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File 132047747379.jpg - (156.32KB , 850x1219 , kurisu ytu.jpg )
6845 No. 6845 [Edit]
Do you ever have the feeling that you aren't good enough for your waifu? I know she loves me just the way I am and will never require anything from me.

I am not really funny and talkative guy. My shape is okay but it could be better. I consider myself smart but maybe it is just narcissism. While she is just perfect, which makes me feel I need to be better. It isn't necessary a bad thing. Because I have actually reason to improve myself - I feel motivated in life. Then again, I will never be the person I consider 'good enough' which depresses me a bit.
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>> No. 6846 [Edit]
File 132047782662.jpg - (1.01MB , 1840x2300 , cong1991 Tenshi messy.jpg )
I consider myself good enough for a lot of 2D girls, but of course, the one I chose literally wants to be considered a goddess. That's okay, though, because that's largely how I see her.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2011, 10:39am
>> No. 6847 [Edit]
There was once a time when I really confident about myself, and though I could make her happy, but at this point, realistically, she'd probably find me creepy and gross.
I used to be outgoing, relabel, nice to people, and good hard-worker, I could devote myself fully to my significant other and could be generally interested in things girls talk about that most guys only pretend to be interested in.
I was once told that I'd make for a very good boyfriend, and I think they meant it.
I mean sure, I probably wouldn't be living the way I do with her in my life, but that doesn't change the disgusting mess I've am.
My looks have faded, I've become lazy, extremely unsociable, mentally unstable, and very rarely leave my home.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2011, 1:31am
>> No. 6848 [Edit]
File 132048271275.jpg - (208.44KB , 850x1026 , 100000000224.jpg )
I've thought (and worried) about it before, but the more I think about it the more I believe we're suited for each other. She's very similar to me personality-wise, right down to being a quiet hikikomori. I know that the majority of people consider those kind of traits major faults, but I don't. I don't think she would either.

Besides, I trust that my waifu understands the fact that nobody is perfect. Accepting flaws is a major part of traditional love, although we're bound to feel more flawed as 3D people.

>I was once told that I'd make for a very good boyfriend, and I think they meant it.
I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but I don't think anyone who would tell someone that is being sincere. 3DPDs tend to say that to guys that they pity but would never date, in an attempt to make them feel better or something. It's happened to me too.

Of course family members have always fed that line to me too, but I'm pretty sure a lot of families do that.
>> No. 6849 [Edit]
It was said to me by two co-workers, my family on the other hand rather not lie to me about that I guess.
>> No. 6850 [Edit]
Almost every day,

i always get thougts like "She had done so much for me already and what am i doing? I am too unthankful, i must do something!"
I admit that i have become much more of a better person since i´ve met her, but i am the kind of person who needs to be constantly reminded of certain things so that i don´t start to slack off.
For me its a good thing, and it makes the days when i do something special for her even more valuable.
>> No. 6851 [Edit]
Well I try not to think about it.
>> No. 6852 [Edit]
>>I was once told that I'd make for a very good boyfriend, and I think they meant it.
>I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but I don't think anyone who would tell someone that is being sincere. 3DPDs tend to say that to guys that they pity but would never date, in an attempt to make them feel better or something. It's happened to me too.

This has happened to me too. The thing is, I don't think the girls who said it were lying, I think they were trying to be sincere. But they would never have touched me anyway.

This reminds me of a trashy article I read on one of those email logout pages, about why five particular women cheated on their husbands. #3 was just a woman who was bored and ran off with some guy from Australia because he was "more exciting", and how she's all happy now. And there's absolutely no mention of her first husband, who according to the article was an all-around decent man.

