run no$gba. You could emulate and play some nice GBA and DS rpgs.
>> No. 25738 [Edit]
Today I remembered that Japan is always watching and comenting on 4chan's anime discussions. I really wonder why someone would just use their time to translate the posts into japanese though.
>> No. 25740 [Edit]
I definitely think that I'm cursed. How could RNG fuck me over three times? I only needed one more and I could've gotten the 9x-10x damage boost that I needed, but it refused that and just laughed in my face as I got killed for having way too many heart orbs.

I'll try to get Guan Yinping tomorrow. Funny enough, fighting her is easier than fighting the one before her. 124150 is to much damage to take, and even though I could half it with an active skill, 60000+ damage is still too much for a team that has to be primarily Physical or Healer type.
>> No. 25741 [Edit]
i'm indecisive so missed an opportunity to get a christmas gift for my sister. as the are only sold at a weekend market.

now it's only three days away and i don't know what to get. i'm not buying some Chinese junk or electronics
>> No. 25743 [Edit]
Maybe just get her chocolate or alcohol or something. That's what I normally do for my family, you can't really go wrong with it.
>> No. 25744 [Edit]
Well, there are many more people who can translate from English to Japanese than the other way around, so maybe its just bemused interest and practice.

Also, the habit of preserving and reviewing posts in a blog format seems to be a tradition in Japan, while in the West we just bundle them in images.
>> No. 25745 [Edit]
Are there any good and active places to talk about videogames, cartoons etc.?
All the imageboards I know are either fast but shit or good but very slow
>> No. 25746 [Edit]
Today I took pleasure in cutting of callouses and whatnot from my toes with a sharp knife.
>> No. 25749 [Edit]
I know I'm three months late, but thank you for sharing that link.
It's a great read, and I wish Will Ferguson wrote more books on travel.

In return, I'd like to share another recommendation: 'Riding the Iron Rooster' by Paul Theroux is another book you may enjoy.
>> No. 25755 [Edit]
I've decided to spend large amounts of effort in the following weeks in order to be able to use Source Filmmaker and make some good pornography with it.
>> No. 25756 [Edit]
I wish you luck.
>> No. 25757 [Edit]
Wizardchan is dead, it was for the best
>> No. 25758 [Edit]
Yeah it was. It had been dead though. I couldn't stop myself from continuing to go there though. It was a shitposting haven. The mods didn't even know half of the rules, the Chadmin was gone, the site was in anarchy.
>> No. 25759 [Edit]
I only was there a couple of times but it surprises me, honestly. It seemed like an option.
>> No. 25760 [Edit]
The site was honestly chock full of normies. There was 3D shit and 3D pedo shit constantly being spammed, and everyone wanted to have a gf.
>> No. 25762 [Edit]
Can't argue with that for the most part, I couldn't look at a thread on there without some guy talking about how he wants to fuck 3D children and then calling anyone who didn't a normalfag
>> No. 25764 [Edit]
File 141938630926.jpg - (31.50KB , 315x486 , 1236378884400.jpg )

I hated that site because it was so pathetic. Just a bunch of people whining about women and acting completely childish. I was banned once because I told them that I was a virgin by choice (which is kind of true); they were just so intolerant.

And this is coming from a guy who is a Level 31 wizard. If even legitimate wizards don't like that fucking site, what is to say about it?

Supposedly someone either on here or Hikkichan stated that about 20% of the userbase actually had sex at one point. I can't confirm, but I can't quite deny it, either. It just seemed to be the place where frustrated losers went to.

The only good thread on that site was when someone posted about his experiences in prison. He said that the prison rape thing was complete bullshit, at least where he was.
>> No. 25765 [Edit]
Banned for being a virgin by choice from wizchan?!
hahahah, wow....
>> No. 25766 [Edit]
This place has been overrun by /r9k/ and /pol/, which were pretty much already full of normies.
Now the majority of the posters are mostly self-proclaimed wizard apprentices either looking down on people who are virgin by choice or making fun of "failed normies".
>> No. 25767 [Edit]
So do they still ban people who aren't virgins?
>> No. 25768 [Edit]
Get the fuck out
>> No. 25786 [Edit]
I've found a torrent of Cicero's writings. I'm excited to read this.
>> No. 25792 [Edit]
I'm sad it's dead. Which is strange. I hated it in the last 6 months, when /pol/ invaded after Elliot, Chadmin leaving, Gamergate publicity, incompetent mods, /b/ meme spam, but something makes me still miss it. I was listening to embedded, which was posted there christmas 2013 and I guess I'm thinking back to the old days. When we still had the Glass eyed dog spammer, when TheNewStoryTeller was still posting there, when the Minecraft server was up. Back before the Depression Quest false flag, before copypastes's betrayal, before all the IRC drama. Wizardchan was really something back in the day, and it being gone is making me depressed, thinking about how great it was a year ago. It's been an anarchic shithole the past few months, but with it gone, all I can remember is the old days.
>> No. 25794 [Edit]
>but with it gone, all I can remember is the old days.
Just like any funeral.
>> No. 25808 [Edit]
I watched Stalker (Сталкер).
I didn't understand a lot of the philosophy, but I still really liked it.

I especially liked the very reflective, meditative mood. The long takes, silence, and ethereal music made me feel at peace a little bit. Also, the Stalker is a Brohno in some aspects; it is very clear that the quiet Zone is the place where he feels at home, far away from society. His speech at the climax about why he brings suffering people to the Zone was beautiful and made me tear up a little bit.
>> No. 25813 [Edit]
I didn't know there was a stalker movie
>> No. 25815 [Edit]
After Nostalghia that's my favourite Tarkovsky movie(I haven't watched them all, admitedly). I too didn't understand much of what was going on until I read an interview with Tarkovsky about it.
I don't remember what interview it was, but I'm almost sure it's the one that begins on page 55 of this book http://books.google.com/?id=WKp-hAuQ_2oC&printsec=frontcover#PPA50,M1 I highly recommend reading it.

The game was inspired by both the movie and the novel that inspired the movie(Roadside Picnic).
>> No. 25816 [Edit]
I spent three days trying to get my desktop to look exactly how I like it. It still doesn't look that good.
>> No. 25818 [Edit]
Drop a screenie when you're done.
>> No. 25824 [Edit]
File 141990123497.png - (456.11KB , 1200x1000 , 1358643345772.png )
I've been doing absolutely nothing for 3 years and counting.

Strangely enough I'm somewhat doing things that make me feel distant with my own lifestyle everyday, soon I'll no longer belong here even.
>> No. 25825 [Edit]
Hopefully you'll end up in a better place that day.
>> No. 25826 [Edit]
Did chinups, can't fully extend my elbows now. Its like theres a tension forcing them to 150 degree angle. Apparently its caused by not using the whole range of motion.
>> No. 25827 [Edit]
File 14199187804.png - (925.16KB , 1920x1080 , 2014-12-30-165227_1920x1080_scrot.png )
Here you go. I've given up on it at this stage because I don't think it will ever look as good as what other people do. I used Openbox because I don't like tiling window managers.
>> No. 25828 [Edit]
Not a better place, just new (partly forced) experiences, I'm still a NEET and I still love not to do shit, but at some point in life the vast majority of us will have to change this, even if just thinking about all of this things makes me feel literally sick.

I can't stand my family anymore and they can't stand me either, they don't want to pay for any of my shit, we fight almost everyday and there's no escape, no other safe way to go with my resources, that's why I'll end up doing ilegal stuff to carry on at least for some time.

I think we discussed this at some point, not sure if around here or in /jp/ back in the day, but if you take a look at our demographics you'll find that most people are 16-25 maybe 30 top, you'll rarely find someone older that managed to stay as a NEET without major problems.

I'm slowly growing old and things become stagnant and snowball against you, it's a horrible feeling.
>> No. 25829 [Edit]
>but at some point in life the vast majority of us will have to change this
I try very hard not to think about this, and for the most part it works. You know how some people who have traumatic experiences repress the memories? It's almost like that except for the future.
>> No. 25830 [Edit]
Yes, I have some experience with that too, posted a few times in the mental health general as well, it works, but time does not stop for anyone and keeps running.

I honestly wish that life stops being so damn hard for the likes of us, I really wish so, I'll remember my time spent here and a lot of other things until the day that I'm gone, closest thing that I had as a family.
>> No. 25840 [Edit]
It's going to be 2015 in 5 minutes.
>> No. 25841 [Edit]
see any hover cars yet?
>> No. 25842 [Edit]
Oh, the new year stuff is happening. Oh well, it doesn't matter.

I hope everything works out for us all and that we all have a good time! 2D is the best thing ever and I will always love it!
>> No. 25843 [Edit]
There's a rat in my room. I just saw it in the dark, but lost it when I turned the lights on; I just set a few traps. It's the second one in couple months...

This is gonna be a long night.
>> No. 25844 [Edit]
Last year I bought some of those poison ball things to solve my rat problem, the day after there were almost a dozen of those dead fuckers in the plate
One time a rat got stuck in a bottle, my grandfather would've drowned it but I couldn't do that so I with some courage I took the bottle and released it in the garden. It then climbed the wall and went into my neighbor's house
>> No. 25846 [Edit]
Apparently it got out already. It was pretty big and traps proved useless. I almost caught it in the living room with the help of my dog, but we failed. However, I isolated it in my room and opened the window; the motherfucker was making things fall for a while (I feared for my figs, so secured a few of them) but it's been silent for a while, so it either got out already or made itself at home; we'll see about it in the morning. To think that a fucking rat made me start the year out my room and sanctuary...

Anyway: happy new year /tc/. Haruhi knows what shall become of us.
>> No. 25850 [Edit]
How are there holes in your walls large enough to let rats in? Surely it should be pretty easy to plug them up.
>> No. 25853 [Edit]
You'd be surprised how small of holes and cracks they can fit in.
>> No. 25854 [Edit]
Thank god there are no rats in Alberta. Although my basement is infested with ants and they crawl all over my keyboard and my screen. Sometimes my bed too. Kind of creepy, but also harmless.
>> No. 25855 [Edit]
Bought new hardware. My monitor is dying away so I bought a new one plus a new GPU because my current one won't be able to handle HD at all.
The anxiety is killing me. I'll have to wait the weekend for the payment to process, then the delivery and then what if I read the specs wrong and my hardware is incompatible or the new stuff just sucks or I don't have the right cable to plug the monitor or god knows what. I'm not even sure my current monitor will last until the new one arrives.
>> No. 25856 [Edit]
Started studying hungarian. Not sure if I'll follow through with it or just read a grammar and call it a day.
Funny language, full of weird sounds that change depending on what other sounds are nearby.
>> No. 25857 [Edit]
File 142031982684.jpg - (109.73KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Tsukimonogatari - (01-04) [720p]_mk.jpg )
I watched Tsukimonogatari and realized I could never have a relationship with my sister like that ("shut up you're too old").
>> No. 25860 [Edit]
I started reading Berserk again.
>> No. 25861 [Edit]
I'd love to be in a incestuous relationship with Karen or Tsukihi. They're both wonderful women.
>> No. 25862 [Edit]
Specifically an incestuous relationship?
>> No. 25863 [Edit]
I decided to start drawing again and learning japanese tomorrow.
Besisdes I did nothing productive today.
>> No. 25864 [Edit]
It's nearly impossible to buy an incompatible GPU today, and you'll get compatible display cables included. What did you end up buying?
>> No. 25865 [Edit]
I remember when I could say "at least I have some friends on the internet"
>> No. 25866 [Edit]
This site is part of the internet.
>> No. 25867 [Edit]
My mobo is still PCIE 1.0, the GTX 650 I bought is 3.0. People say it should work and Nvidia swears by their backwards compatibility, but it still makes me nervous. I'm also troubled by the arrangement of PCIE pins of my PSU, as I remember reviews said it wasn't the most clever back when I bought it. I'm also concerned about size, as reviews pointed out it's quite big and some people had to move HDDs around to fit it in, not sure I'd have that kind of space inside.
I forgot the model of the monitor, but it mentions no cables in the package contents and only has HDMI and D-sub ports(I'm used to DVI at this point). The GPU I bought lists a D-sub port so I should be covered until I get an HDMI cable, but I don't know, finding a GPU with D-sub wasn't particularly easy, what if they send another revision that has no d-sub?
>> No. 25869 [Edit]
You should've done way more research, I spent like half a year reading up before building my first computer.
>> No. 25870 [Edit]
This is not a from-scratch build. More like an emergency upgrade, since I needed a new monitor and everything in the market nowadays(fuck widescreen marketeers, seriously) is either unacceptably small or too big, forcing me into upgrading the GPU aswell.
I'd love being able to get a completely new and well-planned rig, but as it stands I don't have that kind of money and my parents will only help me with upgrades to replace dying pieces.
>> No. 25871 [Edit]
Gfx cards that don't have a d-sub port will usually include an adapter (dvi->vga) in the package. You can often find specific measurements on size either on spec sheets or review sites, which you then can use to check with your chassis.

Reading the wiki article on PCIe, it mentions that an increase in power requirement can break compatibility between 2.1 and 1.0 (1.1 boards hit with this issue generally have bios updates available). However it doesn't mention if this potential issue carries over to 3.0. I'd day the chances are low of incompatibility, but there seems to be a possibility. Regarding the pins, the only thing that matters is what's on the end of the 6-pin and/or 8-pin headers intended for gfx cards. There's pictures on said wiki article. For extra insurance, most gfx cards will include regular 4-pin adapters, so there shouldn't be a problem either way, as long as you have enough headers.


Post edited on 4th Jan 2015, 6:15pm
>> No. 25873 [Edit]
If I die soon my only regret will be not saving more cute/lewd pictures of 2D girls from the boorus and letting the pages I need to go over reach over 100.

I will go through those hundreds of pages and download every single picture of Shimakaze if I have to (except the ones with penises and guys because I don't want that shit near Shimakaze)!
>> No. 25874 [Edit]
You're doing God's work, anon. I hope you live a long and prosperous life and save all the cute girl images you want to save.
>> No. 25876 [Edit]
I woke up with terrible, terrible stomach pain and I'm still having it right now. health care is free here but fuck that, they had me waiting 9 hours last time I went to the hospital, so my only option is to visit my family doctor, but he doesn't open until the next 2 hours. So I hope I don't die. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with those b12 tablets I took.
>> No. 25878 [Edit]
Depending on location, it could be appendicitis.
>> No. 25880 [Edit]
It's most certainly not that as I don't even have half of the symptoms of appendicitis. My family doctor was closed for Orthodox Christmas so I had to tough it out, for the most part the pain is gone now but I do wonder what the fuck was it, it was horrible.

