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File 137046613196.png - (66.20KB , 294x320 , 1354539254806.png )
15131 No. 15131 [Edit]
What is exactly a ford driver?
Someone with a job? Friends? Who hangs out at night in parties and all? Someone in a relationship?
Or is it more like a mentality? `You should hang out more, Anon', `You shouldn't be so much at the computer', `What? You still watch chinese cartoons? Grow up!', `There is more in life than anime, you know', `X fetish is disgusting and amoral'?
What if someone has friends, hangs out, but doesn't have that douche mentality? Does it still make him a Ford Driver?

I'm asking because I've seen this word for years, but I'm still not sure if it has that kind of broad meaning.
>> No. 15132 [Edit]
We have this discussion a lot, I believe that's how the term 'Ford Driver' got coined in the first place. I think there are different levels of them, but I think the main problem are overly social people, e.g non outcasts, surface dwellers, club hitters, fagbook users, people who like 3D, and I think n0rmalfäg shouldn't be a universal term at all but something merely used by sites like us. Since this is a site for 2D loving, 3D hating outcasts NEETs and shut ins, it is logical that we would dislike the kind of people I listed, especially when they come here (the one place they don't belong). Another thing is that Ford Driver is to me also a mentality and the mindset the person has, most people here have a clear mindset of disliking the outside world, preferring 2D, and so on. A Ford Driver wouldn't understand that, which is why Ford Driver also very often gets used to describe non open minded people.

Another thing I should add, is they are called 'normal' because pretty much every person on the planet earth is a Ford Driver. No not necessarily because they are abnormal. This is why I always have to laugh when people say things like 'goth kids aren't Ford Drivers' and so on. Ford Driver should remain a chan term and not some big universal thing that loses all meaning. Ford Drivers are normal because pretty much everyone outside of these websites would be one considering things like hating 3D and not being a socialfag are involved. Of course you got the otaku in Japan who do that anyways but you get my point.

Ford Driver could also be used to describe a good portion of the kind of unwanted people we don't want, which is just what I described anyways.

Post edited on 10th Jun 2013, 8:07pm
>> No. 15134 [Edit]
To me, a ford driver is specifically a normal who forces his or her ideals on others, or takes pride in being a normal and feels others should too.

I like the term because it reminds me of a family that I was exposed to fairly regularly in my three years of boy scouts. They called their house a "compound" and went on ad nauseum to the other parents about how they were a "Ford family" and how great Ford cars were, and would make fun of my mother for driving a Nissan ("What's wrong with supporting people right here? Drive an American car like a ford. Ford invented the automobile so you can trust them.")

I lacked a term for normals who ostracised or pressed otaNEETs and such to conform to their expectations. Ford driver just really clicked for me personally when I first encountered it here.
>> No. 15135 [Edit]
I think the overall attitude of this site is that a ford driver is 'anyone who is not us'. Which is in ways sorta sad. Not all normal people are bad people, theres plenty of genuinely nice people out there, and ford driver is a somewhat derogatory term.
>> No. 15138 [Edit]
It's supposed to be deragatory, because it's used for shitty people, not for not-shitty people. If someone wants to do the things usually associated with Ford Drivers (focus on career/school, clubbing, bangin dem bitches, 8-5 soulless lifestyle), then fine, let them. But the second they start to force their ideals on someone else (specifically us), that's when the line is drawn. We don't force our ways onto them, nor should they do to us. It should be a gentlemen's agreement, but it's really not because of how society has condition people.
>> No. 15139 [Edit]
So was it you who came up with the term? When did it really first start getting used here?
>> No. 15147 [Edit]
To be honest, I do not think that being on Ford driver sites such as Livejournal, shitbookand Tumblr make you yourself one in and of itself. What truly makes you a Ford driver if you belong to such sites is if you act just like them, and adhere to their standards. Basically, if you don't stick out.

