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File 131682946870.jpg - (368.35KB , 850x1124 , yandere1271372745212.jpg )
10504 No. 10504 [Edit]
You have been sentenced to death.

What do you request for your last meal?

What are your last words?
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>> No. 10507 [Edit]
>What do you request for your last meal?
Macaroni 'n' cheese awright
>What are your last words?



Admittedly my friend came up with that one, but it's too perfect to not use.
>> No. 10512 [Edit]
>What do you request for your last meal?
No idea, maybe lasagna or something.

>What are your last words?
"I give life a 4/10. Solid idea, but it was just too poorly executed." Pun unintended
>> No. 10515 [Edit]

>What do you request for your last meal?

Some Chef Boyardee preferably cheesy hamburger. I just love the stuff.

>What are your last words?
I'll probably just stay quite and think about the things that affected me the strongest in my life.

Is that a reference to Keened & Kel?
>> No. 10517 [Edit]
>> No. 10538 [Edit]
>What do you request for your last meal?
Why should I care? I'm going to die anyway. Eh, tacos or something.
>What are your last words?
Sorry, I'm not the only one.
>> No. 10568 [Edit]
>What do you request for your last meal?
Velveeta with that salsa stuff. Shit's delicious. Going to hell with a full stomach.
>What are your last words?
"Dude, what are you doing with that need-"
>> No. 10572 [Edit]
I never got the idea of last meals. Sure, shit's tasty, but eating is the definition of living. Would feel weird doing that before dying. But I guess every action before your foretold demise would.
I'd eat a good pizza. And then tell everyone evolved in the execution that I will ghost-shit in their mouths while they sleep.
>> No. 10573 [Edit]
For my last meal, nothing. Sort of a fuck you to the whole system, I guess. I'd be either too nervous or too content at that point to want to eat anything anyway.

No idea about my last words. I'd probably stutter out some silly thing. Better to just stay quiet.
>> No. 10574 [Edit]
>I never got the idea of last meals. Sure, shit's tasty, but eating is the definition of living.

I thought about this. I think it's an act of compassion. Society deems these people to be worthy of death, but still gives them one final moment of kindness. It's symbolically showing that "we" are better than the murderers.

I think my answer would be Sesame Chicken from a specific local Chinese takeout place, some Inarizushi, and a slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

I don't know about my last words. I like food, so maybe after years of prison food I'd be so broken up at the thought of such a delicious last meal that I'd laud society for being so nice as to give me a last meal like that.
>> No. 10577 [Edit]
File 131699861643.jpg - (33.53KB , 419x399 , 幽々子・誘いましょう.jpg )
Pizza with tuna & onions, probably. Also a large, mixed plate of sushi. For drinks, I'll have some Big Red soda and a glass of mead, if alcohol is permitted.

>What are your last words?
Could've gotten this over with a bit faster, faggots!
>> No. 10578 [Edit]
who knows what fancy new food will exist in the 30 years it takes for the criminal justice system to finally execute you!
>> No. 10580 [Edit]

The meat will be test tube meat though.
>> No. 10650 [Edit]
Definitely a huge plate of Alfredo. I can never have that stuff around for very long as I can't resist devouring it.
>> No. 10651 [Edit]
My grandfather's name was Alfredo.
>> No. 10652 [Edit]
it's "was" because that guy ate him!
>> No. 10656 [Edit]
A bottle of ketamine. And my last words will be "I shall return as the maggots that feast on your corpses."
>> No. 10711 [Edit]
Gimme a half a dozen grilled cheese sandwiches (with real sharp cheddar), a couple cans of ravioli, a big chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake and a gallon of Arizona green tea to slug it all down with.
>> No. 10731 [Edit]
>What do you request for your last meal?
A nice large steak, medium, with some sweet potato fries. A cup of good latte with a small piece of a cheese cake for a desert.
>What are your last words?
Its kinda funny how it all played out.
>> No. 10732 [Edit]
Last meal: A full fry. Bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, soda bread, potato bread, pancakes, the lot, and to wash it down, a can of Coca-cola. Simple, but it's one of the most enjoyable meals there are.

My last words would probably be "I lived life for my love, I have no true regrets. I walk into death with my head held high, in the vain hope she's there waiting for me."
>> No. 10734 [Edit]
File 131755096434.png - (64.64KB , 300x188 , fafs.png )
Myself I think eating as only as one daily routine, just something I need to do. I dont do it for the enjoyment. I would request just glass of classy wine. Ofcourse I don't want to die as being sober. Or cup of black coffee if alcohol isn't allowed.

My last words would be something "I don't have any regrets. Goodbye everyone."
>> No. 10744 [Edit]
I wanna eat (out) my waifu's pussy.

But honestly i'd ask for lots of kick ass burgers and curly fries, and down it with soft drink.

OP's pic is really cute btw.
>> No. 10745 [Edit]
Last meal: a couple of my late grandma's oatmeal raisin cookies. I'm cheesy and sentimental like that.

Last words, it doesn't much matter to me. I'd probably say "I love you, Sylvie" like I do every day; it just so happens that this would be the last time. C'est la vie, et le mort.
>> No. 10774 [Edit]
Two hamburgers, bacon and assorted sausages, everything well fried. Some mustard and ketchup and a cup of black coffee.

I'd say nothing.
>> No. 10778 [Edit]

>Texas jails abolish last meals after uneaten banquet

>The move came after a prisoner requested a huge meal then did not eat any of it, saying he was not hungry.

>Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed on Wednesday for the notorious hate-crime killing of James Byrd Jr in 1998.

Trolling 'nogs from beyond the grave.
>> No. 10797 [Edit]
I changed my mind. Swordfish and a bottle of wine. That's what I want. If you've never had swordfish, it's really good, more like a steak than fish even. I'd go to my death stone drunk and basically happy.
>> No. 13503 [Edit]
a Taiyaki fish

hurry up and get it over with.

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