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File 132468942430.gif - (484.78KB , 500x283 , kyoko merry christmas.gif )
12075 No. 12075 [Edit]
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>> No. 12076 [Edit]
File 132469112742.jpg - (75.81KB , 361x525 , 1322760494888.jpg )
>> No. 12079 [Edit]
File 132469680884.jpg - (38.56KB , 352x322 , 7547.jpg )
I wish you all from Tohno a merry christmas and happy new year. You guys are the friends I cannot find in real life and love to be with. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves in whatever way you can.
>> No. 12081 [Edit]
File 132473473863.png - (198.81KB , 300x540 , lie.png )
>> No. 12082 [Edit]
>> No. 12083 [Edit]

Please learn to use IQDB.
>> No. 12084 [Edit]
File 132475329348.jpg - (295.77KB , 567x639 , 23845107.jpg )
>> No. 12085 [Edit]
File 132475867499.jpg - (479.27KB , 900x907 , 854641da6ae16330ba7f4b3780ae8ed5.jpg )
>> No. 12087 [Edit]
File 132476058430.jpg - (501.96KB , 895x1290 , 3a9a5b9393aca2ae67ecb800e519c46b.jpg )
>> No. 12088 [Edit]
Merry Christmas guys. I love you.
>> No. 12090 [Edit]
File 132476485584.jpg - (924.70KB , 1955x1400 , Sekirei Engagement (32).jpg )
Yeah, you guys are great. A lot more special to me than any plain old userbase would be. I'm truly happy Tohno made this site and brought us all together. That's what I'm grateful for this Christmas, not anything I get, anyone I know. You guys are the shit.

Merry Christmas.
>> No. 12091 [Edit]
This is the only family I need
>> No. 12092 [Edit]
File 13247775291.jpg - (386.50KB , 800x566 , touhouxmas.jpg )
Merry Christmas guys!
>> No. 12094 [Edit]
File 13247800861.jpg - (32.00KB , 320x393 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Ouch... ;_;
>> No. 12095 [Edit]
File 132478600545.jpg - (334.94KB , 1605x1352 , s - 585155 - christmas christmas_tree flandre_scar.jpg )
Merry Christmas!
>> No. 12096 [Edit]
File 132478924374.jpg - (184.63KB , 500x560 , 23500556.jpg )
Catholic family here; christmas dinner's over...

Haruhi, I ate like a pig; and had just a couple small glasses of wine but I remember already why I quited drinking; I felt a bit euphoric (thus stupid) and my stomach is starting to ache already...

Anyway: take care of yourselves, everybody; have a safe -as possible- holiday.
>> No. 12097 [Edit]
File 132479096032.jpg - (99.34KB , 728x1077 , carakawa_v07_p050.jpg )
It is supposed to be a high of +6 degrees celius tomorrow, I checked a almanac and it is 10 degrees higher then the highest recorded (-4). Most of the grass doesn't even have snow on it... I blame motor vehicle owners.

also merry x-mas
>> No. 12099 [Edit]
File 132479385916.jpg - (408.73KB , 1024x768 , christmas yotsuba.jpg )
>> No. 12101 [Edit]
Well, merry christmas guys. As I've told people in the IRC, the worst time of my life just happened to happen around the holidays this year, but I hope the rest of you have good times
>> No. 12102 [Edit]
Had a huge 8 kilo leg ham today. A relative won it from a competition and my mum roasted it. Would've liked to share it with you guys.
>> No. 12103 [Edit]
File 132480725031.jpg - (8.95KB , 328x263 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Merry Christmas you filthy animals.
And a Happy New Year.
>> No. 12106 [Edit]
You just made my Christmas even better, even if technically Christmas is over. Thank you for the laugh, good sir.
>> No. 12108 [Edit]
There doesn't appear to be a "what did you get thread" so lets turn this into it.

under wear x 5
socks x 4-6

It is actually nice not to get tons of crap.

I watched home alone yesterday!
>> No. 12109 [Edit]
- a book about the studies/drawings of Da Vinci
- Tim Burton's Alice movie DVD
- about $40 bucks

Quite very well, really... I shouldn't be given anything.
>> No. 12110 [Edit]
I didn't think I was going to get anything at all either.
My grandma mailed me a box of chocolate though. Knowing she took the time to wrap it up and all just meant the world to me.
>> No. 12111 [Edit]
I hate being forced to buy gifts or write in cards. The only gift I gave was a bottle of wine for my dad...which I got as a present from my boss. I dont feel like I deserve a holiday; I'd rather just ignore the whole thing.
>> No. 12112 [Edit]
I really don't see the point in trading gifts, especially when you're going to be lazy about it and trade money like so many people do.