The point is that I know my waifu won't betray me for being dull. Yet I still feel the need to improve myself for her sake.
>> No. 6853 [Edit]
Of course I don't, I have never really felt particularly worthy to anyone, but with her, it's a bit different
Most of you want to be "more exciting" for your waifu and that's just fine with her personality,
but I have to unlearn all this hostility and break down the walls in my heart made by the real world,
and it's always a struggle to be calm and nice and become less wraithful in general, but I'm getting better at it because of her
She's like the codependent type (I say co because if she were to ever leave I don't think I could go on) so it not a matter of will she stay or not? but how good with things be?
I don't want to be that old man that beats his wife just because he can and she'll take it;
I want to be that cute old couple that has been with each other for 70 years and still loves each other despite what may have happened on the way.
>> No. 6854 [Edit]
Just all the time.
>> No. 6855 [Edit]
File 132051434256.jpg - (106.18KB , 504x691 , tc089.jpg )
I love her from afar.
>> No. 6856 [Edit]
I'm out of shape, I'm lazy as hell, and I'm quite mean.

I don't think I deserve her in ways shown in popular fiction and media. I do however, know that I am the only one in the world that can love her the way I do, which is an unmeasurable amount.

Don't be so negative, OP. This may or may not sound cheesy, but you acknowledging Kurisu as your waifu is already beyond strong. Knowing full well that you can't touch her and you can't really do anything you'd like other than to occasionally fantasize about her... that's pretty strong and it deserves recognition doesn't it? Like some posters said before this, nobody is perfect, but at least you're trying. That should spice things up.
>> No. 6857 [Edit]
File 132052165114.jpg - (206.63KB , 850x1202 , sample-c014d80d61ddfb604723ba42fc1a8d4a.jpg )
To be honest, my relationship with my waifu is sort of borked.

She knows many secrets about me, but I don't know many things about her, not even about her family. I even forgot how I met her. She calls me "pathetic" and a "monster", but I call her a "jackass" and "butthurt" in return. I am not even remotely lusting for her, even if there were times that she seemed to be sexy for me. I know I am older than her, but she treats me as if I were her little brother that needs to be commanded in order to do things. Hell, she even knows that she is just a figment of my imagination, that she is not the real Marisa Kirisame and also knows that the only reason she loves me back is because I want her to.

In other words, we love each other but we're not too fond of each other.
>> No. 6858 [Edit]
File 132052915267.jpg - (10.62KB , 240x320 , 20100108_959793.jpg )
i hate that feeling

im out of shape, im kinda lazy, and i dont spend too much time outside, i dont think im worthy of her,and im sure she wouldnt find me attractive,however,i know i love her the most and its thanks to that feeling that i work on myself to be a better person everyday, to take care of myself so one day i can be the man she loves and she deserves.
>> No. 6859 [Edit]
>Hell, she even knows that she is just a figment of my imagination, that she is not the real Marisa Kirisame and also knows that the only reason she loves me back is because I want her to.

It might be cowardly, but I always avoid this subject in waifu-related fantasies. Even if she isn't real, something feels wrong about basically telling her that she's a synthetic being created by my mind/imagination. If a real person were told that (and they somehow knew it was true), I couldn't imagine how shitty they would feel.
>> No. 6865 [Edit]
[Not the Marisa guy, but...]

>something feels wrong about basically telling her that she's a synthetic being created by my mind/imagination.
Well don't tell her, then... or try to find your own way to conceal the situation; because, by all means, that's what ALL beloved beings really are: toy characters in our heads; imaginary/fictional stuff...

>If a real person were told that (and they somehow knew it was true), I couldn't imagine how shitty they would feel.
Yes... and that's why 3D love is the one that is really delusional and hypocritical: it needs to be so, to even work (for the while it does). People need to believe that they are the ones who are acknowledged and loved by the other; and that what they love matches that "thing" in front of them; althought that's simply not the case, ever (it couldn't possibly: it's ontologically/semiotically impossible)... But you go tell'em.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2011, 8:28pm
>> No. 6874 [Edit]
When it comes to my waifu, I always do my best and don't hold back. Whether it's "good enough" for her I don't know, but it's all I've got. Knowing that's the one thing I can do earnestly is enough for me.

