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File 136625264883.jpg - (6.76KB , 259x194 , depressed.jpg )
14052 No. 14052 [Edit]
Tried an experiment today:
-Don't go on the computer for a week so I can "rewire" my brain and find simple things stimulating; thus, increase my productivity in practicing my pursuits

The results:
-While I did work on the things I wanted to work on, it was very unsatisfying and depressing. I really wanted to hang out with my internet friends and I didn't even go computer-free for 24 hours.

What can I learn from this?
-You need a strong community and relationships if you want to do anything.

I always said to myself "Oh, if I only practiced more or if I didn't play games so much my life would be so much better." No, none of that shit matters because i'm alone.
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>> No. 14053 [Edit]
>What can I learn from this?
>-You need a strong community and relationships if you want to do anything.

or how about, addictions take more than 24 hours to overcome and withdraw symptoms aren't signs you need what you're addicted to.
>> No. 14054 [Edit]
File 136625401723.jpg - (90.76KB , 604x598 , it's a nice day outside.jpg )
I know what you mean OP. I tried going without computer for a mere three days but I only got more depressed without any anons to converse with. Fact is, we're simply dependent on each other at this point.
>> No. 14055 [Edit]
One massive obstacle for people trying to ween off of the internet is the fact that without them, they have no friends to talk to that get their jokes, or to relate to and pal around with. If internet friends are all you have, finding real life ones is no easy task. Not a simple matter of addiction.
>> No. 14056 [Edit]
And what is the point of continuing? I'm gonna live a life where I sit at home, by myself all day and have no one to talk to or share anything with?

I didn't say I need the internet, I said I need people to interact with, which I don't have IRL.
>> No. 14057 [Edit]
Going cold turkey is dumb and extremely likely to fail. Start with taking sundays off or even just half a day, and take it slowly.
>> No. 14059 [Edit]
Aside from the shit on the computer, that is a nice image. Maybe replace it with the angry sun from SMB3 and it'll be better.

I wish I were dead.
>> No. 14060 [Edit]
I don't think that the problem for me would be lack of communication (since I don't have any internet acquaintances anyway), but lack of having something to keep my brain busy throughout the day until I'm tired enough to go back to sleep.
Yet, as someone suggested it's probably a better idea to do this gradually instead.
>> No. 14061 [Edit]
You know unlike a lot of people here I am not horribly depressed, but that is only because of things like anime. Take away the computer and you take away my reason for living. Why would you do this horrible experiment OP?
>> No. 14062 [Edit]
>Don't go on the computer for a week
Sounds like fun.
I depend on the computer for drawing and writing and I sort of consider those to be life enriching activities..
It's the endless hours on gelbooru, playing games, and blogging about my shitty life that are the real negative time wasters. After reading this thread I am tempted disable the internet for a month and see what happens.
>> No. 14074 [Edit]

My experiences are that you wont survive unless you have interpersonal interactions.
>> No. 14076 [Edit]
i have so much media to ocnsume & storied to write, so cool
>> No. 14082 [Edit]
Gonna need more than a week, op.
>> No. 14108 [Edit]
Really? We must haev been seperated at birth! \(^▽^@)ノ

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