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File 144482110092.jpg - (212.61KB , 898x1280 , owarimonogatari 00.jpg )
24197 No. 24197 [Edit]
It surprised me alright that you guys didn't make this thread before me. Anyway, I just caught up...

Sheer brilliance from beginning to end. Insanely good start, with maths and ethics concerns (reason and responsibility) at its core. It's just way too good. It hits straight home.
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>> No. 24198 [Edit]
File 144482114150.jpg - (97.40KB , 1344x610 , owarimonogatari 0.jpg )
>> No. 24199 [Edit]
File 144482122519.jpg - (222.17KB , 777x1318 , owarimonogatari 1.jpg )
I already fancy her.
A lot.
>> No. 24200 [Edit]
Saw this on the front page and came in expecting a good anime, too bad. It was glasses SHAFT!
>> No. 24202 [Edit]
How long till she hacks off all her hair like all the other retarded whores?
>> No. 24230 [Edit]
I've seen the pics but I don't know if her short hair self was in the flashback. I hope so, I mean, that she went through a reverse character development, cause her twintails are charming.
>> No. 24389 [Edit]
File 144571565077.jpg - (266.31KB , 770x1582 , owarimonogatari 4.jpg )
I'd love one, even now.
>> No. 24390 [Edit]
File 144571568285.jpg - (258.77KB , 1252x1422 , owarimonogatari 2.jpg )
>> No. 24391 [Edit]
File 144571571025.jpg - (565.00KB , 1248x3327 , owarimonogatari 5.jpg )
>> No. 24392 [Edit]
File 144571581456.jpg - (144.77KB , 1114x628 , owarimonogatari 3.jpg )
Next week, Oikura in pajamas.
>> No. 24481 [Edit]
File 144637628011.jpg - (187.50KB , 777x1301 , owarimonogatari 6r.jpg )
I'd have to screencap lots of things. The entire episode was way too relatable for me, from generals to small details (including a shut-in mother and pulling out an Asuka bath monologue). Just dropping the "conclusion" for now; of course is not nearly as simple as that, and maybe even false. Current conflict is just about to begin...

Post edited on 1st Nov 2015, 3:18am
>> No. 24482 [Edit]
File 144637653329.jpg - (284.22KB , 1098x1226 , owarimonogatari 7.jpg )
If you get this, well, you get (me) enough.
>> No. 24503 [Edit]
>You can despise me as much as you want. At least, as much as I used to love you before.

What meaning does this quote bear for you in your life? I've personally never been in a situation where I, with self-awareness, needed to hate someone to keep going.
>> No. 24504 [Edit]
When love is betrayed it can't just fade away into indifference (it's actual complement/contrary), so it turns into hate (it's opposite within the same spectrum); otherwise you become empty. I even tried once to model this process diagrammatically (>>/mt/2814) but finally failed; it worked to some degree, though; I still have some notes about it.
>> No. 24513 [Edit]
I didn't ask for an explanation of the process, I asked for an explanation of your attachment to the process, why it bore significance for you specifically.

Also, why does Araragi feel comfortable allowing Sodachi to hate him (at least) as much as he loved her when she's revealed to him that the whole thing was a farce? His love was for a person that never actually existed meanwhile her hate is for a very, very real person. Could it be that he simply seeks an excuse to pay her back in some way for the Mathematics?
>> No. 24514 [Edit]
File 144657669618.jpg - (223.35KB , 775x1307 , owarimonogatari 8.jpg )
Cause I've been let down myself before and spontaneously reacted like that, plain and simple (won't go on about my romantic life or lack it of here, of course; wouldn't even do it at /so/).

About Araragi's and Oikura's own past story, there's still missing information so I really can't tell yet. Up to now it has been largely handled as a story about need for help, gratitude, retribution and manipulation within; most likely there's some romance involved, but when and how isn't clear yet (Oikura's rant about faking love feelings before wasn't all that convincing to me); Araragi too seems to still lack memories so, for now, the written subtext of "at least as much as I used to love you before" sounded more to me like idiomatic or an ethical notion, about how the measure of hate can be understood and justified by the same strength of love as correlative processes, which was what resounded with me the most in the aforementioned way. I could be completely wrong, though.
>> No. 24515 [Edit]
File 144657682530.jpg - (55.13KB , 500x677 , ne9vbzB14O1sj84clo1_500.jpg )
On a more banal note, I think I had preferred brown hair alright. Grey eyes are perfect, though.