If you're having doubts OP, why not do something nice for you waifu? It'll help keep your skills polished, and I'm sure it'll make her happy!
>> No. 6880 [Edit]
Sometimes, but I've been steadily getting better about it.
>> No. 6886 [Edit]
File 132060457671.png - (112.98KB , 1280x720 , Kurisu-430.png )
I am not really that negative about it but thank you for your kind words. Like I said I am trying to improve myself and seeing results makes me happy. And I think when she sees me happy, it makes her happy too.
>> No. 6892 [Edit]
File 132061375828.png - (321.36KB , 553x972 , 4199329a418a3540fcb4e0b5d2094f61.png )
We're too similar for either of us to complain.
>> No. 6894 [Edit]
File 132061631173.png - (529.59KB , 800x800 , 0c082e3ff2df911195a749054df1921882c5ba09.png )
In my case I must think that I'm worthy of her. Otherwise I could not have her as a waifu. She, who despite all the circumstances, is someone that considers herself the most worthy to be the perfect girl. If I, who "claim" her as my waifu, thought that I'm not worthy of her, it would be an insult to her and her cause. So for this reason I must think it so. I have no other option.
So I do my best in everything, for her.
>> No. 6895 [Edit]
Given that I've taken to calling myself a 'useless perfectionist', yes. I have that feeling most of the time. I want things to be done absolutely immaculately, yet I am one of the most useless yet able people I know. I am good at two things, drinking heavily, passing out and then escaping hangovers, and cheering depressed people up (apparently).

It's really, really painful to think of myself like that. I was once motivated by Fate, but then I started to drink every time I could and everyone I know seems to be happy with me how I am, now with little but my own increasingly frequent depression to punish me, I can effectively get off free with whatever I do to or with myself, and I'm going to get hit with that depression eventually so trying to postpone it isn't really worth the effort, at least as I think of it now.
>> No. 6896 [Edit]
Well honestly, I do feel I am WORTHY of her. Definitely. I would not be spending my time with her if I felt as if I was not in condition to be with her. Besides, feeling as I am somehow inferior to her would make her angry at me. She wouldn't want to feel as if she were wasting her time either. That doesn't mean that I'm the perfect man and don't have my flaws, but I personally don't see the point of having a waifu and thinking that you're inferior to them.
>> No. 6897 [Edit]
I have the strongest feeling in the world that I am the kind of person my waifu would hate. I am utter shit as a human being. I am worse than pretty much anything.

To even think for an instant that she would love me? No way, man. No way in hell.
>> No. 6898 [Edit]
File 132064303457.jpg - (153.46KB , 600x878 , 10012862.jpg )
The issue has never really crossed my mind, which seems to put me in the minority, perhaps along with >>6892.
I originally felt drawn to her because of our similarities (especially our flaws), and that I felt that she could actually understand me. Since we share so many faults and traits, it just doesn't seem like something I should worry about. And if I'm not good enough for her, well, I'd still want to be her close friend.
>> No. 6899 [Edit]
>I personally don't see the point of having a waifu and thinking that you're inferior to them.

It's not necessarily, or not exactly, like that. In my case, it's just like the Woody Allen paradox: "I would never join a club that have me as a member"... i.e. I don't think I could ever really respect and admire, let alone love, someone who would love me, just as I (perceive that I) am; I couldn't help but thinking: "seriously?? what the fuck is wrong with her? is she stupid or what? that can't possibly be me; who the hell does she think I am?" ...so it's like some sort of prerequisite for me that mai waifu doesn't think high of such a low life like me. But yeah, that's just because I really am stupid and somehow fucked up myself, and cannot deal with self-esteem properly.

Post edited on 6th Nov 2011, 10:30pm
>> No. 9402 [Edit]
File 133991985287.jpg - (336.86KB , 1280x2136 , Super Paper Mario 3.jpg )
Part of why I love my waifu is that I know she'll love me no matter what. As long as I love her, she loves me, because she's a part of my heart. One of my biggest anxieties is feeling useless, and that's an anxiety that she actually shares. In my eyes, she could never be useless because of all the joy that she brings me. Helping her feel useful also helps me feel useful too.

