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File 135796885084.png - (0.98MB , 1920x1200 , 1920-1200-178549.png )
20006 No. 20006 [Edit]
Do you feel bad that Tohno-kun is creating tons of new boards without letting us know on the image board?

If you are not visiting the IRC you are missing out about 90% of TC!

How do you feel about? Do you cry a river like a little girl?
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>> No. 20007 [Edit]
there is twenty thousand posts on ot now my Haruhi
>> No. 20009 [Edit]
I know all the hidden boards, ask me and I may grant you the path to salviation.
>> No. 20010 [Edit]
Yeah, you're being left out on all five posts after I create the board and everyone forgets about it or stops caring..
>> No. 20011 [Edit]
So tohno thinks us non IRC users are subhuman/not worth of the secret club status?

harsh. I thought something was up when a few text board posts came up on the main page...
>> No. 20013 [Edit]
I don't care in the slightest
>> No. 20015 [Edit]
I don't really care.
I come here mostly for the waifu board. I use the other boards when I don't have anything else to do.
>> No. 20016 [Edit]
yes, exactly.
>> No. 20025 [Edit]
It's the worst! Absolutely! The worsssst!

>I use the other boards when I don't have anything else to do.
Same here. Which is all the time.
>> No. 20038 [Edit]
Just out of pure curiosity, how many of them are there now Tohno? I know of 11, how many am I missing?

/lh/ is the best board either way.
>> No. 20047 [Edit]
>> No. 20051 [Edit]
File 135803299012.gif - (483.23KB , 1024x768 , 234.gif )
That's nice. Thanks.
>> No. 20056 [Edit]
You forgot the one that's just you replying to yourself.
>> No. 20058 [Edit]
I left out like 3 on purpose dick wad.
>> No. 20060 [Edit]

Not bad, the only ones I didn't know about were 90s and 420.
>> No. 20061 [Edit]
If I'm correct, I once posted on that one. I think Tohno didn't like it.
>> No. 20062 [Edit]
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think one of the already few threads on /th/ was deleted. It dealt with services to be expected (I made some recall about not really needing heated water or a shower at all).
>> No. 20064 [Edit]
nearly a decade of anonymous posting has made it difficult for me to resume an identity, which makes ircing in turn difficult for me.
>> No. 20065 [Edit]
I know what you mean. Having a name and an identity sucks.
>> No. 20066 [Edit]
Just change your nick once a month.

I agree.
>> No. 20069 [Edit]
could have been the OP, I dunno. The only thread deleted from that board was one asking who was serious about it.
>> No. 20079 [Edit]
I've actually been banned from the IRC for quite a while.

I would like to get a chance to come back, given that I don't get on much at all. I don't think that I'm that big of nuisance to anyone.
>> No. 20080 [Edit]
I was banned because the channel ops had something against me.
>> No. 20081 [Edit]
But you are a big nuisance Negi. Anyone could search your name up on Google you know...


So you like trying to suck up to ADF-fuensalida now? Who's going to be next? Nick Bate? Pixyteri? Casperhead/Wraith Beliskner/Natalie Mercedes Langley/Rika/Robert Wayne Stiles? PaganDeathKnight/CaesarInvictus? You're nothing more than a joke.

Truth hurts, Negi.
>> No. 20082 [Edit]

Last time you were there I think you were posting 3DPD pictures, no?
>> No. 20083 [Edit]
Just unban him and reban him again if he's annoying.
>> No. 20084 [Edit]
I would never do that. Not in a million years would I do something so insensitive. I hate 3DPD and love Tohno-chan.

I was pointing out things about his new religion that made it not feasible. I don't know how that counts as "sucking up" but whatever. I was pointing out flaws in his logic because he interests me a bit.
>> No. 20086 [Edit]
Of all the Negiisms you could post, that is among the least offensive you could find.
>> No. 20088 [Edit]
Oh man I love internet personality drama.
>> No. 20107 [Edit]
I feel pretty good about not knowing a single one of the names >>20081 mentioned
>> No. 20114 [Edit]
It never ends.
>> No. 20115 [Edit]
I'm confused. Is this "ADF-fuensalida" person somehow linked to that thread or something?
>> No. 20124 [Edit]
So, do you guys think any of those boards should be added to the standard line up?
>> No. 20125 [Edit]

No, they are all narrow in focus and work better as hidden jokes.

Except /lh/, definitely add /lh/
>> No. 20126 [Edit]
>> No. 20128 [Edit]

Yeah, it's a pity there's so much circlejerking going on. But on such a small site it's to be expected.

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