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File 132900432725.png - (692.54KB , 640x368 , shot0020.png )
8478 No. 8478 [Edit]
When a season of anime starts, I like to try and figure out which shows I should watch as they air and which ones should be viewed en masse after then end of the season. They way I break them up is that I watch shows that are generally episodic (i.e. natsume) as they air and shows that have a continuing story line (steins;gate for example) I watch marathon style after the season ends. The later group I treat that way because I have trouble keeping the details straight in my head with a week between eps and watching a lot of other anime between eps.
I wonder if I'm the only guy who does this kind of thing, but thats not what this thread is about.
You may wonder how I know, at the start of the season, which of the new shows are episodic and which are a long, continuous story line. I know because I ask people to tell me, which brings me to the reason why I'm posting this thread. Anyone want to tell me which shows I can start watching currently?
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>> No. 8479 [Edit]
I'd also like to marathon anime with single continuing storys, but it's not like they point out what anime are episodic or not.
seems like the only way to find out if something is episodic is by watching a few ep, but at that point, it would be silly to watch just the first ep or two of a show, then put the show on hold for 3-6 months to watch the rest.
If there's a way to know before hand, I'd love to know.
>> No. 8483 [Edit]
Those guys could totally talk to that girl on the roof if it weren't for that dumb tsunami warning map.
>> No. 8484 [Edit]
File 132903242336.jpg - (57.98KB , 640x368 , captain.jpg )
Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! Ep 10.
Aired once, shortly after the big earthquake and it happened to have a tsunami scene. A bit of bad luck I guess, the episode was pulled shortly thereafter which is why there are no raws that are unmarred by that damned blinking map.
>> No. 8488 [Edit]

>I wonder if I'm the only guy who does this kind of thing, but thats not what this thread is about.

I actually made a thread about marathoning waay back (although it's a post ib4f thread so you should be able to find it in the archive) and judging by the responses lots of guys do the same thing.

I never ever watch non episodic shows on weekly basis. I would honestly drop the show in question after two or three eps as I'd simply lose interest. Heck, I even stop watching Gintama when there's a longer story arc and wait till it's over (not that the plot matters whatsoever but I'd totally forget what last week's ep was about and I would feel a pressing need to rewatch it).

But I can't help you, the only shows I'm following this season are Natsume and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and I don't have much of an interest in anything else.

Then again most of the time it's pretty easy to tell what is episodic and what isn't. Over last two years I think I only made that mistake one as I expected Hanasaku Iroha would have 'plot' (if you can even call it plot when it comes to anime like that; I guess I expected more romance) progression through episodic content and rather than that it only had some 'character development' (character development is the trademark of shit writing by the way; when somebody says 'watch [x], it has great character development' 9/10 times [x] is terrible).
>> No. 8492 [Edit]
well, from the currently airing stuff I'm watching this season, I can tell you that.
Amagami SS+ plus; has a continuing story line every two ep.
Aquarion Evol; I'm tempted to call it episodic, but more in the in between zone, has a plot, sort of, but eps don't take place directly one after another in the story, there's something like a few days between episodes, if that makes any sense.
Black★Rock Shooter (TV); seems like another 'in between' anime, sort of on going, but sort of takes brakes.
Kill Me Baby; definitely episodic.
Mirai Nikki; mostly continuing story line, but does take chapter/ark bakes here and there.
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi; episodic.
Recorder to Randoseru; episodic.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear; seems kind of like a continuing story line from what I saw before losing interest.
Shakugan no Shana III (Final); continuing story line.
Smile Precure!; certainly gonna be episodic.
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai 2 Maku; episodic.
>> No. 8493 [Edit]
Arrigato a whole bunch, that really is tremendously helpful.
I think Thermae♨Romae could be added to the episodic list even though it is sadly already over.
>> No. 8494 [Edit]
God I will miss that show so much.
>> No. 8800 [Edit]
I know everyone hates it when people ask for recommendations, but I don't suppose you guys could recommend some stuff with continuous stories from past seasons could you?
Preferably around 13 ep or so, but whatever is fine.

None of those charts that get passes around say anything about this matter.
and I don't have friends or keep in contact with people, so I can't ask anyone about it...
>> No. 8806 [Edit]

I don't mind recommendation requests; on the contrary, I actually like recommendaing stuff (not just anime mind you). The problem start when every newbie's first post on an imageboard/forum is a new 'hi guize im new rec me stuff' thread ('wutz 'seach function'?'). As long as it's kept compact it's okay.

Okay, last year, let's see... We could argue just how 'continous' the story is in Kaiji but if you haven't seen it it's something you definitely should watch either way. Aside from that Steins;Gate was pretty good.

And that's about it. I haven't seen Tiger & Bunny but it was continous, right? Also Fate/Zero if you're into the franchise (I'm not so I can't say if it was any good; the second season airs this Spring if memory serves). And then there's the 'biggest disappointment of the year' category with Mawaru Penguindrum, C and Madoka competing for the title. The thing is both Madoka and Mawaru were really, really good and you should watch them either way (C was actually rather subpar), it's just that the hype surrounding the people behind the shows made them look like they're going to be the show of the decade (and I mean either of them) and they didn't deliver.

I wouldn't mind going even further back but since I don't know what you've seen it's hard to recommend stuff. I bet you haven't seen Rose of the Versailles though and you really need to fix that.
>> No. 8809 [Edit]
seconding Steins;Gate as a "stuff with continuous a story" show, also would suggest Shiki which was from Fall2010/Winter2011
>> No. 8810 [Edit]
Thanks, I guess I might check out Steins;Gate and C and possibly Shiki.
Already saw kaiji and the first half of destiny/0.
At 40 ep, Rose of the Versailles seems a bit long to marathon, but then again, it's not like I have anything better to do...

Thanks again, I know it's hard recommending stuff when you don't know what the person has seen, I guess I should post my MAL list or something...
>> No. 8817 [Edit]
File 133146987343.jpg - (155.20KB , 640x720 , 1496%20-%20gay%20legend_of_the_galactic_heroes%20r.jpg )

>At 40 ep, Rose of the Versailles seems a bit long to marathon, but then again, it's not like I have anything better to do...

I'd just like to warn you:

‣ Even though the plot is continous the show itself is not exactly plot driven.
‣ It's pretty specific. Basically, it's lot of cheese on top of 70s shoujo style and animation. Definitely not for everyone (which is pretty much the type of show I like now that I think about it, since my other favorites include the likes of Utena and Tutu). If you haven't ever seen any 70s/80s anime before I don't think this is a good place to start. If you have seen LoGH you should be fine, though (pic related). And if yu haven't you should simply watch LoGH.


Shiki was Summer/Fall. But yeah, it was good, even though the climax of the series (or rather, the most awesome moment) happened somewhere midway through it (just like Durarara now that I think about it but for a completely different reason). The character designs were awesome, though.

Two other mentionworthy 2010 shows with continous plot I recall without even looking at the charts: Durarara and Rainbow. Fall 2010 also had Star Driver which is kinda Utena: Mecha Edition (actually I can't even imagine anyone liking the show without having seen Utena first).
>> No. 8818 [Edit]
Is there a HD torrent batch for Rainbow out there that isn't in Chinese?
>> No. 8881 [Edit]
FroZen (Frostii-Saizen) finished it. There's a batch on BakaBT and probably Nyaa.

The show never aired in HD, and I don't think it got any BDs.

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