I believe I most likely have Irritated Bowel Syndrome as it's the one that fits my symptoms the most.

If it helps, the most odd thing that happened today was when I tried to take a Calcium Carbonate Tablet (Antacid) I immediately had to vomit seconds after I put it in my mouth, making my stomach hurt even more.
>> No. 25881 [Edit]
Do you take a lot of supplements?
>> No. 25882 [Edit]
Nope. Turns out there was one walk in clinic that was open in the evening, I decided to go there. I was followed up with a quick examination after telling the doctor everything. He told me it was just a stomach flu and that I should try to stay healthy and drink water and that was it, whole thing lasted 5 minutes at most.

I'll make a follow up post tomorrow hopefully it really is nothing.
>> No. 25884 [Edit]
I was frying an egg for lunch and left it cooking while I was in the computer. Suddenly I hear a loud pop coming from the kitchen. Somehow the yolk exploded in such a way the egg flew out of the pan and into the the stove's top. The recoil left the pan out of place but wasn't sufficient to knock it on the floor.
It was both hilarious and frightening.
>> No. 25897 [Edit]
I'm glad you didn't die.
>> No. 25898 [Edit]
I didn't win the lottery.
>> No. 25899 [Edit]
My grandmother gave me a lottery ticket for Christmas but I didn't bother checking the numbers.
>> No. 25900 [Edit]
You should, never know for sure.
>> No. 25902 [Edit]
File 142098244138.jpg - (41.26KB , 704x398 , hida_yuno03.jpg )
I finished watching Hidamari Sketch x 365. When I went to look for a Hoshimittsu torrent, I found out that there is barely any avaiable, much less for the only format that my computer can run without lagging constantly and make it impossible to watch episodes in. I guess I'll just go watch Honeycomb and watch Hoshimittsu some other day of my life.
>> No. 25903 [Edit]
Wouldn't the SD H.264 version on bakabt work?
>> No. 25905 [Edit]
At last, Guan Yinping is in my hands! After plotting endlessly and yearning for my chance to get my hands on the daughter of Guan Yu, I have achieved my goal!
>> No. 25910 [Edit]
I'm starting to drift away from Japanese things. I haven't watched anime in a year. I was reading manga but now have come bored of it. I no longer have a interest in video games. VNs have also become boring. I have to force myself to play them.

Today I watched Disney Tarzan, The Breakfast Club, some Blackadder and The IT Crowd which all have been more enjoyable than Japanese things I have been into. I also watched Breakfast at Tiffany's but stopped watching twenty minutes into it because it was boring. I learnt a whole language for Japanese media and now I'm drifting away.

I've also got into drinking but the only Japanese alcohol I've had is Asahi 辛口 which in a bit more expensive than others. I normally get under $10 local wine and cheap local beer. But I've only brought 27 types of alcohol. I hope this post isn't deleted and I'm banned.

I have so many anime, manga and VNs in my backlog that I kind of what to read but I just don't feel like it. Maybe my Western phase will recede and I'll be into Japanese things like I used to.
>> No. 25911 [Edit]
>I hope this post isn't deleted and I'm banned.
Why would it be? I suppose I can only speak for myself, but I think a lot of us have drifted away from everything except browsing imageboards and sleeping. I haven't so much as read a book in the past two years. I try to watch anime sometimes but I generally can't make it through an episode. The only remotely "hobbyish" thing I still do is listen to music, because it doesn't require any effort.
>> No. 25912 [Edit]
Ever since I started watching anime I've always had occasional break periods where I didn't watch anything. The most recent time, I pretty much didn't watch anime for like 2 or three years, but now I am catching up on all I missed.

There's no reason to force it. You'll come back to it when your feel like it, or you'll just move on with your life, and you'll look back on it like your video game stage.
>> No. 25913 [Edit]
I discovered that a key on my laptop was slightly broken. Being the intelligent person that I am, I decided to look at one of the other keys for comparison and fucking snapped the little bits holding the scissor switch together. You know how Thinkpad keys have those tiny bits of plastic holding the scissor together so it doesn't flop around uselessly? I didn't, but I do now having snapped them. So now I have one slightly broken key and one fully broken key, and I'm away from my laptop graveyard so I can't replace it for a month. It's really annoying.
>> No. 25914 [Edit]
yeah, that happened to me once. The num lock button is now half way stuck down because of it and left ctrl is broken off on a laptop I have. On this keyboard, the V key only is clipped on to the switch on the right, so it can flip up. I've gotten used to that though.
>> No. 25915 [Edit]
Today my monitor and HDD went out for delivery. Some two hours later the delivery company updates the status saying the zone where I live is "subject to differentiated delivery times".
What that means is that it's a high-robbery incidence location and thus all deliveries are subject to up to a 7 business day extra time(and they might just say "fuck you, we're not delivering it, you come and pick it up" if they feel like it). Fuck that shit, seriously. Yes, it's really a high crime rate neighbourhood, but they should at least have told me that before instead of making me fucking anxious all this time and only then telling me my delivery is gonna take fucking ages.
And then later I get a message from the store where I bought the GPU saying that due to logistical problems they have none of what I ordered in stock and thus I have to pick another one. It was really a bargain, now I'm gonna have to fork $15~60 extra for the same model or a comparable one.
Fuck, I'm so pissed at this shit.
>> No. 25916 [Edit]
"Comfy everywhere" is my new motto.
>> No. 25919 [Edit]
Today I snorted caffeine. On one side it was a new low, on the other it was surprisingly pleasant.
>> No. 25920 [Edit]
Earlier today I lost my job. Absolutely sucks. It was at an engineering firm. Everyone was a nerd, the people were old so they were engineers before everyone thought they could make a 6 figure salary by just being one. The people were nice and the work was fun and I learned a lot. But the whole company sunk and I am not going back into customer service. Especially after the call center job.
>> No. 25921 [Edit]
File 142113698515.jpg - (11.43KB , 220x124 , yeah right.jpg )
IQ tests with inflated scores sure are nice.

>> No. 25922 [Edit]
What better way to get people to share the test?
>> No. 25923 [Edit]
They even provide with code so you can paste and show you chocolate trophy in your blog or whatever.
>> No. 25924 [Edit]
I ran the best 40k RP session in a while. Even if the fight with the major antagonist was a little anti-climatic. I'm getting better at running tabletop RP games and it feels nice.
>> No. 25925 [Edit]
I managed to fix it! The one I broke, that is. I got a pin of the right diameter and heated it up with a gas lighter, then I put that through the little hole and melted it into the inside scissor thingy. I was planning to keep the pin in there and snip its ends off (then do the other side) so they would act as the bits of plastic I ripped off. But in pushing the hot pin through the switch I melted some plastic from the outside part into to the inside part, holding it together. So I did the same to the other side of the switch and put it back on the keyboard under the "menu" key instead of "A". So now it doesn't flop around like before, and it's a key I don't really use so I shouldn't break the shitty fix. If I do I'll do the pin thing properly.
>> No. 25926 [Edit]
Sites with bright themes burn my eyes, thankfully almost every site I use frequently have a dark theme built in or on userstyles
I should learn css
>> No. 25927 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that.
>> No. 25928 [Edit]
How about using f.lux?
That sucks.
>> No. 25929 [Edit]
Just finished Shiki. I'm really into vampires, so it really got me depressed. It sure got me hyped to write my own story.
>> No. 25944 [Edit]
Monitor got here today. Looks a bit fragile, I'm not sure I like the colors too much and I'm still a bit skeptical about that widescreen fad, but at least now I don't have a flickering backlight constantly tearing my eyes.
>> No. 25947 [Edit]
The world would be a better place if it were more like the Gundam Build Fighters world.
>> No. 25948 [Edit]
After several years, today I finally broke my record at http://iqtest.dk/main.swf
I'm gonna apply for MENSA at the end of the month. It's now or never.
>> No. 25955 [Edit]
I "broke my record" over the span of 10 minutes because it's an unvarying goddamn set of questions.

Save yourself the disappointment.
>> No. 25957 [Edit]
So, today I found some weird videos on YT:

Some weird animated series called Senpai Club that seems to make fun of school animes a bit.

Then I find out that there's an anime called Plastic Nee-san that I didn't know about since it aired during a time when I wasn't watching any anime at all or much media at all. It's pretty strange, but I liked it and I laughed a lot.

And the last thing I found out about is this Touhou Smash fighting game that 3 people want to make.

There's also information and an interview here: http://www.nintendonuggets.com/?p=1359

It's not too bad when there are interesting things like this to stumble upon.
>> No. 25962 [Edit]
I certainly must've gotten used to it over the years (never memorized it, though), ending up with better chances to figure out the hardest problems before time-up. However I was already at Mensa's limit, finally made the leap in and thought about giving it a shot. I could always fail indeed, but that I knew already so I have nothing to lose.
>> No. 25967 [Edit]
tl;dr I get desperate too easily and a sata cable trolled me.

Tried to install Manjaro on my new HDD.
Just as I was messing with the partitions screen it began complaining it couldn't read the partition table, even though I could manage partitions and even create a new partition table just ok. Thought it was just the installer being a bitch about GPT and proceeded anyway. Then it just sat there doing nothing for some 10 minutes until I grew impatient, cancelled the installation and fired up gparted to see what's up.
That's when my butthole clenched. Input/output errors everywhere trying to read that drive. It wouldn't even appear on the list when gparted finished loading. So fine, let's reboot and see if it shows up. BIOS POSTs, shows the first drive's SMART status and just hangs. Fuck this shit, let's try again, POST, first drive goes fine but second one says SMART is ok but command failed. Shit nigga.
After some minutes of pure desperation thinking I'd have to hope warranty covers that I remembered my last drive was spewing out the same shit and I had plugged it on the same SATA cable the new one is right now, so what if?
Then I picked another SATA cable and there it was, booting just fine. The rest was smooth sailing, I'm currently downloading updates for manjaro as I write.

And to think a goddamn sata cable almost made me lose my shit. I could swear I did try that already, but now I'm inclined to get my old drive again and take a look if it's working at all with another cable.
>> No. 25980 [Edit]
Today I listened to the entirety of '666' by Aphrodite's Child and enjoyed myself thoroughly.
A faulty SATA cable? That's rare.
>> No. 25991 [Edit]
File 142163320142.jpg - (206.08KB , 1270x710 , grumpy_christmas_natsume.jpg )
I ended the fourth season of Hidamari Sketch. Quite a great show, Hidamari Sketch. Shows that revolve around the idea of friendship and pass through the long years of school life always get me feely about what I may or may not have done in the past, so it always leaves me think about life's mistakes for a week or so.
>> No. 25995 [Edit]
I've got so bored I played this SnK fangame almost all day, I just wiped out all the titans of the forest and walked around aimlessly, listening to music while looking at the night skybox.
>> No. 25996 [Edit]
It's definitely one of my favorites. I hope you're ready for the graduation OVA.
>> No. 25998 [Edit]
File 142167748846.jpg - (163.22KB , 1116x626 , sae.jpg )
I watched it yesterday as well. Made me few all hollow and fuzzy inside.
>> No. 26008 [Edit]
I slept for 15 hours straight and woke up at 6pm, even though I wasn't tired or anything.

Anyway, are there any people here that don't do jack-shit all day long? I can't be the only one. I wake up, get on the computer, and get off when I feel sleepy. In between things, I just browse the web pointlessly and listen to music. Don't watch or play anything.
>> No. 26009 [Edit]
Oh, there's me.
>> No. 26011 [Edit]
Why do you think we are the way we are? For me, personally, I think it's because I either have ADD or some other psychiatric condition that's keeping me from doing anything. That, or maybe I'm just retarded, I don't know. If I could, I would sleep all the time.

I've been doing this for more or less 7 years, and before that I was doing the same stuff, but it didn't really count because I was a kid. I can't imagine it changing anytime soon.
>> No. 26013 [Edit]
I doubt it's ADHD. That's the kind of shit you either get diagnosed with when you're a child or you're just bulshitting for easy adderall/ritalin prescriptions.
I hate to play that card but I think it's mostly with my parents and school letting me go without any discipline at all too easily and never pushing me to the point I needed to put some effort into it.
There's other factors into it, like my general anxiety and fear of failure aswell, but I think can be traced back to my upbringing too. Anyway, my problem now.
>> No. 26015 [Edit]
Well, okay, maybe it's not ADHD or anything that you can easily label yourself with. I haven't actually been to a doctor, or diagnosed with ADD, but from reading the symptoms on wikipedia, it sure does sound like it. But is there at least a single explanation for this shit? I had a similar situation to yours, maybe that's just it; a lack of discipline in childhood and early adolescence.

Is there anything that you'd like to be doing, if you had a choice? I don't really thing there's anything I would particularly enjoy doing. That is, I haven't tried many things, but I think it's safe to say that everything sucks in one way or the other.

Also, I seem to put everything away for later, even though I never get around to doing those things. It's not that I don't want to, but it seems like I'm too addicted to immediate pleasures like browsing the web to do something else. It's terrible.
>> No. 26016 [Edit]
I don't think there's a single explanation. It's just one kind of behaviour and a fairly "high level" one at that, there's probably a ton of combinations of small factors that can result in a simmilar outcome.

And yes, that's one thing we differ in. There's a ton of things I'd rather be doing at any given time. All my backlogs are filled with stuff, there's lots of things I'd want to learn and even more stuff I began doing maybe years ago but never finished. I just can't bring myself to stop reading pointless internet discussions and on the rare occasions I start doing something useful, I can't keep doing it for long.

