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File 130378143187.gif - (1.89MB , 500x281 , 1303683746123.gif )
3472 No. 3472 [Edit]
its been a long time since I've encountered a male protagonist whom i actually liked in anime.
also tiger and bunny thread
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>> No. 3473 [Edit]
He really is awesome.
>> No. 3474 [Edit]
I wish I could get over the CG and give this a fair shot, but it's just so... CG.
>> No. 3475 [Edit]
I was really put off by the cg too
but I dunno I really like the characters a lot so I don't mind so much anymore.
>> No. 3485 [Edit]
Everyone knows Origami Cyclone is the true bro, heroing it up behind the scenes.
>> No. 3486 [Edit]
I feel like adblocking 90% of this show.
>> No. 3496 [Edit]
with all the real life ads on these guys you would think they would have a budget to not resort to cg.
I still like the show though
>> No. 3522 [Edit]
File 130385928113.gif - (884.55KB , 371x230 , 1302828896770.gif )
Don't mind the CG, it's better than average. Ads are a bit annoying but I got over them quickly. Tiger is an awesome protag.
>> No. 3524 [Edit]
This is actually pretty good. Anyone know how many episodes it will have?
>> No. 3526 [Edit]
26, I think.
>> No. 3578 [Edit]

As far as I know it's only up to 12, ending around June or so.
>> No. 4579 [Edit]
YES we are moving to 25 episodes!

It doesn't even matter what kind of twists they're going to throw in to extend it... the characters are great, and they're only getting better.

I really want to see a scene where Kotetsu comes out to his daughter in front of Bunny~ and he realizes who he saved~
>> No. 4580 [Edit]
Just saw a PV of this anime, it looks interesting.
Seems that 15 episodes are announced.
>> No. 4608 [Edit]
File 130921838442.png - (114.97KB , 230x334 , Diego.png )
Am I the only one who thinks that Kotetsu looks a bit Diego/Godot of the Phoenix Wright series?
>> No. 4609 [Edit]
Oh shit, you're right.

25 episodes or not, I doubt I'll ever see my Tiger x Blue rose.
>> No. 4612 [Edit]

Yea, don't think there will be a Tiger x Blue rose.
The ads aren't really that annoying. I got over them pretty quickly.
>> No. 4630 [Edit]
But we already have Karina blushing everytime Kotetsu shows up on screen, bugging and lecturing him~

There is no way we won't get doujins.
>> No. 4631 [Edit]
Oh we'll get doujins for sure, it is Japan after all. I just wanted to see it canon but she's too daughterzoned for that.
>> No. 4635 [Edit]
What? Maybe I'm missing something but these three never appear together.
>> No. 4636 [Edit]
Maybe not in harem anime where the whole purpose of the show is to make every pair possible by having a vague ending.
>> No. 4680 [Edit]
This show keeps getting better and better, I am amazed that a show as great as this and a second season of Kaiji happened in the same year, let alone the same season.

Hopefully this sells well. It won't
>> No. 4681 [Edit]
Really? You should look at the Amazon sale rankings once in a while.
>> No. 4687 [Edit]
It's actually the best selling anime of the season.
>> No. 4689 [Edit]

Well shit, is that some faith in humanity I feel?
>> No. 4847 [Edit]
File 131028470133.jpg - (480.61KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 14 [2CFF23DF]_mkv_000.jpg )
Looks like Kotetsu's powers are evolving.

Meanwhile Rock Bison is barely avoiding getting fired.

What are you doing Rock Bison?
You have super strength all the time.
Why are you so low ranked?
>> No. 4848 [Edit]
Does anybody else dislike the new OP and ED?
>> No. 4852 [Edit]

I didn't like the first ED that much(1st OP was nice though), but yeah I think the new ones ain't better.
>> No. 4854 [Edit]
File 13103156899.jpg - (330.68KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 05 [EBB5D499]_mkv_000.jpg )

I liked both of the former OP/ED's but liked the ED slightly more.

