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File 141543227535.jpg - (93.49KB , 450x610 , Hermione-Granger-harry-potter-anime-31418100-450-6.jpg )
16951 No. 16951 [Edit]
Is it okay that mai waifu is hermione granger from harry potter? I know it's not a Manga but I love her and she's the ideal female to me. If I mention this to other people with a waifu do you think they'll look down on me? Should I keep it to myself?
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>> No. 16952 [Edit]
Assuming you're referring to the character herself and not the actress that portrays her in the films, I don't think there's any problem with it. You'll find a very wide variety of waifus (and a few husbandos) from many different source materials here, including some from western media, so I wouldn't worry about it. Make yourself at home.
>> No. 16954 [Edit]
This anon is right. Based on the picture, I would assume you are talking about the character.
>> No. 16955 [Edit]
This is true, just please don't post 3D.
>> No. 17724 [Edit]
File 142621027224.jpg - (122.23KB , 1024x1524 , mister_ian_malcolm_by_celestial298-d2xi6u5.jpg )
This is probably a bad idea, but why not...

I feel similarly, for a non-anime character from a Western movie (Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park). I feel weird calling him my husbando but I feel for him the same way people here say they feel about their waifus. But he's not an anime character or anything so I tend to keep it to myself.
>> No. 17725 [Edit]
You wrote "Hermione Granger", so it is not a severe case of celebrity crush. How do you feel about her source material (I didn't read HP past the third book and assume that starting at the fifth it is purely a cash grab and lacking in character development), and the fact that in her source material she is a married woman? Also I would like to hear how is you head cannon organized? BTW, I also have a "western waifu", so I can relate to you.

This is purely fantastic, sir!
I don't remember if he had any in-depth character in the movie, but the actor that portrayed him is very charismatic and so is the character.
>> No. 17727 [Edit]
Seconding, that is awesome! He's one of my favorite characters from anything. You've got one cool husbando.
>> No. 17728 [Edit]

Thank you so much :') Everyone here is so nice. I think I'm gonna like it here.

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