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File 135026769337.jpg - (107.82KB , 1280x720 , Thanks Japan.jpg )
11902 No. 11902 [Edit]
Literally retarded girlfriend; The anime.

Post edited on 16th Oct 2012, 7:43pm
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>> No. 11903 [Edit]
me on the right.
>> No. 11904 [Edit]
File 135026797196.jpg - (111.02KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 01 [C026AA28]_.jpg )
Autistic savant girlfriends are the best girlfriends.
>> No. 11905 [Edit]
I just noticed, is her skirt transparent?



Does she have some kind of strange talent I am unaware of? Just seems like a regular qt ass-pie to me.
>> No. 11906 [Edit]
Did you miss the whole famous painter thing?
>> No. 11907 [Edit]
File 135026933643.jpg - (109.06KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 01 [C026AA28]_.jpg )
Must have.

I just skimmed through it again, and the only reference I saw was like one line of him saying; "She's in the art division right, she must have some talent", and a scene where it shows her poorly written manga.
>> No. 11908 [Edit]
Yeah, I jumped the gun. That line was from the plot summary.
>> No. 11909 [Edit]

I was planning on not watching this but she looks too cute to pass up
>> No. 11911 [Edit]
File 135028401366.jpg - (90.35KB , 1920x1080 , good heavens.jpg )
Is it just me, or there seems to be a lot of excentric female characters put together this season?...

However: she's endearing, no doubt about it; and the fact she can draw makes it damned personal for me.
>> No. 11913 [Edit]
I wish JC staff would have used all money they used in this, in to Little Busters! instead...
>> No. 11926 [Edit]
The plot summary gave me Nodame-esque vibes but it looks like this girl is literally retarded. Still, it works for me so I'll most likely keep watching.
>> No. 11930 [Edit]
File 135033806540.jpg - (112.74KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 01 [72.jpg )
Is she retarded or just eccentric?

Either way, the male protagonist's reaction to helping her dress was kind of over-the-top. Just help her out jeez. If she's mentally unstable she definitely doesn't deserve to get yelled at.
>> No. 11944 [Edit]
File 135035861430.gif - (1.00MB , 500x232 , creamy.gif )
>> No. 11953 [Edit]
File 135040258849.jpg - (123.28KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 02 [A5561527]_.jpg )

Episode 2 pretty much confirms she's mentally handicapped. However, this doesn't make her any less endearing.
>> No. 11962 [Edit]
File 13504332924.jpg - (121.44KB , 1440x810 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This episode left little to imagination...

I wouldn't call mentally hadicaped to a person with a precocious and widely acknowledged artistic talent. She's just socially inept, for some reason. Maybe, as a prodigy child, she's been terribly overprotected all over her life... but again: I don't think she's what we'd call retarded, in terms of IQ or equivalent. Actually, she might be bright (which I personally find much more attractive).
>> No. 11963 [Edit]
File 135043348582.jpg - (308.17KB , 1920x1080 , 8ea9604e.jpg )
>> No. 11970 [Edit]
File 135043550517.jpg - (97.31KB , 1920x1080 , sakura-sou-no-pet-na-kanojo-episode-2-036.jpg )
"I won't let you sleep tonight..."
>> No. 11973 [Edit]
File 135044283490.jpg - (120.51KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 02 [A5561527]_.jpg )

Depends on who started the thread.
If I put a thread up, I always include the name in the subject area.

However, if you look at the filenames for pics posted, it will give you the name of the show.
>> No. 11976 [Edit]
retard moé
>> No. 11992 [Edit]

They had to but all of their budget into this to compete with KyoAni's retard girl show.
>> No. 11997 [Edit]
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is mind-blowingly offensive. It features a girl so childlike and so dependent that the main male protagonist has to tie her shoes, tell her to put on panties, remind her where she is, and tell her to change her white blouse when she spills water all over herself. Asking her to wash her face without drenching herself would simply be too much. Washing faces is hard. That's grown-up stuff.

