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File 137748845724.gif - (74.05KB , 480x270 , angry yuru.gif )
15851 No. 15851 [Edit]
Anyone else hate seeing their relatives and acquaintances succeed?

My sister is going to Japan soon on a year long student exchange program (she's a third year engineering student)

In a few months she'll be living the dream (literally) while I'm stuck in this dark room with no real prospects in sight.

I hope her plane crashes and everyone in her class dies.

Post edited on 25th Aug 2013, 8:42pm
>> No. 15852 [Edit]
Sounds like you're more mad at yourself than you are at her.
>> No. 15853 [Edit]
Only on rare occasions... though I don't really see any of my relatives much and none of them are doing anything I'd really enjoy, so maybe I can't fully relate. I think it's only natural to be resentful at times towards those more fortunate than you (especially when they're around you a lot), though.
>> No. 15854 [Edit]
No. If my relatives are successful, that just means I have a backup plan in case I go homeless or anything. Just a week or month under their house until I get back on my feet is already a luxury.
>> No. 15855 [Edit]
Nah, I haven't had friends since whenever I had friends in school, if I even had any, and I'm not really close to any people in my family since my mom has already learned that most of the people in the family only care for themselves and their children. Therefore, I have nobody to rub their successful lives into my face.

I still don't like seeing successful people whenever I have to go to the store or something, though.
>> No. 15856 [Edit]
Yes, OP, I do mad at them.
Fuck them.
>> No. 15860 [Edit]
I have a sister who is rich, but it isn't from her own efforts (she rides on the coattails of her fiance) and she isn't smart enough/is too emotionally immature to envy. I have a brother who has a knack for finding work, but he never keeps jobs for very long.

I'm not really jealous. I just have "special" strengths and weaknesses. My time will come, eventually.
>> No. 15861 [Edit]
>I have nobody to rub their successful lives into my face.

Not that I would care, one way or another... yawn.
>> No. 15862 [Edit]
I think it depends on how they got there. It's the cases where they get it handed down to them on a silver platter or luck that I have no respect for. Everyone knows the world is unfair so you deal with it etc. etc. but when you see it first-hand it still gets to you sometimes.
>> No. 15863 [Edit]
I'm the opposite, I hate being successful, and seeing others fail or struggling. Well I like succeeding I just don't like being acknowledged as such.
>> No. 15864 [Edit]
My relatives don't succeed. They're still Ford Drivers.
>> No. 15866 [Edit]
I don't.

I don't even care about anything, as long as I can live my secluded lifestyle without working and without any burden on my shoulders.

The negative is that I am dependant on the host.
If the host is in a financial crisis, I am dead.
>> No. 15871 [Edit]
I guess sometimes it bugs me how my dad is freaking loaded but wouldn't so much as spit on me if I was begging for water in a ditch somewhere. not unless I could make myself useful to him in some way.

but he works hard for what he has so I have to respect that, even if he is a mentally insane heartless miser asshole.
>> No. 15873 [Edit]
A cousin and an uncle of mine in Vietnam both own factories and are very rich. I don't envy them though. They are very clever, worked very hard and deserve it.
>> No. 15874 [Edit]
My Uncle was fairly rich, had a big 3 story house with a slot machine, huge ass TV, pool, hot tub, and all kinds of cool shit. I never hated him or anything for it though, if anything I am grateful because a lot of my childhood was spent there gaming on his huge ass TV and shit. Besides him I never personally knew anybody who was wealthy.

Lately my other uncle on the other side of family died, apparently there was some thing where he divorced his wife and became a loner, his wife got pissed and spread rumors about him and stuff and the daughter therefore ended up hating him. So when he died instead of taking responsibility the daughter took all the money and left the funeral responsibilities to my grandma, who is too old to do anything so it of course got pushed onto my mom.
>> No. 15876 [Edit]
My sister is just as aimless as I am and has similar mental health problems.
Several of my cousins are lawyers and doctors though, but I don't envy them because I never found those careers appealing.
>> No. 15884 [Edit]
One of my sisters is like 27 and living with her boyfriend and being a Psychiatrist.
The other one (24 or 25) also lives with her bf and she's a Geologist.

I on the other hand (23) am still living with my mother, and she just yelled at me for being a useless fuck.

You're Haruhi damn right I hate them/it.
>> No. 15891 [Edit]
I was, but not anymore.
My sister went to an expensive private university that both my parents helped pay for, while all I got was money from the state that could only pay for a community college.
They didn't give a fuck about me and put all their eggs in one basket, my sister ended up switching to a shitty major and married some hick in bumfuck nowhere. My parents were angry and felt hopeless, they turned their attention to me but not for long, I've already been a NEET for a year sleeping 20 hours a day, I wont do them any good.
When they're old and can't support themselves because they spent all their money on my sister and government programs dry up, I hope they feel the weight of regret as they starve to death.
>> No. 15893 [Edit]
I know what you mean in terms of one sibling getting more funds/attention. But do your parents pay for your NEEThood? If so you're still better off than some here...
>> No. 15895 [Edit]
Not really. My sister became a high up at some clothing store, and I have cousins that seem to be doing okay. Honestly I don't really care though. My cousins are cool enough that we don't really bring up work-related stuff whenever we meet. We usually just talk about the old days.
>> No. 15896 [Edit]
I have no siblings, and don't keep in contact with the rest of my family besides my mother. My mom has a cushy state government job which doesn't pay that much, but she has enough seniority where she will never be laid off. There's not much to be envious of, besides the fact she has a job.
>> No. 15909 [Edit]
I really don't care much. Then again a lot of my acquaintances are I guess not as well off as I am or something. Or about the same (i.e. guy living eith his 3DPD and working some odd jobs). Hell I talk to some guy on Steam who is an investment banker in NYC, I don't exactly feel bad compared to him haha
>> No. 15976 [Edit]
I'm pretty disassociated from most of my relatives. My immediate family.. my sister is mentally retarded, my brother is 13 and has trust issues, my stepfather is mediocre and stupid, and my mother is trapped with us.
I'm the sick NEET.
As for my successful cousins... I just don't care. All of my friends are finishing college but they still have to work multiple low-end jobs despite being engineers and comp sci majors.
It seems like no one is allowed to really succeed around me, and I can't be bothered anymore to feel inferior.
>> No. 16014 [Edit]
Maybe something better awaits us when we die? At the very least, we wont have to deal with our failed existences anymore when we are dead.

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