People on this site often forget that there are outcasts almost everywhere online. Those that are outcasts and yet have either a Livejournal or shitbookaccount don't suddenly lose their outcast status; they simply are either too stubborn to leave or don't care.
>> No. 15148 [Edit]
You have to consider the mentality too. Some would think tryhards who work towards appearing and being normal but still fail at it Ford Drivers all the same.
>> No. 15149 [Edit]
Having a job, or a 3DPD are not reasons for somebody being a ford driver either, in my opinion.

It's something more complicated than that.
>> No. 15150 [Edit]
This is a site for 2D love, regardless what they are called I think 3D lovers especially ones with a 3D should leave.
>> No. 15151 [Edit]
This. I fully agree with this.
>> No. 15152 [Edit]

I agree, but I was just stating what I personally believe.

After all, the owner of this site has one.
>> No. 15153 [Edit]
I have one what?
>> No. 15154 [Edit]
why does 2D love need to be 3D hate? its dumb.
>> No. 15155 [Edit]
I think he more means if they're going to talk about it, because this site (I think) was made for 2D, right?
You don't have to hate 3D to love 2D, though the hate for 3D probably led some people to their love for 2D.
>> No. 15156 [Edit]
This and because it's ironic for people with 3DPDs to come on THE website for 2D loving 3D hating outcasts. People like that have a tendency to try to go on every website they don't belong. This is literally, like the one website where someone with a 3D or someone interested in real women wouldn't belong, so why come here? It would be like a Jew going on a Nazi site (I'm not a Nazi that was just a good example) or someone who loves meat going on some vegetarian website, or a war admiral going to a hippie convention, etc you get the point. There are of course, small exceptions at times, but this should stay just that, small exceptions. I think a lot of people just want one website to escape from those kinds of people, you know?
>> No. 15162 [Edit]
This. I hear far more than enough assholes preaching "hurr get a gurl it defines your success as a male" shit as is. This is a place where such people seriously do not belong. It's one of the incredibly few places where their mentality isn't accepted. They can go somewhere else.
>> No. 15163 [Edit]
>I hear far more than enough assholes preaching "hurr get a gurl it defines your success as a male" shit as is.
Unless your parents are saying these things to you, you needn't be forced to hear them. Just don't visit websites where people have those attitudes.
>> No. 15167 [Edit]
My family does get on my case about it (though it's more my siblings than my parents), but honestly; how many websites are truly safe from that sort of mentality? You make it sound like a really simple thing, but it doesn't just show up on shitbook and other Ford Driver websites of its ilk. I see it on video game related websites, anime and manga websites, and even in the dialogue of people playing anime-styled MMORPGs. It doesn't saturate the environments there, but it's not exactly rare, and it shows up enough to be a nuisance.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2013, 1:01am
>> No. 15168 [Edit]
I feel like "Ford Driver" means that you basically are aggressively social. There's nothing inherently wrong with 3D, or having lots of friends, and such. We just don't partake, and those that refuse to accept it are Fordies.
>> No. 15169 [Edit]
Wait... I love 2D but I don't hate 3D... should I leave? I like this chan...
>> No. 15170 [Edit]
Not in my opinion. Just don't force things on others.
>> No. 15171 [Edit]
but posting on this board is social too
>> No. 15177 [Edit]
Posting on an anonymous imageboard is far from "aggressively social". You know exactly what he meant, don't start this shit again.
>> No. 15178 [Edit]
No, it came from some meatneck who posted here in a style reminiscent of "shit so cash," and had an itemised list of reasons we suck or should get da poosy or some shit. He numbered it 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4rd etc.
>> No. 15179 [Edit]
>reasons we suck or should get da poosy or some shit.
Thats one way of interpenetrating it, but since 1st was true neet and last place was Ford Driver/4rd. I doubt it was his intention.
>> No. 15183 [Edit]
I don't remember reading that. I thought it was from a thread with some kind of quiz where you rate yourself according to how abnormal you are, with 1st being like a typical tohno channer and 4rd being a normal.
>> No. 15187 [Edit]

Uh, no the guy was not a normal-fag. He was a NEET like us. He didnt stigmatize anyone for their levelness, others did for not being TRUNEED etc.
>> No. 15188 [Edit]

These are correct, I was confusing the thing with something else.

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