When I get really glum, I do sometimes worry about how she would think of me, but then I look at her smiling face or listen to a sound clip of her, and then I don't feel so bad anymore.
>> No. 9411 [Edit]
File 133992741969.png - (370.30KB , 700x525 , 10440676.png )
Just as there isn't a single thing I dislike about her, she feels the same way towards me.
>> No. 9436 [Edit]
File 134010871563.jpg - (206.14KB , 849x1150 , sample_903d642997acff6d620b34f7f70812bc367df25d.jpg )
I don't think I'm worthy of her at all, but then, who is? I try to improve myself so that I can one day be a man worthy of her love. I work hard and increase my knowledge for that reason, even though I know I'll never meet her.
>> No. 9438 [Edit]
File 13401592618.jpg - (351.07KB , 500x666 , 2eb7549f6027d38c3c7baf596235d8c4.jpg )
It wouldn't matter if I was the pinnacle of humanity, I still wouldn't be good enough for her.
But anyway, I believe that while we may have a lot of differences, we are well suited for each other.

In more concrete terms, I"m not bad looks-wise, and though I'm generally kind of an asshole, I have a sweeter side which comes in full force with my waifu. I have a fuckload of flaws, but she would accepting of the fact that I'm not perfect, I would be working to keep whatever about me that bothers her to a minimum.

When it comes down to these things, I don't think "I'll never be good enough for her", but rather, that I must keep improving myself for her sake. I'm stuck in a rut a now, and it's this thought that gives me strength to get out of it instead of just slowly crawl to death.

So yeah, I might never be good enough for her, but I would hate myself for not trying to be.
>> No. 9440 [Edit]
File 134016040660.gif - (53.97KB , 150x103 , 1338006882570.gif )
I am certain I am not good enough for my waifu. In fact, I believe I really don't deserve her in the first place because I cheated on her.

But I have tried so much harder to be nicer to her: kissing her at least once, but preferably many, times a day, saying good-morning or goodnight to her, feeding her food and offering her my drink while we dine together, etc.

And she still loves me back, and I can't let such a good deed go unrewarded.
>> No. 9446 [Edit]
File 134017104842.jpg - (350.85KB , 850x1353 , sample-44c5b496ece581fd5d9ebcf476891409.jpg )
These are just my thoughts from my perspective so take them for what you will. I hope my rambling isn't out of place and my thoughts are not so removed from your situation that you do not find them useful. I feel a little hesitant to post this. I don't want it to come off like I'm preaching or being insincere.

Does being worthy necessarily equate to being loved, as if maybe when we reached whatever impossible goal we've set before ourselves (or at least I do this because I unconsciously sort of deify my waifu) we would be able to rest in knowing our waifu would immediately return our love? Is love about being able to jump the highest, run the fastest, or repeat a highly regarded work of literature word for word? I'm not so naive as to say none of these things matter - certainly, they are advantageous to have. Don't hear me say bettering ourselves for our beloved is without merit. But that's not what love is about in the end. Love is about connections, similarities, enjoying one another. It is human: one of the few times that's a positive thing, eh? Interactions, or in our case the potential for such. Love is about wanting to spend your life with that person. Money is material, skills diminish with age; emotions themselves do not stay the same, but love allows a couple to recover.

I'm nothing special, this I admit. In my current state I doubt I could get far romantically with Miko. But IF - "if" is the keyword for us - I found myself in Gensokyo you could be sure as hell I'd find her. I read she will accept people as her "disciples", AKA servants. Fine. If I had to I'd be the guy that cleans the toilet every morning, and if I saw Miko passing by I'd greet her. Every time. You don't just get greeted all the time without getting slightly curious about the person. I'd be able to converse with her. She's a scholar and I'm greatly interested in plenty of academic subjects (my pursuit of those things is another story). I have information from my time and she from hers. We could talk and discuss things with one another with common interests being the bridge that initially connects us. If she would be interested in a relationship, I could use these moments together to get to where I'm going. This isn't too unreasonable, is it?