Our empty-avatar-for-male-fantasy-fulfillment is Sorata, a normal average boring dude who got banished to live in Sakurasou, a dormitory for problem students because he refused to give up a stray cat he adopted. Aww. He sure does love cats. The problem is, everyone else in Sakurasou is a sex-starved loon—either pervert otaku, or women who think only of marriage and housework. Poor Sorata even has the misfortune of occasionally waking up with girls in his bed, practically begging to be his wife. That doesn't set women back at all! Although, that's positively progressive compared to transfer student Mashiro, the “pet girl” in question.

You see, Mashiro isn't actually dumb. She's actually an incredibly talented artist. She just completely lacks the mental capacity to do anything else in life, so Sorata has to basically be her caretaker. Somewhere, there is the sound of tissue boxes being ripped open, and the tell-tale plip-plops of a Jergens bottle being pumped. Because really, what we really need is more creative ways to degrade women. Smart, artsy women (see, it's not sexist if she's REALLY good at something, right?).

I'm not quite sure where my disbelief in this series maxes out. Try as I might to compile a list of all the things that made me throw up my hands in disgust, I can't quite shake the pet girl. Alright, so there's a house of girls who crave being housewives. So there's an inappropriate teacher who shoves her tits in everyone's faces. That's fine. Whatever. But when you get to the point where you have a high school girl who can't even put on her own shoes, you are about two episodes away from her getting lectured on how to use a spoon. Or maybe he'll have to help change her panties every time she soils herself. The possibilities are endless. I haven't quite figured out yet if she's a pet or an invalid, but both options are horrible.
>> No. 11998 [Edit]
I wish the lady who wrote that would get hit by a car, and for you to get a really bad stomachache for making me aware that this exists
>> No. 11999 [Edit]
So if it were a woman taking care of a retarded boy, it'd be okay? Just because a woman's made to look bad doesn't mean that all women are bad for the sake of being women. Look at how you described the dorm earlier; women are a bit hungry for love, sure, but aren't the men as well? If you want to be offended because a fictional character has a disability, that's your choice and all man but you're just getting upset for no reason.

In fact, I think this show is great because it shows that people with great difficulties in life can overcome them with proper support.. and maybe even.. find love?
>> No. 12000 [Edit]
The person who posted that is obviously not the one who wrote it. You are arguing with nobody
>> No. 12001 [Edit]

>So if it were a woman taking care of a retarded boy, it'd be okay?

Of course, I gave tonari no kabitsu kun a 4/5, and this a 0.5/5. Check out my reviews here;

>> No. 12002 [Edit]

Cut it out, people are going to believe you and this thread will turn into a swirling vortex of poop
>> No. 12003 [Edit]
File 135053691786.png - (1.00MB , 1280x720 , Sakurasou-no-Pet-na-Kanojo-Ep-1-Img0028.png )

I like this show (and anime in general) precisely because it objectifies females through characterization, making them what I want to see and not what they really might be which I don't give a flying fuck about...

What did you think you were looking at?

>> No. 12004 [Edit]

That is inevitable and you know it.
>> No. 12319 [Edit]
File 135216696658.jpg - (83.52KB , 700x391 , shiinacloeupsad.jpg )
I really liked the conversation he had about how painful it can be for someone who is just average to be around highly talented people. It's something I've become far too aware of myself lately while trying to talk with people who are incomparably brilliant, it just makes your own inadequacies feel all the more prominent.
>> No. 12336 [Edit]
File 135219667092.jpg - (231.92KB , 1044x1184 , that happens.jpg )
>> No. 12337 [Edit]
File 135219682418.png - (0.99MB , 1060x586 , related.png )
I may understand this. I mean, sometimes I've thought I did fine -even great- at some things, and that I was carving a good name and path on them; but when it has come to join the major leagues and play with the big boys, I've just fell flat and failled pathetically, despite my best efforts...

This might be a light romance/comedy anime, but it sure pulls some strings. I just sometimes feel I'm on the bright side of the conflict, but soon I realise I'm in the other one. Guess I just crave for sense and project myself fucking everywhere (if only I had that: sense; a drive to go somewhere once again)...

