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File 13398154098.jpg - (43.97KB , 431x500 , 1337664427250.jpg )
15297 No. 15297 [Edit]
Post old stuff which you used to see all the time, but you don't see any more.
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>> No. 15298 [Edit]
File 133981545454.jpg - (68.29KB , 640x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 15299 [Edit]
File 133981557688.jpg - (130.53KB , 640x480 , VVCCLOJYBSB2LFUN32XOGLV5X7TVOVKE_jpeg.jpg )
>> No. 15300 [Edit]
File 133981607954.jpg - (20.38KB , 380x247 , delayclose.jpg )
Might be a little too meme-y
>> No. 15301 [Edit]
File 133981609539.jpg - (23.53KB , 634x480 , equzia.jpg )
>> No. 15303 [Edit]
Like Strong Bad and Real Ultimate Power and maddox?
>> No. 15304 [Edit]
>> No. 15305 [Edit]
File 133981703413.jpg - (54.69KB , 512x384 , MJFK5SUCZX6TEXU2UNRL2UM7DWMTBMZE_jpeg.jpg )
Yeah well we're not all infantile retards who go berserk any anything vaguely normalish. We are more than capable of taking it easy here. Right?

Post edited on 15th Jun 2012, 8:24pm
>> No. 15306 [Edit]
>Yeah well we're not all infantile retards

I am.
>> No. 15308 [Edit]
File 133982673183.jpg - (31.60KB , 278x273 , apple.jpg )
>> No. 15317 [Edit]
As am I. Except I do go berserk and take out my frustrations in some other site
>> No. 15321 [Edit]
File 13398551782.gif - (34.78KB , 525x400 , som1saydesu.gif )
this shit was never good, I was just dumb back then. thats why I'm not mad about reddit memes or whatever stupid stuff kids are doing these days.
>> No. 15332 [Edit]
File 13398968174.jpg - (87.10KB , 600x511 , 1333266799466.jpg )
>> No. 15334 [Edit]
File 133990511392.jpg - (28.32KB , 274x249 , 1339903840342.jpg )
>> No. 15337 [Edit]
And this is the highest resolution of this one wwwwwwww
>> No. 15350 [Edit]
File 133996638824.gif - (38.60KB , 640x400 , P005.gif )
I remember the 90s, and what the internet (more accurately, the www) used to be like back then, with the frames and tables and animated GIFs and personal sites... That time, when geeks were saying buzzwords like "cyberspace", "information superhighway", "multimedia", "virtual reality", "hypertext", "chatroom", "homepage", "shareware", etc.
The spread of personal computers and the internet induced a (retrospectively exaggerated) sense of techno-optimism (see i.e. extropianism), which all but evaporated today. I miss that.

Post edited on 17th Jun 2012, 1:56pm
>> No. 15352 [Edit]

You made me nostalgia. Haruhi I miss the days when the internet wasn't quite so regulated and infested with normal people who hate anything that doesn't conform to societal norms.
>> No. 15353 [Edit]
>[256 colors pic]
>> No. 15356 [Edit]
I wish I could have been on the internet in the 90s, but the only computer we had back then was webtv. I didn't get a real computer until 2003
>> No. 15358 [Edit]

I mostly just used it during school in the 90s, I didn't get it at home until 2001. Still, I found a lot of sites that were from the 90s. I miss all of the small fansites, the character shrines and whatnot. I just liked seeing that personal touch on the internet. You can still find stuff like that of course, but it's not nearly as prevealent as it used to be.
>> No. 15360 [Edit]
Oh boy, an ironic shitposting thread! Now where have I seen that before...
>> No. 15362 [Edit]
It's more like an internet nostalgia thread, it just happens that most of the things we remember are shit
>> No. 15370 [Edit]
"Personal touch" seems like the best way to describe the old internet. Kinda wish I was old enough to have truly experienced the heyday of Geocities, IRC, and all that.
>> No. 15371 [Edit]
You can still chat on IRC and make your own crappy personal homepage NOW, you know... it's not like anything's stopping you...
>> No. 15373 [Edit]
Yeah but the point is seeing OTHER peoples' stuff. Crazy poorly made personal webpages have been replaced by facebooks and twitters and such
>> No. 15380 [Edit]
File 133999821253.gif - (27.07KB , 250x230 , RANMALOGO.gif )
>> No. 15381 [Edit]


I think you should check that word in a dictionary because judging by your post you have absolutely no idea what it means.
>> No. 15383 [Edit]

It's not ironic, but it's sure a shit thread just because it's mostly 4chan memes.
>> No. 15389 [Edit]
>> No. 15390 [Edit]
File 134005959174.jpg - (501.45KB , 800x1800 , 1340052397053.jpg )
Look where you are: thats right, you're on a *chan
>> No. 15404 [Edit]

I'm on Tohno-chan, not 4chan!
>> No. 15406 [Edit]
That's like coming from a country where it is acceptable to piss on buildings and spit in hallways and doing it in a country where that is thought of as disgusting and saying that because both are countries it is still acceptable to do those things in any country.
>> No. 15410 [Edit]
File 134016293546.gif - (3.94KB , 75x100 , trixieturnpike.gif )
Man, I hate to be the old guy wearing the nostalgia goggles, but it's hard not to in this case.
I think what I miss the most about the web back then was the sense of discovery and even mystery. And it wasn't just because everything was new, it was because you really had to dig for things rather than having them flung upon you via social networks. The old web was like a huge library, and the modern internet is like a crowded bar.
>> No. 15412 [Edit]
I still get that feel of discovery when hunting for Japanese things online, bouncing around from blog to blog, searching for files that 404 everywhere, seeing what I can find from the blogs they link to and such.
>> No. 15414 [Edit]
I especially loved the development and evolution of HTML, php, Perl, Python, Java and so on that let us make even more annoying websites as time progressed.
>> No. 15416 [Edit]
no doubt. I think Flash is the worst.
>> No. 15417 [Edit]
i don't have flash or any other proprietary software installed on my computer
>> No. 15418 [Edit]
File 134018383267.jpg - (45.40KB , 704x519 , I am boss.jpg )
>> No. 15419 [Edit]
File 134018394710.jpg - (107.85KB , 596x428 , 1158258135047.jpg )
>> No. 15447 [Edit]
File 13402823828.jpg - (63.44KB , 716x605 , ohreally.jpg )
>> No. 15448 [Edit]
I hate this thread so haruhi damn much.
>> No. 15449 [Edit]
Apparently people still use Geocities: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Ageocities.com

Some of these sites are soooo old, it's like a time machine.
>> No. 15452 [Edit]
>The British Aikido History Information Website
Oh Haruhi, this can't be a coincidence.
>> No. 15555 [Edit]
What the? I thought only the Japan geocities were still up? What is going on here?

>it's like a time machine.

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