This time I like the 2nd OP the best and dislike the ED. It just sounds all over the place and doesn't really match the show imo.
>> No. 4857 [Edit]
File 131032374536.jpg - (32.45KB , 500x282 , kotetsu is ready.jpg )
>> No. 4949 [Edit]
File 131092479797.jpg - (300.39KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 16 [273F368B]_mkv_001.jpg )
Apparently he wasn't ready.

Though, I will agree that this show just keeps getting better.
>> No. 5124 [Edit]
File 131156813471.jpg - (168.83KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110725002014.jpg )
Oh Haruhi I teared up.
>> No. 5126 [Edit]
Same here, that scene was so bittersweet.
>> No. 5136 [Edit]
This was a really good episode.

It's pretty funny that his daughter's power is already turning out to be better than his.
>> No. 5171 [Edit]
wouldn't say they are better just different more sky high style since she's flying
>> No. 5178 [Edit]
File 131170117173.jpg - (301.78KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 12 [78DE0162]_mkv_000.jpg )
Wonder how Kotetsu plans to solve crime now.

Based on his past behavior, I don't really expect him to become the Batman, but I could be pleasantly surprised.

I'm sure Barnaby could pull it off but...
>> No. 5190 [Edit]

I suspect the writers are going to BS something so we find out that Tiger's powers aren't really disappearing. Like this is a prelude to his powers evolving, or it's a psychological thing causing them to fade, or he finds someway to reverse their decline, or there's some evil next who goes around sapping super powers, or something.
>> No. 5191 [Edit]
I might be over thinking this, but I assume that the writers are going to continue this "Watchmen" style and Tiger's loss of powers are going to represent the death of the old ideal of the super hero and he is superseded by new kinds of heroes like Bunny and Lunatic.

Or yeah, I might just be over thinking this.
>> No. 5192 [Edit]
Yeah, I think that his powers will definitely return by the end of the series. Though I wouldn't mind whichever direction the writers went with it.
>> No. 5216 [Edit]
File 131183032345.jpg - (430.07KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 14 [2CFF23DF]_mkv_001.jpg )
I won't mind as long as it makes some kind of sense. They've done a pretty good job thus far, so I don't think they'll pull any BS cards.

I like how Rock Bison is the TAGER of Tiger & Bunny. He stays at the bottom of the list.
>> No. 5312 [Edit]
I need to stop reading these threads before I've caught up with a series. Spoilers, spoilers.
>> No. 5452 [Edit]
File 131258447127.jpg - (713.56KB , 800x1145 , TIGER_and_BUNNY_Strength_in_Unity_01.jpg )
In case you guys didn't know, Katsura's T&B oneshot's been translated:
>> No. 5505 [Edit]
I agree with you. It also seems like his daughter is being set up to the extreme of this--she has a power that Tiger has never heard of, etc. But honestly I just want to see him be a proper father.
>> No. 5507 [Edit]
File 131275313873.jpg - (192.15KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 19 [F23B0B6D]_mkv_sna.jpg )
This scene. So unnecessary and yet so like Tiger. Pretty awesome episode in any case though. I had expected that most of Hero TV was rigged and corrupt, but didn't expect the president to be the killer and a NEXT as well.
>> No. 5508 [Edit]
File 131275648332.jpg - (350.68KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 18 [23110EDD]_mkv_001.jpg )

Also, Tiger - a character with one of the worst powers in the show, gives birth to someone with one of the most broken powers in the show.

What a twist.
>> No. 5538 [Edit]
File 131283223032.jpg - (210.99KB , 1280x720 , 131275313873.jpg )

Look at this hater in the background.
>> No. 5884 [Edit]
File 131414868828.jpg - (401.77KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 21 [95B5F661]_mkv_001.jpg )
Character of the Year.
>> No. 5885 [Edit]
That was a great throwback to the first episode, this series so awesome.
>> No. 5886 [Edit]
Can't believe I ever found that costume corny. It looks so badass when I look at it now.
>> No. 6103 [Edit]
File 131573508196.jpg - (68.81KB , 1280x720 , [NoGrp]_Tiger_and_Bunny_-_24_[720p][unofficial]_mk.jpg )
Well, fuck...
>> No. 6104 [Edit]
Don't worry, it's Sunrise. No one dies.
>> No. 6109 [Edit]
I hope you're joking.
>> No. 6110 [Edit]
File 131575722472.jpg - (84.53KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 6126 [Edit]
File 131578220535.jpg - (79.26KB , 1280x720 , bawwww6.jpg )
[Insert death wail.]
>> No. 6202 [Edit]
An ending that (purposely?) doesn't really resolve much yet I don't mind because I love Kotetsu. Here's to hoping season 2 won't take too long.
>> No. 6203 [Edit]
I thought the end was really underwhelming, this series really didn't live up to its potential.