And yes, there's sort of a small high in browsing the internet. Just like everything else completely vanishes and when I notice it the whole day has gone away and there's no more time to do anything useful(there is, but I convince myself there isn't and keep frittering away)
>> No. 26047 [Edit]
File 142203777952.jpg - (473.77KB , 1789x2112 , 1419733605482.jpg )
I found out why my router has been working so horribly lately.
Apparently when I was cleaning up I put in a really bad spot between the modem and my PC, and the interference in that area was the worst in the whole house.
I feel pretty stupid for not noticing earlier and blaming the custom firmware for having bugs.
>> No. 26057 [Edit]
I slept 15 hours today and I do nothing 24/7
Is there something wrong with me?
>> No. 26059 [Edit]
>A faulty SATA cable?
It happens, for cables in general. My motto for troubleshooting is to check the simplest thing first.
>> No. 26060 [Edit]
Na, you are living the dream, like an old, tired dog.
>> No. 26073 [Edit]
It irks me that it's a real possibility the majority of users here have Aspergers.
>> No. 26074 [Edit]

Why does it matter to you?
>> No. 26075 [Edit]
Because it reinforces the stereotypes about waifuism and NEETs.

Normal (the physically and mentally type of normal), healthy and well adjusted people can partake in such activities too. It's not a big deal though, as I said it only irks me.

If your wondering, the reason I wrote that post was because a thread on /so/ asked how many people had Aspergers, the majority of posters admitted to having it. I'm not sure if cross boarding works here, but you can still check in the catalogue, it's still there.
>> No. 26076 [Edit]
Having a waifu and being serious about your love for her definitely isn't normal.
This whole site is pretty much dedicated to not mentally normal people and that stereotype is true.
Where the fuck do you think you are.
>> No. 26077 [Edit]
I don't think is possible to be a healthy human being and regularly lurk Tohno-chan at the same time. That's just how it is.
>> No. 26078 [Edit]
It isn't normal by societal means, but it can be normal mentally, which is what I was talking about. You don't need to be a special type of person to do it. It's the same type of love and emotions as a normal person would have, it's a real relationship after all.

It's very much possible. I was diagnosed as a normal person, this means no personality disorders, no mental illness and no deficiency that prevents me from being healthy. I have a serious relationship with my waifu and very frequently browse TC everyday.
>> No. 26079 [Edit]
Same here. I have no idea what's causing it, or what to do about it. I just hope it goes away eventually, or that one day I simply won't wake up from my sleep.

Also, how old are you? Could you tell me something about your life? I wonder if we have something in common.
>> No. 26080 [Edit]
If pretty much everyone hates you, the problem is probably not with them but with you.
>> No. 26082 [Edit]

Yep. I have this net buddy who ask me 'what are you doing [right now]?' from time to time and every single time I can't answer. I'm not doing anything at all. Half the time when he asks me about that I just blankly stare at the screen, the other half I browse some sites I'm not very interested in.


Lack of discipline is definitely a part of this.
>> No. 26083 [Edit]
Once again, there are rats in my house.
Hopefully it's not the smart kind that knows a trap when they see one.
I hate these filthy little fuckers so much.
>> No. 26084 [Edit]
just tell him you're browsing whatever comes to your mind first or watching a random show.
>> No. 26089 [Edit]
I've been looking into books and articles about the history of anime, especially into the industry and production, and have found many nice old anime recently. Today I watched the version of Pictures at an Exhibition, by Osamu Tezuka.
>> No. 26090 [Edit]
Whoa, gee, thanks. Here I was thinking that it's everyone else's fault and not mine. What an eye-opener.
>> No. 26091 [Edit]
File 142225110063.png - (27.61KB , 400x130 , sitefrontnew.png )
You'll be surprised how many people are delusional like that.
>> No. 26092 [Edit]
Would a normal person really need to be diagnosed as normal?
In this day trannies are considered normal
>> No. 26093 [Edit]
I'm not using "not normal" as an insult by the way.
I'm also into some stuff that will be considered very disgusting and not normal to the ordinary guy. But I understand it's not normal. Sometimes I find myself a bit pathetic.

I don't understand or like transexuals and a lot of other people but as long as they don't push their stuff where it's not welcome I won't get mad at them, same goes for myself
>> No. 26095 [Edit]
I guess I'll just go kill myself, and rid the world from such an evil as myself. Truley sorrey for the suffering I have inflicted upon those unfortunate souls who came into contact with me.

Seriously though, even if I did have my head so far up my ass that I couldn't tell that I am the problem, I don't think pointing that fact out would do anything.

But for people whose situation is somewhere in between those two described (problem in other people vs. problem in you), it's just an unnecessary reminder of the sad state of affairs. Sure, I am a piece of shit, but the people I come into contact with aren't much better half of the time, and there's absolutely jackshit I can do about either of those. Don't you think I wouldn't be a shitstain if I could? Fuck, I hate myself, and I hate other people, and I hate myself for being like those other people.
>> No. 26096 [Edit]
Since when are trannies classified as normal people now? Gender Identiy Disorder is still officially classified as a medical disorder and trannies are classified as mentally ill by many medical specialists.


That said though, the diagnoses is only as good as the medical examiner, but most of them would not let their patients hurt feelings get in the way of medical facts they were taught for 3-7 years.
>> No. 26097 [Edit]
Not gonna agree or disagree with you, because in all honesty we will never know for sure.

it may or may not be a mental disorder, but medicine is way more subjective and flawed than you think, specially when you have the opportunity to see all of that bullshit firsthand.
>> No. 26101 [Edit]
Started supplementing sulbutiamine in large doses at night a few days ago in an attempt to force my mind out of depression and back into my normal hypomanic/manic state. Seems to be working. Tobacco sensitivity has gone up drastically.
>> No. 26102 [Edit]
I've been chatting with a guy recently, though I don't know if I'll continue doing so, and he is like a younger version of me. Even though I have been giving him some advice, he doesn't really seem to want to follow it, but I guess that's like me too.
>> No. 26103 [Edit]
I'm trying to eradicate my fetish by having Leechblock set on all the sites where I find it, and it redirects to a blockpage with a list of things to do instead.
>> No. 26104 [Edit]
That's an interesting addon, thanks.
I've been using distractus until now, but it doesn't have that custom page option so I just go goof off doing something else when it triggers.
>> No. 26106 [Edit]
What's your fetish
>> No. 26107 [Edit]
File 142257345961.jpg - (80.55KB , 455x491 , bb1ebe4300b3c3f3c62cbce8935fe784.jpg )
I managed to backup most, if not all, of my 2D pictures that I've collected over the years. The bad part about this is that it seems like my old PC might be dying and the good thing is that I managed to save my H.

Here's a cute picture.
>> No. 26108 [Edit]
I decided I'm gonna hit the backlog hard now, so yesterday I watched 24 eps of anime and today I watched 25. I'll do the same tomorrow, and someday I'll have watched every anime in existance.
>> No. 26109 [Edit]
Slow down buddy, you're gonna have nothing to watch if you consume that fast! Take your time, as long as you downloaded it, it's not going anywhere.
>> No. 26110 [Edit]
Yesterday my mom said she won't buy any more biscuits because they have too much sugar and are bad for your health, the same day she bought one of those huge bottles of coca cola
I didn't even know how to react
>> No. 26111 [Edit]

I asked my mum to stop buying junk food so I can keep my health up a bit. She still keeps buying those big bags of Doritos (I'm not even especially fond of Doritos) which I just stack up in my room until the next time I go to visit my Xbox-obsessed brother. He's more than happy to accept 10+ giant Doritos bags.
>> No. 26113 [Edit]

At least your mother cares about you. My mother did stuff like that for me until she died from ovarian cancer two and a half years ago. I miss her, although in a way it was good that she died because I was finally able to move out of the house; I couldn't live with my father at all.
>> No. 26135 [Edit]
I think my non-biological brother may consider committing suicide if he goes on like now. He's got no skills to speak of, and the other part of the family isn't exactly lacking them and even the youngest may get "ahead" of him. He's a Ford driver, so he can't take pride in being unemployed or find joy in misery. I rarely really see him, but when I did he just disappeared at some point (we were gathered with aforementioned family).

I realized all his trouble probably would vanish if he got himself a 3DPD. I hate how people suddenly can change from being miserable to the everything-is-great-if-you-are-in-a-relationship, happy guy. I don't know if that actually happens, but I'd hate it if it does.
>> No. 26141 [Edit]
I'm having stomach problems this morning like I used to get in middle school. That's a long way back, I'm in my 20's now, and it's bringing forward some bad memories.
>> No. 26146 [Edit]
Noticed a couple extremely suspicious yellowish gooey-looking glops on the ceiling fan, which is situated above the bed, in my parents' room today.
I'd like to believe it's not what I think it is.
>> No. 26156 [Edit]
My career path is in shambles and now I have to become a laborer. I've only been unemployed for three days and already my parents are telling me to get a job.
>> No. 26167 [Edit]
File 142317046267.gif - (92.05KB , 582x433 , 1419373558170.gif )
yeah I've slowed down, 25 a day every day would be impossible. I just wanted to get myself back into watching a few eps, maybe 6 or so a day like I used to. So I don't just waste 100% of my time
>> No. 26172 [Edit]
>I realized all his trouble probably would vanish if he got himself a 3DPD. I hate how people suddenly can change from being miserable to the everything-is-great-if-you-are-in-a-relationship, happy guy. I don't know if that actually happens, but I'd hate it if it does.

Yeah, I noticed that as well a while ago, that with normal people, most of their problems simply disappear when they get into a relationship. Well, I guess it makes sense, since anyone who can get a relationship to start with, can't really have any serious problems. But then I also think about all the unhealthy relationships people have with murderers and other such scum, and I'm at a loss.

I wonder if it would be the same with me. Sometimes I think that my life would change dramatically if I were to get a 3DPD, but on the other hand, I would have to change my life dramatically to get a 3DPD, so I'm not sure which one of those things it is. Do you think you'd stop being the way you are, if you suddenly got a 3DPD?
>> No. 26173 [Edit]
Today I was approached by a Red Cross recruiter, and felt daunted by her holy quest to save ebola victims et al. So then I signed a thing that makes me a monthly contributor. The only way to get off seems to be through phone calls, or maybe an email if I'm lucky. There's no mention of it on their homepage, which must be very convenient for them. I'll take this as a lesson and make a greater effort to avoid contact.
>> No. 26174 [Edit]
>Do you think you'd stop being the way you are, if you suddenly got a 3DPD?
I probably wouldn't when it comes to my core, but some things would change for sure. There's no risk of that happening though. I guess that's what sucks about being human; you can't help but being attracted to 3D even if you hate it. Although if I ever were to stop taking it easy, if I ever were to get serious, if I ever were to truly enter the world of 3D, I'd leave Tohno-chan for sure. I refuse to pollute the 2D border more than necessary.
>> No. 26175 [Edit]
I've been with 3DPD, and I was even worse.
>> No. 26178 [Edit]

I always found it weird how imageboard communities consider watching anime to be a productive thing that you have to slog through to enjoy. If you don't enjoy watching anime enough to do it anyway, just don't watch it.
>> No. 26179 [Edit]

No one wants to be seen as a "casual".
>> No. 26181 [Edit]

then don't tell anyone how much you watch? if you finish three episodes a day, you're still watching. if you finish thirty episodes a day, you're watching more than most people.

this sort of "i have to watch anime UGHH its gonna take so long i wanna sleep instead" mentality only seems to happen on anonymous imageboards. why? it's not like people will forever associate your username with "that guy who claims he likes anime but hardly watches any", because you have no username.

yukkuri shiteitte ne, brohnos.
>> No. 26182 [Edit]
File 142335142337.png - (220.01KB , 783x608 , real OG anime pros.png )
only posers care about that shit, real anime pros are too busy enjoying anime and discussing it on the internet to care.
unfortunately /tc/ and a lot of the other "good" (or formerly good) websites end up with a majority population of wannabes because circumstances on the internet have made otakudom into the pose of choice for a certain subset of posers, wannabes and attention whores.
fortunately we have /so/ as a containment board for the small minority of that type which manages to escape from 4chan or gaia or wherever
>> No. 26183 [Edit]
>fortunately we have /so/ as a containment board for the small minority of that type which manages to escape from 4chan or gaia or wherever

Huh? I see no problems with /so/ and never considered it to be a containment board of any kind. It's a board unique to t-c which isn't present on any other website. Also, there are no containment boards on t-c because the users here don't stick with only one board, they browse the whole site (although I know there are a few that only browse /mai/).
>> No. 26184 [Edit]

I don't think anybody really "browses" /mai/. They just check in from time to time. /mai/ gets two unique posters on a really fast day.
>> No. 26185 [Edit]
I know the conversation has gone down another completely different road, but I'd like to add that if you have no occupation and just plunge your days away compulsivey reading pointless internet discussions and looking at pictures of cute girls then even going on an anime/gaming binge can feel as something productive.
>> No. 26186 [Edit]
This is true. People sometimes comment that my anime list on myanimelist is sparse and I should watch more. But at the end of the day, I only get into a series if I enjoy it, and the majority of content pushed out is low quality so of course I drop it.
>> No. 26188 [Edit]
Pretty much this.
>> No. 26202 [Edit]

I feel like some people stopped liking anime years ago and just keep doing it because they can't think of anything else to do.
>> No. 26203 [Edit]
Just took a look at the average englishman's face, because I have read somewhere that during the war polish immigrants married their women and made a bit dirtier their genetic pool. They do not look *this* slavic or polish, maybe some look weird, but the historian in particular looked very "nice" and nordic.
Also did the same with Germans, as I read somewhere that 2 million of their women got raped by communist officers from central asia after the fall of Hitler.
polite sage, scared some might not like my post so am trying not to make too much "noise"

>> No. 26204 [Edit]
shieeet sorry
why didn't it sage?
>> No. 26205 [Edit]
don't worry about it, doesn't really matter if you saged or not.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2015, 7:52am
>> No. 26224 [Edit]
Some newspaper wrote "We don't want to educate people into being jobless".
>> No. 26225 [Edit]
Welcome to modern university.
>> No. 26232 [Edit]
The evil of the Soviet regime (mass rape, mass looting, causing famine, spreading communism, purging political dissent, the nuclear arms race) almost makes me wish the Germans won against them.
>> No. 26233 [Edit]
Yesterday my mom found a bullet on our front entrance staircase. I think I'll measure it and try to find out the caliber.

