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File 128934119537.jpg - (102.14KB , 719x1150 , 186_3_WMQUV_MidorinoHibi-v01c003p065.jpg )
4 No. 4 [Edit]
I always felt that Sawamura was like me.
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>> No. 228 [Edit]
File 129456255570.jpg - (69.88KB , 700x1100 , 1210241807924.jpg )
I'm glad I looked at the last page. Midori no Hibi was so great. I laughed, and I cried. I might reread it again soon. The anime wasn't so bad either.

Actually all of Inoue's works are great. If you haven't read Aoi Destruction and Ai Kora, both are good.
>> No. 229 [Edit]
I really liked Midori no Hibi, and I tried Aoi Destruction and Ai Kora, but they didn't capture the same enjoyment. The joke in Aoi Destruction got old very quickly, and I felt the protagonist in Ai Kora was too similar to Seiji.

The thing that appealed to me in Midori no Hibi was mainly that I was a delinquent like Sawamura. I go into fights a lot (losing most) and had few friends. Sawamura eventually made many of them and he lived in a fantasy world which I wanted to be in.
>> No. 585 [Edit]
Got into the manga after picking it up in a seedy western comic store, enjoyed it, then couldn't find volume 2. Couldn't be bothered with looking up scans since I was already following five other scans at the time, and didn't pick up the anime. I really should again if I don't have anything to do again soon.
>> No. 588 [Edit]
It's only 8 volumes long, you might as well just spend one day to finish reading it.
>> No. 591 [Edit]
Sure is protagonist seat around here.
>> No. 592 [Edit]
Surprisingly, no.
He's sitting in the wrong place.

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