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File 132704814147.jpg - (446.31KB , 1224x1352 , Kuro_Kagami_by_deviant_003.jpg )
8227 No. 8227 [Edit]
i saw this
a couple of days ago and was kind of disappointed, not because my waifu wasn't on the list, but because it completely ignores all yuri and yaoi. i once seriously considered leaving my waifu for a yuri character and i really think that it kind of bigoted to keep them off the list.
sorry about posting sankakucomplex, i know its not generally a well regarded source of content, but i just felt like what i had to say needed to be posted somewhere.

pic related, a completely lovable homosexual female character.
i really don't care that she wouldn't be interested in me, that doesn't make her any less of a wonderful person.
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>> No. 8228 [Edit]
the poll only has 3000 votes
stop reading shitkakucomplex
>> No. 8230 [Edit]
File 132704935963.jpg - (34.52KB , 704x400 , strung out kyon.jpg )
I'm sorry, I just can't help myself. I have to look at kuso-san complex everyday even though I know its bad for me.
Maybe I need to out it on my adblock list or something…
>> No. 8231 [Edit]
wow, I knew that list would be shit before following the link...
but still, wow.. it's like a bad joke.
>> No. 8233 [Edit]
Top 10 shit anime if you ask me.
>> No. 8234 [Edit]
Oh, come on. Emma wasn't that bad, right...? I'm really asking since I've only read the manga.
>> No. 8235 [Edit]
The anime isn't better, trust me.
>> No. 8237 [Edit]
>stop reading shitkakucomplex

>> No. 8252 [Edit]
i disagree
>> No. 8253 [Edit]

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