Today I got cdemu from the AUR. That's pretty unremarkable and trivial, but I it reminds me when I had to download all the source packages myself and compile everything by hand back when I wasn't on a non-Arch-based distro and it was quite laborious. Pacman and the AUR are so awesome.
>> No. 26234 [Edit]

With the exception of the spreading communism thing, if you think that the Nazis and their allies didn't do any of that shit, or wouldn't have, you are just delusional.

I'm not trying to defend the Soviets. Fuck them. I'm just saying that both sides were horrible; perhaps not in the same ways, but knowing how gravely inhuman both of them were, that is irrelevant.

Just about any human nation is flawed, when you get right down to it.
>> No. 26235 [Edit]
You can't compare the nazis to the soviets. The nazis did:
-V2, the first ICBM, unmanned flying object and known object to attain subspacial altitudes
-Zuse 3, the first completely automatic, programmable computer in the world (Got destroyed by bombardments in 1943)
..and much more. too lazy to look for other things rite now, these were the first things that popped up in my mind
>> No. 26236 [Edit]
They were both horrible nations. At some point though, the inhumanity is enough that comparison becomes pointless.
>> No. 26237 [Edit]
We're probably all horrible people on some points. This is probably why some want the new age of enlightenment to be about empathy. I heard something that made me realize that archaeologists probably wouldn't mind a city being covered in lava so that it could be preserved. That's pretty psychotic in a way.
>> No. 26241 [Edit]
Yes, but we don't go out mass-murdering people and experimenting on them with no second thoughts. Also, archeologists didn't choose to put a city under lava. Not sure what your point is.
>> No. 26243 [Edit]
>gravely inhuman
As you have been told. It's not like a military tribunal is looking for the truth.
>> No. 26245 [Edit]
I don't believe in the holocaust and think most of what is said about the "evil nazis" is fabricated nonsense used to push certain political agenda, and still is to this day.
>> No. 26246 [Edit]
Just in case it was unclear, I'm not 26235. I should have said that first.
>> No. 26247 [Edit]
I was always sort of interested in history back when I was a kid. Or, should I say, I was interested in war history and all those inventions and technology behind it.

After graduating from high school I really started paying attention to sources and started to doubt certain theories I had always been taught as the truth. Even if I still was as enthusiastic about the subject, I would never ever start studying it as all the critics get shunned by the "scientific" community.
>> No. 26250 [Edit]
There are people who want to nuke the entire middle east. I think modern people are terribly detached from reality.
>> No. 26251 [Edit]
>Google image search puffy vulva
>its all pictures of animals
>> No. 26252 [Edit]
>Google image searching porn
>> No. 26270 [Edit]
>> No. 26285 [Edit]
thats pretty funny, are you a NEET?
>> No. 26306 [Edit]
I feel like eating pizza.
>> No. 26307 [Edit]
The vga splitter cable I bought arrived today, and the picture looks like shit, uguu~

I probably should have bought a splitter box instead. I had to turn up the brightness & contrast to get the picture to look similar to how it did, and now the picture a looks 'doubled' a bit, like an outline of some things appearing to the right. Its not too noticable though. I got what I paid for, I guess.
>> No. 26340 [Edit]
There was a beep coming from the position of my computer and I got scared because I thought some component was failing
Turns out it was some shitty chinese clock buried in a pile of books next to my pc, it was running out of batteries
>> No. 26342 [Edit]
So I'm reading Hokuto no Ken and I'm loving all of it. I feel bad for putting it off for so many years, but I kind of blame the anime for it since I did fall asleep a couple of times while watching it, but the manga is far more interesting and has far less drag.

I want to learn Nanto Seiken.
>> No. 26343 [Edit]
Watched some Kaiji last night instead of just sitting around looking at cute girls and browsing imageboards all day. Felt productive.
>> No. 26344 [Edit]
I timed the laptop I bought a few months ago for $30 for its battery life, lasted 2 hrs 55 mins until it died, from full charge. Pretty good for a machine that's almost 10 years old.
>> No. 26355 [Edit]
Nice. I bought a seven year old one last year that still gets almost four hours. I checked the battery statistics and apparently at full charge it is still holding 70% of designed capacity. I only really use the battery when I'm on the train or something, but it's nice to have.
>> No. 26356 [Edit]
My grandad gave me his old digital camera. Originally, he'd given it to my ten year old cousin, who complained that it didn't fit on his "selfie stick". I later found out what a selfie stick is, and I was mad about it, until I realised that the existence of selfie sticks indirectly means I got a free digital camera.

I'm going to use it to take high quality figure photos. Well, relatively high quality ones. It isn't a top-tier camera or anything, just a consumer digital one. Takes far nicer pictures than my phone does, though.
>> No. 26359 [Edit]
>Want to click on a tab
>Click the X on the tab instead

Why the fuck do I keep doing this
>> No. 26364 [Edit]

Whom art thou quoting?
>> No. 26366 [Edit]
Their web browser it would seem.
>> No. 26367 [Edit]
I've been feeling unwell lately so I'm going to start making an effort to eat every day, and eat healthily. I did a bit of repair work in my kitchen so I can use it properly (fixed taps leaking into the cupboards, replaced the fluorescent light tube). I'm thinking about buying a freezer so I can cook big batches of food once a month.
>> No. 26368 [Edit]
File 142447371845.png - (889.88KB , 1083x1300 , b204a61cc6d2fdc699c87bb04d9dad57.png )
Today was my last day of vacation after three months of pretty much doing nothing at all and browsing imageboards all day while at it. I kind of feel sad about it, because, like every other vacation before, I had various plans I wanted to complete, like movies to watch and books to read, and I didn't do literally anything related to those things. It's always the same, going into vacations feeling like I'm going to conquer the world and change my life, and get out of it feeling defeated, miserable and depressed. I'll probably need some weeks to get around how it feels to go out every day and talk to others face to face.

Also, I've been learning about WWII naval battles recently because of Kantai Collection, and I was surprised to see how the generall dynamic of naval warfare was back in those days. I wonder if it would change too drastically these days if there was another world war, since we have an enormous amount of communication novelties compared to the first half of the twentieth century.
>> No. 26369 [Edit]
I don't get why I have been taught by/in my country that you should "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", but then am shut down when I say that I see no problem with living off of welfare, since I don't mind paying for it either if I ever got a job. Remembered it happening a while ago today.
>> No. 26370 [Edit]
Fuck, I don't remember writing this post.
>> No. 26371 [Edit]
I'm not quoting anyone. Despite its negative associations, I think greentext is a very efficient way of conveying information. Its like using dot points but with an implied syntax that lets you save using even more words.
>> No. 26378 [Edit]
Except it makes you sound like a retard. And even if it's more efficient in words, it's less efficient in lines, and I think a reader can gather more information quickly from a paragraph than 20 lines of choppy memetexting.

"I keep accidentally closing tabs when I'm just trying to click on them".

Same number of words. Although honestly, idgaf about one or two liners, it's the "greentext stories" like on r9k that I can't stand.
>> No. 26380 [Edit]
I have decided to block every place I go to normally. Maybe I'll find something exciting and new out there.
>> No. 26382 [Edit]
I'm going to drop my computing course so I'll sign up for a barrister and bartering course later in the year. I decided I will take JLPT N1. I was never going to do it but it's just to get my family off my back. When I told my grandmother she said I could've been Japanese in my past life.

Lately I've had this want to go into town. I don't really feel like doing anything at home. I have heaps of eroge and manga to read but I don't really feel like it. /tc/ and futaba are the only sites I check anymore. But town is half clothes stores so that's not really me. I thought about having sushi but I've never held chopsticks in my life. I could go to a cafe and try the different coffees.
>> No. 26383 [Edit]
I thought about making an account on facebook to get in touch with my friends from highschool. I would feel bad after all these years just to cave in and give facebook all my details.

Do you have a facebook? What's it like?
>> No. 26384 [Edit]
>Do you have a facebook?
Fuck no.
>> No. 26387 [Edit]
>give facebook all my details.
Aside from the basic credential, it's up to you how much you wanna specify and share. Facebook doesn't have to know that you grew up in Alabama and love Babymetal.

>Do you have a facebook? What's it like?
>> No. 26388 [Edit]
I have it, just because when I was a kid/early teen I liked to sign up to pretty much everything. Facebook is poorly designed and filled with a ton of people talking and nobody listening. Only reason I'm even on there is in case a family member wants to get in touch with me and doesn't have my contact info. This has never actually happened...
>> No. 26399 [Edit]
I made one to promote my music. No friends, only fans. dealwithit.gif
>> No. 26402 [Edit]
It's raining so fucking hard oh my god
>> No. 26405 [Edit]
I was going to go to walk to the supermarket but the first time I got 1/8 of the way before going going back and the second time 1/4 of the way. I guess I'll go tomorrow.
>> No. 26406 [Edit]
I also do that sometimes, getting out of home to go somewhere, give up half way and go bakc home. That happens to me normally before I even get out of home though.
>> No. 26407 [Edit]
My mom left on a two week trip to stay with her sister in another state today.
I got the house to myself for the next two weeks!

Before going she asked if I was looking forward to seeing her leave. I told her yes and that I was planing to throw a massive party as soon as she leaves. I already have all my friends invited and we're gonna have tons of booze and drugs and hookers over. she knows I have no friends and will probably just be on my pc the whole time...
>> No. 26408 [Edit]
My headphones' left 'cup' (or whatever they're called) snapped off. I used some superglue to stick it back in place. Was kind of nervous about using superglue — it seems like one of those things that my dad would use and I'd never be allowed near. I've got just over four years out of these headphones and I have no intention of replacing them any time soon. They're not quite as comfy as they were before they broke, but they'll have to do.
>> No. 26409 [Edit]
I wish I had money so I could buy a moderately sized cheap TV so I didnt have to watch everything on my 22" monitor. My life would be 2x better instantly.
>> No. 26410 [Edit]
You could look on craigslist for one.
>> No. 26411 [Edit]
I wouldn't say it's that big of a difference. just means you can sit a bit further away is all.
>> No. 26422 [Edit]
I should really stop browsing image boards all day every day.
>> No. 26424 [Edit]
i did some walking recently. while the sea air and scenery was nice enough the monotony and lack of stimulation just ends up making my mind churn and by the time i get back i feel even more hopeless, lonely and bored.
>> No. 26425 [Edit]

I wish I lived somewhere with nice places to walk. I have to walk for about an hour just to get to somewhere that isn't a council estate full of drug addicts.
>> No. 26426 [Edit]
I wake up and check all the sites I need to, including imageboards to see if anyone has replied to my posts. I reply to stuff and maybe make a few posts. By then I've been awake for 6-8 hours and I'm starting to feel hungry, so I eat something. Then I just mess around pointlessly for the rest of the day and before I know it I'm tired again so I go to sleep. It's ridiculous.
>> No. 26428 [Edit]
File 142518879091.png - (9.48KB , 251x404 , 1424239159047.png )
Apparently old school runescape is free again. I'm somewhat interested in playing, but I'm scared I'll get addicted again, and you can't transfer your old account. Runescape isn't an extremely fun game, but if there is one thing it does exceedingly well, it is getting you hooked on a treadmill of work and reward.
>> No. 26433 [Edit]
So I went outside to buy some food at the store near my place and when I left the store I saw that big german sheperd on leash, sitting patiently for his master with a huge throbbing erection.
>> No. 26435 [Edit]
Sounds like you're quoting the first frame of some bestiality doujin.
>> No. 26439 [Edit]
While I was out, our dog got into my bin and ate my cum tissues. I can't even tell my family because I never leave food scarps or wrappers in my bin so the dog has no reason to go into it apart from tissues with bodily fluids on them. I hope it doesn't make him sick.
>> No. 26445 [Edit]
It's a doggy dog world out there.
>> No. 26446 [Edit]
Does the dog wait outside for you with a huge throbbing erection?
>> No. 26449 [Edit]
It's just cum, women drink it all the time and they're fine so I'm sure it won't do anything to a dog
>> No. 26450 [Edit]
>If everything seems to be going well, you obviously don't know what the hell is going on.
Things have been going really well for me lately and I'm starting to get kind of scared.
>> No. 26451 [Edit]
Don' be. Enjoy it!
>> No. 26454 [Edit]
haha yeah, I walked a little bit faster when I saw his dick.
>> No. 26459 [Edit]
I want to use the IRC, but my Internet is cutting in and out. Everyone would be spammed by the "has joined" and "has left" messages.
>> No. 26460 [Edit]
We don't really mind.
>> No. 26461 [Edit]

Still, it cuts in and out about once every thirty seconds. I want to try and fix it first.
>> No. 26463 [Edit]
DSL? Play around with the SNR settings in the router configuration.
>> No. 26467 [Edit]
File 142544940719.png - (1.14KB , 250x250 , 142543467664.png )
me currently viewing tohno-chan while awaiting the delivery of my order of ramen at the local ramen shop and downloading anime in another window with nyaa, tt, shitkaku and horriblesubs's twitter open in other tabs
>> No. 26469 [Edit]
I think your image is broken
either that or you're from an invisible world
>> No. 26470 [Edit]
File 142549367332.jpg - (200.63KB , 663x625 , munch munch.jpg )
I ate chinese for the first time. Wonton with pork and shrimp, and beef with shrooms and bamboo. Pretty good, I'll eat there again.
>> No. 26471 [Edit]
Akari is so cute!
>> No. 26475 [Edit]
For some reason I can't browse other sites than Tohno.
>> No. 26476 [Edit]
File 142562347487.png - (130.41KB , 452x102 , there%20is%20no%204chan.png )
But there aren't any sites other than Tohno, silly.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2015, 10:32pm
>> No. 26477 [Edit]
i'm at the ramen place again posting on tohno-chan again while downloading anime again (different anime though - isuca & ass ass nation ass room)
>> No. 26478 [Edit]
File 142571178057.jpg - (46.64KB , 567x889 , 0b3e4a817f25bb0fa6472b1c3320a1c0.jpg )
That's quite a bit of ass.
>> No. 26479 [Edit]
File 142576150016.jpg - (541.14KB , 850x1200 , 95e162f87addbc9261f6476d785794b8.jpg )
I wish I was a cute cat girl.
>> No. 26480 [Edit]
File 142576879621.jpg - (296.52KB , 848x1200 , 71a6233a30e2d16696883116375a04a9.jpg )
Well I wish, I was a catfish
Swimin' in the, the deep blue sea

But I'd let you fish me if you're a cute cat girl~
>> No. 26487 [Edit]
File 142584702126.png - (79.02KB , 378x378 , dizzy.png )
Almost every single time I stand up I go blind and can barely stand for a few seconds, so I finally googled and learned that I've definitely had Orthostatic hypotension for years. I also have chronic 'coat hanger pain' and bled from my anus (again) the day before yesterday, but I'm better now. I have no insurance and affordable doctors where I live are straight killers, so I rather just cope with this as much as I can.
>> No. 26488 [Edit]
I just now realized today is International Women's Day. I'm so glad I don't have to see them faces.
>> No. 26495 [Edit]
File 14260981817.jpg - (30.37KB , 500x326 , freebirds.jpg )
My preparations are almost done.