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2015, 10:57am
>> No. 24524 [Edit]
It sounds like you were in a typical situation where you loved someone but something bad happened so that love turned into hate. It doesn't really sound like a scenario where you consciously chose to continue hating a person in order to sustain yourself nor a scenario where you allowed yourself to be hated by one who once loved you nor a scenario where you felt that happiness would've crushed you as I was hoping but nonetheless, thanks for your feedback.

I have some further questions on the episode's progression. Fortunately, it seems we're both using HorribleSubs so I can just quote directly from the ep and you'll know what I'm talking about.

>You know, I thought we really didn't get along with each other. Was that just my misunderstanding?
>That's not your misunderstanding. But it wasn't only that either... Weren't you the one who taught me that the day before yesterday?
What exactly is "it" in that sentence?
>And even back in Grade School.
At which point, Sodachi throws her tea. Now, after this, Sodachi is aware, not only of Araragi's awareness of the fact that Sodachi was the "Maths Fairy" but also of the fact that she was trying to use him to rescue herself. How does Sodachi realise that Araragi saw through her intentions back then? I can only guess that there was some kind of lost-in-translation nuanced hint in how Araragi said what he said.

[After Araragi reveals his natural desire to pity her and states that if it's desired that he doesn't pity her then he won't]
>Manly? That's just you tossing everything out.
Tossing what out? What has he abandoned here? I seriously doubt that she's belittling him for his willingness to abandon his desire to pity her.

>Oikura most likely smiled like her mother
How does Araragi deduce this?

Why would someone pray to prevent themself from making a bad wish? Did I interpret that correctly? Was she trying to suppress her desire for her mother to go away/die?

>Don't despise happiness
It doesn't seem like she despised it at all. If anything, it's the opposite: she glorified it. Or is it that she hated it in a sort of "fox grapes" way?
>> No. 24525 [Edit]
File 144667519331.jpg - (123.63KB , 1114x626 , owarimonogatari 11.jpg )
Intense hate, just like intense love, demands action (I regard it as an activity rater than just a feeling: one runs, one eats, one hates, one loves) so in the end it is a choice to prosecute it, normally by trying to harm the hateful one. If that hateful one was once a beloved, that destructive action could work as simple revenge, as means to prevent that person's hapinness with someone else, but also as an attempt to force a strong bond with that person since it's preferable to be conversely hateful than indifferent to your beloved one. I have consciously hated and actively harmed people I once loved, and I've consciously accepted the hate and endured the damage from better deserving people whose love I knew I let down... my mother being one of them (i.e. is not reduced to romantic issues), whom I've made a huge effort several times not to abandon or even wish she would just die. I didn't pray, though; I just chose it and pushed myself to do it, precisely, over a sense of fair retribution, since I was the one who unfairly hated her during my youth and pushed her to the limit, so I try to make up for it now.

