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No. 1935 [Edit]
take all of my money right now
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>> No. 1936 [Edit]
Looks great. I hope my computer could run it
>> No. 1937 [Edit]
looks hella awesome, nice cockpit view.
>> No. 1987 [Edit]
Agreed. I hope other mech games are like this in the future.
>> No. 2118 [Edit]
Wow, just wow. How did I miss this? It looks grate. Looking forward to it.
>> No. 2120 [Edit]
I've got to say, I'm not even a huge fan of mechs, but this looks pretty nice. Especially for an Indie group in such a damn short time.
>> No. 2131 [Edit]
Doesn't look like much of a mech game to me. Rather then that, it looks like an FPS with an unqie HUD.
>> No. 2509 [Edit]
Hawken developer interview.,hawken-interview---the-mecha-game-is-back.aspx

>Aside from the typical deathmatch/team deathmatch modes of most FPS's, we also will have several unique multiplayer modes which are really the heart of Hawken. One of these is a team-based mode that involves strategic elements and resource management. It also features the large battleships that you can see in parts of the trailer. Since we're adding elements of RTS to our game mechanics, communication and teamwork will be a big part of the game. It won’t be just a mindless shooter.
Yeah, we'll see how that turns out..

>Our goal was to be done with development by the end of this year, but it could possibly stretch into the beginning of 2012.
See you in 2013.
>> No. 2511 [Edit]
That's basically what mech games like this are. Mechwarrior, for example.
>> No. 2537 [Edit]

You gave the worst possible example you could. MechWarrior has a lot of depth and it felt more like a simulation game than an FPS.

I said this 'looks like FPS' as I don't know the details and maybe some of these functions are included.

MechWarrior was all about customization. Choosing the right weapons and armor was very importnant. The mechs themselves were vastly different and each had it's unique characteristics and you could feel that when you controlled them.
The mechs didn't have some retarded health bars. Instead they had hit areas and depending on where you were hit you could even lose a limb. Heat management was a HUGE part of the game. Deciding when to shut down was very importnant. Some other mech games had other aspects, too. For example turning too fast would result in your mech falling down.
This might be a personal complaint but there's something else that destroys the mood and magic of a mech game even more. When I hear the word 'mech' I think about 15m tall battle suits, not some short, fast exoskeletons. When I played MechWarrior it felt like I was piloting something huge. It's nothing like that here.

Again, I feel that this is just an FPS with a tacked-on quasi-mecha HUD.
>> No. 4478 [Edit]
Here's a gameplay trailer from PAX.
>> No. 4492 [Edit]
Okay. I admit this game looks fun. But, being in my mid 20s now and having grown up with the craze of mech games in the 1990s, this does not at all look or feel like a mech game.

First thing I thought was F.E.A.R 2. Remember that level where you wear that suit, and you're walking through the downtown of the city blowing the shit out of things? A few enemy "mechs" are there too. It's kinda like a pseudo-mech thing? This looks like similar to that.
>> No. 4502 [Edit]
I wish for another real mech game like Steel Battalion.

Now THAT game made you feel like your were in a fucking mech.
>> No. 6042 [Edit] apply for beta now!
>> No. 6044 [Edit]
Will be F2P:

>The key to the monetization of the game is the virtual goods model, where users play it for free and then pay real money for virtual goods such as better weapons, armor, and defenses. The game will have a variety of mech types, game modes and world maps for its initial release on 12/12/12

I'm quite interested in seeing if this comes to consoles, although I suspect only Wii U would be a possibility.
>> No. 6046 [Edit]
just use fake emails for referral dude
>> No. 6050 [Edit]

>I suspect only Wii U would be a possibility.

I doubt it. On top of that Wii U probably won't be out yet (but that remins to be seen of course). Then again it's not like they can't just get a port few weeks later.
>> No. 7418 [Edit]
I am only bumping this thread because I am better than you.
>> No. 7421 [Edit]
File 134869242851.jpg - (771.73KB , 1280x720 , HawkenGame-Win32-Shipping 2012-09-26 13-27-00-40.jpg )
thanks to someone in our irc channle, was able to get into the alpha. it really does play like a fps, it's almost strange how quick the mechs respond to commands, there's like no lag or anything you would expect from mechanical parts, at least in aiming anyway, walking does feel a bit like walking in a mech. game is surprisingly simple, don't really think they needed a tutorial level.
>> No. 7422 [Edit]

Is that the map that came with it? Or did you disable textures or something?
>> No. 7423 [Edit]
yeah that's one of the maps as is. I think they're letting people play on it as they work on it, I was on there earlier and noticed some stuff in the map that I don't think was there the previous time I played.
Unfortunately, it's the only map available for the king of the hill (missile silo control) game mode.

Post edited on 26th Sep 2012, 2:42pm
>> No. 7424 [Edit]
File 134872648587.jpg - (1.08MB , 1280x720 , HawkenGame-Win32-Shipping 2012-09-26 22-56-38-37.jpg )
This is a nice map.
>> No. 7426 [Edit]
File 134872710568.jpg - (1.07MB , 1280x720 , HawkenGame-Win32-Shipping 2012-09-26 22-55-03-23.jpg )
Plenty of places to hide, take cover, or ambush enemies.
>> No. 7427 [Edit]

As long as that map is included then, it looks really neat, like it's in Hong Kong or Tokyo or something. Now to wait on a key.
>> No. 7428 [Edit]
Just waiting for a key and better internet so I can download and play the game.

Speak of the devil, just got a key.

Post edited on 27th Sep 2012, 8:35pm
>> No. 7429 [Edit]

Me too - wonderful.

Edit: Played it for about 10 minutes. The tutorial made it feel like Call of Duty 67: Mech Ops Warfare 6 or something. You move so fast and just float around like you're a feather. Didn't seem that interesting, anyways, just run and gun FPS but with a mech style HUD. Everything was automatically, ammo, fuel. Tried to play online and none of the servers worked, so I gave up on it. F2P games are never really worth it anyway.

Post edited on 29th Sep 2012, 10:59am
>> No. 7434 [Edit]
File 134929759159.jpg - (101.81KB , 1366x768 , 1348856339442.jpg )
I played the alpha and really liked it, i enjoyed playing the "rocketeer" class, and using the hellfire misses and flak cannon, however i believe it will only be good and enjoyable for longer with much larger and varied maps, also more game modes would be enjoyable. I'd like to play capture-the-flag with mechs or 2v2v2v2, also a larger player count gamemode would be enjoyable, possible with really large maps and carriers/dropships etc. theirs probably a lot of possible game modes i haven't thought of.
>> No. 7564 [Edit]
Anyone playing the beta?
>> No. 7747 [Edit]
File 135607347154.jpg - (871.26KB , 1920x1080 , DM-Andromeda-Winter-PCConsole-20-23_08_080.jpg )
Hooray for Mechachristmas.

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