Anyway: fairly nice series, up to now.
>> No. 12340 [Edit]
I just want to strangle Sorata after episode 4.
Sudden, God-sent motivation saves the day.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
Yeah but that game thing seems be a crapshot, like NHK Satou's attempt on the very same field.
>> No. 12345 [Edit]
File 135220372849.jpg - (178.40KB , 700x392 , rpgmaker.jpg )
I thought it was pretty cool that they clearly showed him using RPG Maker VX Ace and the stock sprites it comes with. I like making stupid little games in that as well.
>> No. 12350 [Edit]
Did your gpu overheat seconds after you took that screenshot?
>> No. 12440 [Edit]
File 135281831160.jpg - (168.08KB , 1280x720 , Osw.jpg )
Episodes 5 and 6 were pretty nice.

I'm starting to like most characters.
They can't really make jokes though.
>> No. 12454 [Edit]
File 135286778197.jpg - (110.54KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 06 [3EDE6905]_.jpg )

But they are quite good at embarrassing themselves and each other.
>> No. 12455 [Edit]
i was hoping this show would have more cat related hijinks and instead its just filled with forced and entirely implausible drama therefore it has been dropped by every true otaku hiki neet i know IRL, which is to say that i dropped it. artwork was quite nicely done, though.
>> No. 12464 [Edit]
I think the drama is pretty lame too, but I'll probably keep watching it, since Misaki is cute and I have nothing better to do anyway
>> No. 12482 [Edit]
File 135306379335.jpg - (122.46KB , 627x702 , sockpuppeting.jpg )
Before that one moment I had totally bought her pose of high morals and shit...
I like her much better now.

Post edited on 16th Nov 2012, 3:05am
>> No. 12523 [Edit]
File 135343959737.jpg - (87.01KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 07 [DADADAAA]_.jpg )

You mean you didn't realize she was the pervy girl of the series until she outright admitted it?
>> No. 12526 [Edit]
Well, yeah... The characters feel so stereotyped most of the time I just thought things were as they said.
>> No. 12650 [Edit]
File 135414335456.jpg - (71.33KB , 1280x720 , Baby don't hurt me.jpg )
>> No. 12790 [Edit]
File 135545036243.jpg - (415.79KB , 641x1092 , broh.jpg )
Brohno cameo.
>> No. 12791 [Edit]
File 135545057430.jpg - (131.34KB , 1280x720 , a.jpg )
Just what this show needed after all those sluts.
>> No. 12801 [Edit]

It's a reverse trap, calling it now.
>> No. 12802 [Edit]
He's just a man.
>> No. 12861 [Edit]
File 135596892862.png - (321.03KB , 540x614 , offended.png )
Woman: you have offended me, you have offended mai famiri and you offend the hikikomori temple.
>> No. 12865 [Edit]
File 135597235222.png - (161.66KB , 543x305 , not enough.png )
I always try to do this, when drawing. I never accept something that doesn't both moves me (emotionally and intellectually) and puts my capacities to the limit. And most of the times, not even that is enough to get others.

Moreover: sometimes people likes much better a few things that I don't like anymore or find far inferior to other current works, which people don't care about at all. I guess public is a fickle damsel indeed, and no work is ever really completed by the author but by each one in the audience.
>> No. 12913 [Edit]
File 135642944183.jpg - (104.98KB , 1058x586 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
<---This made the show for me.
One more episode to go.
>> No. 12920 [Edit]
more like 12
>> No. 12922 [Edit]
Really? I'm glad.
>> No. 12946 [Edit]

Ah, that would've been a perfect tackle. Everything about it, the timing the sound effect, just perfect. and he had to hug her instead. Sigh.
>> No. 13196 [Edit]
File 13576371805.jpg - (106.06KB , 1158x650 , been thinking about you.jpg )
<---That's a beautiful way to put it.