In some days I am gonna be freed from all the worldly burden.

Finally, I've got enough of it and have lived long enough with 28,5 years that I can say that there is 0 positive things about me and there is no future awaiting for me that is worth suffering for.

I only sorry for my mother. Wished I'd won in the Lottery to enable her a carefree life. She deserved it. Instead she still has to enslave herself in a blue collar job with her crumbling health.
Sorry, but I will leave a bit of money behind, which is enough to pay some months worth of rent, which is pretty much nothing in the end, but still.

Time is running out, the state is hunting me down to collect my debts.
It's gonna be my last "fuck you" to the state and society.
I am gonna be homeless by the end of the month anyways, being kicked out of the flat for failing out of college.

But I am actually rather calm. I feel the burden becoming less and less.
>> No. 26496 [Edit]
Good luck.
>> No. 26497 [Edit]
I wish I could do the same, I really do, but I can't leave my mom alone. I'm waiting until she dies of old age.
>> No. 26498 [Edit]
So how are you planning to go? Have you planned to do anything special with your remaining time?
>> No. 26501 [Edit]
File 142614456699.png - (32.60KB , 814x579 , Screenshot - 03122015 - 02:53:19 AM.png )
I'm making a game, it's fun. Well, more like making the engine, but the game will come soon enough. This is the terminal, when it's done it's going to be really helpful for debugging.
>> No. 26504 [Edit]
Fuck it. I'm going to get drunk and eat pizza. I've reached the point of procrastination where I just need a break from it.
>> No. 26506 [Edit]
File 14262883028.gif - (2.45MB , 300x208 , Spoiler Picture.gif )
Parked up in my car with a cup off coffee and a jumbo sized biscuit. Was dunking chunks in the coffee, got to the last chunk and dropped it. It went in the mess of the center console. Tried to clean it up but the soggy bit broke away.

In my haste to catch it i ended up knocking it and getting bits of soggy coffee biscuit all over my clean clothes and the seat and at the same time knocking the cup of coffee onto the floor in the back, spilling everywhere.

No need to get angry. just brushed the mess off me and drove home.
>> No. 26507 [Edit]
i just had ramen at the ramen shop again
going back to work now
>> No. 26508 [Edit]
Where is this ramen shop you love so much?
>> No. 26510 [Edit]
File aquarian_field_tessa.swf - (153.77KB , aquarian field tessa.swf )

I've had all the time in the world today and yet I've done nothing.
I hate animating with a mouse.

, : ,
'. ; : ; ,`
'-. '. ; : ; ,` ,-`
"-. '-. '. ; : ; ,` ,-` ,-"
"-. '-. '. ; : ; ,` ,-` ,-"
'"--. '"-. '-.' ' `.-` ,-"` ,--"`
'"--. '"-. ... ,-"` ,--"`
'"--. .:::::. ,--"`
>> No. 26513 [Edit]
cute animation, are you still finishing it?
>> No. 26514 [Edit]
That looks really impressive, I hope you're going to post more stuff.
>> No. 26515 [Edit]
I applied for a job for the first time today. I might apply for another one later.
>> No. 26522 [Edit]
I studied for maths today. I also revisited an old obsession I'd hoped to now be without. Then I drank and took pharms.
>> No. 26527 [Edit]
Every damn post in the homepage is from /an/
holy fuck
>> No. 26528 [Edit]
But there's one from /mai/ and /so/.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2015, 8:32pm
>> No. 26529 [Edit]
I'm the poster from /so/, sorry for breaking /an/'s limelight.
>> No. 26530 [Edit]
I watched Garzey's Wing dubbed. It was funny.
>> No. 26532 [Edit]
I heard Tamura Yukari plans to retire.
This will be a crappy day. ;_;
>> No. 26533 [Edit]
I entered my first smash tournament today, expecting to have a good time. Only to lose hard after my first win and being forced to be picked up just before the finals due to a miscalculation schedule, it would have been the most hype moment of the day.

I feel fucking depressed now as that was literally the only thing I wanted to see after I lost. I'm slowly coping with it though, by tomorrow I probably won't even give a shit.

It doesn't help that my only friend who said that he was entering the tournament changed his mind later on and told me the most bullshit excuse as to why he wasn't going. I guess we were not as close as I thought.
>> No. 26538 [Edit]
I'm going to go back on the unemployment benefit again soon. I'd like to spend most of it on Japanese books but I always end up spending it on booze.
>> No. 26553 [Edit]
My bottle of coffee liqueur fell over sometime and it soaked the whole bottom of the cupboard. The top of the bottle doesn't screw on properly. There were things like a bag of flour and a box of wheat biscuits so the stuff at the bottom will now of Kahlua favored! And I lost about a third of the bottle.
>> No. 26560 [Edit]
File 142677473293.gif - (1.68MB , 504x279 , 1401790695540.gif )
The day draws in closer for me, the ending it is.

Fuck humanity, fuck society, fuck life.
Hehe, even though I won't do jackshit, atleast I didn't end up as a sheeple but someone with criminal energy, as in like lie to the state, don't pay back loans etc.
>> No. 26561 [Edit]
>> No. 26563 [Edit]
Speaking of which, can somebody recommend me Japanese authors other than Haruki Murakami that have been translated to English?

Post edited on 19th Mar 2015, 9:15am
>> No. 26578 [Edit]
These cheap rubber gloves make my hands smell with this strange acrid odour, like sulphur or something like that. Scrubbing with soap doesn't remove the odour, nothing Ive tried takes away the odour. Makes me wonder what sort of chemical it is, and whether theres a way to get it to react with something else to take it away or something.
>> No. 26581 [Edit]
I applied for four jobs today. I'll apply for more tomorrow. I keep thinking strangely optimistic thoughts like what the hell am I going to do if I actually get a job.
>> No. 26582 [Edit]
You'll be doing unchallenging, meaningless pleb work. If you are exposed to the public you will be subject to assorted manifestations of sadism, irrationality, bewildering modes of interpretation and insults and abuse of the order of those that imageboards ironically emulate. If you're in retail, get ready for an endless stream of thickies who believe in the importance of your retail script and will openly berate you after you decide to not ask for their airmiles card when they've either displayed it or have already interacted with you 5 times. Can't forget the ubiquitous assumption that everyone in retail necessarily as an IQ of <90. Never again.
>> No. 26586 [Edit]
Hush hush, anon.
>> No. 26590 [Edit]
This is pretty much true. The best you can hope for is decent coworkers.
>> No. 26591 [Edit]
As an addendum.

Everyone will hate you all the time, regardless of what you say or do. No exceptions. Customers, managers and coworkers alike. It's absolutely imperative to expect this - you must condition your body to thrive on it.

Some people will take particular offense to your existence and expel feces into your open mouth whenever given the opportunity to do so. Expect outrageous allegations all the time, again, from coworkers and customers alike because everyone wants that promotion to fruit clown and will manually extract the viscera of anyone who presents opposition. Every 100 customers you have the sheer misfortune of enduring, 2 will commit their existence to destroying yours. Your only recourse to this is a vacant smile and a handful of generic transactional prompts.

You will never be able to get more than 20 hours a week. The embattled husks that have exchanged their existence for the honor to toil in the pleb bin are at max, working 16 more hours than you. Transporting yourself to said bin will invariably burn up 20% of the pebbles you earn for the exchange of your time and dignity.
>> No. 26592 [Edit]
Did you guys see the eclipse today?
It happened at 8-9am here. First, I can't remember the last time I woke up this early. In fact, I just didn't sleep at all. It wasn't a very pleasant experience, specially since they set up the observation spot in a nearby grade school (the only one in the whole city). Imagine a lot of kids, a lot of noise and excitement. At 9am. I was so high I could touch the moon.
>> No. 26593 [Edit]
I took a very quick glance on it even though it could have damaged my eyes. Also watched it from some live stream a bit.
>> No. 26601 [Edit]
File 142699261974.png - (20.98KB , 320x240 , CaveStory1040.png )
I finished Cave Story's Hell level finally, feeling proud. It's a week before I can buy any more games though. I'm going to try and sleep as much as I can of it away with Seroquel.
>> No. 26602 [Edit]
Congratulations. I took a break after getting stuck on the last boss in hell. It has lasted for a very long time, which is a shame.
>> No. 26603 [Edit]
Man, I haven't played Cave Story for like five years. I remember getting stuck on that big tank boss.

I downloaded it again three years ago but it's just been sitting on my computer.
>> No. 26604 [Edit]
Theres a mod for cave story called 'Boss rush' where you can just fight a boss of your choosing over and over again. Playing that really helped me with learning how to fight Ballos, because that way you don't have to go through the whole lvel just for a chance to fight him.
>> No. 26605 [Edit]
Well one job called me today. It was a laboring job but it is quite far away and I don't think the bus goes there. If I get the job they said they could organize transport.
>> No. 26610 [Edit]
File 142718430473.jpg - (218.50KB , 678x904 , cubes0.jpg )
Recently I've become interested in Rubik cubes and bought a few ones online to get myself started into the hobby.
>> No. 26611 [Edit]
After hours and hours of trying, I solved a 3x3 one in highschool. When I brought a 4x4 someone stole from my bag and I was almost finished solving it. The whole thing was solved but one corner was rotated the wrong way.

I never bothered buying another one.
>> No. 26613 [Edit]
File 142718990298.jpg - (142.03KB , 1280x862 , wall_e_rubiks_cube.jpg )
>The whole thing was solved but one corner
I'm just getting into it, but I understand that condition is mathematically impossible from a correct initial state (mainly because it's always full faces what you are rotating between any give algorithm), so the cube must have been busted to be unsolvable. The most experienced enthusiasts can identify such impossible states just by looking and don't even bother, cause they know they're being tricked; that was the case of Wall-E's cube, as discussed in a certain forum.
>> No. 26616 [Edit]
I gave it a check and apparently that can happen unintentionally too, when the cube is poor quality and at some point a single piece moves more than it should under heavy use as in speedcube. It's what they say that happened to this guy:

>> No. 26618 [Edit]
Does anyone else of the problem of not finishing what you start? Or starting so much stuff you just become overwhelmed?

Over the last two or three months I have started 29 games, 14 VNs, 4 manga, and 2 books but haven't finished them.

Today I only read a few pages of a book and a three hours or so of a VN.
>> No. 26630 [Edit]
I just had the biggest argument break out in one of my sites. Threats, stress and drama, all the good stuff. Then bans and locking/deleting.

Can you believe what some people are willing to say in public, fully identified? Some of the things anonymous do are pushing the envelope, but that there are people distributing unsolicited insults with a name is a different ballpark (often embarassing themselves in the process). This wasn't even about controversial topics, like racism. Just plain old hate. I shouldn't be surprised, but the bigger they get, the more impressive it looks.

Post edited on 25th Mar 2015, 4:34pm
>> No. 26632 [Edit]
>Threats, stress and drama

That is literally why I take it easy all day, every day, if possible.
>> No. 26640 [Edit]
I'm going to start a work of fiction today.
>> No. 26645 [Edit]
I was going to take the bus with my sisters to Burger King. I was all ready to go but I decided not to. I was tired. I stayed home and played a VN. I went for a walk with my dad later. Then I started drinking.
>> No. 26646 [Edit]
I nearly skipped my sister's birthday lunch the other day. Luckily I psyched myself up and went out, I would have felt really bad if I missed it. Once I was out the door I was fine.
>> No. 26653 [Edit]
I think this year I started a race against going truly crazy. I barely leave my bed by now.
>> No. 26658 [Edit]
File 142757872356.png - (523.22KB , 600x600 , f0b842ed4975124da6c73d9abe01a663.png )
Lately, I've been seeing "qt 3.14" thrown around. I know that it's supposed to stand for 'Cutie pie', and I like that it's being used for cute 2D girls.
>> No. 26662 [Edit]
Today I bought some instant noodles. Two were alright, but one was too spicy.

But tomorrow I have to go to two appointments. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, so I have to go into town twice. That is crazy. That's $7.60 spent on buses. And I can't spend the day in town. I tried to do that once and got bored and really anxious in an hour.
>> No. 26673 [Edit]
I have done the same amount of work these last three months as I would in half a month the previous year. Hopefully it's not something so so depressing as depression. On a side note, I took some tests online and got three different answers.
>> No. 26675 [Edit]
Another job called from the port today and I have an interview next week.
>> No. 26685 [Edit]
It was a nice ride for me, but things are coming to the end.
Otherwise the streets or the prison is waiting for me.

I had no future anyways, and thus I obtained money by fraud, saying I am a student, even though I am not anymore and get loan, a flat for students.
>> No. 26690 [Edit]
I'm on the last chapter to Souten no Ken and I don't want it to end. I didn't like that I had to finish Hokuto no Ken since I really, really liked it.

I know that there's still stuff to read regarding Hokuto, but I Not having Kenshiro or Kasumi Kenshiro is going to suck.
>> No. 26692 [Edit]
The creator of Ika Musume drew a picture of a squid loli from Nintendo's squid shooter game.