Was still fun though, hopefully the second season can fix some of its problems.
>> No. 6208 [Edit]

How many shows actually do live up to their potential though? A second season would be nice but personally I would prefer a movie.
>> No. 6211 [Edit]
File 131639731435.jpg - (333.90KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 22 [98939B68]_mkv_001.jpg )
It kind of sucks about his power.
Now he's in league with the JV squad?

If his duration is going to be so short, they could at least balance it out by making it uber mode like on that Blue Rose stalker episode. His daughter could do a better job the way things stand now.
Not related but, who is this girl?
They've shown her in like EVERY single episode.
>> No. 6212 [Edit]
The leader of Ouroboros
>> No. 6215 [Edit]
The stupid thing is that if you just gave Kotetsu some fancy weapons, he could still be a better than Origami who has no offensive supernatural powers.
>> No. 6216 [Edit]

Given how powerful those androids they fought were, and how Tiger's suit is all robotic, using their technology to upgrade his suit could actually make Tiger a more effective hero than his actual power ever did.
>> No. 6217 [Edit]
File 131646574613.jpg - (411.72KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 23 [F00BE6F3]_mkv_001.jpg )
Rock Bison didn't do anything the entire series.

He never got his own episode... and barely had any screen time.
>> No. 6225 [Edit]
I wonder if Rock Bison was originally supposed to have a lot of the roles Blue Rose took; caring and knowing about Kotetsu, being the first to get her memories back and trust him. I assume that Pepsi paid quite a bit of money to make Blue Rose an important character though.

Or maybe I am reading too into this and they forgot about Rock Bison like they forgot about Lunatic, Origami and Dragon Kid.
>> No. 6226 [Edit]
maybe they saw how much money they got paid by pepsi, demanded more than the agreed upon sum from other sponsors, many didn't comply, and this is the outcome.

Or alternatively, the other sponsors didn't like how their characters ended up being portrayed and cut short funding.

Or it could be neither.

We will never know.
>> No. 6242 [Edit]
File 131653696613.png - (2.02MB , 1253x1770 , TigerBunny03.png )

Isn't it sad Bison?
>> No. 7970 [Edit]
But it's being continued! Despite how bad it got, it always was, it's being continued! And somehow this is exciting!
>> No. 7971 [Edit]
Despite a pretty poor ending I enjoyed it, I'm happy to hear we are going to get more.

>> No. 9004 [Edit]
Jeuss Christ, this series.

First, let me star with what was good (because that's gonna be short as fuck). The character designs are really cool, the cotsumes for the heroes are great, too, and it's nice to see something done in a unique art style (as opposed to generic anime #921892). The voice actors did a great job - I was actually kinda worried since they didn't hire any blockbuster seiyuu but really, there was not a single voice actor who disappointed me. That's fucking it.

