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File 135573528457.png - (334.99KB , 600x416 , 31455198_m.png )
12830 No. 12830 [Edit]
I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate to post, but I don't really know many other places who have people in the same situation who could help me.

I've been a hikikomori, since I was a young teenager, so I don't really have any idea how to function as an adult in any sort of way. Next year I'm getting kicked out of home. I'm receiving weekly payments from the government and my family has agreed to help me set up automatic payments for things like power and water because I don't know how, but how can I cope with the rest of it all? What sort of other things will I have to do? What will the change be like? Is there anybody here who went through the same thing who can tell me what it's like? I'm really anxious and don't know how different it'll feel.
>> No. 12831 [Edit]
>I'm really anxious and don't know how different it'll feel.

You will be able to masturbate without fear of getting caught, and have all kinds of embarrassing things delivered with nobody there to ask you what's in the box.

But seriously, I know what you mean. I've never lived alone but my parents go out usually once a week, and even though I'm in my room alone all day anyway it still starts to feel weird after hours of being alone in the house. Being alone for DAYS would definitely take some getting used to

Post edited on 17th Dec 2012, 1:20am
>> No. 12832 [Edit]

I'm kind of worried because I get really anxious if they're gone for a few days on a trip (or even just for one day) and can't sleep well, and I feel really weird and disconnected after seeing nobody at all for more than a day or two. I don't know if I'll just get used the feeling after a while or if it'll always be there.
>> No. 12833 [Edit]
You'll have to sweep some time, do some laundry and wash the dishes. You may also have to learn to cook a couple simple stuff and/or have a 7-11 nearby. But really, as long as you can keep having clean water, electricity and internet, you should be fine, don't worry. It's good enough that you get government aid.

Post edited on 17th Dec 2012, 1:36am
>> No. 12834 [Edit]
Learn how to clean your clothing.Check clothing tags to see how they can be washes. Group Like colors (i.e. Red, Orange, Brown) together, white cloths together, black clothes together, etc. Normsally though it is just "white cloths" and "colored clothes".

Some cleansing agents do not fade your clothing. I believe Tide does that, but check. Also Tide allows you to mix all clothes together without bleedover. Again check.

Early on set out a basic budget so you don't spend your money all on restaurant meals and starve for half of the month....
>> No. 12835 [Edit]
speaking of that.....

get a simple vacuum cleaner of hijack one from your family. Whereever you move to, it is probably a good idea to at least clean up part of the place - esp if you have some allergies.

Washing Dishes - prbably good to buy some bleach. As in those gallon jugs. Buy plastic gloves, you know the one Dexter's mother wore in Dexter's Laboratory. Those ones for dish-washing and cleaning if you don't like touching nasty shit, even if you generated the shit.

Use those to cleanse. Use Bleach if it is something NASTY you fuckigng HATE and want to wipe out.

Look for a decent Grocery store nearby. Try to get a Costco membership if you can.

Also: buy a rice-cooker or pot boiler or frier. You can often get em pretty cheaply at fleamarkets. Hell, my grandmother won some as gifts from her casino-ing. And they're good for warming or boiling shit
>> No. 12840 [Edit]
I never wash anything separately and my clothes are just fine.
Dont use bleach. Just use dishwashing liquid and wash your dishes straight after you use them.
Dont buy a rice cooker, just get a microwave.

just my opinions.
>> No. 12841 [Edit]
Think about what you need first, just the basics. Like dishes, silverware, stuff to clean with, and try to get as much of it as you can from your family so you don't gotta pay. Then start thinking about what you need for food. Only you know your own eating habits, so just work cheaply around that with basic things you would need and then you can start actually buying things you want. Getting started may be a little hard but since your getting automatic payments for some things you're pretty lucky there. In general, just know what you need and work from there. I don't live alone since I can't get a job and don't know how to pay bills or do anything like that since I'm just too stupid but that's what I would do. And as for cleaning clothes, I have no clue how I would go about that. I don't get my shit very dirty anyways. Most of the time I just wake up, throw on the same pair of jean shorts and T-shirt I wore the other day and get started. I change clothes from week to week. Most of the time when I change them I just put them back without doing anything to them and all is well.
>> No. 12842 [Edit]
I do laundry about each month or two. Over that time, I always use the same trousers and coat whenever I have to go out looking decent (not very often, but still); so most of the charge is just underware, pajamas and a few shirts/sweaters (I never separate dark from white and haven't had any trouble). With access to a washer, is not hard at all.
>> No. 12846 [Edit]
Here's a tip, OP.
Compile everything into lists. Organize them into little jobs, and little sections. And just pick a few and do them every now and then, and also as you need to.
>> No. 12847 [Edit]
Make sure you buy a plunger. That's something you won't remember to do until your toilet is pouring all over the floor
>> No. 12853 [Edit]
Housework isn't too hard of a skill to pick up. I would be more terrified of housework if it involved interacting with people.

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