I love these squid lolis.
>> No. 26694 [Edit]
My parents are back home. I picked them up from the airport yesterday. They lived abroad for one and a half years. Now I'm living with my parents once again. I hate it because my mother still treats me like I'm 14 (I'm ten years older than that). I've been looking for another place to live, but no luck yet.
It doesn't help that I quit attending university during the time they were gone.
And since I don't pay rent, I pretty much have no right to say anything about anything.
The only good thing about this situation is that I feel closer to Tohno-chan now.
>> No. 26695 [Edit]
File 142798360921.jpg - (642.44KB , 1600x2400 , 5ebca1daa4b069a98b424ff48bf4e4a4.jpg )
Today I revisited an old game which I hadn't played or heard about in various years. I listened to the OST while remembering how great the game was as an experience back in those days. I also looked for pictures of it in boorus. Since it has been out for a very long time there was not a single new image compared to when I last looked for them many years ago, so it was an interesting experience, like revisiting a childhood memory's place. I also masturbated to the same pictures I once masturbated many years ago, which was also very emotional.
>> No. 26696 [Edit]
Watched some anime on a stream,browsed imageboards,watched some walktorughs on youtube, cooking some pasta nah-u,later i will play some games and wonder what else i could to to pass time.
>> No. 26697 [Edit]
I got called into work today, when I was hoping they wouldn't need me. Considering quitting because the amount of money I'm pulling in each week is piss, and the scheduling is driving me insane, but then I would be completely unemployed.
>> No. 26698 [Edit]
Wow 4chan is just terrible. Why do I still visit?
>> No. 26699 [Edit]
File 142801859977.jpg - (656.91KB , 870x810 , 1342251252101.jpg )
old habits die hard
>> No. 26703 [Edit]
I went for an eye exam and found out that I became nearsighted. I'll be getting glasses for the first time in two weeks. It's true that I now have trouble reading at a distance, but I had never noticed or thought anything of it before.
>> No. 26704 [Edit]
File 142803379975.jpg - (729.89KB , 1277x1631 , 1408913015725.jpg )
and you probably still won't if you haven't before
>> No. 26705 [Edit]
When you walk out with your glasses and look around outside it will be great. It was for me. It depends on how bad your eyesight is.
>> No. 26706 [Edit]
Isn't putting your ass inside a kotatsu like this a bit dangerous?
>> No. 26709 [Edit]
This is a very good feeling. It also repeats itself when you change lenses as eyesight becomes worse with time. It's a fantastic feeling when you walk outside and go all like "wow, so this is how the world looks like!".
>> No. 26710 [Edit]
depends on what kind of japanese heated blanket table it is

also glasses are for fucking nerds lol
>> No. 26716 [Edit]
I'm only lightly nearsighted, but it definitely will make a difference for reading signs or whatnot, even indoors. I'm looking forward to getting them, as now that I know about it, the blurriness really does bug me.

It's definitely noticeable, especially now that I'm aware of it. I guess I just didn't think too much of seeing a bit blurry before because I simply attributed it to being tired or something and I was used to it.

Post edited on 3rd Apr 2015, 7:41pm
>> No. 26718 [Edit]
I just remembered another funny thing about getting glasses. Before I got glasses I thought this one girl in my class was really cute. But when I got glasses and went to school, she wasn't as cute as I thought. And in general girls were less attractive.

And if you wear your glasses all the time, be prepared for everyone to comment on your glasses.
>> No. 26721 [Edit]
Enjoying Jenny Death.
>> No. 26724 [Edit]
I wonder if there is any hope for my future. When trying to see myself ten years from now, I can only imagine myself being dead or unemployed.
>> No. 26728 [Edit]
There isn't. Embrace the mediocrity or succumb to it.
>> No. 26729 [Edit]
Got dragged to grandparent's house for an Easter lunch, and ended up staying later than I wanted. On the plus side, I got a replacement CRT from them to play my old systems on, since my older one was starting to shit out.

I also brooded a bit about my job situation, but ended up feeling better about it in the end, for now.
>> No. 26731 [Edit]
>the drunken stare of my father

Is your dad gay? Or are you a girl
>> No. 26732 [Edit]
I went with my cousin laptop shopping today. People in my family seem to think I'm some expert at computers which I'm not but I help out anyway. Knowing what she uses the computer for I say she should just get the cheapest and it will be fine. Currently she uses some really old laptop with maybe 2 cores and 90GB hard drive and this works fine for her. Can't remember the RAM. But shes considering a i7 laptop with 8GB of RAM. I tell her she shouldn't bother but it's still an option even though a i5 and 4GB is over $200 dollars cheaper. I tell her I have a laptop with i5 and 4GB and I even play games on it. You don't play games or anything, get the cheap one. But in the end she didn't buy one. We went to three stores. I said three times she should get this $699 Acer one (the cheapest one she was considering) but didn't buy anything.

One place we went to, the sales women first asked if she streams stuff like on youtube. She said yes, so the sales women went straight to a $999 laptop with 8GB of RAM saying that it's the most popular model and what you need for youtube. I mean, damn.
>> No. 26735 [Edit]
Do you honestly believe the salsepeople know anything about hardware either?
>> No. 26736 [Edit]
Thats what salesmen are paid to do, trick you into spending more money.
>> No. 26737 [Edit]
You gotta go for the autistic quiet looking salesperson standing in the corner, that person is the one who is probably the most technically competent person in the store
>> No. 26739 [Edit]
I'm steeling myself for a 7 PM - midnight physical inventory thing at work tonight. It's about 5 PM right now, and I still need to eat beforehand and stuff. I'm also on call for tomorrow from 1 PM to 5 PM, but I'm really hoping they don't call me in tomorrow, because tonight's shift is going to wipe me out.

At least I have my waifu with me while I work.
>> No. 26743 [Edit]
File aquarian_field_tessa.swf - (648.85KB , aquarian field tessa.swf )

I added a gray sky, a white background for the mountains, roughed out the clouds + movement and girls. Still deciding on the music between
but I'm leaning towards 不和リン as its got a serene tune but Ой, йолташем is more upbeat fitting the scene

Slowly I'm progressing on it
definitely, but it all depends on if I have any cool ideas to work with
>> No. 26744 [Edit]
I went to the port today. I was right outside the gate when I got a call on my cellphone saying they emailed me that I got the interview by mistake. So I turned around and went home. When I got home a job at a supermarket I applied to called and now I have an interview tomorrow. I don't really feel like doing this anymore. I hope I don't get this job.
>> No. 26749 [Edit]
Interviews are a pain in the ass. I'm going to my third interview for the same job this Friday. I've already had one phone interview, and one in person. I really need to get the job because money and so I can escape the hell that is retail, but at the same time a tiny part of me hopes I don't get it just because of the stress.

>> No. 26756 [Edit]
I watched Aria the Natural. Love the show but made me want friendship like the ones depicted. Made me reminisce about a co-worker I talked to at my old internship. We had a lot in common, to mild depression to cynical humor, and we had a good relationship. Too bad the company went under and we went our separate ways. Watching the show made me wish we didn't but he was 25 and I was 19. Especially since I was under 21, we didn't become real friends.
>> No. 26757 [Edit]
I'd say school is the only time to make any real friends
>> No. 26758 [Edit]
File 142859476858.jpg - (125.45KB , 850x1028 , sample-7aea6e7f056c16e8784b19a32963a11d.jpg )
I've been feeling really well the past few days even though I had a horrible week before that. Then yesterday day I woke up and I just felt like complete shit for no reason even throughout the day I did things and had a few good laughs but the feelings of despondency never left. My best friend even noticed something was up and I felt awful for making them worry over nothing at all. I still feel that way today and I laid in bed for 5 hours doing nothing. Depression is such a bitch.
>> No. 26765 [Edit]
File 142874016944.png - (137.00KB , 465x996 , 1403208561079.png )
I had a couple friends stay over tonight and the first thing they did was look at my computer and my gachimuchi folder was still open from thursgay.
>> No. 26768 [Edit]
File 142880310180.jpg - (73.11KB , 471x517 , 1413866850416.jpg )
I tried but it only made things worse. I just want to forget it ever happened.
>> No. 26769 [Edit]
I bought some H and non-H manga today. First time buying H manga. But man, postage costs a lot.
>> No. 26770 [Edit]
It's finally come to this. I've procrastinated too much, let everything unpleasant pend up, and from tomorrow on I'll have to face the consequences. I'm making a plan today for the future which hopefully will soften the blow from being hit by reality.
>> No. 26771 [Edit]
Holy shit, how I fucking hate sundays. I wish the week could have only six days.
>> No. 26772 [Edit]
>> No. 26773 [Edit]
File 142886930620.png - (21.65KB , 452x102 , NEET.png )
>> No. 26774 [Edit]
What happened?
>> No. 26775 [Edit]
University, health, family, appointments, social situations. They're all so close now in time that I can't help but feel them pressure on my mind, and I feel inferior in all aspects of them.
>> No. 26780 [Edit]
Today was pretty much a perfect day for me. I took it easy all day. Even though I'm starting to get a cold, I didn't feel depressed or anxious. I didn't worry about my future or getting a job. I just stayed home all day and read manga and played eroge. And it's even raining today. I really like rainy days when I don't have to go out.
>> No. 26781 [Edit]
I felt more or less the same today, just with a lot of MMO playing and a little bit of anime. I thought about my job situation a little bit, but not to the point where it stressed me out or made me worry excessively. It was a rare day of peace and not freaking out over stupid shit.
>> No. 26783 [Edit]
File 142891404264.gif - (158.51KB , 200x280 , 1315020345479.gif )
Had a relaxed day today. Got all the homework done that I needed to do, relaxed, watched anime, went outside a little. Now going to play a VN for a couple of hours and then will probably go to sleep. Things are actually going well for me these days, hope it continues. I went to a con last week, and had one of those weird things that happens to me sometimes, where some weird piece inside my brain breaks loose and suddenly I start feeling good for no real reason at all. Then suddenly I realize I've been numb and detached for a long time, but now I can feel feels. Feels good man.
>> No. 26784 [Edit]
We've gotten self-check-out in the super market, so you can go shopping without having to talk to anyone. It's become a feature I've been enjoying more and more lately.
>> No. 26785 [Edit]
>Got all the homework done that I needed to do
I fucking hate you brohno.
>> No. 26786 [Edit]
I had a call-in for work today from noon to 4, but they didn't need me, so now I have the day off. My next call-in is on Thursday. Yet, I already feel like I've wasted most of today... I guess it's better than working.
>> No. 26788 [Edit]
The truly daring scan expensive vegetables through as potatoes or onions.
>> No. 26789 [Edit]
I don't really mind going though the checkout people. Most of time they say nothing much. But they may ask for ID or just routine small talk like "hows it going", "busy today" or "nice weather".

But I'm always anxious to use self-service because I'm scared of messing something up and someone thinking I'm trying to steal.
>> No. 26793 [Edit]
I wore military surplus stuff for the first time today. It was the first time I felt respectable looking in a long time.
>> No. 26811 [Edit]
Don't feel bad. I've worn shorts and thermal shirts for other six months. Military surplus is extreme formal wear!
>> No. 26813 [Edit]
File 142923274037.jpg - (78.77KB , 700x394 , Anime Episode-34.jpg )
i'm in the ramen shop again
all of the cute girls are unfortunately 3d
>> No. 26814 [Edit]
File 142923605076.jpg - (310.22KB , 721x1280 , 1427429390996.jpg )
Camo is on the opposite end of the spectrum of formal wear. Military surplus is worn since it tends more durable than most of the stuff you'd find in a department store for a much lower price. Not even close to extremely formal wear unless you talk about the dress uniforms which are only worn by the military.
>> No. 26815 [Edit]
I think he was being a bit tongue in cheek. Like hes saying that he's worn nothing but socks and undies for so long that camo has begun to look formal to him.
>> No. 26816 [Edit]
File 142924754874.jpg - (21.75KB , 402x480 , 1401862152280.jpg )
goddamn it...

at least I didn't make a complete fool out of myself this time
>> No. 26818 [Edit]

lol I thought that pic was of Henrietta in a recording booth singing, because it looked like she was wearing headphones and looking at a microphone. I was trying to remember at what point in the series that would have happened, then I expanded the image.
>> No. 26821 [Edit]
I like these butts. Where are they from?
>> No. 26822 [Edit]
Thats Kazumi and Hatsuna from Brynhildr.
>> No. 26827 [Edit]
File 142931281486.jpg - (327.92KB , 1920x1080 , 0982360932467.jpg )
>> No. 26828 [Edit]
My day is starting off like crap, I've had one close friend for years now but he's such a ford driver I can't stand it. He gets on my case about anything he finds "weird" and I don't know if I can take it anymore.
>> No. 26855 [Edit]
Does anyone else open this thread, write what they did that day, spell check it and all that, then sit there for a while and just close the tab because you realize no one whats to hear this shit?
>> No. 26856 [Edit]
I've done something like that before. I've even left the post ready to be submitted for a day or longer because I forget about it and don't touch the tab for a long while until I start wondering why that's there, and then when I see it and read that irrelevant garbage I just close it and check the front page in another tab for any new posts.

I'm not that interesting myself so I try not to post much about my life, but then again, I don't like posting much about my life to begin with.
>> No. 26858 [Edit]
I've never let an open tab waiting for a response because I know Tohno-chan is a slow traffic site. When I write about my day, I do so only because I wish somebody out there would ask why something was so or comment about it. I guess I want some attention since I can't openly talk about my life with anyone else but the internet, and while I do know that rarely anyone will ever respond it still serves as somewhat comforting to know that there is a probability that someone else out there cares for something about me.
>> No. 26859 [Edit]
I tried to find people on twitch who I could relate to. Being a 4channer for years, I have a certain way of speaking. But even harmless jokes lead to threats of banning. Holy shit, I find one guy who was a perfect friend, who found my jokes funny. But everyone else looks down upon it and now that one guy stopped streaming due to alcoholism. Fuck this shit
>> No. 26863 [Edit]
>I tried to find people on twitch who I could relate to.
What makes you think these relatable people are on twitch?
>> No. 26864 [Edit]
4chan culture is toxic as fuck. After being on there for so many years their way of speaking and thinking seems into you and its easy to say something politically incorrect in public and become the subject of derision.
>> No. 26866 [Edit]
Just follow milk my man, she's definitely the best streamer on twitch and I assure you won't get banned for anything!
You'll probably have to wait a while for her next stream but it will be worth it I assure you!!
I'd post a pic of last time but I'm afraid that would highly increase the probability of my post getting deleted by a moderator!
>> No. 26868 [Edit]
Yesterday, finally called to ask about the job I applied for. I was told I would be notified of the results whether I got hired or not. Long story short, I wasn't hired, so I feel incredibly defeated and worthless, since I had a lot riding on it.
>> No. 26870 [Edit]
I lifted for the first time yesterday. I tried to go at time where it would be less crowded but there were a lot of people there. Felt like everyone there was judging my shit form and the fact that I was lifting baby weights.
Also I can't sleep because I'm sore everywhere, especially my lower back. At least it feels good that I tried instead of giving up before I even started.
>> No. 26873 [Edit]
I only lifted for a few months so my advice might be worthless. When I first went I aimed for times between 9am and 3pm. They can still be busy at these times because housewives and retired people go then. I found at 12 noon there was almost no one. If it's a 24 hour gym you could go in the middle of the night, but I've never did that.

