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File 132536383345.jpg - (127.90KB , 1000x1069 , Saloon_Osaka_Clothing_Reference.jpg )
7876 No. 7876 [Edit]
Sup /mai/. I recently got a Civil War uniform and am info civil war role-playing/reenactments.

A common thing for a soldier to have in their haversack was a letter to their girl back home.

Since my girl is Osaka, I will have a letter for her in my bag! I will type out a rough-draft on the comp, then write the final version down by hand with a wooden pencil on blank paper, to make it historically accurate.

Of course, musings about one's waifu are best when they come from the heart and soul. But I am in a writer's block with my letter.

Any ideas or inspiration you guys can give me?

If it makes any difference, my uniform is a Confederate issue. Maybe I could talk about the Union slapping our shit and we are slowly but surely being beaten; that casualties are high and I might not make it back home to see my beautiful waifu?

I will also have an anime artist draw up an old-timey photo of Osaka in an 1800's saloon outfit, which was another thing for a soldier to have. Pic related.

tl;dr: what should I, a Civil War reenactor, write to my waifu from the bloody battlefield?
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>> No. 7877 [Edit]
Oh, one more thing:

happy New Years to all and to all of you're waifus!
>> No. 7879 [Edit]
>Dear Osaka,

>About to go with my fellow men to charge them Yankee asswipes on Cemetery Ridge as per General Lee's orders here at Gettysburg. Major General Pickett will be leading the charge along with two others. Can't wait to write back about our victory here! Wait for my return!

>With love,

>[Insert name here]
>> No. 7900 [Edit]
File 13254816323.jpg - (10.73KB , 320x214 , azu_osaka0252.jpg )
>For Dixie, and for you, my love.

>> No. 7934 [Edit]
>Osaka's dub has southern accent
You did that in purpose?
>> No. 7938 [Edit]
File 132606764066.jpg - (197.12KB , 1024x768 , 1239669159004.jpg )
Actually, I realized that after the fact. I happen to like the reb's grey uniforms more than blue ones.

And I have always been more sympathetic towards the Confederates. n b 4 war/politics discussion.
>> No. 7939 [Edit]
Just for the record, this is not me. I know damn well somewhere, somebody on this site thinks the OP is me.

That's my input.

That aside, I am doing a one-day, re-enactment style airsoft game, and doing something similar with Konata...
>> No. 7940 [Edit]
why would anyone think that
>> No. 7941 [Edit]
I'm going to a Guadalcanal game in June or July. I applied for the Japanese side and it looks like I'm going to be a squad leader.

The uniform I'm wearing there is custom made by me, and I need to do some alterations on it before I go.

I usually brought Konata with me in some form in spirit on the battlefield. Usually it was a pin or a patch, or a charm, but I really thought it would be better to do like OP is doing, and treat her more as the girl back home rather than the idol in my pocket. Really put that authenticity into it. That's the spirit of having a waifu. You don't treat her as an abstract concept you like, but as a relationship.

I figure I'll theme my senninbari after her, maybe put in some sort of gaming motif or even a little chocolate coronet stitched into the fabric. I'd also like to sign her name on a prayer flag (maybe a few of my favourite characters in there too, but she'd be in an important place). Maybe a shrine charm themed from her, and maybe I could write a letter from her to read on the battlefield.

I know someone is making anime-themed propaganda posters to put up in the field and is going to be doing a Konata one as well.

"Oh, if it's military uniforms it must be Shinden".

A few people here seem to think this, like some sort of Shinden exceptionalism or something.

Especially since a lot of brohnos thought I was a Confederate sympathizer a while back... I feel more and more like covering my ass.
>> No. 7942 [Edit]

No, we'd only think it's you if it is WWII related.
>> No. 7943 [Edit]
Relax man, you're getting a little too paranoid.
>> No. 7944 [Edit]
Sorry, just who are you again?

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