My dad just gave me $100 for this Christmas.
and I gave my mom $20 to buy some jacket she said she wanted.
that in itself is essentially like giving 20% of my dad's gift to my mom, but she got me some $20 paints, so really, it's as if I gave my mom some cash to go buy me some pants and convinced her to buy with her own money something she wanted but wouldn't before for no good reason.

back to that $100 my dad sent me.
if I was a decent son, I'd give him what he really wants for Christmas, more money, but since he only gives me money, it's the same as just sending his gift back to him, but instead I bought him some memorabilia from one of his favorite movies of old, thin cost me $25 and another $10 to ship it to him, which means my gift to him only has 65% the value as his gift to me.
Even if you factor in the thought, which they say counts a lot, I can't see it having a value matching that of his gift.
The guy might be an ass, but it's still an unfair trade, almost as if he's overpaying me twice as much as he should to buy him something he might like.
why does the exchange of this junk being on December 25th make any difference?
hell, even without money being involved, it's little more than bartering blindly, with just as much disappointment and feelings of being screwed over as you would expect.

What I'm trying to say here is, this shit is pointless.
either you give something worth more than what you get, and get screwed over.
give something of lesser value and be shamed for it and disappointed that person.
or you give equal value gifts that nullify each other, making it pointless to buy someone anything

each participating party is better off using the money they would have on something the other person might like, and use it on themselves for something they know they'll like.
>> No. 12113 [Edit]
True enough if you know what you like, but there is always the chance of getting something you didn't know you liked. Also the possibility of someone getting someone else something they(the giver) likes in order to get them to like it and gain some common ground, or something they can do together.

Buy ya, over all christmas is pretty inefficient in all regards.

also I got a card with a 15$ check from grandma.
>> No. 12130 [Edit]
Can't say I like the idea of forcing your interests on to someone else.
and the changes of someone buying your something you didn't know you would like, when they're probably just buying you random cheap crap since they don't know what to get you, seems unlikely.
>> No. 12167 [Edit]
My sister bought me a book. Steve Jobs' biography. I'm not ill mannered but this is where I drew the line and I outright stated I have no interest in it and she proceeded to again bash me fof being 'weird' as 'every man aged 20-30 I know is interested in it, my boyfriend loved it, my friends talk about it (...)'.

Just for the record, my sister is the normalest person on Earth. She'd make an average Ford Driver look like an alien.
>> No. 12169 [Edit]
>Can't say I like the idea of forcing your interests on to someone else.

I agree with this. Every Christmas holiday, one family sends us plenty of Native American merchandise. I think the only interesting thing I've ever gotten out of it was a dream-catcher. Everybody but me puts on that act.
>> No. 12170 [Edit]
I got that book, too, and really like it. Makes me jealous as hell that a college dropout stoner hippy asshole became so successful.
>> No. 12172 [Edit]
The best gift is cash. I have one side of my family nearly entirely comprised of upper middle class old men, and they always give cash; I got $150 overall this year. They know they don't know me so they give cash. Some see it as lazy, but I think it's polite. Everyone should give cash for christmas!
>> No. 12173 [Edit]
I got 100 dollars. We didn't even really celebrate Christmas this year though
>> No. 12174 [Edit]
I got nothing because I'm 20 years old, a loser and a failure in the eyes of everybody around me.
>> No. 12175 [Edit]
Well I'm a 21 year old failure and I still got something ( ´∀`)
>> No. 12176 [Edit]
if everyone gave everyone else cash on christmas, it would not only cancel itself out ( in other words, if I give you $100, and you give me $100, neither one of us actually get anything. ) it makes the value of the gift blatant, and shows people exactly how much you mean to them.
If some grandparent gives one kid $20 and another $50, what kind of message do you think that sends?
Buying people gifts shows that you care enough about them to try and learn about their interests and get them something they'd enjoy, it shows you put some thought and effort into getting them something meaningful.
giving money is basically saying "I don't really give enough of a shit about you to find out what you like, so here's some obligatory cash, now fuck off."
>> No. 12177 [Edit]
so would you rather your parents tried to buy you a gift related to that japanimation stuff youre into?

>They know they don't know me so they give cash. Some see it as lazy, but I think it's polite
This is how I see it as well.
>> No. 12183 [Edit]
I kind of wish Christmas lasted a bit longer this year, for me it just came and went.

Got myself a new monitor and a headset for my computer, along with a bunch of clothes.
>> No. 12236 [Edit]
Not any of those guys above but my thoughts:

I don't give gifts so that works for me. Sometimes people give gifts of unequal value too, it doesn't have to be money. I don't get that feel and there are not alot of things people would know I want. I don't want clothes, chocolates, giftcards or a useless watch.

Give me fucking money!
>> No. 12260 [Edit]
File 132591265891.jpg - (667.21KB , 2125x1000 , hakouki-le_small.jpg )
"Hey son, I know how you love those Japanese style videogames and television, er anime shows. I hope you enjoy your Christmas present!."
>> No. 12262 [Edit]
Is that so much to ask for?
>> No. 12263 [Edit]

That sounds like a really cool dad
>> No. 12264 [Edit]
File 132591455193.gif - (114.02KB , 537x352 , 1322768036839.gif )
Either of you check what that game was about?
>> No. 12265 [Edit]
I dunno, I figure it's some boy's love game or something, but it's the thought that counts.
>> No. 12270 [Edit]
Haha, lol.

I love you tc.

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