If you're worried about your form ask one of the gym supervisors or whatever they're called. Some of the advise will contradict what you've read online, like one guy said I should use the smith machine even though everything I've read says stay away from them. But some advice is good like look straight while squatting.

As with the baby weights, everyone has to start somewhere, as everyone probably has told you. Even if you start squatting the bar and increase 2.5 or 5 kgs every time, you'll be squatting a plate in a few weeks. I remember one time I was doing 40~50kg bench press and the guy next to me was doing 100kg.

With really bad lower back pain, uh, I don't know. Are you keeping your back straight when deadlifting? If you do over head press, make sure you squeeze your butt to make sure your back is straight. That was the problem for me. I could only do 35kg OHP.

But I gave up. The last few times I was squatting 70~80kgs a felt a slight pain in my lower back and it scared me. I thought I had good form but still getting lower back pain and I thought I was going to break my back. I also biked there and I'm scared of biking on the roads and I had to cross two busy roads to get to the gym.

Anyway, this post ended up way longer than I thought but I hope it helped. 4chan's /fit/ board might give some good advice. But exercise is good! I run now with my dad and it's enjoyable. The feeling of satisfaction in lifting is far more than running. Like if you're squatting and just having the weight on your back makes you think 'shit there is no way I can do this' then you do three sets, damn it feels good. But when you fail a set it feels like shit. Anyway, 頑張れ~
>> No. 26874 [Edit]
File 143002653143.jpg - (100.59KB , 505x720 , 1403768412768.jpg )
Fantastic to hear you tried lifting for the first time.
Do not worry about the amount of people, they're all there for the same reason you are. Your form was probably shit for your first time if you ever question your form is good ask the guy or chick next to you to check it. Nobody cares what weight you're at if you try. Find a lift schedule and stick with it, get plenty of sleep, protein and you'll make it anon.

Not worthless at all. 4chan's /fit/ sticky will be a good read for him.
>> No. 26875 [Edit]
I watched a few family movies with my sisters. We watched The Bean Movie, Beethoven and It Takes Two. My favorite was the Bean Movie, followed by It Takes Two. We also watched three episodes of The Flash. I don't really like it. It's really bland. At one point they wanted me to watch Teen Wolf, which I watched three episodes and it was shit.

One quote which I remember from Bean is, "If you do nothing, nothing bad will happen", something like that.
>> No. 26876 [Edit]
File 14300310163.gif - (686.33KB , 384x216 , 1402101232662.gif )
I decidered to organise a group order of patches. I have about 40 people interested and many expressed buying more than 1. I set up a google doc as a central resource that people can go to instead of looking for my threads. Unfortunately I keep getting error 500 on gmail and I can't send out the link to the people. This sucks.
>> No. 26877 [Edit]
Today I realized that I hate being alone. I dont care about many friends I have but that I have friends I can rely on, that i can trust. I was immature to scorn the world, hating people without knowing them. Sure there are awful people out there, but there are a lot of good people out there and I realize that I am one of the awful people by hating everyone. I want to change. I will change in order to continue living. I thought I didnt fit anywhere but I realize that I was putting walls on for anyone who said hi. God, I wish I wasnt so scared
>> No. 26878 [Edit]
>One quote which I remember from Bean is, "If you do nothing, nothing bad will happen", something like that.
I don't like that quote. I realized that there are consequences for in-actions.
>> No. 26879 [Edit]
I used to be the exact same way, and when I made the realization that I was judging people, who are just as much people as me, without knowing them, I realized how awful that is. It's good you realized it and decided to change.

I'm still judgmental at times, but I've found that I have become a lot more accepting towards everyone, and it feels good.
>> No. 26880 [Edit]
Are you twohupatches@gmail.com ?
>> No. 26882 [Edit]
If tohno chan will let me post.

No I'm DMC
>> No. 26883 [Edit]
Don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to.
>> No. 26885 [Edit]
Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I've actually been browsing /fit/ for a while now, and it's been pretty helpful. As for deadlifting I made sure to keep my back straight. Now that it's been a few days I'm sure that my lower back pain was only DOMS. Scared me a bit because I never had DOMS there before. It made me realize how weak my back was; probably from sitting most of the time. I'm still scared as fuck I might snap my back but I'm going to progress with baby weights until I get my form down perfect. Also, I agree with you on exercise being enjoyable. I don't know what it is, but I can't go a day without doing some sort of exercise. Otherwise I just feel tired and sluggish the entire day.

Thanks man, that's pretty encouraging. I'm always think that people are judging me, but if the situations were reversed I wouldn't care, or rather I'd respect the person for trying. Also I've been eating well and trying to set up a better sleep schedule since I started, funny how it's been sort of like a chain reaction. It just feels really really good to work towards something for once.
>> No. 26886 [Edit]
it kept sending me to a board.php url that was just a blank page and its still doing it if I try to post with a picture
>> No. 26889 [Edit]
I am having these weird dreams. I have a feeling they are telling me to become an artist, like a writer.
>> No. 26890 [Edit]
Three packages arrived today with 31 books, including my first H-manga! The physical thing is pretty cool. It's bigger than a normal manga volume so it doesn't fit into the DVD case I was using as a bookcase.

Then I thought, holy shit, I should get a job and I could buy heaps so I looked at a job site from a bit before realizing I really don't want a low paid job. So then I thought I should try university again. I looked up the closest university and applied for a student ID.
>> No. 26892 [Edit]
Knee is hurting really bad for some reason. Might have to go see a doctor. There's also a lot of pressure again from my parents to find a fulltime job, because once I turn 26 in August, I can no longer be on their insurance, I have to enroll in Obamacare. Why the fuck does stuff have to be difficult just because I exist at X age?
>> No. 26894 [Edit]
combo breaker
>> No. 26895 [Edit]
I failed (I passed it but I want a better mark) another fucking exam. I don't know what's wrong with me, I study, study, find whatever I'm studying easy, then I do the exam and bam, there is always something I don't know. On the positive side of things, I think I found the balls to talk to my father and tell him to stop asking me about my uni.
It's weird, I'm starting to think I need to take every test twice to pass it, now that I'm getting used to it things are getting better.

Now I'm depressed and will spend the next few days drinking, I hope I don't puke because I live alone and I would have to clean. Well it's not really depression, it's more like wanting to do nothing.

Would be better if I found the balls to kill myself though.
>> No. 26896 [Edit]
>Now I'm depressed and will spend the next few days drinking, I hope I don't puke because I live alone and I would have to clean.
This was always my post-exam tradition as well. The problem is you can never get as drunk as you would like without vomiting. It's kind of cruel how alcohol is the one easily obtainable drug in most of the world, yet it's such a shitty one.
I remember when I failed the last exam I needed to finish undergrad, I was offered a supplementary exam which was pass/fail. It was a month after the initial exam yet in typical fashion I did nothing for three and a half weeks, then "studied" with frequent internet breaks. So I was in danger of failing it and having to spend another semester doing it again, yet I still procrastinated.
Anyway, I passed and I've done nothing since. I don't want to live but I can't bring myself to die. I think you have to do it in a way that doesn't trigger an instinctual response. So jumping/trains/hanging are out, something like helium or a heroin overdose would be better.
>> No. 26897 [Edit]
File 143040076746.jpg - (107.74KB , 702x1116 , 803b99b38270a465f7a2baf20de11c23.jpg )
Toriyama draws girls really cute.
>> No. 26898 [Edit]
>> No. 26899 [Edit]
I woke up super early on my day off, about 3 ish hours ago. Haven't done shit since I woke up except fuck around on Youtube for a while. Work tried to call me in today, but I have a doctor's appointment in 3 hours, so I told them I couldn't come in. It was a convenient excuse. Unfortunately, I work tomorrow for 4 hours, and my knee is still in extreme pain. I hope the doctor can help.
>> No. 26900 [Edit]
File 143041629314.jpg - (119.77KB , 500x515 , 3393980e0487d36eabdf142bee3110e1.jpg )
So apparently Dragon Ball Super is a real thing. It's supposed to be the true sequel to Dragon Ball Z.

I'm honestly a little optimistic about it, but I know that it could end up being a pile of rubbish. After all, SSJGSSJ is a real thing.
>> No. 26901 [Edit]
I agree. They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.
>> No. 26902 [Edit]
I lost 25% on a programming exam because I didn't have enough time to finish a fucking flowchart describing the code. If I had 5 more minutes I'd have two letter grades higher.
>> No. 26903 [Edit]
Are you absolutely fucking serious? DB was being milked in every instance directly following the Freeza saga. I shouldn't even have to point out any of the embarrassing series of cash grabs that have taken place over the last two decades.
>> No. 26904 [Edit]

Toriyama wanted to continue the series after Frieza. The rumor that he intended to end the series on Namek is bullshit.
>> No. 26905 [Edit]
I don't mind having more Dragon Ball related media. If its good, then great. If its another GT, I'll just not watch it. I don't understand the people who complain about something not being good.
>> No. 26912 [Edit]
For some reason, I remember what I had forgotten about making friends. Being a quiet loner makes you look stuck-up thus making it harder to talk to others.
>> No. 26916 [Edit]
I don't know where to post this, but some of you may be interested. https://shoukoss.com/
They have new Dakimakura arrivals and sale.
>> No. 26918 [Edit]
Well that was a boring fight.
>> No. 26933 [Edit]
Winston turned a little sideways in his chair to drink his mug of coffee. At the table on his left the man with the strident voice was still talking remorselessly away. He held some important post in the fiction department. It was just a noise, a quack-quack-quacking. Every word of it was pure orthodoxy, pure Ingsoc. Winston had a curious feeling that this was not a real human being but some kind of dummy. It was not the man's brain that was speaking, it was his larynx. The stuff that was coming out of him consisted of words, but it was not speech in the true sense: it was noise uttered in unconsciousness, like the quacking of a duck.
>> No. 26939 [Edit]
whats something cheap and fun that i can buy online?
>> No. 26940 [Edit]
You can buy tanks with their gun disabled, depending on how you define cheap
>> No. 26941 [Edit]
An exit bag.
>> No. 26942 [Edit]
buy this and play with me
>> No. 26943 [Edit]
Buy some fancy rubik cubes and become friends with the rubik cube guy~
>> No. 26945 [Edit]
I fear for my future.
>> No. 26946 [Edit]
I was going to make a Tom Collins but I had no lemon juice. So I made a gin, lime juice and soda water drink. The lime juice was brown. It tasted awful but I downed the whole thing. I felt like I had to throw up afterwards and I threw up a little bit. I looked at the lime juice afterwards and it's best before date was 2013. I only used half an ounce.

So do I but I think there is no point thinking about it. You probably won't think of it so you can leave it to tomorrow.
>> No. 26947 [Edit]
I'm glad the internet is my only addiction, otherwise the deck would be stacked against me too much.
>> No. 26948 [Edit]
what do you mean with 'addicted to the internet'?
>> No. 26951 [Edit]
Probably spending an excessive amount of time on it doing nothing in particular, like refreshing imageboards over and over.


Turns out I have foot arthritis. I work today for 4 hours and tomorrow for 6 hours, and with my knee all fucked up too, I'm not sure how I'm going to manage.
>> No. 26952 [Edit]
File 143108157825.png - (958.48KB , 1336x1574 , faunus_day_by_pochif-d8p04hf.png )
I discovered by accident that one of my friends in an MMORPG I used to play is a very good artist. I'm shocked!
>> No. 26953 [Edit]
Now you have someone that can draw that picture of that one fetish you always wanted to see done with that one character you like but nobody draws! I wish I had a friend that knew how to draw.
>> No. 26954 [Edit]
File 143114510287.png - (22.65KB , 500x500 , 11kxg84.png )
Today was my birthday.
Was woken up by my mom blasting a really really old birthday(?) song on repeat.
Had breakfast at Denny's, she told them like five times it was my birthday (even though I didn't want her to) and they never showed up.
My dad and uncle came to visit from out of town, an hour after when they said they'd be here. Guess because it was raining. Because it was raining he didn't want to get his nice cars wet so we had to cram into his tiny two seat work truck.
Got no presents, but my dad took me to an overpriced restaurant where I got a $14 hamburger. We played pool and I cut myself on the table somehow, and lost every game including one where I didn't sink a single ball. I also got a few bucks from my dad, but he kept guilt tripping me about mother's day and basically told me to use that money to buy her something.
>> No. 26955 [Edit]
Happy birthday.
>> No. 26956 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!