As said, I'd rather wait to see a bit more to try interpreting Oikura's arc better.
>> No. 24555 [Edit]
File 144688272375.webm - (1.70MB , zzz1431981415045(1).webm )
Webm test
>> No. 24567 [Edit]
File 144696081045.jpg - (179.79KB , 1118x626 , owarimonogatari12.jpg )
This woman, really...
>> No. 24568 [Edit]
File 144696085673.jpg - (171.13KB , 777x875 , owarimonogatari 14.jpg )
That's my girl.
>> No. 24569 [Edit]
File 144696090417.jpg - (633.93KB , 665x3754 , owarimonogatari 15.jpg )
Well, the one conclusion I could come up myself over those 10 seconds was her mother is right there in her room. I didn't get all the details, of course; I just thought that either her mother was still there or she was no longer herself at all: a true hikikomori never ever leaves his place or at the very least remains close and always returns to it, for the rest of his life. That because, after a few hiki years, it really becomes part of one; it's not just about being locked in, but locked in precisely there; one cannot be at ease ever again other than in one's room; one is truly oneself only when alone in one's room; the only way out of it is to deny oneself radically, and physically or virtually turn into something or someone else... Or so I thought.
>> No. 24570 [Edit]
File 144696097870.jpg - (110.37KB , 1114x624 , owarimonogatari13.jpg )
>> No. 24571 [Edit]
File 144696104211.jpg - (95.83KB , 1156x648 , owarimonogatari 16.jpg )
>> No. 24573 [Edit]
File 144696122146.jpg - (482.08KB , 1366x768 , owarimonogatari 17f.jpg )
>> No. 24574 [Edit]
Needless to say, I'm now officially waiting for an Oikura figure, preferably in her middle school days.
>> No. 24575 [Edit]
File 144697978463.jpg - (572.20KB , 1366x768 , owarimonogatari 18.jpg )
>> No. 24663 [Edit]
File 144762469186.jpg - (196.95KB , 770x1311 , owarimonogatari 19o.jpg )
>> No. 24664 [Edit]
File 14476247724.jpg - (79.72KB , 1115x627 , owarimonogatari 22.jpg )
Looking good there.
>> No. 24665 [Edit]
File 144762480488.jpg - (126.60KB , 1121x623 , owarimonogatari 21.jpg )
>> No. 24666 [Edit]
File 144762483691.jpg - (160.19KB , 1116x1252 , owarimonogatari 23.jpg )
Well said.
>> No. 24667 [Edit]
File 144762531865.jpg - (62.28KB , 398x365 , Shinobu monologue.jpg )
For practical purposes, she's his waifu.
>> No. 24668 [Edit]
File 144762594940.jpg - (353.50KB , 1213x2075 , owarimonogatari 24.jpg )
>> No. 24669 [Edit]
File 144762621047.jpg - (113.13KB , 1213x683 , owarimonogatari 27.jpg )
>> No. 24676 [Edit]
Where is this from? I only remember her giving that monologue during the famous bath scene of Nise.
>> No. 24677 [Edit]
The text pic? I just made it after watching that scene, precisely.
>> No. 24818 [Edit]
So you love this show so much, you're making your own little tidbits of OC? That's new. I wouldn't expect that kind of behaviour on chan sites. Typically, when I do find OC on chan sites, it's a caption on an image, a photoshop or something drawn by a drawfag. This is new. It almost feels kind of tumblr-ish. A bit "artsy".
>> No. 24834 [Edit]
File 144884408759.jpg - (104.89KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Owarimonogatari - 08 [3BA27E50]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
oh my
>> No. 24865 [Edit]
File 144904618792.jpg - (156.14KB , 1120x624 , owarimonogatari 2x.jpg )
Koyomi being the reincarnation of an aparition himself truly takes away the charm of a perfectly average dude who just by chance encounters extraordinary situations, including a spontaneous harem. Not so relatable indeed.

Post edited on 2nd Dec 2015, 5:06am
>> No. 24870 [Edit]
File 144906106635.jpg - (1.13MB , 989x1754 , Nadeko.jpg )
Well I did this other thing too; I don't use Tumblr, though.

About the text pic, it first impacted me because it was quite similar as how I understand 2D love, therefore my comment on >>24667.
>> No. 24873 [Edit]
File 144909354981.webm - (2.44MB , 1448142779645.webm )

Agreed. The "you must be the MC of a fantasy story" stuff by Gaen and Kaiki were supposed to be 4th wall jokes...
>> No. 24900 [Edit]
File 14493622836.jpg - (68.98KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Owarimonogatari - 10 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
>> No. 24905 [Edit]
Apparently I was wrong.
Well, I'm glad
>> No. 24906 [Edit]
File 144940703412.jpg - (175.24KB , 1115x627 , owarimonogatari 2x4.jpg )
>> No. 24908 [Edit]
File 144940712182.jpg - (202.74KB , 1116x625 , owarimonogatari 2x1.jpg )
Could relate.
>> No. 24962 [Edit]
>there is no meaning
I know this feel
>> No. 24985 [Edit]
File 144995558633.jpg - (272.74KB , 668x1508 , owarimonogatari 2x5 (logical vs narratological).jpg )
Araragi's man-up was nice to see, but Kanbaru totally championed this episode.