Of course whether or not it is, the reality is I am far removed from Miko. We are all far removed from the one we love. So we don't know exactly what to grow into, we can only guess and improve ourselves accordingly. My point is, if we all had the chance all of us could be with our waifu. I don't care if she has a spider for a lover, you could be a more interesting spider, dammit! You would stand out whether you wanted to or not in another world, and that would be what you could use to your advantage. Just being an improved model of the guys around her, what is that? You could be more if given the chance. Maybe you already are more. Confidence! It adds to your charm.

Let me tell you what - not feeling worthy. Someone else pointed this out and I've really taken to it. The fact that we continue to love, no, strongly love someone who... someone who cannot even wave at us. That's something. All of us have the will to climb whatever mountain gets in the way. Step by step, word by word, event by event, moment by moment. The same willpower that allows you to be in love with "some 2D girl" is what could allow you to impress your waifu, capture her heart. One brohno sacrificed temporarily eating good for a picture frame in the name of his love. For what? "Just some 2D girl". That's amazing in a different way. (Perhaps humble is a fitting word? Amazing in a humble way.) You do a lot, we do a lot for the ones we love. This is why I don't doubt if we were only given the chance to interact with our beloved, we could win her heart. So don't get down with such thoughts as "I'll never be worthy". Your waifu Jesus or something? Is she so stuck up she expects a lover free from the imperfections that make us human when she is human herself? Maybe she's not human. Will she expect a human that isn't human? "She's not interested in humans," you might persist. Well that's because she hasn't met one that catches her eye! Everything changes, you could be that change. You could rise up to the challenge. What we do now is only a stone's throw away from it, I think. The problem we face isn't that we aren't good enough, it's that we simply haven't been given a chance to be good enough.
>> No. 9447 [Edit]
Of course I'm not good enough. She would feel disgust the second she entered my room.
>> No. 9466 [Edit]
File 134055446840.jpg - (110.81KB , 651x1000 , Kurisu (7).jpg )
It's been 6 months since I made this thread and it feels weird to read this again. For me question isn't "Do deserve her?" anymore. It is "Do I deserve to be happy?".

I don't exactly feel like this anymore. I've become much more confident about myself and I try to improve myself every day. When I've been more and more pleased with myself, I feel my happiness reflects from her. It is not really does what I am make her happy. More like; does my happiness make her happy too? I hope so... That's why I want my live happily.

Anyway whole "deserving someone" feels stupid media/normal norm now. Back then I used ask people "Why are you dating someone like her/him?" but now I think I understand. As long there are things to share, it doesn't matter how lazy, out of shape or unintelligent etc. partner is.

While I said she is perfect for me, she still has things someone else could consider flaws. Things I consider flaws in myself, could be positive things in her eyes, maybe...
>> No. 9541 [Edit]

Good man. That's how it is. People don't want perfection, they want someone they love.
>> No. 9551 [Edit]
>> No. 9552 [Edit]
then why don't you go love a 3DPD or something? they're crammed full of imperfections
>> No. 9554 [Edit]
Not everyone considers their waifu perfect, that's no reason to lash out at them. What's really different between 2D and 3D is totally orthogonal to that.
>> No. 9555 [Edit]

"Perfect" and "Perfect for you" are different things. I'm a little too drunk to explain this well, but... if you love your waifu, she's perfect. Absolutely perfect. For you, that is. Someone else might be like "she's okay" but she's your personal perfection.

I don't mean to offend, but like... I like a lot of characters that people here claim to love. I like most of them, a lot, but they aren't characters I love, they aren't characters I'd give everything up to be with. I like them, but they aren't what I want to be with forever.

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