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File 133861904470.jpg - (23.18KB , 500x350 , vlt00.jpg )
15082 No. 15082 [Edit]
I have somewhat recently come to the conclusion that the cultural phenomenon that was the western image board is now dead as a doornail.
Am I the only one here who suffers from this malaise?
Have anyone discovered an effective substitution therapy?
>> No. 15083 [Edit]
culturally dead perhaps, traffic wise they only continue to grow.
It's only small upstart imageboards that can't compete with the big guy that die out.
>> No. 15084 [Edit]
Find the few small niche boards that survived and post often in them and share them with like-minded people! That seems to be what's right for me, surely you'll agree.

Some of my favorite boards, if it's okay to share:
- http://4-ch.net/dqn
- http://secretareaofvipquality.net
- http://cerealexperiments.com
>> No. 15085 [Edit]
thanks, i'd thought cerealexperiments was dead.
i went there about a month ago to post something, but it seemed to be gone and i never checked back after that.
>> No. 15115 [Edit]

I broke the server, but it's back. Still dead though. I never expect traffic, it's just my little hole on the internet

That said, most small boards are dying. The image board software was popular to use in the early 2000s, but since then it's changed and so have the people.

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2012, 7:47pm
>> No. 15144 [Edit]
I think imageboards will always be around, just like forums and IRC
>> No. 15146 [Edit]
I know what you're talking about, OP, except it's been that way for at least two years, and I'm being conservative.
The last remnants of the original culture died a painful death when /jp/ went to shit.
It was very hard to find something to fill the void. In fact, I still don't think I've found anything to this day. Tohno-chan and other niche boards help a bit, but they're far from vibrant enough.
There is no therapy, only emptiness.
>> No. 15216 [Edit]
I wasn't into much on the internet before 2007 since there wasn't much on it I knew I would be interested in at the time. My first image board I knew about was of course 4chan and I knew about 4chan and lurked a little from 2007-2008 but never really posted. It was a stupid but funny and to me at the time original place. Then one day in the middle of 2009 I was really curious about the /jp/ board since I never hear anything that comes out of it. "Such a strangely quiet board like some of the other much smaller ones but isn't Japanese stuff popular on the internet?" I thought. So I just dived right in and lurked for the whole day. I thought I was in heaven, it was fun and funny place but the people there seemed to have enough intelligence there to at least hold up a conversation without turning everything into a meme/trolling shit storm. It was from then on one of my internet homes. But as time went on there was starting to be a lot more people spamming the board (yeah /jp/ was always spammy and certainly had it's own inside jokes and memes but shit started going from fun to annoying.) and invasions from people on other boards were nothing out of the ordinary. Then all of a sudden the disasters in Japan happened, this brought a shit load of people to the board to troll us thinking we were just about Japanese culture and were in complete panic there. Some stayed, others left, and from then on it started becoming much more noticed on 4chan. So I left after it was ruined by the rest of 4chan which was growing increasingly more noticed by the typical internet user anyways causing it to become the shit it is today. /jp/ was a nice place I could call home that lived a short life.
>> No. 15254 [Edit]
That's pretty much my experience with /jp/, except I abandoned it after the puddi spam thing.

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