Logical (logos) and narrativistic (mythos) senses aren't mutually exclusive, but often run in opposite directions and so must not be mistaken. The difference is even deeper that a matter of logical vs narritivistic consitency, paraconsistency or even a sort of 'meaningful' inconsistency (i.e. the simultaniety of contraries as a unity of meaning). As I regard it now, it's a matter of how we relate with time at all: finitely vs infinitely (chronos vs aion), with or without finality. Rather than stories appealing to a pre-existent chronological time, it is by telling stories (i.e. building a continuum action arc from a finite/discrete pack of mere happenings, by attaching a teleogical component) that we get to experience time like an arrow at all. In other words, historic time is a creation of history itself and history, as an invention, constitutes our attempt to live meaningfully. We can only find purpose in stories and there are indeed proper ways to build and embody a character. By all means, it is only through understanding and following narratological (and not logical) sense that we can become proper lovers (whom also include, of course, hateful lovers). As a general rule, telling stories properly means, precisely, to finish them: to be fully responsible and give proper closure to every single thing that was started. It also entails having the courage of eventually letting something precious go: to end it just so it retains its meaning. Ultimately all stories end in the same (the graveyard) so it's all part of learning to accept ourselves as finite beings.

TL;DR Kanbaru is damn right: love is not logical but narratological and stories are meant to be finished.
>> No. 25011 [Edit]
Thank you for this. I finally understand the true nature of the hyperbolic NEET time-chamber.
>> No. 25050 [Edit]
File 145055595815.jpg - (70.39KB , 1114x628 , owarimonogatari 2x7 (here).jpg )
And so, Shinobu won; the most beloved one Araragi referred to when rejecting Hanekawa was actually Shinobu. I'm perfectly fine with this...
>> No. 25051 [Edit]
File 14505562874.jpg - (637.19KB , 664x3392 , owarimonogatari 2x8 END.jpg )
... It's over, though. Finally.

Great series.
Good ending too (which is rare).

Post edited on 19th Dec 2015, 12:36pm
>> No. 25052 [Edit]
File 145055737683.jpg - (196.97KB , 671x1118 , owarimonogatari 2x5.jpg )
Have you make up your mind yourselves about how you want to live your life?

I have.

If these 5 years have really been for nothing, then I, by all means, still choose that immensely rich nothing over anything that seems to duel out there. It's simply not enough.
>> No. 25106 [Edit]
Did Araragi come to some sort of conclusion with regards to how he wants to live his life? Ononoki gave him that speech, yeah but I didn't see any kind of heavy impact from it.

I'm also a bit confused with regards to the ending. Ononoki says that if Araragi doesn't aim for a happy ending that the First will never be rewarded. Rewarded? For what? What did he do that deserves reward?
>> No. 25117 [Edit]
>Did Araragi come to some sort of conclusion
Yes: to lead a life with Shinobu, come what may, for better or worst to everyone involved. He basically chose her over anyone or anything else (including his own humanity). She won the harem race.

Not sure about that one, but I think it was more of an honoring than rewarding thing she was referring to. The first endured a four century long struggle because he had a resolute wish to fulfill: meet Kiss Shot again; in that sense, to honor him by pursuing a happy life basically stands for understanding that to live happily means, precisely, to live truly to oneself: to find one's true will and follow it to the bitter end. In other words (butchered nietzschean words), that if life is will to power then happinnes is the triumph (i.e. the encounter and pursuance) of the true will, even if its fulmillment means our very end.

Post edited on 25th Dec 2015, 1:24am
>> No. 25120 [Edit]
File 145109690597.jpg - (127.97KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Owarimonogatari - 12 [CE467799]_mkv_snaps.jpg )

Arararagi has chosen to carry that weight. He inherited the will to live on with Shinobu as her one and only slave, the literal meaning, and tied to it the feelings and expectations of his predecessor, the metaphor tied to the meaning.
>> No. 25121 [Edit]
Oh I see. I didn't really see him struggle with the choice at all so it didn't seem like he really made one.

I remember a long time ago, reading this very nice quote. The message was that when you fully understand what your values are, making a decision will always be very easy. Since I saw little to no struggle with Araragi's choice of Shinobu over the other two, it seemed to me that his values had already been established that is to say, he never developed, he merely revealed his development.

If anything, I guess the development occurred when Araragi witnessed Kanbaru deliver that speech. There was a brief moment where he was seen, paused, internalising what he'd just witnessed. I suppose that may have been the point where he made his decision.

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