‣ The director should commit sudoku. I haven't seen scene transitions this horrid since Eva 2.22 and a) Eva actually had an excuse b) this was actually even worse than Eva.
‣ The music composer should either commit sudoku or blame whoever picked the tracks for the anime. They used the same track for at least 10 minutes every single episode. On top of that it sounded like generic superhero song #1291291. How many tracks were there altogether? 4?
Maverick being the mastermind was so fucking obvious I felt insulted. It was just awful. The worst plot development in recent memory.
‣ Rock Bison and Fire Emblem never got their episodes.
‣ What the fuck happened to Lunatic? Did everybody forget he ever existed? I know this will be most likely resolved in the movies but the way the show handled it was retarded. On top of that, someone with his powers would easily kill the criminals and yet even after the one year time skip at the end I bet he never killed more than ~5. Him working as a prosecutor (that's his job, right?) doesn't make much sence, either, but that's a different matter altogether. On top of that, they never really got into the whole relationship between him, Legend and Tiger. I understand they might do it in the movies but that's just poor planning, sorry.
‣ On top of that what makes superhero comics/cartoons cool are supervillains. Lunatic was pretty good, Jake was okay but that's it. Where were my cheesy supervillains?
‣ What the hell happened to Samantha? It never got resolved properly. Was she really killed by Maverick?
‣ PLOTHOLES, SO MANY PLOTHOLES. It's fucking amazing how many they managed to squeeze in such a simple series. Maverick must've suffer from Down's syndrome because not a single thing he did throughout the whole series made any sense.
‣ Barnaby was definitely not a Batman knock off (with him decided to become hero because he saw his justice loving parents get murdered when he was a little boy).
‣ Tiger using those wires of his to move throughtout the city was definitely not a Spiderman knock off.
‣ Blue Rose's powers and the way she used them to move was definitely not an Iceman knock off.
‣ The whole idea about Next and how they are treated like shit by the society was definitely not an X-men knock off. The relationship between Jake and Kriem was definitely not a knock off of what Magneto's relationship with his followers looked like. Jake's ideals were definitely not a knock off of Magento's.
‣ Okay, let me get this straight. You make a series about superheroes. This is pretty exciting because you can use whatever power you could imagine. And then you proceed to give your heroes the following powers: superpower, superpower, superpower, control over fire, control over ice, control over electricity, control over air, morphing ability. What the hell?


This was basically Angel Beats 2.0. So much potential, all down the drain.
>> No. 9005 [Edit]
File 133242366786.jpg - (109.62KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Tiger & Bunny - 13 [F980E3A4]_mkv_sna.jpg )

Lunatic being a prosecutor was a daredevil knockoff, or whoever that marvel superhero is that is blind has and a prosecutor day/cover job.

Nearly every characters and place was a homage to some earlier western superhero type thing in one way or another, from the city's layout to the hero HQ entrance hall statue. Even the city's backstory and how the NEXT are viewed by the populace are homages. I found all of these homages to be one of the most amusing parts of the series, and a positive thing (though you took the opposite outlook).

I agree with you about the directing and how the story was played out, but with the obviously massive amount of effort put in to homage so many things with so much detail, I belieive it is more likely that all of the big bad evil dude's stuff WILL make sense once his back story and motives are shown and fully explained throughout the movies.

While I am hopeful about the movies, I'm reminded that I still haven't watched the King of Eden Movie(s), and my general attitude toward the end of a series being more of an advertisement for a continuation of sorts (movie, or another season that is yet to be announced) more than an epilogue and ending isn't favorable.
>> No. 9006 [Edit]

>I found all of these homages to be one of the most amusing parts of the series, and a positive thing (though you took the opposite outlook).

I didn't think it was bad, I thought it's endlessly boring. In a genre where literally anything goes (fuck, you can make a character using his nose hair as tentacles and nobody will complain because that's how superpowers work) they did nothing mentionworthy whatsoever. The only good idea (the whole thing being a show where heroes compete for points) was vritually dropped after 5 or so eps.

The fact that they were obviously making big chunks of the story on the go didn't help.

And even though I wrote that much I still failed to mention quite a few things - the horrible CG, adverts, MISUNDERSTANDINGS used as a drama device (I love MISUNDERSTANDINGS used for comedy purposes, though) etc.

See, I'm complaining mostly because this could've been much, much better. And I'm kinda pissed they managed to ruin it. If it was just outright bad I wouldn't even comment on it. As it is now it's not bad, it's just horribly executed. And that's a way bigger crime than doing a series which is simply bad.
>> No. 9077 [Edit]
Now that I think about it the show went downhill when Blue Rose's catchphrase disappeared. Funny, since the same thing happened with Mawaru Penguindrum (it took a nosedive in quality when they layed off the WERKAM TO R&R NAIT transformation sequence).

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