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File 141669197880.gif - (969.09KB , 500x281 , giphy.gif )
25508 No. 25508 [Edit]
H-Here I go, guys. I'm posting on Tohno-chan. Holy shit what should I write?

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>> No. 25510 [Edit]
==how2 redtext==
>> No. 25537 [Edit]
If that gif is an indication on what you're doing, then you should start by moving your fingers as you type. You should also get yourself a tactile keyboard.
>> No. 25539 [Edit]
I advanced to the ranks of touch typist before, but have since devoled back to chicken pecker. I was born a chicken pecker; I'll die a chicken pecker, and only my fleas will mourn me.
>> No. 25541 [Edit]
Board-pertinent content: 2D japanese media, your waifu, your hobbies, your feelings of contempt against society... you know: /tc/ stuff.
>> No. 25545 [Edit]
File 141691598816.jpg - (49.41KB , 400x663 , image.jpg )
>your feelings of contempt against society
This one is a TC classic, and my personal favorite.
>> No. 25546 [Edit]
But I love society! It's just that those feelings aren't reciprocated...
>> No. 25621 [Edit]
But are you doing what society wants you to do?
If not then you can't possible love society! -society You probably just want to sponge off of us said society

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