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File 132850760437.jpg - (47.41KB , 586x304 , churuyasan.jpg )
8410 No. 8410 [Edit]
/an/, when you've exhausted the list of animes that you keep in that text file, how do you go about deciding on what to watch next?
>> No. 8411 [Edit]
The list of shows I plan on watching seems to have no end to it, and I download and keep most shows I'm interested in watching on reserve long before I get to them.

when I finish one show, what I watch after is decided by, what's done downloading and ready to go, what kind of anime the last one was (as sorted by 3 personal time zones) and what I feel like watching at that time.
and if I can't decide, I flip three quarter dollars, or one three times, going off two out of three.

to expand on the time zone thing, I sort my anime into three groups.
morning, kids anime.
evening, kind of general whatever time, while still somewhat lighthearted.
night, darker more serious themed possibly violent stuff.
>> No. 8412 [Edit]
I don't think I'll ever get through that textfile (to be exact it's a MAL list, although I should get around to making a local copy). I'm interested in pretty much every genre of anime ever, and I'll watch anything at some point.

Choosing what to watch next is basically picking something off the list, although recently I've been so distracted and etc I can't even keep up with currently airing shows. More to add to the list, I guess.
>> No. 8413 [Edit]
I've got a big spreadsheet along with their download links, the total file size, and the episode count. It's been forever floating around 80-100 series for about a year now.

I'm totally whimsical when it comes to choosing something to watch. I'd like to have the motivation to watch things in order, or plan ahead. Hell, I'd like to have the motivation to watch anything in general. I'm finding it harder and harder to get around to watching shows even though I have nothing but free time and plenty to watch.
>> No. 8414 [Edit]
I've never been at that point, and I pray I never reach it. Considering how big my back log is, if I ever finish it all, I assume I'd walk out of my room weighing 400 pounds with a beard that Dusty Hill would be jealous of.
>> No. 8415 [Edit]
>The list of shows I plan on watching seems to have no end

However, most of what I see now is ongoing series.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 2:43am
>> No. 8416 [Edit]
>Hell, I'd like to have the motivation to watch anything in general.
Yes, I want to watch something, but the motivation to do so is absent. When I do get around to watch something it is rarely something I was planning to watch.
>> No. 8418 [Edit]
Watching anime just seems like a chore to me. these days. I'll start watching something and then close the window two minutes in.

Manga and eroge is much easier for me to get absorbed in.
>> No. 8425 [Edit]
That won't ever happen. Soem two years ago I was sure that by the time I'll reach ~250 finished series I'll have nothing left to watch but now I can't imagine such a scenario until I reach 1000 series at very least.

If anything I could say the exact opposite is more of a problem - even if I tried very hard it would take decade(s) to watch everything I'd like to see.
>> No. 8426 [Edit]
I just pick up anything people mention in boards or recommendation lists.
I think that if it's worth remembering, it's worth watching it, of course if I end up not liking it I can just drop it.

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