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File 138011425740.png - (2.76MB , 839x1458 , thchara_PNG.png )
10335 No. 10335 [Edit]
Is it just me, or is ZUN's music getting worse over time, and his character designs becoming more cluttered over time?
>> No. 10336 [Edit]
Imperishable Night and Mountain of Faith had the best music in my opinion, but the new ones are in no way bad, UFO had very great music with a nice jazzy touch, Animism had some nice stuff going too. 13 was a bit weaker I guess but also not bad.

As for the character designs, well they have never been very good heh but I'm not exactly sure what you mean by cluttered.
>> No. 10337 [Edit]
More accessories
>> No. 10338 [Edit]
Personally I think the music and character designs in 14 and 13.5 (going only by Kokoro and her theme, since the rest was non-ZUN remixes anyway) were significantly better than what we saw in UFO and TD. Maybe it's not up to par with PCB or IN, but it feels like a step in the right direction at least.

There's not a single Windows Touhou game that I didn't think had good music though- even if some produced more 'good' music than others.

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