Anyway: Sorata's really an ass.
>> No. 13206 [Edit]
File 135768068585.gif - (478.22KB , 500x281 , mashiro cat think.gif )
>> No. 13239 [Edit]
File 135776993463.png - (436.13KB , 815x608 , doomed from the start.png )
if i know anything about anime, its that this means that the promise won't be kept.
>> No. 13244 [Edit]
File 135778364475.png - (191.35KB , 583x487 , 4LeafLover39.png )
those are some shit tier hands right there

look at those thumbs, are they both deformed hiroshima mutants or what?
and his pinky, why don't you see if you can make your top pinky knuckle bend 90º without using a pliers.
>> No. 13245 [Edit]
I don't think it looks that bad, I can make the same pose with my hand (then again, I'm somewhat double jointed in my fingers.)
>> No. 13247 [Edit]
>I can make the same pose with my hand
Me too. And I don't see anything really bad about those hands either, compared with any series you may pick.
>> No. 13441 [Edit]

Time to turn in your license buddy.
>> No. 13471 [Edit]
Ep. 14 had some interesting moves.
>> No. 13581 [Edit]
File 135883946910.jpg - (76.27KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 15 [8BD4CF80]_.jpg )
that is one delicious mother.
>> No. 13582 [Edit]
File 135884187888.png - (1.06MB , 1280x720 , shot-2013-01-22-00h00m39s76.png )
who the fuck likes the shoots better than the mushrooms?
the shoots suck.
>> No. 13587 [Edit]
What the fuck are shoots?
>> No. 13588 [Edit]
File 135887882029.jpg - (110.70KB , 640x343 , Takenoko.jpg )
>> No. 13590 [Edit]
File 13588789376.jpg - (236.12KB , 861x1280 , Big_Bamboo_Shoot_(Joi_Ito).jpg )
they're supposed to look like this
>> No. 13592 [Edit]

>> No. 13744 [Edit]
File 135952634483.jpg - (101.63KB , 1118x626 , service.jpg )
Ok, they might really have some issues with the hands.
But it hardly shows ATM.
>> No. 13885 [Edit]
File 136013074255.jpg - (204.66KB , 666x1340 , valentine.jpg )
Forget it, woman: that's /tc/ you're talking to. He won't do it. It's like Aoyama said: he just can't...

However: pretty nice episode. Pathetic and nice.
>> No. 13889 [Edit]
engrish noto.
>> No. 14022 [Edit]
File 136117441734.jpg - (86.01KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 18 [FCD5A64D]_.jpg )
being fuuka is suffering.
>> No. 14042 [Edit]
A surprisingly decent ep this week. If only the whole show was like that. I picked this up expecting weirdos doing funny stuff and got tons of shitty drama instead. Oh well.
>> No. 14052 [Edit]
this weeks ep was a clipshow
>> No. 14053 [Edit]

It was a flashback episode, but the material shown was stuff we hadn't seen
>> No. 14081 [Edit]

it was almost certainly unused footage they shot during the filming of previous episodes, there is no way they went back to reshoot those scenes just for the sake of a bunch of flashbacks.
its a cheap trick to make an episode inexpensively and without too much effort by reusing cutting room floor garbage, its not something that is done with the intention of creating amusement for the audience.
>> No. 14201 [Edit]
File 136207242943.jpg - (119.57KB , 1120x624 , Ryuunosuke's incompetent middle school mates.jpg )
Good episode.
>> No. 14202 [Edit]
File 136207246649.jpg - (98.84KB , 1124x628 , you failled.jpg )
As expected.
>> No. 14203 [Edit]
File 136207250228.jpg - (146.73KB , 1118x622 , programmer.jpg )
>> No. 14205 [Edit]
>it was almost certainly unused footage they shot during the filming of previous episodes, there is no way they went back to reshoot those scenes just for the sake of a bunch of flashbacks.

Uh, it's animated. It's not like they need to worry about set design or the actors' ages, this episode was no less convenient to make than any other
>> No. 14406 [Edit]
File 136290081018.jpg - (146.45KB , 665x1121 , it was all a waste.jpg )
This show really became quite something.
>> No. 14424 [Edit]
File 13630748514.jpg - (94.72KB , 1114x624 , mashiro cry.jpg )
>> No. 14429 [Edit]
File 136310639399.png - (803.56KB , 1280x720 , shot0016.png )
I think this show is great. Yeah it might a bit too much teenage melodrama, but who cares.
>> No. 14640 [Edit]
File 136437414469.jpg - (252.23KB , 1366x768 , sakurasou end.jpg )
And that was it.
Not bad, I guess.
Too bad I'm too old to grow, myself, way past all that.
>> No. 14661 [Edit]

The drama is pretty much the main reason I dropped it. Such minute problems, and it's all taken so seriously.

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