Sorry that you had a shitty birthday.
>> No. 26957 [Edit]
Well, happy birthday still!
>> No. 26959 [Edit]
Happy birthday
>> No. 26960 [Edit]
File 143138648955.png - (1.59MB , 895x1491 , 1425708334673.png )
I wonder if I should drop out of my university course and instead become a welder. Ive been struggling to pass my courses for twice as many years as is neccesary. Welders seem to get good money and its the type of job where you wear a gas mask over your head for hours on end and don't need to talk to people.
>> No. 26961 [Edit]
File 143144037153.jpg - (94.67KB , 640x480 , 2015-05-11_00001.jpg )
I got a Steam account and bought Trails In The Sky. It's a lot of fun. I really want to try the Ys games too, but I'd probably need an external USB controller for those. Maybe next payday.
>> No. 26962 [Edit]
A new rotisserie opened in my area. The name the owners chose is "Chicken Food", what a glorious time to be alive.
>> No. 26975 [Edit]
My pc clip-on microphone broke today, so I tried to see if I couldn't get one of those cheap cell phone mic/earbuds that I had lying around working. They did not work when I tried talking into the mic part like you're supposed to, however I learned that the earbuds themselves will actually work as a microphone when they are plugged into a microphone jack and that this works for most earbuds, especially cheap ones. So with cheap earbuds, a pencil and a sizeable amount of ducktape, I managed to build myself a ridiculous-looking ghetto modmic.
I'm not expecting miracles sound quality wise of course, but apparently it is actually perfectly functional.
>> No. 26978 [Edit]
My friend is sad. This makes me sad.
>> No. 26981 [Edit]
File 14317711013.jpg - (78.01KB , 802x720 , shot0537.jpg )
I slept through most of yesterday. Just kept waking up and going back to sleep. 14 hours. Personal record. Then I proceeded to waste the next 7 hours watching 90's music videos, because I don't want to face the present or worry about the future.

Post edited on 16th May 2015, 3:23am
>> No. 26982 [Edit]
I feel like I slept through the past five years. The worst part is I'm not changing anything.
>> No. 26984 [Edit]
I spent the whole day yesterday crying. I wish I didn't cry so much.
>> No. 26993 [Edit]
Sometimes I do that too, I like sleeping but doing it 5 more hours than usual fucks up my schedule and I hate that
>> No. 26997 [Edit]
I gave some cookies I baked to a friend person from my class.
>> No. 27005 [Edit]
Saw the doctor about my feet. Gonna get special, custom made inserts made for my shoes. Had a somewhat unpleasant conversation in the car with my dad about my job situation. Overall it wasn't anything bad, just blunt facts, which I can understand. I'm a giant pussy though so it made me a bit uncomfortable, even though he's right.

I'll need to man up and find a better job, both for income's sake and one that won't be so hard on my feet.
>> No. 27008 [Edit]
Once again, I cruelly hurt a friend because I'm a selfish asshole and I couldn't keep my stupid mouth shut. Of course I couldn't not project my bitterness around and let him just enjoy himself in peace without hypocritically indirectly whining about my own problems making him ask what's wrong and then caving in and scrapping everything he likes for no reason. I'm a horrible person. My new resolution starting from now is to not make any friends and communicate with the least people possible, so at least I'll limit the people I'll hurt.

Post edited on 19th May 2015, 9:31pm
>> No. 27009 [Edit]
Made chicken curry with rice.

It was good.
>> No. 27012 [Edit]
File 143215281746.jpg - (1.55MB , 2161x2921 , 1432151773135.jpg )
>> No. 27013 [Edit]
Today was raining, I didn't notice my bag was partially open and it ruined one of my books. I'm proper mad at myself.
>> No. 27014 [Edit]
I might be becoming an alcholic. These past few weeks I've been upping my consumption and I just drank a 6 pack of beer. I never got this drunk and I love it. And if you consider that I'm not used to doing this I'm pretty much about to pass out. By the way, Super Bock is real good, I recommend.
>> No. 27015 [Edit]
Add 3 more to that, apparently.
>> No. 27016 [Edit]
I just found out that Frotteur is a word and that Frotteurism is a thing.

Beware of Chikan!
>> No. 27017 [Edit]
My advice is to always go to bed early when you drink, like 7pm. You will never wake up with a hangover. At least, this works in my case.
>> No. 27018 [Edit]
I also have problems with my feet. I got inserts when I was about 12 but of course my feet are bigger now and they don't fit. I still have them in my shoes though.

The other day I walked about 15 minutes on concrete and it make my shins really painful.
>> No. 27019 [Edit]
Had to make phone calls.

I don't know what is worse: having to talk with another person or have to talk with one of those voice bot things that don't ever have the options you're looking for.
>> No. 27025 [Edit]
The recent update of the piece of shit Firefox add-on 'video download helper' puts a huge blank space at the bottom of every webpage. Had to disable that thing.
>> No. 27027 [Edit]
File 143251258585.jpg - (95.37KB , 561x809 , XDJXIv01.jpg )
Popular Chinese/Hong Kong manhwa never really progressed beyond Dragon Ball Z-esque martial arts series featuring muscular men the same way popular Western comics never really progressed beyond superhero comics featuring muscular men. Only Japanese manga successfully diversified.
>> No. 27028 [Edit]
I killed a 45 pound porcupine at 2am this morning with an ax. It was going swell till the damn thing turned into a fucking ninja when I tried to knock it off the cherry tree. It caught a branch then swung itself onto my leg with one arm then proceeded to open a can of whoop ass on my foot with its teeth and claws. Fortunately I was wearing good pants and boots instead of my short shorts and sandals like I was going to.
>> No. 27030 [Edit]
File 143264163316.jpg - (108.15KB , 1280x720 , wake_up_koume_its_eight_o_clock.jpg )
I was listening to civil war music this morning when I was surprised by Koume's song from Taishou Yakyuu in the middle. I didn't know that that song was originally for fife and drums, and I'm not sure what the original's title is, but it still made me happy to find that out. Koume's song starts at about a minute and ten seconds into the video, and Koume's follows for comparison.

>> No. 27032 [Edit]
File 143266439634.jpg - (36.58KB , 720x480 , 18.jpg )

Have a screencap from [ED]'s release of TYM.
>> No. 27033 [Edit]
File 143266451029.jpg - (59.97KB , 720x480 , 19.jpg )

And here's another one because it's interesting trivia knowledge.

[ED]'s release has like 842 notes in regards to this song, heh.
>> No. 27034 [Edit]
Would you look at that. Thanks, it's good to know.
>> No. 27038 [Edit]
I just found an entire youtube channel devoted to Ojou-sama laughs

>> No. 27039 [Edit]
I've spent the past week watching people play Mafia and video games on a Twitch lounge stream for roughly 8 hours a day.
>> No. 27041 [Edit]
I just subscribed to Okashi Connection. http://okashiconnection.com/
>> No. 27042 [Edit]
I got my hair cut today
>> No. 27046 [Edit]
I was about to cut my hair today until I took a mid day nap and completely forgot about it. There's always tomorrow, I guess.

Post edited on 30th May 2015, 10:26pm
>> No. 27047 [Edit]
I have never seen the word 'cadre' get used outside the context of China.
>> No. 27048 [Edit]
I found out the youtube account of the guy who uploaded classical music with pictures of cute girls on the backgrounds got terminated on copyright grounds.
>> No. 27049 [Edit]
Classical music is copyright free.
>> No. 27050 [Edit]
Nope it isn't. A large part of the compositions have since fallen out of copyright(hence you can distribute the music sheets or your own renderings of it without paying royalties) but most recordings of classical music are fairly recent and haven't expired yet.
>> No. 27054 [Edit]
File 143316334366.jpg - (58.15KB , 688x1000 , sample-0554049f6c3602e39e95a06b70534b2f[1].jpg )
Does anyone have pictures of overweight anime women with realistic looking bodies?
>> No. 27056 [Edit]
I don't know what's going on lately, but I've been getting put into teams with some really awful shit tier people online. It's not in just one game only, but in, like, every single one of my games. I'm not sure what's going on. I can't keep carrying garbage. It's almost too much for me.
>> No. 27058 [Edit]
The world feels like its tearing itself a new one where I am. I'm getting EBS and my phone's going off like crazy for flood warning, rain is flying sideways and thunder is striking right outside. All I can do it take it easy.
>> No. 27059 [Edit]
File 143324322653.jpg - (286.97KB , 1788x800 , Elie_Artwork_(5).jpg )
I changed my user account picture today, I know it sounds like nothing but I've spent hours looking for pictures. I went from Hata to Elie.
It's a shame the game is not in english, I really should study Japanese.
>> No. 27065 [Edit]
This is a thing! http://nintendoeverything.com/splatoon-getting-free-ika-musume-squid-girl-collaboration-costume/

My cute squid loli will now be even cuter!
>> No. 27069 [Edit]
File 143348309710.jpg - (323.33KB , 804x900 , 1433268815505.jpg )
It's not just you. This is why I gave up on team based games entirely - outcomes are wholly determined by a team's concentration of shitty players.

There are multiple reasons why people are consistently worse than you across games. A persistent denomination of kids and retards constituting the playerbase is the most obvious, but it's usually just attributable to most people having less playtime. Team games are always more casualized and as a result people play them for recreation in their downtime. You're likely playing them because you simply have nothing better to do with your time.
>> No. 27070 [Edit]
I bought my mom a 5 foot long stuffed dog and will surprise visit her on Tuesday.
>> No. 27072 [Edit]
I'm fucked
>> No. 27073 [Edit]
Today my right shoulder hurts from crippling pain
>> No. 27074 [Edit]
Today's the day I live.
>> No. 27077 [Edit]
Sounds cute
>> No. 27082 [Edit]
I keep having dreams about work or school, and it's really fucking annoying. I either end up feeling completely stressed out in the dream, or wake up feeling uneasy and anxious. Why can't I dream about my waifu? I've been with her for years, and maybe have have 6 or 7 dreams with her in them.
>> No. 27083 [Edit]
File 143379114427.jpg - (47.00KB , 600x424 , 111000.jpg )

I've been having dreams about going back to college and high school as well. In those dreams, I have the common sense that going back to college won't do anything for me and that I need to go to a community college/trade school and pick up a marketable trade. In my dreams, college is essentially a day care center that parents drop their young adult children at (this actually isn't far from the truth).

The high school dreams are a bit different. I know full well that I'm too old to be there, and I don't even attend half of the classes (something you can't do in high school); in those dreams I often worry about what my grades are because I never do the work.

I'm too old to have these dreams. I wonder why I have them.
>> No. 27084 [Edit]
I've a bunch of dreams about college, they all follow the pattern of mixing high-school and college people I know, setting is my current college but with some weird or magic twist, I remember in one you had to swim through one of those pools filled with balloons for kids to reach a class.
>> No. 27086 [Edit]
I've been looking what is taught in a herbal techniques bachelor. Some of the stuff is interesting but it's just another bookmark in my 'stuff I want to learn when I'll have time (and will) folder'.
>> No. 27088 [Edit]
Still job searching. Lots of pressure from my parents, but I can't find much. Meh.

Also lost a friend yesterday after he kept spewing a bunch of contrived ford driver shit at me, and how he hates waifus. A shame too, because I thought he was open-minded about it enough to not be so ruthlessly against it. That's what I get for being too open I suppose.

It kind of boggles my mind how some people can't fucking get it. It's like trying to convince a gay guy to like women; It's not going to fucking work, and instead makes them feel inferior.
>> No. 27089 [Edit]
I watched a short documentary on about doller kigurumi.
>> No. 27090 [Edit]
File 143397275527.png - (820.81KB , 1280x720 , Sae.png )
Like the big dumb idiot I am, I went to Gamefaq and spoilered myself all the choices and events I missed so far in Atelier Rorona. Now I'm angry at myself for the spoiler and annoyed because of all the events I missed.
>> No. 27091 [Edit]
It's usually never a good idea to tell people much of anything about yourself. Even if waifuism or even just using the word 'waifu' to describe cute 2D girls isn't even anywhere near the weirdest thing at all, people will still find a way to end up against it.

Anyway, to remain on topic: I currently smell like a dead frog. I have no idea how I managed this odor.

Today I plan on trying to gather the remaining materials for my GOD armor in MH4U (with some side quests to help randoms while I fill myself with courage to take on Rajang), play that new stage that showed up in my loli squid game, suck at a puzzle game, and do whatever the hell else I feel like doing.
>> No. 27092 [Edit]
No wait, I did get the ending I just picked the wrong one. Christ I'm dumb.

Post edited on 11th Jun 2015, 2:23pm
>> No. 27093 [Edit]
I just masterbated after a week of being unable to. It feel wonderful compared to when I did it daily. Only downside is it took almost 4 tissues to clean up.
>> No. 27094 [Edit]
I've had pretty intense ones after 2-3 days or so, but damn, a week? Last time I went a week without fapping was years ago. Hell even on my 1 week vacation last year out of state, I still did it in the bedroom. What kept you held up for a week?
>> No. 27095 [Edit]
>> No. 27096 [Edit]
thanks for letting us know
>> No. 27097 [Edit]
File 14341638233.jpg - (90.38KB , 770x1100 , 1433787091127.jpg )
I'm living with a roommate that hangs out outside the door to my room so I have to wait for him to go to sleep before I can even think about masterbating. But my job is exhausting and requires me to get up relatively early so I usually fall asleep before he does.

One week is long but I've gone 3 weeks before during recruit training, that ended when I finally found a private place to masturbate away from the other recruits. It was the most glorious and largest ejaculation I ever felt.
>> No. 27098 [Edit]
File 143416539838.png - (436.52KB , 1024x745 , 1346398040007.png )
A cricket moved into my room and its pissing me off, but I'm too tired to get out of my bed and kill it.
>> No. 27099 [Edit]
What are you, a nerd?
>> No. 27101 [Edit]
File 143428568339.jpg - (145.83KB , 933x1323 , ddd.jpg )
Went a few weeks without the internet. Never again. It was awful. I've gained a renewed appreciation for 2D girls, anime, video games and internet life in general since getting back online. Without it I'm nothing.
>> No. 27102 [Edit]
I fucked up and instead of using eight bucks, I ended having to use 20. It's all because I was too hasty to look properly and too stupid to do things right. I really hate this, but this is worth it. I'm having fun with this dlc.
>> No. 27105 [Edit]
Went to the movies to see Jurassic World. Better than I thought it would be. Also, my depression kicked in again
>> No. 27108 [Edit]
Sometimes I imagine that I should visit Tohno-chan less frequently, maybe even once a week. I become constantly depressed when there are no new post in the boards I frequent.
>> No. 27109 [Edit]
File 143450977962.jpg - (336.80KB , 1300x833 , 142009.jpg )
I know how you feel, the only thing that stops me from browsing tohno 24/7 is the lack of traffic to quench my thirst for posts

In other news today I finally received all 100 of my patches tonight. Now I need to do is setup a payment method and finalise my order sheet then I can accept orders for it on the other chan.
>> No. 27111 [Edit]